A New Level of Submission

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*Hello Mysterious reader, this is my first work so I’d appreciate any and all feedback, and ultimately, hope you enjoy the first part of this story. Big thanks to Sexyvibe who did a wonderful job editing my poor comprehension of the English language.

I wrote this initially for my wife when she first started her training, to give her an idea of what was expected. This is my account, along with my almost constant thoughts about a woman named Anne and an asset of hers I crave immensely. Described from a dominant’s perspective to their submissive wife*

For weeks you have been craving intimate attention and more than the normal anal training routines you are subjected to almost daily. You crave sensual, loving attention, purely dedicated to you. You know however that this is very unlikely to happen unless you are lucky enough to get it as part of your birthday treat. After training on Friday evening, you pluck up the courage to enquire as to the physical ‘cost’ of such a thing.

You raise your head from between my legs, gulping down the last of your mouthful, having just painstakingly worked me to orgasm. Using the mirrors positioned on the ceiling and wall behind you I can see the perfect posture of your gorgeously sculpted body, the result of hours of effort in the gym we just had installed alongside our pool.

Knees together, ankles crossed, you support the weight of your substantial bust on your elbows and your back arches up beautifully to the firm peach that is your arse. Perfectly seated between your cheeks and above your bald, smooth pussy, a shining jewel adorns your arsehole. Beneath which, the rest of the contraption sits, a metal rosebud plug, five inches in circumference and expertly held in place by years of training.

Snapping from my dazed state, I calm my breathing as I stare at the image before me in the mirror. Our eyes lock and within your submissive look of achievement I sense there is more on your mind.

“Can I help you with something Pet?”

“I wonder, if we might negotiate a cost Sir? A service cost, for some ‘Anne attention’?” you say with a wry smile.

Most likely anxious about my answer and reacting to the brief silence, you return to your task of eagerly thanking me for cuming in your mouth. Your tongue gently polishes at my spent testicles as my penis returns to its flaccid state.

“What kind of thing did you have in mind, for your ‘Anne Attention’?”

“I’m sure you’d know better than I Sir, how I am to be pleasured… I’m sure you can come up with a plan, I would just like to know how much it’s going to cost me?”

“Hmmn, Ok.”

You return to your duty. My cock now flaccid, I gaze in a trance like state at your ass in the mirror. As I maintain my strong postured position sitting at the top of our bed, I contemplate your request.

In reality, there aren’t many of my whims that you don’t already satisfy. But I entertain your proposal as an opportunity to push you to your limits and fully exploit your body.

After 10 minutes and having progressed your worship to the final few steps of kissing between my legs, you rise once again to your hands and slowly crawl round so you are facing away from me. Your training has become muscle memory and you position yourself as you have done on a great many previous occasions.

With your head buried into the bed you reach behind yourself and spread your cheeks. I accept your proposal, reaching forward for the jewel nestled in your beautifully toned ass. Applying a small amount of pressure to the plug, I slowly withdraw it. I watch, mesmerised by the regular sight of your ass stretching over the lubed metal until it is finally released from your grasp. You remain holding yourself splayed for my viewing pleasure, the tiniest gape available for the eyes to feast on.

“Three loads” I propose. You turn your head to one side enquiringly, still holding your ass cheeks.

“Sir? I don’t understand.”

“I have a plan, which I believe you may enjoy aspects of and the payment is three loads of my cum.”

A confused look passes across your face.

“You may relax my dear. That’s another great training session.”

You tentatively slacken your fingers allowing your arse to finally relax and you turn yourself around, so you are sitting facing me, nipples standing to attention on your pert breasts.

“Thank you Sir, but, it seems a little cheap?”

“Ah, you didn’t wait for the detail! The payment is three loads, to be ejaculated, and stored in your ass, one after the other. And it must all happen in one twenty-four hour period.”

“Okay?” your confused look remains as you await the other fine print.

“Essentially, your main challenge will be having your plug in all day, storing my seed. Constantly being reminded of your sluttness… Once you are filled with my third load, you must then seal the deal with a blowjob.”

You slowly nod, coming to terms with the ‘costs’.

“So, do we agree to the terms?” I abruptly escort ataşehir question, wanting to seal the deal.

You look up contemplating the payment. You’ve made me cum that many times before in a day. You have also done some long endurance sessions with your butt plugs but never together before.

“So, you want to cum in my arse three times and once in my mouth, and I have to hold your cum inside me throughout?” you confirm.

“Well, yes. You can and will probably also need to use your mouth to help you too. But ultimately, I need you to want it, and be thankful for it! Like a good sub wife. Like you normally do.”

“Uhm… Okay!!! Thank you Sir,” you agree while nodding.

“Great! It’s settled then,” I conclude.

I roll over and, content with my recent orgasm, I quickly fall asleep. Your mind on the other hand, is racing. The thought of being pleasured makes your pussy swell and you dream of what might happen to you once you have finished making payment.


Since my recent series of promotions, you haven’t had to work other than recreationally. You are a kept woman whose only responsibility is to the contract you signed to me. Maids service the house, Nannies school and look after the children. Your free time is used as you desire; socialising, pampering at spas, generally spending copious amounts of money and fulfilling the intimate details of our contract.

On your idle days you have even made use of the gym and pool we recently added to one of our side buildings. The tone and strength in your legs and arse has really improved several aspects of your regular training, leading to a great many rewards for you.

Saturday 7:00 am, your alarm vibrates and wakes you to do your normal Saturday duty as a willing alarm clock. You’re fully intent on orally waking me. Only this time you have further plans to hopefully bump start your payment to me. You roll out of bed leaving me in my slumber after my hard-working week.

You wash in the en-suite and maintain your bald pussy, apply make-up and do the necessary to present yourself in the outrageously attractive fashion I have come to expect. The finishing touch this morning is your 5″ Rosebud from last night, the current training standard. Not contractual but nevertheless a part of your plan. Once lubed and seated you check yourself one last time in the full-length mirror before re-entering the bedroom.

I am lying on my back, star fishing and filling our super queen size. You approach the bottom of the bed. Anybody looking from behind would have the most amazing view as you crawl onto on it on all fours, your taught arse cheeks massaging your butt plug with every stride. Removing the duvet exposes my naked well-crafted rugby physique and you set to work in a similar fashion to the night before.

Using the tips of your fingers you massage the inside of my legs and the lower part of my abs. I wake but lay there in a dazed state knowing that my alarm is just going off as usual. You then lower your head to me and without thinking about it, subconsciously position yourself so I get the best view of you in the mirrors.

Your kisses progress into soft licks and life is slowly breathed into my penis. The drowsiness gradually leaves me and I adjust my head slightly to catch a glimpse of you in the mirror. I am pleasantly surprised to see the insertion of your plug and offer no argument as my semi hard cock is now taken into your mouth and fully held in place while your hands explore my balls and gooch.

I engorge and before long I am too big to be held in your mouth alone. You take hold of my nuts and adjust your jaw slightly allowing my bell end to effortlessly enter your throat. I continue to grow another inch while still in place until I am fully erect inside you. Meanwhile, your nose is nestled against my pubic mound and pushes against my pelvic bone. You extend your tongue and rest it at the base of my cock between my balls; minutes later your position hasn’t changed.

I stare almost mindlessly at your arse as you hold the full length of my dick in the back of your cultured throat. Eventually withdrawing your tongue, you wrap your lips firmly around the base of my cock as you painstakingly suck back up my length until my bell end falls free from your mouth and flops back against my abs.

You take a deep breath and look at me as a tear smudges your mascara a little down your cheek, a gleeful smile graces your face as you know you are hitting the spots and have full control over the situation. Seconds later you pull my cock forward and work yourself down over me again. Mouth wide and tongue out, you steadily take me inside until your lips are reunited with my scrotum.

Another agonising minute passes before you move from where your lips belong. You swallow with me still lodged in your throat. Your eyes glance up and meet mine as you do it again, the sensation of your swallow massaging my bell end in the back of your throat. But you’re not kadıköy escort bayan yet done, you extend your tongue and lap at my testicles. After a few licks you swallow again before repeating the rhythm.

The wet, gagging sound coming from your efforts is intoxicating and I struggle to maintain my focus as all the sensations are taking their toll, causing my balls to stir.

I watch as a few more tears alter the appearance of your make up, the war paint of any committed slut to her man’s needs. You break from your task, abruptly removing yourself from me, having pushed your gag reflex to the limit. You gasp for breath and smile through tears further altering your makeup, before going back down to polish my balls and gooch.

As your attention is focused on a slightly less sensitive area I am able to regain my composure. Your affection then moves back to my cock as you lick and kiss up the front of my penis. My relief is short lived though as moments later I find myself fully engulfed in your gullet again; you hold me there for a few seconds ensuring I am fully hard and well lubed before removing yourself and presenting in front of me.

Ass cheeks spread and in perfect posture looking behind you I suddenly realise your intent. I smile and sit up to help you with your predicament, taking the base of the plug and removing it whilst you hold yourself open. After allowing me a deep look at your most intimate of holes, you stand over me facing away, placing a foot either side of my hips and glance over your shoulder. The small twist in your body exposes the side of your breast as you reach behind yourself, spreading to show me your well-trained arse.

You turn your head back to the mirror and, fully focussed on your body position, arch your back, squatting down so your ass hovers above me tantalisingly. I quickly take up the invitation and push my dick forward ready for you. You deepen your squat and I line myself up with your ass. You easily accept the tip of my cock inside, as soon as my end is in I remove my hand and lay back to watch the show.

In a feat which shows off all your skills from both training in the bedroom and the gym, you ease yourself down the length of me. Every pressure point and nerve ending along my cock is stimulated as I enter you, until my balls feel the heat of your pussy. You let out a series of relieving pleasured moans while you sit back on my cock still spreading your ass cheeks.

The years of training have re-wired your pleasure receptors and the feeling of me deep inside moistens your pussy as your brain subconsciously thinks back to your first training sessions,where you were only pleasured when your arse was being stretched. Since then you have managed many ‘assgasms’ and the sensation of any anal play is essentially the equivalent of having your pussy played with.

Moments pass as you adjust to your new position. You release your arse cheeks and your hands now explore your body whilst you steadily grind on my cock ensuring I remain fully embedded. You fondle at your tits and inner thighs, knowing the sight of you touching yourself will add to the show bringing me closer to orgasm and your ultimate goal. Pulsating cock still buried deep in your rear end, my head starts to buzz with the imagery set before me.

The subtle rocking of your hips has you loosened. You’ve relaxed yourself around me, releasing the intense pleasure from my cock.

“Are you enjoying the view Sir?”

My eyes work their way up your back to meet yours looking over your shoulder.

“Very much so.” I compliment as you smile while continuing to rock your hips.

“Thank you Sir.”

I feel a tightness at the base of my cock as you clench around me. You take a hold of your cheeks; my eyes can’t help but be fixed to your spreading arse. With your weight back onto your feet and maintaining your grip on me you inch your way back off my cock, winking your arse to show off your control and pleasure me as you move up my length, essentially sucking my cock with your arse.

There is a small amount of resistance as my swollen head withdraws through your clenched ring before my cock once again springs back and hits my abs. Releasing your cheeks you spin around on the spot and fall to your knees in between my legs.

Cupping the back of my cock you pull it forward to meet with your outstretched tongue. Firm licks are run up the front of my hard member finished off each time by a passionate kiss at its tip. My whole body now trembling, you know the slutty show of ultimate submission you are performing is taking affect. Your smile brims from ear to ear as you clean up the front of my penis.

You take the head in your mouth and tease your tongue into my piss hole forever staring at me hoping to make eye contact. I pull my gaze from the mirror again and our eyes lock for a brief second before you adjust your jaw and sink down to the base of my cock. Pursing your lips together around me you suck my foreskin escort bostancı forward as I exit your mouth. Steadying me with your hand you kiss the folds at the top of my now sheathed penis and dip your tongue into the gap searching for my jap’s eye.

After a small teasing play which sees me gyrating my hips and flexing my dick in search of pleasure, you take a deep breath and effortlessly take my cock deep inside your throat, only this time quicker; as my foreskin hits the tightness of your oesophagus I am pulled back and my bell end forced in deeper. The sensation drives me wide eyed and in ecstasy but before I can come to terms with it you reverse the action pulling my foreskin back over my cock as you extricate yourself.

I raise my hands over my head and think of England as I weather the brutal assault on my genitals, for 5mins you mindlessly and relentlessly fuck me with your mouth and throat. Your rhythm is constant. Each and every time you fuck me into the back of your throat. Each and every time my foreskin is forced back as I enter the depths of your gullet, only to be put back seconds later. The wet sound spurting from your open mouth each time I am taken inside you edges me closer to emptying my balls.

Drunk and disorientated now on the pleasure I am enduring from your assault, I feel a moistness on my stomach as by cock flings back from your mouth and realise I am no longer being milked. I look up to see you breathing heavily, your war paint is now further cascaded down your cheeks by your watering eyes.

Regaining control of your breathing you stand up between my legs, turning around you place your feet either side of my pelvis again. You stick your arse out and arch your back. Between your buns I can see your intimacy. You spread yourself offering me a better look before squatting down above my cock. I have it already in hand and pushed forward. Fully lubed by strings of your saliva my penis enters you anally as you continue your deep squat to meet me.

Having not had anything in your arse for the past 10 minutes you have tightened slightly. You ease me in deeper and deeper until I can feel your sopping pussy on my balls. You let go of your ass and guide your hands between your legs, one of which traces the inside of your pussy lips. Moaning and breathing heavily you slowly move yourself up and down my dick being sure not to let me fall out completely. Sporadically you reach behind and spread yourself for my viewing pleasure.

I watch you polish my shaft for the next few minutes. Meanwhile you have tickled yourself a point where your clit is unfathomably large, the slightest blow could tip you over the edge. You concentrate on working your arse over my cock, focusing a few short fucks over the first half of me before plunging me balls deep inside you.

“Let me show you how good I am Sir. Hold your cock please,” you ask as you take a firm grip of your arse cheeks again.

As you spread them wide, I take hold of the base of my cock. I feel a looseness around my dick as you relax. Maintaining perfect posture, you extend your legs until I come loose from you. What remains is a yawning gape.

“Is it up to standard Sir?” your questioning adding to my intoxication.

I shake myself from my mesmerisation.

“It’s a fine effort slut, but I’ve seen you do better.”

Insulted, you squat back down to where I am still holding my length up at you. Your still dilated arse slides back over my cock and your pussy bounces off my ball sack as you bottom out on my length. Using this momentum, you once again slide yourself off my cock presenting me another gape for me to be transfixed by. Again, you do it, this time allowing yourself a couple of deep fucks before adjusting your grip on your cheeks and showing me an even larger void for me to obsess over.

“How is it now Sir?” you say with sass, knowing full well you are pushing your luck.

“Perfection!” I compliment.

“Thank you Sir,” you whisper over your shoulder.

You turn to face me, dropping to your knees, I can see your loose arse between your now relaxed cheeks in the mirror behind you. It is pointless at this stage to describe your oral efforts; needless to say, you briefly clean me with strokes of your tongue before resuming your dedicated deep-throating. All the while telling me how much of a submissive slut you are.

You return to your ass fucking position and spread yourself, the remainder of your previous dilation on show for me. Now entered inside you again, you plan to test your squatting endurance. For 15mins I watch as my cock saws in and out of you. The sensation of which is driving both of us crazy. Despite the slight ache in your legs from the squats, your nipples and clit are firmly standing to attention. You try to caress yourself, but the sensation is to too great. Like before the slightest touch would bring you to orgasm, squirting all over me and the bed. You distract yourself by sporadically showing me another perfectly choreographed gape. I gain a slight respite as you loosen around my cock with every length of me you take. My head though is already totally invested in your spell. You now just need to land the killing blow and the 1st of 3 loads will be deposited safety in your rectum.

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