A Sinner’s Love Ch. 05

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Hey I finally got this out! WOOT! Sorry no editor for this chapter, but I’m stil on the search for one. Without anymore ado, enjoy lovelies.


Chapter Five


How the hell did this happen? I found a guy who is perfect, my family accepts him, Jayson wasn’t too much of an ass, and now I’m a vampire. I started to laugh hysterically. Who would have thought the promiscuous, twink-slut who always had cuts and bruises would end up like this? How fuckin’ ironic!

“December, stop fuckin’ laughing, you stupid fuck!” Camille said as she tried to bitch slap me back into reality. Before her hand could touch me, I moved, blindingly fast, just getting out the way of her hand. As I did that, the dry feeling in my throat began to kill me again.

“Shit…” Camille whispered. I could hear the wet pulsating sound of Jared’s heart. It sounded appetizing. Jared’s smell, which always turned me on, was killing me. My overly sensitive nose was filled with only him. Then, before I knew it, a sound that I never made before bubbled out of my throat — a growl. I wanted Jared in ways that I couldn’t figure out. I wanted him sexually, as if to mate, and I wanted him as…as…food. Before I could do anything, Camille whisked me away.

Camille began running. She must have been running fast because people seemed to not notice her. I recalled learning in one of my science classes that if something went fast enough, the human eye will not be able to see it. However, I saw everything with perfect clarity — all the way down to the fibers in the polluted Manhattan air. Camille stopped in a dark alley. Then she began checking my eyes. “Fuck…” she muttered again. The air smelt surprisingly delicious, which was odd with the usual Manhattan smog. Camille stared at me again, but this time she smiled.

“Okay sweetie, lemme explain some things,” Camille began. “First of all, you’re a vampire…get over the fact because it’s not that fuckin’ unbelievable. I’m a vamp,” Camille extended her fangs for emphasis. “Your whole family is full of vampires, as well as mine.” I stared at Camille and smiled at her crazy bluntness.

“I have a question for you now — why the hell do I feel like my throat has been covered in sand paper?” I asked.

“What do you think it means, doll?” Camille replied with a raised eyebrow that said that the answer was pretty obvious.

“Lemme guess…I need blood.”

“Bingo, sweets.” Camille began sniffing the air. “Okay, lovely, I’m gonna teach you lure.” I looked at her skeptically. She began to explain further, “Lure is a technique that all blood suckers of the worlds (yes, vamps aren’t the only blood drinkers) use. It’s basically like whispering into a human’s head and telling them to come to you…luring them towards you.” I nodded, ready to do this thing. “Okay, now let’s start with the first part — find a scent you like…just relax and breathe in.” I did as she told me. The most delicious smell, well not as delicious as Jared’s scent, wafted towards me. I opened my eyes. I was panting and my fangs were extended as I was beyond salivating. Camille put a hand on my arm as she said, “I see you found a scent. Now next thing is to lure in the owner of that scent. Close your eyes and try to picture the person that holds that aroma. Where does it lead you?” I did as she said. The scent led me to a perky blonde. The picture I got was of a girl who was lanky, but curvaceous; she had electric blue eyes, full, pink-n’-pouty and honey blonde hair that was slicked back into a high ponytail. She had on a pure white pressed-to-perfection tennis outfit with a cobalt blue tennis racket. I could tell that if I killed her, no one would care or notice. Her parents died in a tragic car accident (in their case, limo accident) and she was an only child. Her parents were only children and their parents were either estranged or dead. The girl was living in a big, fat brownstone in NoHo, or North Hollywood.

I opened my eyes again. It was like I could hear the wet pumping sound of her heart and the slosh of her blood going through her veins…the sounds made me growl in hunger and thirst. Camille’s lips curved in satisfaction. “Good. Now send her a thought. Tell her to come to you.” I did as Camille said and my vision of her changed. The girl was coming towards me. I licked my parched lips in anticipation. Cami tapped me. “Now hide. We’re creatures of the dark so it shouldn’t be too hard.” Camille and I blended easily into the dark alley as the girl padded into the deepest part of it. The prey was coming closer to the predator.

“Hello?” The girl had a slightly soprano voice. Camille whispered to me, “Now canlı bahis we gotta knock her out. Send her sleep or faint.” I did as Camille said and with my super speed, I caught her before she hit the hard concrete.

“Good. Now we gotta use glamour.” Camille said. I looked at her, lost. “A glamour is kinda like a shield so that normal humans can’t see the reality. The supernatural can’t see anything either, but they know when a glamour is being used and can see through it when they concentrate.” I nodded in understanding. “Okay so let’s try it out, doll. Concentrate. Think glamour or shield” I did as she said and focused. A little shimmery outline appeared before the alley opening and around the area of the alley. So this was a glamour.

After that, I wasn’t sure what to do next. I looked at Camille for assurance. She nodded at the girl in my arms as I smiled in delight at the thought of taking my first blood. I sunk my sharp, white, ominously glowing fangs into her jugular vein. The crimson liquid was just divine. It was thick like molasses and tasted like the girl’s feelings — sorrow, depression, fear, loneliness. I moaned at the delicious taste. One part of me was seriously pissed when it heard the slowing of her heart and the slowing of the blood flow. It was like a feral side of me. It wasn’t happy when the blood stopped. Suddenly I had sharp, ebony tipped claws and my fangs, which were sharp, alluring, and slightly sexy, were now ebony tipped and extended far beyond my mouth. The other me ripped into the girl’s throat and licked whatever excess blood was there and did the same to various parts of her body. When it was done, I was back to my normal self. “Damn Deci, you OD’d on the poor bitch.” Camille said. I looked at the mangled body. The girl had bloody, long gashes on various areas of her body. Some gashes showed hints of bone in them. “Damn, I sure as hell did a number on her.” I replied.

“Don’t worry sweets. I did a hell of a lot worse when I took my first blood. Adri was the only one that didn’t tear her person to pieces.”

“So now that this is done. Explain everything to me.” I hauled myself onto a dumpster top and crossed my legs. I sucked off the last of the blood on my fingers and licked my lips. The rest of the blood I wiped off with a tissue Cami threw at me.

“Okay,” Camille started. “My family and your family are two of the eight pure blooded vampire families. Pure blooded vampires are those who were born as vampires, however, the children don’t know that they are vampires until they come of age and all their vampire powers come in. When it does, if there are other immature vampirelings, AKA vamp kids, or humans in the house, the kids go to a camp. It’s just a place where they teach the newborns how to control their feral sides, or inner beast, and their powers. They teach you things like what I just told you. Now the reason it took you so long for your vampireness to kick in is unknown. Just know that you aren’t the only one.

The next thing we need to discuss is the supernatural council. There are seven different groups. We have the children of Lilith (witches and warlocks), the children of the moon (were-animals), the children of the Fay (faeries), and the children of the night (vampires), the children of lights (angels), the children of darkness (demons) and the elementals (fire, water, air, and earth). One of the highest people in each of these groups is a representative in the supernatural council. Oh and that dumb shit about were-people and vampires hating each other are dumbass lies. Truth be told that the vampires’ very sweet, intoxicating, and slightly death smelling scent irritates the were-people’s noses and we vamps don’t enjoy the undertone scent of wet dog from the were-people but we don’t hate each other for no reason. Now were-people are things like werewolves, were-cats, were-leopards, and so on. Faeries are just faeries but beware of them. They tend to like pretty things because they are pretty. So don’t be tricked by their bubbly attitudes because if you take something from the Fays then they own you. Also, their queen may seem gorgeous, but she’s the most vindictive of them all, so beware. The faerie district over her is by Central Park. You already know of the angels. Now the demons are just demons…there’s no real description for them. Okay so that’s it for now. Oh, and when the whole Jayson thing happened, your family used a glamour so you couldn’t see what was going on. Jade’s feral side was trying to come out and so she had the claws and all. Andi could help her because they are mates and she knows about the whole vampire thing. Also, we vampires have super strength, speed, bahis siteleri agility, etcetera, etcetera and all that jazz. So we can run so fast that humans can’t see us. Yeah, so any questions?”

I stared at Camille; I learned my life was fuckin’ awesome in like an hour. “Oh and Deci, vampires do have their own special abilities. For example, mine is speed. At the moment, I am the fastest vampire out there. To vampires, I can be a slight blur if I run at top speed. So don’t get cocky just ’cause your eyesight is so powerful that you can see a hummingbird’s wings flap or that you can see the microscopic organisms and shit in the air. I can still be a blur. Jade’s ability is telekinesis. Normal vampires can only read minds; however those with Jade’s ability can lift objects with their mind, block others’ minds, send images, I mean there is a whole enigma of shit they can do. Some have fire as their special ability. We knew you’d have the fire ability because of your two toned eyes. Most fire masters have two toned eyes.”

“So, how do I control fire?”

“Well, all vampires can use fire techniques, but not as well as the fire elementals. However the one thing that all supernaturals can do is Hell Fire. Hell Fire is something that we use to get rid of unwanted things without leaving evidence. All demons and bloodsuckers use Hell Fire to burn up their left overs. Faeries and angels use Hell Fire to kill us vampires. Hell Fire doesn’t affect the demons because they were born from it – they are basically made of it. It doesn’t affect the angels because their light overcomes the fire. It only kills light faeries. Dark faeries aren’t affected by Hell Fire because they are abominations that are the children of faeries and demons and they got the demons’ immunity to Hell Fire. Make sense?” I nodded. “Good, then let’s teach you Hell Fire. Hold out your palm and put all of your heat into it — center your heat into your palm. Preferably, your heat should be sexual desire since we vamps are the center of all sex and its desires. It gives out more fire.” I did as Camille said. I thought about all the heated moments between me and Jared and centered the heat into my hand. “Good. Now whisper these words into your hand: Ades infernus da mihi tui copiam – corpus calidum. Da mihi virtutem perdere. Then blow into your hand.” I did as she told me. A dark blazing fire appeared in my hand. It was huge and had little highlights of blood red in it. It consumed my whole hand. However, despite its power, it wanted to obey to me. I could feel its power link into me as I made it dance around my hand. It was darkly enticing.

“Damn, you can control fire.” Camille said. She had a hellfire in her hand but it wasn’t as huge as mine. It only sat in the palm of her hand. “Okay Deci, since you can control fire, you have to watch your anger because it will bid to you. Especially, when you are feeling…um…Fuck it, when you and Jar fuck like bunnies, fire is gonna react to that. Is it gonna become an inferno? No. However, people are gonna be lost if they here moaning and groaning and fire starts going crazy like a bitch mother. Got it? Good. Any questions, love?”

I stared at Camille and burst out laughing. Once I calmed down, I asked her “So what are we gonna do about Jared?”

“Tell him. Explain everything to him and hey maybe he’ll wanna be changed…You guys could be vampire couple of the year.” Camille replied. “Also, you guys can do it without a condom now since vamps are immune to human diseases and you can have even more mind blowing sex because a vampire’s bite brings extra ecstasy to a human. I mean it’s like the best sex in your life in one bite. Hell, I almost came the first time that a vampire bit me and drank blood. We only knock out our meals because we don’t want them to scream or remember shit, or worse, moan really loudly. Plus if they orgasm, it’ll leave a mess and…Wait I’m getting off topic. Wave the hell fire over the girl and watch her incinerate.” I did as Camille said. The girl’s skin began to darken and burn off as did her bones. It left no smell, which was an anomaly to me. In a matter of seconds, it was like the perky blonde was never there.

“Woah,” I said, astonished.

“I know sexy, right?” Camille replied with a smirk. I nodded. “Oh, lemme tell you about your strength and the benefits of reading minds. For the strength thing, you can basically kill, destroy, and whatever anything…well aside from were-people. We are the only supernaturals that are matched when it comes to speed, agility, and strength. Hence why, if vamps and were-people had a battle, everyone would die. So be careful with your strength around your bahis şirketleri boo. Also, with the whole reading minds thing, vampires and other supernaturals can easily communicate. The same goes with humans, however, you must link with a human’s mind. So what they think, you will hear in your head and you can send your thoughts into the human’s mind. The same thing applies to using suggestion techniques like lure and sleep. The only difference is that you’re letting your essence go into the subconscious of the human, or the place where you can easily control them. However, it’s very dangerous to send your essence into another supernatural because, if they catch you, they could kill you, making you go into a coma, or you could kill them and end up having you trapped and the other in a coma. So really try not to do that unless REALLY necessary. If you slip away undetected, then props to you, but I really wouldn’t want to try that because a person’s subconscious could kill you on its own, without the person noticing you. If someone is really that wicked, their essence could kill yours unless your essence is so pure that it overcomes all.” I nodded. “Hey, so you wanna race home?”

“Hell yes!” I replied. I knew Camille would win, but I wanted to test out my new powers.

“Let’s take the long way.” I nodded again.

“On the count of three.”

“One,” I started.

“Two,” Camille continued

“Three!” We both yelled at the same time.

We were off. I nimbly climbed up the alley wall, my nails digging effortlessly into the concrete and brick. I got up to the top and did a back flip onto the next building. I pushed my legs as hard as I could. I could feel the wind as it cut passed me with its cruel whisper. The muscles in my legs pulsed as I pushed my legs to go even faster. I hopped onto another building, this one was a skyscraper. I was more than a hundred feet from the ground. I stopped to enjoy the view. As I was ogling, Camille snatched my hand from its grip on the building’s side and screamed “Stop dilly-dallying!” as I dropped into nothing. I let out a breathless laugh and caught on to the antenna on the top of another building. I twisted my body around it and launched myself onto the side of the next skyscraper. I could see Camille’s waves of fire in the distance. Damn, I thought, I can’t reach her. I pushed my legs as fast as I could and sent the words ‘bitch’ into her head. She just let out a tinkling laugh. I suddenly got a good idea and sent freeze into her head, using my new suggestion techniques. Camille mad an abrupt stop. Camille sent the words ‘MOTHERFUCKERING FAST LEARNER!’ into my head as it was my turn to giggle. I caught up to her and gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek before waving and jumping to the next building. Camille broke the weak hold I put on her and caught up to me easily as she roundhouse kicked my legs, making me trip and fall on my ass.

“Need some help up, clumsy?” Camille said, feigning innocence. I grabbed her outstretched hand and pulled her shocked form towards me. I flung her body off the opposite side of the building as I jumped off the correct way. My strength amazed me. I did all of that with just one hand.

I finally got to my apartment’s roof…where Camille was happily waiting for me, her legs dangling off the edge as she casually puffed on a cigarette.

“What took you so long, honey-bear?” Camille asked. I gaped at her, befuddled at how fast she got there. Well I guess she isn’t the fasted for nothing. Both Camille and I hopped off the building, landing gracefully with a soft thud on the balls of our feet.

“So, whacha gonna tell Jar?” Camille asked.

“I have no fuckin’ idea.” I replied.

“Tell him everything, he’ll understand.” I nodded. Camille said that she had an appointment with a cutie down the block from her and said her goodbyes. I took the elevator up to my apartment, but the door was slightly ajar. I zing of fear passed through me as I looked through my apartment. It was a mess. There was blood on the floors and walls as were bloody handprints with streaks on the floor…as if someone made a struggle.

“Jared?” I called, panic-stricken. There was no answer but the echo of my voice. I walked through my apartment, glass crunching under my feet. I began to hyperventilate when I saw a bloody note attached to the wall in my bedroom.

I have your little fuck buddy. If you want him,


Since your powers have come in, I’ll have a little

Fun in KILLING you and him.

~Love your best nightmare,


Oh my god.

Jayson has Jared.


Latin Translation

Ades infernus da mihi tui copiam – corpus calidum. Da mihi virtutem perdere

Meaning = Please lend me your hell. Give me your strength – a hot body. Give me strength to destroy. (I think this is the meaning…well it’s the gist.)

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