Adventures of Adam Ch. 4

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Day 4: Monday

We left Adam last time in bed, right after his morning fuck with Cerys. His beautiful girlfriends sister. Cerys has left the room to go clean up. And Christine is somewhere downstairs.

I most have dosed off. Cerys’ sexual appetite had me completely drained. And left me with an used and very sore Dick.

Someone was trying to get in contact with me. Shouting from a place far far away from where I was now. Being tired and used as I was, I couldn’t give a flying fuck about it. Whoever it was, he or she had to wait until I decided to wake up again.

The shouter was of another opinion though. And kept shouting. Pulling me further and further away from my wonderful sleeping state.

I slowly opened my eyes and the light instantly blinded me. A little confused I sat up in the bed. How long had I been under?? There was no clock in the bedroom so I had no idea about the hour. I squeezed my eyes to small cracks and looked outside. The sun was high outside, and I could hear the busyness of life on the street. A couple of hours was my best guess.

I looked around the room. I was alone in the bed which held the scent of Cerys’ and mine previous love making.

“ADAM!!!” It sounded like Christine.

“YEAH!” I shouted back. “WHAT IS IT?” I could hear her move at the base of the stairs. Her soft footsteps told me she was coming up to me.

She came into the room and looked down at me. She giggled at the sight. “I was afraid Cerys had killed you.” Her smile broadened. “And by the look of things I wasn’t far off.” I looked down on myself. Skinny, pale and dirty from bodily fluids. My Dick lay limp across my left thigh. I looked up at Christine and shrugged, putting on my most innocent face. Christine came over and kissed me. Just as I was about to grab her she pulled away. I looked questioning in her eyes. “Get cleaned and get dressed.” She moved to door and turned around. “Come downstairs when you’re done.” She left the room and I could hear her move jump down the stairs.

I settled back in the bed and ran my fingers through my hair. Jesus, what are they doing to me??

I swung my legs out of the bed and sat there trying to focus. After a while I stood and walked to the bathroom.

With the door safely closed behind me I took a close look at my face. Well, it was pretty obvious that I had experienced some kind of intense activity. I looked paler than usual with dark patches under both eyes. The beginning of a beard was showing and it looked maybe a little worse than usual because of my current skin tone.

I shook my head and turned on the shower. As I stood there in the shower. Having the warm water caress my used body I started to feel really good. I quickly washed my hair and body and stepped out of the shower. Unbelievable what a simple shower can do for a guy.

I dried of and grabbed my clothes. They were as good as new considering I had hardly used them yesterday. I smiled to myself. Better go downstairs to see what’s up.

I walked down the stairs feeling fresh, clean and wonderfully newly fucked. I sighed. What a beautiful day.

I could hear noise coming from the kitchen and started towards the door. Just before I reached for the doorknob, it opened.

I froze dead instantly, feeling the dampness of the cold sweat running down my back. My heart skipped a few beats and I seemed unable to draw a breath.

“Hello Adam. Come on in, we’re just about ready to have some lunch.” Mr. McQade, Christine’s and Cerys’ father, motioned me to enter. I looked up at him. He was a big muscular man, always nice to me though. But I seriously doubt he would be if he knew what I was doing with his daughters.

Christine was busy preparing something by the table. I looked at her, asking the question with my eyes. She just smiled at me and continued her work. I swallowed hard and looked out the window. What was he doing here??? Well beside from actually living here.

I was wrecking my brain trying to figure out what to do next when the kitchen door slammed open. “Hi Daddy!!” Cerys came jumping into the kitchen and hugged her father. “Wow wow wow watch your old mans back.” Mr McQade said and embraced Cerys.

Christine came up behind me and hugged me. “Look Daddy, Christine got a boyfriend.” Mr. McQade grinned at me. “Well well Adam. Finally. I was getting tired of your puppy look every time you came over. Glad it’s you who’re dating Chris.” I smiled weakly at Mr. McQade. “Yes Sir. I’m very happy to be with her.” He gave me a wolfish grin. “I bet you are.” He turned and started to get something from the fridge. Christine gave me a squeeze while Cerys shoot me a seductive wolfish smile. Like I was the most delicious dish, and she was about to consume it.

“Oh. You’re still here Adam. How nice.” I didn’t even notice Mrs. McQade coming into the kitchen, and the sound of her voice made me jump a little. “Eh…hello Mrs. McQade. Yes I’m here.” She looked at me and Christine who still had her arms wrapped around me. She shook her head smiling almanbahis adres and sat down. “Come on all. I’m starving. Let’s eat.” Mr. McQade motioned us to sit down.

There was silence around the table for a while. I looked at Christine’s parent to see if I could see any trace of knowledge about what kind of relationship I was having with their daughters. But there were nothing to see and I started to relax a little.

I have to admit that this situation left me uncomfortable. I looked from Cerys to Christine. Both of them looked so very innocent like nothing had happened between us. Cerys especially had her little innocent girl act down, and there was no trace of the sex vixen I had encountered this morning.

I took a bite of my sandwich. “I hear you spend the night here, Adam.” Mrs. McQade looked closely at me. I almost choked on my food. I looked up at her with sweat breaking out on my forehead. “Oh, don’t worry I trust you kids. You are after all young adults.” Mrs. McQade smiled while I tried to sink the food stuck in my throat.

“Wha……I mean….uhm.” I was babbling. Which made the entire McQade family break down in laughter. I blushed instantly turning all red. Christine learned over and kissed me lightly on the cheek. “You’re cute when you’re confused.” I looked at her with desperation obvious on my face. Cerys was pointing her finger at me, laughing hysterically.

“Adam’s…huh..huh…a…huh..tomato…huh..huh.” She bent over laughing even more at her own joke. I closed my eyes and held my hands out in front of me, palms up. “Please give me strength.” I imitated in my best divine voice. This only caused more laughter and after a while I joined in.

The rest of the lunch went by without more incidents, and we only chatted about wind and weather. Christine suggested that we should go catch a movie at the ciniplex down the mall. And Cerys instantly said she wanted to go to.

Well, so be it. The three of us jumped into my car and went downtown.

The moment we got into the car I let out a sigh of relief. I looked at Christine who was sitting next to me. “You really got me worried there for a minute.”

“Don’t worry Adam, they don’t know.” I let out yet another sigh.

Cerys winced in the back seat. Christine turned and asked her what was wrong. “My ass hurts a little.”

Now it was my turn to look over my shoulder. “But you seemed okay at lunch.” Christine responded.

Cerys tilted her head a little and gave her sister the innocent look. “Well, I guess I could have told Dad that your boyfriend had been ramming his Dick up my ass all morning. Right after I announced you two a couple.”

“Point taken.” Christine said and then looked at me. “You did that??”

“Eh…..” Was my only response. I couldn’t really ague against that. I had been butt fucking Cerys this morning.

“C’Mon Chris. You know I like it that way.” Christine turned back to me.

“Yeah I know. But I still wish he would be experimental with me as well.” She sounded mad but her face told me that she was teasing. I dropped the gear to first and started down the road.

Cerys came up and placed an elbow on each front seat. Her head was resting on her hands and she looked at me. “Well, Adam. What’s on your mind?”

I sighed and looked at the McQade sisters. “I honestly don’t know what to think.”

Almost to herself Christine said. “Neither do I.”

I placed my hand on her thigh and squeezed a little. “What do you mean?” She took my hand and held it tightly. “I mean I have never been in love with a guy I have shared with Cerys. They have always just been entertainment. But you’re different. You I love. I just don’t know what to think about it.”

Cerys put her hand on Christine’s shoulder. “Hold on one minute. Who says I don’t have any feelings in this?” I looked at both of them.

“No one Cerys.”

Cerys smiled sweetly at me and sighed deeply. “All right, this is as good a time as any to tell you this.” She let her hand run through her brown hair and sighed again. “I love you Adam…..I loved you for what seems like ages.”

I almost ran a red light and had to break violently. Christine turned around quickly. “WHAT!! you never told me that.”

Cerys smiled weakly. “Adam pull over…” I drove to the curb and looked at her. “I never told you because I was afraid. I knew how you felt about Adam. But the truth of the matter is that I have been wanting him for longer than you. When I heard you had become lovers, I was dead jealous. So if the only way I could get him was by playing our sharing game. Then so be it.”

This was getting more complicated by the second. Then Cerys turned her attention to me. “You! You don’t know how many times you’ve hurt me.” My mouth was moving like a fish’s outside water. But no sound came. “I know you’ve always thought of me as a brat. But every time you teased me or became cruel I was crying inside. I know I might just have waved it away like a joke and played along. But it hurt every single almanbahis adres time. All because I love you.” She lowered her head and looked at the floor.

Christine and I looked at each other puzzled. I put a finger under Cerys’ chin. “I have not always thought of you as a brat. I think you’re a beautiful young woman. Yes I have teased you. Yes I have been a complete jerk most of the time. And I am so profoundly sorry for what I’ve done to you. But you should have said something. If not to Chris, then to me. I would have understood.” I looked up at Christine. She was smiling. “But this put me in a difficult position. Because I have feeling for the both for you. Granted, I’ve been in love with Chris for as long as I can remember. But you started to catch my attention already a year ago. Two years ago I would have sworn on my life that I was never going to have feelings for Cerys McQade. But I would also have sworn that I would never be with Christine McQade. Now I find myself having strong feeling for the both of you. I find myself waking up with you both. I have fucked you both and I love every second I’m spending with you both. But it’s confusing and I honestly don’t have one clue, what so ever, about what to do next. At this point I think it is impossible to be only with one of you, and if that was the case it would properly not be a happy time. I would think about the other too much, knowing what I know now. So it leaves us two choices. Either we figure out a way to stay together all three of us, or we are not together at all.” I couldn’t believe what I was saying. Let alone what I was hearing. I settled back in the seat and starred out the windshield.

I was facing, let’s just call it a completely new challenge. I was walking upon undiscovered land on a path going too deep in the forest for me to see a way out of.

Christine just said silently with a concentrated look on her face. She shook her head lightly and sighed. “Adam’s right.” I turned and saw her look Cerys in the eyes. “I love him, you love him. We love each other and we have both been fucking with him, even at the same time.” She bit her lower lip. “I for one do not want to give up what we have here for something as boring as moral standards. I want us to be together. I want to make this work.” Cerys nodded and looked at me. “So do I.” I said. “I don’t think I could leave any of you alone, even if my life depended on it.” Cerys and Christine kissed me at the same time. “Let’s go see that movie.” I put the car in gear and drove of.

There was nothing exciting about the Ciniplex. Nothing we wanted to see. At least not anything we wanted to pay for. Cerys was buying a coke while I stood holding hands with Christine. Had I had it my way I would have had Cerys in one hand and Christine in the other. But fact were that we had to be careful about how we appeared to others. Especially now that we had acknowledged the feelings we had for one another. And had decided to live by them instead of ignoring them.

Cerys came over, sucking on a straw, sipping coke. I smiled. That particular action reminded me of something other than drinking coke.

As we stood there looking at each other I realised that the erotic tension between us, was growing. My hands had turned sweaty and Mr. H. was beginning to move around down there.

Christine was moving closer and closer to me and was now discreetly rubbing against me. Cerys’ eyes told a tale of lust and she constantly moved around.

I was really getting a hard on, and was beginning to have problems hiding it. Cerys looked down at the bulge in my pants and sighed deeply.

Okay, this was getting hot. It was obvious that we wanted each other. And since we stood in public, there was no way we could get away with anything.

“Let’s go.” I whispered. Christine kissed my neck and started down the escalators. Me right after her and Cerys behind me.

At one point we had to pace ourselves from not running wildly out of the mall. An elderly couple shot us a strange glance. Like they could sense something about us. If they could they would have been right.

Christine was frantically squeezing my hand, almost dragging me after her. I could feel Cerys’ hands on my shoulders. For the by stander it might have looked like a game of chu-chu train. I was getting horny as hell and Cerys was panting like a dog behind me. I couldn’t see Christine’s face, but her hard nipples was showing through her thin shirt.

The minute we got outside. I let out a moan. “Jesus, you two a driving me crazy.” Christine dragged me towards the car. “And what exactly do you think you are doing to us??” Her voice was a little harsh, like she wanted to be in control. That was fine with me. I was gladly going to leave all control to these two. At this point they could do whatever they wanted with me. I didn’t care if I was going to be their play toy.

I got behind the wheel and started the car. “Where to?” Christine and Cerys looked at each other. “Your place.” I got the car in gear and speeded out almanbahis adres of the parking lot.

It made sense. The McQades were home, and I don’t think they would have liked it if they saw me fucking their two beautiful daughters at the same time.

My parents were always out until late evening. And since I don’t have any brothers or sisters, my house had become the gamezone.

Christine was rubbing the bulge in my pants, making me harder and harder. Making it really difficult for me to sit still. Cerys was napping at my ears from behind, gently letting her tongue play just behind it. I never thought about it before. But that spot is extremely sensitive, and it made me shake of lust.

The needle on the speedometer continued to rise just as my Dick were. I put the pedal to the metal, wanting to get home as quickly as possible. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the sisters and fuck’em dead.

Adrenaline was roaming my veins. Not of fear or strain. But of complete and utter surrender to the lust.

I brought the car to a stop, breaking hard as I drove up the driveway. Had I not been buckled up, I would properly have been throw out through the windshield. “Easy easy lad, we got plenty of time.” Christine said. I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “If any more time is passed I will literally explode.” Christine licked my ear as an answer.

“Could we get this show on the road.” Cerys was tapping the both of us on the shoulder. “Or Adam is not the only one there is going to explode.” I stepped out of the car and quickly scanned the road. No one to be seen.

Cerys and Christine walked up to the door, where they both turned around and faced me. “You might wanna open the door.” They were both wearing a hungry wolfish grin. “And then you got some work to do, boy.”

I half ran up to the door with the key in my hand. While I fumbled with the lock Christine started to rub me, while Cerys was licking my ear. Both of them saying. “I want you….”

I was going crazy, right there on my doorstep.

I finally got the door open and we all stumbled inside. I slammed the door behind us and locked it.

It’s Showtime.

I walked slowly to Christine, ignoring Cerys completely at this point. Christine reached for me, and I took her hands and pulled her close to me. Her hands were all over me, all while I didn’t seem to get enough from licking her neck.

Christine ripped of my shirt, sending buttons all over the living room. I pulled her T-shirt over her head, exposing her firm breasts. I bent my head towards those delicious nipples and greedily sucked on them. Christine held my head, moaning. “More……”

My tongue were tracing her breasts. My hands feeling the softness of her skin. I was in heaven.

Some one was working on my pants. And it wasn’t Christine. Her hands were still pressing my head to her breasts, forcing me to keep sucking. Oh, it almost made me cry out. Mama…mama.. in my best imitation of a baby.

Cerys was letting my pants drop to the ground, an my shorts soon followed. She was stroking me and gently squeezing my erection.

She lay across my back, and I could feel that she had stripped of her clothes. Naked skin against naked skin.

It most have been quite some sight, watching the three of us there. Me sucking away on Christine’s tits, all while her sister was giving me a handjob from behind. Leaving me in the most delicious sandwich.

Christine was stripping of her pants leaving only her white transparent panties. She stepped back from me and looked at us with lust-filled eyes. “I want you to do me like you did Cerys this morning.” I only nodded and leaned my head back against Cerys. She flung her arm around me and caressed my nipples. “Do you want me to prepare him??” She asked. Christine was wetting her lips while she nodded.

Cerys bit down in my shoulder. Not really hard, more like she wanted to leave a love mark on me. She licked the back of my ears and whispered. “Prepare yourself for complete bliss.” Her tongue was leaving wet trails all over my back. And she was moving gradually down to my butt. She let her tongue trial a wet line in the crack of my ass. Oh this is new. I have never had anyone lick my ass before. It’s wonderful.

Christine got on her knees in front of me and grabbed my cock. “Cerys!” Cerys’ head came around my left thigh.


“You’re are not going to get the first fun all by yourself. I want him too.” Cerys licked her lips.

“Then let’s use him until he faints.” With these words she went back to my ass and started to lick my asshole. This made me jerk forward. And Christine was waiting for me there, opening her mouth and my Dick disappeared in her soft and warm mouth.

Cerys was upon like a panther on a prey, pinning me cock in Christine’s mouth. She was sucking away on me like I was the worlds most delicious lolly pop.

Cerys continued to lick my ass, and I realised how sensitive that hole is. It felt great.

“Oh God, you two….I don’t know how long I can take this….” I stuttered. “Well, cum as many times as you want. Just as long you keep it up until we’re satisfied.” Cerys said. Christine mumbled something, but having my Dick in her mouth disabled speech quite effectively.’

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