After Hours

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Jess walked through the empty school, humming softly to herself as her eyes wandered the various posters and displays in the corridor. Her night school class had just ended a few minutes ago, but she’d stayed after a bit, liking the serenity of the long, open hallways. She walked downstairs, where there was even less activity, and smiled to herself. She stopped, thinking she heard something, then glanced around quickly. She shrugged, turning the corner, down a row of lockers. Suddenly, a pair of strong hands grabbed her, shoving her against the lockers. She attempted to scream, her breasts bouncing as she was pinned against the cold metal. The man’s hand flew to her mouth, and his body pressed against hers. It was Sean. Though it was a familiar face, Jess found herself frightened.

“Shh… ” Sean hushed her, his lips finding their way to her neck, “I’ve wanted you for so long, ” he whispered, sucking on her skin, “don’t be scared. “

“Mmm!” Jess whimpered, squirming. Sean slowly removed his hand, and looked at her, “what… what are you doing, Sean?” She asked nervously.

“What I should have done a long time ago. I saw you go into class earlier tonight, and I waited the three hours for you. I haven’t seen you in a while, but when I did, I just knew I had to have you, ” he said.

“Have me?” Jess’ voice trembled.

“You’re so beautiful, Jess. I want to see more. I want more of your beauty, ” he whispered, kissing her neck, his lips dragging along her jawbone, and to her lips, where they rested, engaging in a deep kiss.

“Mmm… ” Jess kissed him back, hesitant at first, but she couldn’t deny that she was terribly attracted to him. His arms slid around her waist, pulling her closer as he parted her lips with his tongue. Jess invited his tongue in gratefully, kissing him back. Her arms found their way around his neck, rubbing the back of it.

“Mmm, ” Sean moaned softly, exploring every crevice of her hot mouth with his eager, curious tongue. He slowly pulled away, sliding one of her tank top straps down her shoulder and kissing it, “I need you, ” he said softly, sliding the other one down and rubbing her shoulders.

“Oh Sean, ” Jess moaned softly, closing her eyes.

“Mmm Jess, ” he moaned, lifting her tank top over her head. polatlı escort

“Sean… what are you doing?” she whispered.

“Shh… ” he put his finger on her lips, reaching back and unhooking her bra, slipping it off. Jess bit her lip in embarrassment, but Sean enjoyed every inch of her. He devoured her with his eyes, then let his hands cup her breasts, kneading them skillfully. Jess moaned in delight as she felt his warm tongue drawing circles around her now hard nipples. He was teasing her, but she didn’t mind. Soon he took a nipple into his mouth, sucking gently as his hand pleasured her other breast. Jess moaned out loud, running her fingers through his soft blonde hair. Sean grinned proudly, growling playfully as he moved his kisses downwards. Jess watched his every move, squirming in anticipation. Sean smiled and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down her hips and thighs, kissing every inch of skin that he exposed, wanting to do this for so long.

“Sean… ” she whispered, letting out soft sighs.

“God you’re perfect, ” he moaned softly, lifting her out of her jeans, then pulling her panties down, his erection becoming even harder when he saw her shaved, wet center, “oh Jess… ” he moaned, leaning in, lifting one of her slim legs over his shoulder, gently blowing on her clit.

“Ugh!” Jess whimpered, gently thrusting her hips towards his face, so turned on by him.

“Ah ah ah, ” Sean grinned, “patience, my sweet, ” he winked, even though his body was telling him to taste her that very second. Jess whined softly, as Sean leaned in and kissed her inner thighs, tracing trails with his tongue. His lips got closer and closer to her hot, wet center, and as he got barely an inch from her, he smelt her sweet scent, and couldn’t contain himself, extending his tongue into her pussy, licking her swollen clit and up and down in between her pussy lips.

“Oh!” Jess moaned loudly, putting her head back in pleasure. Sean’s hands gripped her hips to keep her still, and his tongue slowly made its way inside of her.

“Mmm, ” Sean moaned, closing his eyes, loving the taste of her sweet candy.

“Sean, baby!” Jess whimpered, struggling to grind her hips on his face. He held her firmly in place, then pulled pursaklar escort his tongue out.

“You taste so damn good, Jess, ” he moaned, kissing up her body. He pressed his body against hers, hissing into her ear, “Do you feel what you did to me Jess?” he grinned, grinding his caged erection against her.

“Oh God, yes, ” she moaned, “please let me touch it, ” she whispered, pulling his shirt over his head, rubbing his chest and abs.

“Yes baby… touch it, ” he kissed on her neck, loving her hands on him, never imagining it’d feel so good. Jess moaned and reached down, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans, pushing them off. She pushed his boxers out of the way, setting his seven inch monster free. She felt his hot dick against her skin and moaned, grabbing it firmly in her small hands.

“Jesus, ” she moaned.

“Mmm, fuck!” Sean grunted. Jess moaned, stroking it a few times before dropping to her knees, needing to have him in her mouth. She moaned as she fit as much of him as she could into her hot mouth, and was even more aroused by the sound of his pleasurable moans. Not even thirty seconds after she had him in her mouth, he was pulling her up again.

“Baby… don’t make me stop, ” she whimpered.

“I want to be inside you, ” he whispered, sliding his dick teasingly along her dripping wet slit. Jess’ eyes widened in shock, and fear.

“Wh-what? In… inside me?” she swallowed hard.

“Yes, Jess… please. Please let me, ” he moaned.

“I… I don’t know. I’ve never done it before, ” she whispered. Sean paused for a moment, then kissed her deeply.

“Neither have I, ” he confessed upon pulling away, stroking her cheek gently, “I won’t hurt you, I promise, ” he whispered, “I want to share this with you. Only you, ” he said.

“Oh God, Sean, ” she whimpered, wanting him so badly. She only managed a nod, looking into his eyes. Sean crashed his lips against hers, sliding his tongue into her mouth as he lifted her up against the lockers and slid up inside her. Jess screamed inside his mouth, digging her nails into his shoulder, “Sean!!!” she screamed.

“Oh Jess!!” he shouted, her tightness driving him absolutely insane, feeling so good. He stayed put for a moment, letting rus escort her get used to the feeling, and wrapped his arms around her. Jess whimpered loudly, tears of pleasure and pain streaming down her flushed cheeks. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pushing him inside her even deeper. Sean grunted and kissed her neck, thrusting in again.

“Unh! Baby!” she whimpered.

“Yeah baby! Mmm!” He moaned loudly, pulling out and thrusting in again, starting a pace. Jess moaned loudly, squealing and whimpering as he pumped into her once-virgin pussy.

“You’re so big!!” she cried out, holding onto him, rocking her hips with his.

“Shit yeah baby! Mmm! You feel so good!” he moaned loudly, his pace speeding up.

“Ah! SEAN!” she screamed, thankful the building was empty.

“Yeah! Damn!” he shouted, ad soon he was fucking her relentlessly against the lockers.

“Sean! SEAN!” she screamed, thrashing her head around, her body going crazy with all this pleasure she was enduring. Her body thumped against the lockers behind her, her breasts bouncing.

“Yeah!!” he yelled, pummeling into her tiny body with no mercy.

“Oh my God, oh GOD!!” She screamed, her orgasm suddenly hitting her as Sean’s dick penetrated her G-spot. Her muscles contracted, tightening hard around his cock, covering him in her cum.

“Fuck, Jess!” Sean shouted, never feeling something so amazing. He grabbed her hips and continued his hard, fast thrusts, feeling his orgasm coming on, “Here it comes Jess! Yeah… yeah!! UUUUGGHH!!” he yelled, his dick twitching and releasing multiple loads into her innermost depths.

“SEAN, Oh SHIT baby!” she screamed, her body shaking as her pussy milked his dick for everything he had. Sean continued to thrust until he finished shooting his loads, and then slowly pulled out of her, resting against her as he attempted to catch his breath. Jess held onto him tightly, her knees weak as she also tried to catch her breath.

“Jesus… ” Sean moaned breathlessly.

“That was amazing, ” Jess moaned, resting her head against his. Sean laid his head on her shoulder, his face buried in her neck.

“YOU’RE amazing, Jessica, ” he moaned, holding her against his body, that was now glistening with sweat, same as hers.

“Sean?” Jess asked softly.

“Yeah, baby?” he asked, planting soft kisses on her neck.

“I’m glad you waited for me, ” she whispered, smiling. Sean lifted his head and looked at her, just smiling. He slowly leaned in, pressing his lips against hers, and they shared a passionate kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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