… almost my first time

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When I was 20 I moved to California. I didn’t have a job or money, so my path to California was by bus, Greyhound gets you there… eventually.

So anyway, about 27 hours into this trip, we roll into Las Vegas around 4:30a and sit until time to leave around 5ish. No bus change, so I stayed on the bus sleeping.

Fast forward a few hours, we are moving and it has been a while as sunrise is coming in the window. I wake from a deep sleep with a pain in my groin, seems like I have morning wood, odd for being on a bus and barely sleeping, but hey an 20 year old cock does weird things. Then I felt movement, a hand rubbing said wood slowly up and down on my pants. “Woo Hoo!” a story for Dear Penthouse… “This one time on a bus when i hooked up with this chick leaving Las Vegas. I had heard of the mile high club, is this like the 60 mile per hour club?”

I squinted, didn’t want to interrupt the event and looked down. I was covered with a blanket, that was new and yes there was a hand slowly massaging my cock. I squinted a bit more and looked to the side. No Dear Penthouse story here, it was a guy. An older guy, maybe about 60. Definitely missing some sleep and maybe a little drunk. My mind was conflicted, this was a guy rubbing me, but my cock was happy. Let’s think about this. I had only been with one girl before. I think it was officially second base, but I am not much of a baseball guy so not sure, but my cock was hard and this guy was rubbing it nice.

I noticed that it felt good, like almost too good. That is when I noticed he wasn’t rubbing me through my jeans, but that only the thin layer of my underwear was between us, he had unfastened my pants and was rubbing under my jeans. I also noticed that my left hand was stretched across to his seat and there was something in my hand, he had lowered his pants and my hand was sitting on his cock. I knew this as I felt him contract it. That is flesh in my hand, not sure about this at all.

I can hear his breathing now. He is excited and he spends some time rubbing the head of my cock. i have no clue what to do and then I guess I just let it go… why not. I groaned a bit (in my sleep) and shifted slightly so he had better access to my cock and snuggled down a bit feigning sleep. He slowed down, but did not remove his hand. Shortly after he started back up again and I could feel him get stiff as well. It was harder to move that hand without giving up the game, but i did move my fingers to the tip… it was moist

I can hear him breathing hard and I am too. I keep my breathing calm since “I am sleeping” but it gets harder to do and I moan in my sleep again softly so only he hears. I turn again pushing my dick into his hand. Hopefully not too obvious and he keeps on stroking me. At this point, I am hard, leaking precum and maybe ready to shoot and all of a sudden he pulls back. The gig is up, he starts to pull away and with his other hand starts to rearrange himself and put his dick back under wraps… My cock makes the decision. I grab his hand stroking me and I whisper “Don’t stop” and with my other hand, I rub his cock to let him know I am in the game too. I cum swiftly. There is a lot of cum and I let out a sigh. I glanced over and he is looking at me not sure of what will happen next. Obviously we got to what he wanted or close to it at least. Maybe he wanted to cum too.

I then grab his hand I bring it to the top of my underwear and guide his fingers into my shorts, to the cum pressed up against my body in my pubic hair and then I pull his hand out and take his fingers in my mouth. The taste of nicotine, cheap alcohol and my cum. I lick his fingers clean. I quickly pull my hand off of his cock and looking at him, I say “thanks” and then button up my pants.

I say “This sucks… Now I have sticky cum in my pants and have to wear them all the way to San Diego.” He says that he lives in Barstow (next stop) and if i wanted, i could get off there and he’d take me to his house where I can shower and change. He says there is a later bus to San Diego I can catch with the same ticket. He says that either he or his roommate could get me back up to the bus on time. Now I am confused. I really want to clean up but it seems like wandering off to some guys house, some guy who basically just molested me, was not a good thing. He says I can come over, shower and he’d bring me right back to the bus. Against my better judgement (well, I was 20 and did just basically have my first handjob) I say “ok”.

We roll into Barstow and I confirm with the bus line, I can catch the 3p bus with my ticket and so I get in the car with him and we drive off. He doesn’t live too far away. A nice neighborhood güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri (for Barstow) and a nice house. On the way over, he introduces himself… says his name is Frankie. Says he lives here in Barstow with a roommate and was in Vegas for the weekend. We pull up in the driveway and go inside.

I toss my travel bag on the chair and ask for the bathroom. I was just going to use a washcloth and clean up but he comes in behind me with a towel and shampoo. Says go ahead and shower. After 29 hours on the Greyhound, I will take a shower. He leaves and I strip down and start the water. I step into the tub and clean up quickly. I guess he came in all quiet when I got into the shower, my clothes were gone, but a big oversized t-shirt was on the counter. It was way bigger than me, it fit like a gown. I dried off and pulled it on and stepped out to the living room.

He was in the living room, sitting in underwear and a tee shirt almost like I wasn’t there. I walk in the room and ask about my clothes. He says he tossed them in the washer, he said they were dirty and my pants had some cum on them. I said “Thanks”. I asked how long until they were done… he said about ninety minutes

I thank him for the shower and wash. I start to move some things off the couch and he motions me to stop, he says that is his roommates stuff. I should just sit here… and he sits back on the couch a bit leaving room for me in front of him. I mention the situation on the bus, telling him I had never done that before. He said it didn’t seem that way, especially the way I licked his fingers. I said I was a little heady from being jerked off and it seemed like the thing to do, maybe I saw it in a porno or something. He asked if I watched porn. I said I had a couple of times. I lived in a small town with my parents, not a lot of porn opportunities (way before the internet,) but I did have a tape I hid under my mattress for when I was home alone. He asked if I wanted to watch some now. Seems odd, porn at 9a with a stranger… but who am I to judge, I just licked my cum off of a stranger’s fingers. He put in a tape and hit play, sitting back down as the video started. A couple of guys get on a train and sit in the back.

As he puts the remote down, I sit on the couch in between his legs. I feel him pull the shirt up a bit but I don’t really say anything. I can feel him and his cock against my back and he rubs up against me a bit and pulls the shirt up more. I lean up a bit, but he says it’s fine. Looking up, the guys on the train are now naked and one of them has leaned over and is sucking the other’s cock. This is my first view gay porn. He leans up against me and asks if I want to have some more fun like on the bus. He rubs my thighs and licks the back of my neck. I lean into him and ask what he means by more fun. He points to the screen where the one guy is sucking the other. He says.. “You can do that…”

I get down on my knees and rub against his cock, he pops it out of his underwear. It is bigger than it felt on the bus. It is way bigger than mine but not like I have seen a lot of cock, it just seems big to me. He guides my head down and I lick the head and he slowly pushes up into my mouth while pushing my head down I take about half before I start to gag and I pull back but. he pushes me down again and pushes up in my mouth some more. He tells me to use my hands to stroke him and to take the tip in my mouth. .

After a bit more of this I feel his hands on my back rubbing my back and pushing on my head… I take more of his dick in my mouth he tells me to take it all… he tells me “Suck my cock!” That makes me hard… I feel excited and I want to suck him even more. I come up for air and I start licking his dick on the bottom. Licking the vein and rubbing my face in his nuts, they are hairy and it pokes my nose. I lick his balls and he moans and then I go back to licking his dick.

I look back to the screen seeing how the guy is taking his time moving up and down, so I do so too slowing down and taking my time. The guy being sucked has a big dick.. Maybe 7 inches or so… but the other guy is taking it all in his mouth. I see how he bobs up and down, his hand on the shaft slowly moving. I try to do so too, I lower my head down and I feel him stiffen more and moan. He pushes my head down further and I start to gag. I have never had cock in my mouth before,. so I don’t know how to breathe

I start a rhythm and feel him relax and lean back. He spreads his legs more and I reach up and cup his balls, sliding my hand under them and bringing my mouth down to them. Sliding my tongue all over them. I hear him breathe deep and I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pull his cock back into my mouth. Slow, deep, tongue moving on the head I start to relax and enjoy the taste of his cock and the feeling as I move my head up and down. I am going to make him cum and I focus on his breathing, his hands on my head and then I hear a noise from behind…

I look up and there is another guy standing in the doorway, a big smile on his face and one hand on the bulge in his sweats. He asks Frankie, “who is this and why is he wearing my shirt?” I now know why the shirt was so big… this guy was tall and beefy. This must be the roommate that Frankie was talking about. Frankie tells him he met me on the bus, glossing over the molesting part, but saying that he offered me a chance to relax and unwind from the long bus trip and would be catching the later bus to San Diego in the afternoon. Frankie introduces us… telling me his roommate is Jake and that he may be interested in playing along with us too if it was ok.

Jake was big… tall, maybe 6’6 and barrel chested. maybe in his 40s, it was hard to tell and his hand was still rubbing his bulging cock it was getting bigger. I look up at Frankie and say, “I don’t know.. I mean, this is the first time I have been with a guy (or anyone) and now you want to invite Jake? I’m a little nervous” Jake comes over and leans over me. and whispers in my ear “I’ll make you feel amazing, let me show you what I mean”. He turns and walks out of the room and I look up af Frankie who smiles and nods to the video where i look back and the boys on the train are fucking. One sitting in the chair and the other sliding up and down on his big cock. This guy’s cock is hard, you can see the vein on the bottom as the guy glides up and down. The top guy holding the seat in front of him and using that to pull himself up and slide down. He is riding it slowly sliding down the dick and then slowly pulling himself up using the chair for support. The guy behind him is holding his hips moving him up and down occasionally rubbing his body and squeezing his nipples. The boy getting fucked has his mouth open panting as he slides up and down.

Jake comes back into the room carrying a small bottle. He looks at the video and smiles and says that they look like they’re having fun. He looks at me and shakes the bottle and asks “If I want to have some fun”. He unscrews the cap on the bottle and starts to move it towards me. I look at it… it says Rush or something like that on the label. Not sure what Rush is and it kind of stinks from what I can smell. He pushes it up under my nose, “Breathe deep” he says… hold it in I breathe deep and my body is on fire, warm feelings from the top of toes all the way to my ears. Jake rubs my head and holds the bottle under the other nostril and says again “Breathe deep!” Again, the fire engulfs me.

I look up as Jake pulls his cock out of his sweats and rubs it on my forehead… His cock is huge. I have a small dick, Frankie has what I think is a normal sized dick but this dick is huge. Easily 7 inches and he is not fully hard, big purple head, round like a golf ball and now bouncing in my face. Jake rubs my lips with it and says he wants to fuck my face. I open my mouth and then he slides his cock in, just the head, back and forth over my lips. He tells me to relax, says he wants me to have fun with his dick. I relax a bit, the fire in my brain and body flowing through my veins. I feel like I could lick this cock all day. I lean forward and bury my face in his nutsack, taking his balls in my mouth, feeling his hairs in my face and I just lick and suck on his nuts rolling them around and then running my tongue up his cock like I saw the boys in the video do. From the nuts, to the head, licking the head and the bottom side of his cock. I feel it throb. I feel him get harder. He says he likes that and I am good at sucking his cock. I pulled it out of my mouth and told him this is my first time with a guy(s)… but the bottle made me really horny and I want to feel happy like he said I would feel. He nods and just glides his cock back into my mouth pushing the back of my head down more.

Frankie has stood up from the couch and is holding his cock in my face too. He looks down at me and says “You still have to finish my dick too” and he turns my head to him and slides his dick in my mouth. Jake leans over and takes off Frankie’s shirt and starts pulling on his nipples, he tells Frankie that this was a great way to wake up on a Sunday morning. Frankie strokes Jake and rubs Jake’s cock on my forehead, turning my head to take Jake in my mouth. Frankie tells Jake güvenilir bahis şirketleri that he made me cum on the bus so he figures that I should make sure that he and now that Jake is up too, cum tool. I just nod… one dick in my mouth and the other in my hand….

I glanced up at the video and there is another guy in the video now, looks like the ticket taker on the train. I must’ve missed that part, but he is there with his pants around his ankles, the blond boy who was (and still is) getting fucked has leaned forward and is sucking this guy off too.

Frankie turns and walks over to the kitchen and grabs a bar stool and brings it into the living room, setting it on the floor in front of the screen. He helps me up off of my knees and bends me over the stool. I know what is going to happen and I am shaking. Frankie bends me over the chair and starts rubbing my back. Jake comes around the front of me and holds the bottle out and I lean over to it. I can feel Frankie rub his cock along my butt crack and I feel something dribble on me and my back. I think it is lube as he slides his cock into my crack, stopping right at my hole. He leans over me and Jake puts the bottle under his nose and he breathes deep. I feel him hold it in and then the bottle is under my nose and I breathe deep and as I do, Frankie slides slowly into my ass, slowly but all the way. I almost faint. The sensation from my head to my toes is warm and fuzzy, but the sensation radiating from my ass is pure bliss and I just moan… from the bottom of my toes I moan. Frankie chuckles and slides out slowly, pulling out completely and then popping in just the head and back in all the way slow. My legs are shaking and I can hear him tell me to relax as he starts a slow but deep rhythm in and out.

I look up at the screen and the action is a lot of what I am experiencing the conductor (damn that conductor has a big dick) has started fucking the kid that was getting fucked by his friend while his friend is under both of them licking their balls as they grind together.

But then my view is blocked as Jake steps up to me holding his cock out it has gotten bigger as he watched Frankie fuck me. I don’t know if I can put it in my mouth but I lick it and slide my tongue down the shaft to his balls breathing in the musky smell but he wants more and guides it to my mouth and in. He is cautious. I am moaning as Frankie slides into me and trying to breathe as Jake slides his dick in my mouth. I can’t breathe well but I don’t care. I am on fire from head to toe and I reach round Jake and pull him into my mouth, he holds my head and slowly fucks my face and I feel Frankie reach from behind and hold my head up for Jake. I feel Frankie drive in deeper, faster than before. I think he is excited and as he dives in I feel his balls slap mine and he locks his legs and just leans into me breathing harder in my ear… “Ride my cock!” he tells me…and I start rocking on the chair pushing him deep.

Jake pulls his cock out, slobber falling down on my chin as he rubs his cock in my face. He lifts my chin up so I am looking at him and we mouths to me “my turn” and steps back. I feel Frankie pull out with a quick flash as my ass pulses but then I feel Jake back there sliding a finger up and down the crack, spreading some lube into my ass. He says no poppers this time, and without and without another word he slides into me and starts fucking me. I feel cum run down my leg and realize that is me. I am cumming from the cock in my ass, my dick just flopping and leaking fluid all over. I said Jake was big and this feels big for sure. He is holding my hips and driving in I hear the slap of his body against mine and I hear him moan. While he is doing this I feel a hand on my dick rubbing the cum and then Frankie brings that hand around to my mouth sliding his fingers in my mouth again covered in my cum he rubs it on my face and then slides his dick in my mouth and he says he has to cum and he does. He grabs my head so I can’t pull back and I feel his cock pulse and my mouth fill with his cum, leaking down my throat, leaking out my mouth… I feel it on my chin.

Jake grabs my hips and I hear him moan he says he is coming in my tight ass.. and he does. I feel his cock pulse and I feel hot cum deep in me. He pulls out and I feel hot cum shot on my back, my ass, my legs and he leans into me again and drives deep and a quick thrust or two and pulls out with another splash of cum on my back, a bit more and I feel him rub his cock down my crack, wiping the cum around and he smears it on my back with his dick breathing heavy while doing that.

I fall off of the stool and just lay on the floor panting My ass pulsating like a disco, my face and my ass covered in cum…the conductor on the movie in front of me spurting cum into the waiting mouths of both of the boys… they swallow it all and lick his cock clean.

… and that was almost my first time.

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