Amy Cuckold Brian Ch. 05

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“Honey, while I was upstairs changing, I went into our bathroom and I saw your douche bag hanging there. Are you having any kind of a problem?” Asked Brian.

Setting the dinner table, Amy replied, “No I’m not but let’s talk about it later. Will you tell the kids that dinner is ready?”

“Sure thing”, replied Brian.

Later that evening after the children were in bed, Amy and Brian were preparing for bed. In his pajamas, Brian walked into the bathroom and was reminded of Amy’s douche bag. “So honey, why do you have your douche bag hanging here?”

Putting on her night gown and then putting her arms around Brian’s neck, she replied, “Chris is going to be here on Thursday night. The douche bag is for you. You are to use it as an enema bag. Chris wants you to clean out your bowels until just clear water runs out of you.”

Shocked, Brian reacted, “What? Chris is crazy. Why would he want me to do that?”

Still holding her arms around Brian’s neck and in a sultry voice she whispered, “Chris wants you to be nice and clean because he is going to sodomize you.”

Pushing her arms away, Brian responded, “That’s not going to happen. You two have me sucking his cock, what more do you want? Why would he want to fuck me when he has you?”

Still in her sultry voice, “He feels that once he does that to you then he will own you. He wants to own you.”

Brian protested, “No he can’t. You own me. I belong to you. It’s not enough that he’s fucking my wife, now he wants to strip me of my masculinity too.”

Amy stepped back and slipped off her nightie so that she was nude in front of her cuckold. She knows that once he see’s her naked body he has no resistance to her. “Yes, I own you and Chris owns me. I have to do what he asks of me and he wants your ass,” replied Amy.

“Well I’m not doing that,” answered Brian.

In a stern voice Amy asked, “Are you disobeying me? We have a female led marriage which you agreed to so when you disobey me, you are disrespecting me. I demand absolute obedience from you and if I don’t get it then I’m going to have to take you down into the basement and discipline you. Is that what you want?”

Saying nothing, Brian just shrugged his shoulders which infuriated Amy. Putting her night gown back on as she said, “Okay, let’s go.”

Brian followed her down the stairs where they stopped in the kitchen so Amy could get the key to their wine cellar. It was a room in the basement with a heavy wooden güvenilir bahis door which they kept locked. The room was built to Amy’s specifications. She put the key into the lock and turning it she pushed open the heavy door.

They entered the room. There were racks of bottles of wine from all over the world. The room was insulated to keep the wine at a constant temperature. The insulation also served as sound proofing. Amy pushed the heavy door closed and locked it. Then she clicked on the intercom so she could hear the children upstairs.

At the far end of the room was a long low bar with a small table and two chairs. Against a near by wall was a large wooden wine barrel laying on it’s side. One would have to look close to see the ankle and wrist restraints attached at its base.

Brian often wondered if Amy had constructed a punishment room disguised as a wine cellar. He knows that whenever he is in this room he feels oppressed and he becomes subdued and submissive.

Amy looked at him and asked, “When was the last time that I disciplined you?”

“Ten months ago. After my cousin’s wedding,” replied Brian.

“And why did I have to discipline you?” She asked.

“Because at the wedding, I did not stay at your side and I did not attend to you like I’m supposed to,” replied Brian.

“And what happened to you?” She asked.

“You brought me down here and had me lay on the bar with my ass bared and you whipped me with the leather strap till I started crying,” answered Brian.

“That’s right and now it’s only ten months ago and I have to discipline you again. I’m so disappointed in you,” she replied.

Amy nodded to Brian while pointing to the barrel saying, “Now come here and strip off your pajamas.”

Brian did as he was told. Standing there in the nude he waited for her next command. She spoke, “Kneel before me.”

Brian got down on his knees and Amy stepped up to him, pressing her body hard against his. The very shear material of her negligee separated their naked bodies. She placed her hand on the back of his head and pressed his face into her womanhood and held him there.

After a moment she commanded, “Now take a deep breath.”

She listened to him draw in her aroma and she commanded him to take in another deep breath. She knew that the scent of her womanhood kept him in a state of submission.

She released his head and as she stepped back her attention was drawn down to his chastity cage. türkçe bahis It was bobbing up and down as the aroma of her womanhood caused his penis to strain in it’s confines trying to become erect.

She gave her next command, “Lay over the barrel.”

Brian complied as he’s done so many times before. Amy began fastening his wrists in the restraints saying, “I’m sorry to have to do this to you. I would rather have you laid out on the bar but you’re going to have to be restraint. I’m really angry with you so this punishment is going to be severe. I don’t want you squirming all over the place.

She then reached down and fastened the restraints around his ankles saying, “I can’t believe that you’re willing to endure all of the pain that I’m going to inflict upon your buttocks when your ass could be experiencing so much pleasure from Chris’s fucking you.”

“It’s too degrading.” answered Brian.

Running her hand over Brian’s buttocks, Amy commented, “It’s a shame. Your buttocks are so soft, smooth and flawless and I wanted so much to present your ass to Chris as my gift to him. Now I’m going to offer it to him covered with black and blue welts.”

“I’m sorry,” replied Brian.

“Don’t be sorry my love. It’s what you chose. You know that when I first directed you to suck his cock, you protested but now you find it very pleasurable. Don’t you?” She asked.

In a nervous voice Brian responded, “Yes I do but this is different.”

Still petting his buttocks, Amy went on, “You have to trust me because I know what is good for you. I know your deepest secrets and desires. I know you better than you know yourself.”

Still laying over the barrel, Brian asked, “You do?”

Amy replied, “Yes I do. Remember when we first got engaged and we went to see Sheila the Palm Reader?”

Brian replied, “Yes I do. I know that she read my palm but I don’t remember too much of what she said.”

Amy continued, “That’s because Sheila is not a fortune teller. She is an accomplished hypnotist. She pretended to read your palm but she actually hypnotized you. She had you in a trance for over an hour. The following night we went back to see her and she only looked at you and said, “Sleep” and you went back into a trance.”

“Why would you do that to me?” Asked Brian.

“I was marrying you. I wanted to be sure that you would, love, honor and obey me.” Replied Amy.

Amy went on, “Sheila helped me to compile your complete sexual history. güvenilir bahis siteleri All of your experiences, desires and fantasies you revealed to me under hypnosis. I know your deepest, darkest secrets. How do you think that I learned that your mother spanked you up until the time that you married me?”

“My mother believed that masturbation led to mental illness so she spanked me to try and prevent me from masturbating,” replied Brian.

“And she spanked you whenever she saw you get an erection,” replied Amy.

“How do you know that?”

“Hypnosis,” answered Amy. “Your mother also supervised your showering.”

“I told you that to?” Asked Brian.

She went on, “Yes, you did. So, if I tell you to do something then you have to obey me without question. It’s the only way that you can find true peace and happiness. Now I’m forced to discipline you. I’m going to use the paddle that your mother gave me when we were married. She kind of passed on the torch to me.”

Amy went on, “I guess it’s true what they say, men marry their mothers. Like your mother I would get very upset if you masturbated only because it takes away your attention from me. That is why I keep your penis locked up.”

Amy continued, “This paddle is going to leave black and blue marks on your behind but it won’t leave the nasty, raised welts that the leather strap does.”

Amy stepped back from Brian to get into position saying, “I have to take off this nightie or it’s going to get in my way. You know that when I’m finished with you, you’re going to have black and blue marks all over these beautiful buttocks of yours. When your friend sees them, he is going to know that I spank you. Are you prepared for that kind of embarrassment?”

“No! No.” Pleaded Brian. “No. I don’t want Chris or anyone to ever know that you spank me. Please. I’ll do as you say.”

“Are you absolutely sure? You won’t back out at the last minute now will you?” Asked Amy.

“I’m sure. I’ll go through with it. Whatever you want.” replied Brian.

With a look of satisfaction on her face Amy began unfastening the restraints saying, “Oh darling I’m so happy that you’ve decided to let me give your behind to Chris in such a pure and flawless way. I’m so anxious to see him take you or should I say to see you give yourself to him. It’s going to be very beautiful watching Chris take you like that and he doesn’t want me to have you locked in your chastity cage. He wants you to experience an orgasm when he fucks you. He will be very gentle with you just like he is with me.”

Brian asked, “He does you that way?”

Amy responded, “Yes he does. He’s a back door man.”

This story is a work of fiction.

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