An Angel at My Door Ch. 01

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Hi all!

So this one is kind of a reboot for the Danny-Holly characters. My first series is done, but I loved the characters, so I decided to use them again for this story, with some ever-so-slight alterations.

This one is a little raunchier than my last series, a little kinkier. It doesn’t quite go all the way that I plan to go in this chapter, but it will get crazier as it goes on!



I didn’t think anything of it when I hung up the phone. I went about my day as usual, finished up a delicious Thai curry for dinner, played a quick game of Civilization VI, then went to bed.

My sister’s friend was going to arrive tomorrow evening after I got home from work, just looking for a place to crash until she could lock down somewhere of her own. I decided that I could get the spare room ready when I got home. As it were, I had an early day tomorrow, and sleep came quickly.

I got to the studio right on time, bouncing up the steps towards the front doors. I work at a Graphic Design studio called Canvas Digital. It’s about a thirty minute walk from the little house I rent, just south of Palo Alto, California. Being 22 years old and fresh out of my art school course, I was still very new here, both to the city and my job, but so far, I was loving it. My life was really starting to come together, and that made me really happy.

Except for that one thing that was still off.

See, recently I’ve come the conclusion that my problem is that I haven’t been in a serious relationship- well, hell, any kind of relationship I guess, since Grade 11. I had been dating Beth for seven months when she broke things off. I never got a reason why, and I haven’t dated since.

Now don’t go thinking I’m some introverted loser now, scarred by a traumatic breakup or something. It’s not so much that Beth’s sudden departure had made some huge, glaring mark on my psyche, just that I had always been very comfortable with being alone. And after she left, I simply went back to being alone. I had my friends, and I was still on the baseball team, even though I wasn’t great. Life just sorta… moved on.

I still have tons of friends, and even though I only moved to San Francisco six months ago, I’ve already made some good friends here at work.

My issue is that I guess I just stopped caring. I finished High School not caring if I was with anyone, and that attitude kinda seemed to follow me through my Graphic Design course. It’s not that I was avoiding a relationship, but I certainly wasn’t looking for one. I suppose I probably missed an opportunity here or there because of it, too. At the time, that didn’t matter to me either.

But just a couple months ago now, I realized that, even though things were going so well, there was something gnawing at me. And of course, it had only got worse over time. So now here I am, living out my childhood dreams, in a city that I loved, at my perfect job, the early-summer sun shining through the windows… and no one to share it with.

And that’s the kicker, isn’t it? You could have the best friends in the world, but it simply can’t compare with having someone to share your life with, someone to love… at least so I’ve heard. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever been in love. I may have glossed over some tears that were shed here or there after Beth left, but even though I was kinda heartbroken, I don’t think I can say that I was in love with her. But this feeling that I’m currently struggling with definitely has an air of loneliness about it. And since I have good friends here that I see pretty regularly, I’m going to assume that the lack of a romantic element in my life is starting to catch up with me.

I considered this little conundrum of mine on the walk back home. Of course, there really wasn’t anything to consider. I needed to meet someone who I clicked with, it was simple as that. Granted, getting a little action might help tide me over, but I’d never been particularly good at that sort of thing. Friends had tried to hook me up a few times over the years, and ever so rarely did it actually work. And of course, I just wasn’t really into that sort of thing.

I set my backpack down on the bench by the front door and headed upstairs toward my bedroom. Even though it was a little cool out considering it was early summertime, I still got a bit sweaty on the walk to and from work. As I stripped and headed toward the shower, I stopped at the mirror.

I’m a pretty decent looking dude, I like to think. About 5’11”, and in pretty decent shape. There’s no real definition on me anywhere, but I’m not flabby or anything. ‘Comfortably average’ fits me pretty well. I have a good jawline, which I think is probably my best feature. Light brown hair that I like to keep on the shorter side, brown eyes, Sagittarius, likes long walks on the beach, blah, blah, blah…

I got tired of staring at myself, so I got in the shower. Always feels nice to wash the days’ grime away. After I got out and toweled off, I started making plans for Çankaya Escort dinner, mentally cataloguing the ingredients I had left, scattered around the kitchen.

Knock knock knock

Now that’s a new one… don’t hear that around here too often. My friends don’t usually come over unless I invite them, so I wonder-

Shit. SHIT! Emma’s friend was here! That had to be who it was. Shit, I’d totally forgot about her!

My towel wrapped around my waist, I hobbled over to the door, holding the towel closed with one hand as I reached for the door with the other. I prepared my defence statement quickly, cursing myself for not remembering. I hadn’t even got her room ready! I opened the door, and my mouth.


Yup. There it was. That didn’t take long.

She was a vision. Around 5’6″, her wavy, dark brown hair hung down just below her shoulders, but it was the contrast of her ice-blue eyes that drew me in. A dusting of freckles resting on top of high cheekbones framed the eyes that had me trapped in their gaze, and I had to forcibly pull my attention away to see the gorgeous smiling girl looking up at me on my front porch expectantly. I closed my mouth again.

“Hi,” she chirped.

I raised my eyebrows a little and did a bit of a head-tilt. This was kind of a deer-in-the-headlights moment for me.

“Hello,” I replied.

“I’m Holly!” She beamed at me and held out her hand. Her voice had this captivating little lilt to it.

“Oh yeah, uh,” I reached with the hand that had been on the doorknob, “Danny!”

“Yeah you are,” Holly quipped. I smiled and tilted my head again. My disorientation was not helping me navigate this situation as well as I would have liked.

I stepped aside and allowed her in.

“Do you need me to carry anything…?” I asked.

“Oh it’s alright, I’ve only got these two.” She looked at her bags and hefted them a little. “Not like you’re in any state to be lifting things.”

She winked at me and moved past me inside. I closed the door, and gave my head a quick shake.

“Okay just one sec, I’m gonna go get dressed and then I’ll show you where your room is!”

She plopped down on a barstool behind the kitchen island, and dropped her bags by her feet.

“I’ll be waitin’!” She gave me a smirk.

I went upstairs and quickly threw on some clothes. I also took that time to gather myself. Wow, okay… she was beautiful. Like, seriously beautiful. All of a sudden, I was a little nervous about going back downstairs… I gave my head another shake. Come on, you can salvage this!

I made my way back downstairs, now dressed in a T-shirt and some shorts. Holly was sitting on the barstool still, fiddling with her phone.

“Hey, sorry! Alright, good to go!”

“Woah, who the hell are you!?” Holly gaped. “You can’t be Danny, Danny doesn’t wear clothes!”

I stared at her. Then I started laughing. I didn’t even know why. It wasn’t even that funny, but for some reason it caught me way off guard! I liked it.

“Alright, I like you good,” I nodded at her, still chuckling. “Come on, I’ll show you your room.”

She hopped out of her chair, picked up her bags and scampered after me. I led her down the hall beside the staircase and through the second door on the left. We entered the spare bedroom, which was essentially a mattress on a frame with a nightstand beside it. A lamp sat on the nightstand.

“Alright so it’s not much, and I’m real sorry I didn’t get the bedding on there for you, I kinda forgot you were coming today. Closet’s over there, you can put your stuff away if you want while I go grab the bedding!”

“Roger!” She gave me a little two-finger salute as I left the room to the linen closet under the stairs, and I grabbed the only spare blanket, pillow, and sheets that I had.

As I re-entered the room, Holly was hanging her clothes. I dumped the bedding on the bed and began sorting it all out, setting it up for her.

“I was just about to make dinner, did you have anything in mind?” I asked.

“Nope, surprise me Master Chef, I’m not picky!”

“Alright, I’ll go see what I’ve got then.”

I made my way back to the kitchen, and checked the freezer. Bingo! Still had that salmon fillet. Cut that in half and it would be the perfect meal for two.

My mom always used to make this maple ginger salmon, it was one of my favourite meals growing up and so I’d made sure to grab the recipe when I’d left home. I pulled it out, and started gathering up the things I’d need as Holly sauntered back in to the kitchen, settling herself back into the barstool.

“Whatcha makin’?” She asked, her chin resting on her hands and a smile curling at her lips.

I looked over at her. “I’m making a maple ginger salmon fillet, with some rice and some broccoli.”

“Ooooh!” She groaned. “Lucky me!”

“I don’t make this for all the girls you know,” was my immediate response… Fuck. I’m pretty sure I outwardly cringed at that one.

“Oh you don’t, do ya?” Holly shot back. “That means I’m special then?” There Keçiören Escort was a gleam in her eye that caught my attention.

“This is hush money. So you don’t tell Emma you saw me naked on your first day here!”

“Oh come on now, I haven’t seen ya naked yet!”

Yet. Yeah, that definitely caught my attention. My cooler head prevailed, however.

“So, Holly, my sister didn’t actually tell me what brought you out this way.”

“I’m out here doing a work placement for my course. It starts in a week, but I figured I’d get out here early and start looking for a place to live so I can get settled before I start.”

“Smart. So, what’s your course?”

“Computer Science. I’m a programming major!”

“Wait… computer programming?”

“That surprises you?”

I laughed a little. “Yeah actually!”

“And why is that?” She asked playfully.

“You’re different than most people in that line of work, a lot more…-“

“Pretty?” She batted her eyes at me.

That made me laugh a lot. “No! Well, yes! But I was going to say more energetic.”

“Well I can see why you’d think that, especially if you knew some of my classmates.”

“So, how did you get into programming then?” I asked.

“Well, it started with a crippling addiction to Cheetos and Mountain Dew, but then one day I realized I could harness my powers for the good of mankind!”

We both had a good laugh at that. Holly was really interesting, and incredibly funny. We chatted as I prepared dinner, swapping stories and getting to know each other. She was actually doing her Computer Science course at UCLA, which I assumed is where she met my sister since she goes there as well, and working up here in the Bay Area for a big tech firm had always been a dream of hers. I shared some of my life too, regaling her with tales of my move here and the things I’d seen and people I’d met. Then I got into the stories of my sister as a kid, the real juicy ones too. Holly lapped those up, and that was the icebreaker that really sent us down the rabbit hole.

I’d poured us a glass of wine with dinner, and after we finished, we retired to the couch. As the liquor kept flowing, so did the stories. The discussion went on for hours; I’m very lucky it was Friday and I wasn’t working the next day, because I totally forgot to even think about that. Holly had a sarcastic wit that kept our conversations interesting no matter what, but as the night wore on, I was happy to find out that she was also quite sensitive when the situation called for it. As we kept drinking, we got deeper into each others pasts. I was amazed at how much I had shared already.

“-and then after all that, I dropped the glass too!”

Holly just continued laughing hysterically.

“Oh man, I swear to God I was so embarrassed, I’m glad I wasn’t on a date or something, because that would’ve been like… game over, I swear…” I slurred.

“So… there isn’t a Mrs. Danny, then…?” Holly lurched forward and raised her eyebrows.

I scoffed. “I’m not married if… that’s what you’re asking.”

Holly laughed, harder than was probably necessary. “No, that’s not what I was asking!” She slurred out.

“What!? If I was dating someone they wouldn’t be… Mrs… fucking, no, that’s not how that works!”

“No, come on, you’re not seeing someone? Really??”

“Pfft. Pfffffft… No! I haven’t dated anyone since *hic* High School!”

Sober, and in hindsight, I would’ve rather had a bus come through my front window and kill me before I said that then have let that out.

“WHAT!?” Holly shrieked. “Danny! What!? How- how old are you, like… 26 or something?”

“I’m 22 you doofus!”

Holly giggled. “You’re so young!”

“You’re only 20!”

“What!? How did you know that?”

“I… Well I just assume you’re the same age as my- as Emma is.”

“Well… Yeah I am, so… suck it.”

“Ha! I knew it, one point to me!”

“Hey, stop changing the *hic* subject, Mr. I Haven’t Dated Since High School!”

“What? There’s nothing more to say, I mean… yeah, that’s pretty much it.”

Holly half-scooched, half-fell over near me. “So like… you haven’t kissed anyone, or like… anything? Since High School?”

“No! No, I’ve… done it since High School. A couple times…”

“You’ve had sex twice in the last four years?” Holly looked at me incredulously.

“Well… yeah, I mean… I’m just not the kind of person to like, go about hav-“

I was cut off quite abruptly as Holly closed the remaining distance between us and drunkenly planted her lips on mine. I didn’t respond for what was probably a little too long, before I kissed her back. I was a bit too inebriated to hold us up and I fell backward, Holly landing on top of me, giggling. Our lips were still locked together.

We must have stayed that way for at least another minute or so. I don’t have full recollection of that moment, but I definitely remember her body pressed against mine. Her eyes had commanded my attention at the door, and her clothes had kinda Etimesgut Escort hid her body, but there was no doubt right then and there that she had some spectacular curves going on under that hoodie. That loneliness feeling from before? This was making great strides in helping fix that.

I extricated myself from our little tangle for a moment.

“Mm… maybe we should try this once more when we’re sober,” I chuckled. Wasn’t quite sure where that came from, but I’m pretty sure the mental beating I gave myself right after would ensure it never happens again.

“Mmmm… yeah, you might be right,” she giggled.

We lay there together for a few more moments, looking at each other. I knew she was gorgeous before, but the beer goggles were only making her a hundred times hotter. It was hard to pull myself away from those eyes. Thankfully, I didn’t have to.

“It’s late, and I’m sleepy,” Holly stated, slowly rolling off me.

“Right,” I grunted as I heaved myself up off the couch. “To bed with you then. Tomorrow we can help you look for places and I can show you the city.”

Holly stumbled to her feet, facing me. “We’re gonna hang out tomorrow? Don’t you work?”

I had a momentary panic attack before I remembered Friday.

“Nope! Tomorrow’s Friday, I’m free,” I smiled at her.

“Ahhh good shit then!” She beamed.

Holly swung her arm over my shoulder, and together, we hobbled over to the staircase, and down the hall toward her room. I moved her blanket out of the way and laid her down in bed, pulling the blanket up over her once she was down. I had a momentary stroke of drunken genius and grabbed the garbage can out of the bathroom, putting it down beside her bed, and I got her a large glass of water for her nightstand. As I placed it next to her, Holly looked up at me.

“Aww… you’re sweet. Thank you, Danny…” she said in that melodic little tone of hers. She bit her lip before smiling at me.

There was no way I was resisting that move. I leaned down to plant one more kiss on her, before straightening up. I smiled at her as I looked back from the doorway.

“Night Holly. Sleep tight.”


I stumbled upstairs and flopped into bed. I lay there for a few beats, before chuckling to myself. That was unexpected. But man, oh man, was it ever welcome. A small part of me worried how tomorrow would play out. Maybe Holly was just a flirty drunk. But a much, much larger part was content to just… be. However it all played out, Holly was a great girl, and tonight was something I desperately needed. I drifted off quickly, head spinning, with a smile on my face…

The Next Day

At ten thirty am I managed to stumble out of bed, donning a pair of sweatpants and an old T-shirt before heading downstairs. I got to the bottom to find Holly sitting at her barstool, slowly working through a bowl of cereal. She turned as I walked past her toward the kitchen.

“I didn’t know what you had so I made cereal.” She stated deadpan, staring at me bleary-eyed.

I had to chuckle at that. I gave her a thumbs-up.

“Hey, good on you for showing initiative,” I groaned back. “I think I can whip us up something decent though if you’re still up for it.”

“You won’t catch me saying no.” Holly cracked a little smile.

I went to the fridge to grab the eggs and milk, and took the bread out of the breadbasket. A frying pan on the stove had me ready to go.

“French toast?” I asked over my shoulder.

“My hero,” Holly fake swooned.

We shared a laugh as I poured the ingredients into a bowl and broke the egg in. I reached for the whisk.

“So, last night. That was… something.” I think that came out a little more standoffish than I wanted it to, but lucky for me, Holly didn’t seem to take it that way.

“Oh God, no kidding! I felt like death this morning. Totally worth it though, that’s probably the most fun I’ve had in a while!” Holly beamed a smile at me that made me flush.

“That’s not incredibly sad, is it?” She scrunched her mouth up.

“Well, in defense of myself here, I’m going to say no. No, it’s not,” I smiled, as I plated the first finished piece of French toast.

Holly laughed. “You’re right, you were pretty great,” she winked at me.

An action like that should probably have thrown me off, or made me nervous, but with Holly, these things only seemed to embolden me. It was a nice change for me.

“Yeah, for a guy who hasn’t kissed anyone in a year and a half, I think I did alright,” I winked back.

“A year and a half!? Jesus Christ Danny, we need to get you laid!”

“Ha! That sounds like a proposition to me!”

“Mmm… you make more food like this and you can have whatever you want,” Holly moaned, her mouth full of her first bite.

I finished making my share of the breakfast and sat down next to Holly. We finished our food mostly in peace, making small talk here and there. After we were done, we started talking about the day’s activities; specifically, we talked about places to live. Holly was doing her work placement at the head offices of some random little company called LinkedIn, I think I might have heard of it before. She wanted somewhere that was close by, but I had to warn her that it might be difficult. Rent around Palo Alto is pretty crazy. I barely get by living as close as I can, and it’s still a thirty minute walk to my studio that’s on the outskirts of the city.

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