Another Saturday Night Continued

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It was about 40 degrees. They had been out to the local pub and on the way home it was all she could do to keep from attacking him at the steering wheel. As she walked up on the porch to go into the house, he grabbed her. Their porch was well lighted. There was a utility lightpole and its light made the whole area easy to see.

“Take off your clothes” he ordered her as he kissed her neck.

She laughed, “it’s so cold.” She was already starting to shiver.

“Take off your clothes,” he said again, pulling her sweat shirt over her head. She smiled at him and unzipped her pants. He whirled her around and unhooked her bra, then whirled her back around and pulled it off. She shimmied out of her pants and her panties. He put his arms around her and held her tight, kissing her warmly. She was shaking.

“Ok,” he laughed, “go inside,” he said pushing open the door and picking up her clothes and throwing them in the house.

She waited for him to follow her in and leaned against him as he grabbed her from behind and began to rub her breasts. She had large breasts and he loved to play with them.

He turned her around and kissed her softly, then took her hand and led her to the livingroom.

“I want you to put on a sexy dress,” he kissed her and pushed her towards her bedroom.

She laughed and went into her closet and pulled out the dress he always said he liked best. It canlı bahis was a blue dress with small flowers on it. It was low cut and flowed out into a full skirt which buttoned all the way up the front. As she was buttoning the last buttons, he came into the room behind her. She had wondered if she should put on a garter and hose. But he was impatient and so was she.

He grabbed her hand and led her from the room. When they got to the living room he bent down and pulled up the hem of her dress, sliding up her legs and over her ass. He twirled her around and continued under her dress up to her breasts, pinching the nipples.

“OHHHH!!!” she gasped as he tightened his nails. She leaned back into him.

“You are going to do everything I say,” he said into her ear. “That’s what you like isn’t it?” She nodded yes.

“OK, go get on my bed on your hands and knees and pull your dress up over your butt.”

She didn’t say anything. She just started walking to his room. As she got to his bed she began pulling up her dress as she crawled up on it.

“Put your head down,” he said as he came in the room.

He came up behind her and spanked her right cheek.

“Ungh,” she grunted. He spanked the left cheek, “ungh”.

“Do you like me in control?” he asked.

“Yes,” she whispered hoarsley.

He spanked her again and again she responded. He spanked her pussy, and she said immediately, bahis siteleri “that hurt.” So he went back to her cheeks. She wiggled her hips to the music that was playing in the background as he spanked first one cheek then the other.

He pushed his fingers into her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…” she moaned as she felt him push up and back towards something that felt really good to be touched. He thrust his fingers in harder and she moaned with each push. Then he put more fingers in and pushed hard. She lifted her head up off the bed.

He quickly said, “PUT YOUR HEAD DOWN!”

“That hurt,” she said quickly and he stopped. He knew she wouldn’t complain unless it hurt a lot.

He kneeled on the floor and spread her cheeks and found her pussy with his lips. He blew into her vagina filling it with air. She felt like a balloon that was about to burst.

“Oh Doug,” she said trying to keep her head down, “It feels like I’m going to blow up!” The pressure was uncomfortable. He pulled her lips apart and let the air escape. Then he blew into her again. She laughed because she knew he liked teasing her and making her uncomfortable if it was something that felt good too. He held her lips together holding the air inside.

“Doug, please.” He laughed then let it out. “I’m hungry,” he said, and stood and walked toward the kitchen. She followed him.

He started getting food out and bahis firmaları putting it in pans. In between stirring and mixing he would turn to her and kiss her and run his hands up her dress and between her legs and push his fingers up inside of her. As things started burning on the stove, he said, “hmmmm… cooking and THIS don’t mix.”

He stirred something. Then turned back to her. She smiled at him. He walked around behind her and she pushed her hips against his hard cock and rotated them in a circle. Then she rubbed back and forth. Then she ground into him. He very obviously liked it. He forgot the stuff cooking on the stove and pulled her back to the bedroom. He didn’t bother unbuttoning the dress he pulled it over her head. He pushed her back on the bed and got on top of her.

He had had much more to drink than she had. But he was a very lucid drunk.

They had a relationship that was so complicated to the outside world, but not really to them. Especially not at times like this. Sometimes they let all of the outside stuff mess them up. Sometimes there was just them.

He knew she loved him. He loved her too, but there was someone else he wanted. None of it was easy. Their problems mostly arose when he felt guilty about not loving her they way she loved him. But to her, all the rest of him was worth the distraction of that other person. And sometimes he wanted her enough to let the guilt slip away and enjoy her.

That night was one when the need for her overruled the guilt that usually kept him away from her. They made love as his food burned on the stove, then slept curled up together.

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