Ashley , Alexis Ch. 06

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Anny Sugar

Alexis’ slut training picked up where it left off on Tuesday. Alexis had recovered from her weekend and was learning to live with the fact that she had slept with another girl, found out that her sister was a huge slut, and watched her suck cock at a party.

Ashley had texted Alexis in the morning and asked if she wanted to meet at the gym. Alexis agreed, and the two met in the afternoon as planned, with Alexis wearing a pair of compression shorts, sports bra, and T-shirt, as instructed by Ashley. At Ashley’s insistence, Alexis swapped tops with her, changing into a cropped tank top. Ashley encouraged her to do some stretches, and it wasn’t long before a guy came and offered to help her, as she seemed to be struggling. It also didn’t take long for Alexis to start flirting and, within fifteen minutes, she was on her knees sucking his cock in a private training room. Soon after, she was getting her holes pounded by the guy without even knowing his name, and soon after that, she was headed back to her sister with her pussy full of cum.

“Did you have a fun time?” Ashley asked, winking.

“Yes – did you?”

“Well, I – uh, I did, yeah,” said Ashley, leaning close so nobody could hear. “I gave some random guy a blowjob – it was quick but I just wanted a quick load of cum before you came back.”

“Yeah, I’m – my pussy is full of cum,” said Alexis.

“Oh – hey, I got a great idea – let’s go to the bathroom real quick!” said Ashley. Before Alexis could even think, the girls headed off in the direction of the girls room. Once inside, Ashley found an open stall. It was a large handicapped stall, so both girls fit easily inside.

“What the hell? Why are you bringing me in here?” Alexis asked, puzzled.

“Just pull down your shorts and clean up,” Ashley said, handing her sister a wad of toilet paper. Alexis pulled down her shorts and wiped the cum from her pussy, holding the wad of toilet paper gingerly as she pulled her shorts back up.

“Here, you can give me that,” said Ashley. Alexis carefully handed the wad to Ashley. Ashley stared at it for a moment, and then closed her eyes, brought the wad to her face, and stuck out her tongue. Slowly, Ashley licked the cum off of the toilet paper while Alexis watched in amazement. It certainly was hot to watch her sister eat cum that had just been in her pussy, but Alexis was frozen with not only bewilderment, but also a tinge of disgust.

“I can’t – Ashley – that was in my pussy! I can’t believe you just did that!” Alexis said as her sister swallowed the cum.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself,” said Ashley. “Sometimes I just want to feel – feel like a slut, and that really did it for me.”

“Yeah, I mean – we’re sisters and everything,” Alexis said.

“Yeah, that’s why I feel like such a slut right now,” said Ashley. She smiled at Alexis. Clearly she was having a good time.

“Wow, I – “

“It would have been even hotter if I hadn’t ever seen the guy,” said Ashley. “Too much for you?”

“No, it’s okay,” said Alexis. “I mean – I’m not sure I could do it but it doesn’t bother me that you can.”

“I have an idea,” said Ashley. “Maybe just – just think about it. What if sometime, we both got fucked, we both got creamed in our pussy, and then we met and swapped – like with toilet paper or something, or our hands – I mean we’re sisters and I’m not going to like, suggest we eat cum out of each other’s pussies or anything, because that’s – well, we’re sisters – but maybe sort of indirectly, you know?”

“Ashley,” Alexis said as she shook her head and smiled. The thought was actually turning her on. She felt so humiliated as she spoke her next words. “I – sometime, I want to, sometime.”

“Okay, not right away, but before the end of the school year?”

“Yeah, we’ll – plan it out and I guess – I’ll do it,” Alexis said, not believing her own words.

A couple days later the sisters met at Ashley’s apartment with plans to go to lunch. “Are we going to do something fun?” Alexis asked after she was in the door.

“Oh, definitely,” said Ashley.

“Then what’s with the early meeting?”

“Well, so far you’ve slept around a little bit at parties and stuff, but I think it would be fun if you learned how to pick up guys during the middle of the day too, but like, in a place where you wouldn’t expect it.”

“Oh, ok,” said Alexis. She started to wonder what Ashley might have in mind.

“Like, it’s easy to find a drunk guy to fuck you at a party. Hell, guys go to parties looking for drunk girls to sleep with. But it’s hot to pick up some random guy during the middle of the day – let him have his way with you.”

“Okay, but how?”

“Well, the first thing you need to know is that you always have to be available. Every time you leave your dorm room is a chance that you could find somebody to fuck you. You want to be a slut? Like, be a slut. Look the part. Flirt. Act like you want it, you know?”

“Okay – I mean, how do I do that?”

‘Well, the first thing canlı bahis is to get rid of this thing,” Ashley said, pointing to Alexis’ hooded sweatshirt. “I mean, no offense, but it doesn’t exactly scream ‘fuck me’. It covers too much skin, it’s not really that feminine, and it – it just doesn’t make you look like you want to fuck.” Ashley picked up a top from her couch and handed them to Alexis. “Here, put this on,” she said. “No – do it here,” Ashley immediately commanded as Alexis began to make her way to the bedroom.

Alexis did as she was told, stripping off her hoodie and the T-shirt she had underneath, and put on the shirt Ashley had given her. It was a light pink sweater that was low-cut and cropped to show about six inches of her stomach in between the top and her jeans. It was also cut low at the top of the back, exposing most of her shoulder blades.

“Ashley, it’s cold out there – I’m going to freeze my ass off,” Alexis protested slightly.

“Not as much as I will,” said Ashley. It was true. She was standing there in a denim skirt that was slightly longer than mid-thigh and a top that was a little more revealing than the one Alexis was now wearing. “It will be okay, it’s only a five minute walk to where we’re going.”

A few minutes later, the girls were headed out the door. Although it was January, and the middle of the day, both girls were dressed like partying sluts in the spring or fall. They quickly made their way to a school cafeteria and got in line for food.

“Really, Ashley? Here?” Alexis asked. She already felt like a complete whore standing in line at the school cafeteria with half her stomach out, and a little cleavage. She could feel the eyes on her as she looked around the room. Part of her wanted to cover up, but then after a few seconds, she started to get turned on by the guys looking at her body.

“Well, you said you were okay with getting a reputation here,” Ashley said. Clearly, Alexis’ words were being used against her. “And it’s hot to pick up guys here, all you have to do is pick one out and move in.” The girls paid for their food and sat down at a table. “You want to be a real slut? You’re available. Now. No questions, no rejections, no ifs, ands, or buts – well, maybe butts,” Ashley joked. “Seriously, I’ve come in here dressed way sluttier than this – and I promised myself I’d go fuck the first guy that approached me. Sometimes you get a hot stud, and sometimes you get a nasty guy. It’s all part of the fun. I think fucking nasty guys is hot too, because it’s so degrading to fuck them – does any of that make any sense?”

“Yeah, sort of, I can see that, but – but I don’t know, I guess I’ll have to try it sometime.”

“Yeah, you will. Oh! There’s a guy over there – behind you – he’s checking you out,” said Ashley. “He’s by himself. Why don’t you go, um, keep him company?” Alexis turned just in time to see the guy refocus on his food in an attempt not to be noticed. Alexis smiled and giggled, knowing that she was going to try to get fucked. “Just – flirt with him, you know? You’re free, you’re available. Act like you want some cock!”

Alexis stood up, her exposed stomach attracting the eyes of half the guys in the cafeteria. Nervously, she turned around and walked over to the guy. He wasn’t awful, but he definitely wasn’t the kind of guy she would have usually hit on. He was just an average looking guy wearing a red sweatshirt and jeans, and he had glasses but didn’t look like a complete nerd. He tried to steal glances at Alexis as she approached. She could tell he was eyeing her stomach and her cleavage, and she looked away a couple of times to give him the opportunity. It was a rush to Alexis, so much that she paused directly in front of him and lifted her hands, pretending to fix her hair so that her shirt rode up and exposed even more skin. She looked away and caught him staring at her body out of the corner of her eye. “Now,” she thought, “how do I break the ice?”

“Um – you – don’t have to pretend you aren’t looking at me,” Alexis said as she gathered her courage.

“Oh, I – well, I – thanks,” the guy stammered. Alexis now had his full attention, and the guy was staring straight into her bellybutton. She felt her pussy twitch a little as she watched the guy watching her.

“I – actually, I, umm – I like the way you look at me,” Alexis said. She batted her eyes and flashed a smile at him.

“Well, I really like that outfit – you must be freezing, but I like it – you -” the guy stopped. He wanted to ask her if she always dressed that way, but he didn’t think she would appreciate the insinuation that her outfit was unusual or that she was dressed like a slut.

“Well, I wore it hoping some guy in here would like it,” Alexis said as she sat down. The guy decided to take a different approach.

“Hey, maybe we could go out sometime? You could wear something, like – like that, and I could look at you some more.”

“Sure, I could do that,” said Alexis.

“Here,” the guy said, handing Alexis his bahis siteleri phone. “Give me your number, and I’ll text you.” Alexis quickly added her number to his phone and handed it back.

“Girl from the cafeteria?” The guy laughed as he read the name Alexis had entered into the phone.

“Yeah – hey, since you like my outfit so much, why don’t you take a picture of me? You can put it in there next to my number.” The guy snapped a picture as Alexis raised her arms above her head, this time without the pretense of fixing her hair, in a seductive pose. Alexis smiled and walked back to her sister.

“Back already?” Said Ashley.

“Yeah, I gave him my number,” said Alexis with a smile.

“Number? You came here to get fucked, not give out your number. You know?

“Yeah, I -“

“You are a slut, and you came here to find some random guy to fuck your brains out. Come on, Alexis, you can do better than that.” Alexis nodded, and stood and walked back to the guy.

“So, um, why did you want my number anyway?” She asked. She was playing hard to get, but trying to lead him into a conversation that would get her fucked.

“Well, I mean – I think you’re hot, to be honest, and I wanted to get to know you.”

“Yeah – I mean, thanks,” Alexis blushed a little. “But what were you going to do with it?”

“I was going to text you,” the guy said, a little confused.

“And what are you going to say?”

“I’m going to ask you out sometime.”

“Yeah, and what are we going to do when we go out?” Alexis leaned over the table and let the guy ogle her again.

“You know, dinner, maybe a movie, maybe something else.”

“And is this all a way for you to try to get in my pants?”

“Well I mean, I wouldn’t expect it on the first date or anything, but, you know, if we like each other, and -“

“Then I have an idea. If that’s where this is going – why don’t we skip the texting, skip the dinner, skip the movie, and go straight to sex?” The guy’s eyes lit up.

“Like, now?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Alexis said with a big smile. She leaned across the table, her cleavage nicely exposed for the guy, and whispered to him. “Take me to your room and fuck me.” The guy stood up, forgetting to even throw away the garbage from the lunch he had been eating. Alexis took his hand and let him lead her away. They walked outside as Alexis looked back to see Ashley give her a thumbs up.

The guy wanted to ask Alexis all kinds of questions, but he was too afraid to offend her. He wanted to know if she always dressed like that, if she went around campus dressed like a slut looking for random guys to fuck her, and all kinds of questions. Alexis would have liked it, but he didn’t know that. As he was having these thoughts, he noticed Alexis unbutton her jeans as she walked across campus. It was immensely arousing to see her walking around with her jeans undone like that. Alexis grabbed the guy’s hand and placed it around her back and down her jeans – not in the front or the back, but on the side opposite where he was walking. He could feel her hips sway with each step. “Are you ready to fuck me?” she asked.

As soon as they reached the building where he lived, Alexis tore off her shirt. She kissed the guy passionately in the elevator, and she removed her jeans as he was opening up his door. As he removed his shire, Alexis got down on her knees and started to remove his jeans to gain access to his cock.

“Oh, god, you are so fucking hot,” he said as she pulled down his boxers only far enough to suck his cock. “Ohhhh, god,” he moaned. Alexis was slowly taking his hardening penis into her mouth. She took it out and beat her cheek with it a few times before sucking on it again.

“I want you to fuck my mouth hard,” she said seductively. “I want you to use me.”

“Oh, god -” at that moment he realized that he still didn’t even know her name. He wanted to moan it to her as he thrusted his cock into her mouth, but he had no idea what it was. “I want to scream your name,” he said in a voice deeper than he knew he had.

“I like it better when we don’t know each other’s names,” Alexis said. “It just feels so dirty that way.” She started sucking him again, and he started to thrust a little harder.

“Oh, damn, you hot – you hot fucking girl,” he moaned.

“Slut,” she said as she pulled his dick out of her mouth. “Just call me slut. And I want you to mean it, too. Talk dirty to me. Tell me I’m a slut and use me.”

“You don’t find that degrading?” He asked as she took his cock back into her mouth. He reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, squeezing her tits as it fell to the floor.

“Fuck yeah,” she said. “But being degraded gets me off. Don’t hold back – be as nasty as you want to me.” He pulled her up from her knees, slid off his boxers and her panties, and practically threw her on the bed.

“What a dirty little slut,” he said as she raised her legs to let him enter her. He was no longer afraid to ask his questions. “That was bahis şirketleri a slutty outfit you had on. Do you always dress like such a slut?”

“Oh, I love dressing all slutty and letting everybody look at me,” she moaned as he started to fuck her.

“You like that? You like looking like a slut in front of everybody?”

“Yes, I – I want them – I want them to all think I’m a slut!” Alexis cried out. “I want to look like a slut and get fucked by random guys!”

“You don’t even know my name, slut. You are such a slut you’re taking my cock and you don’t even know my name.”

“Ohhhh, yeah, fucking random guys makes me feel like a whore! A piece of shit whore!” Alexis had lost complete control of her thoughts and words at that point. She really did feel like a piece of shit whore, and she couldn’t have been more aroused by that.

“Ohhh, yes, you fucking whore. Take my cock, you whore. And then I hope you go take another cock when I’m done with you!”

“Ohhhh, yes, when you’re done with me I’m going to dress up even sluttier and – and find some other random guy to fuck me!”

“Fucking slut,” he said as he pounded her pussy.

“Yes, I – I’m a dirty filthy fucking slut and – and being fucked and – and used by random – guys makes me fucking – cum, so fucking hard!” Alexis was practically screaming. She moaned and moaned and begged to be fucked and used. She begged to be fucked harder and called a slut.

“Please call me a slut, I fucking need it!” Alexis moaned.

“Ohhh, you’re a nasty little fucking slut!” The guy said as he fucked her. Soon her pussy was gaping open and she closed her eyes. Her legs began to shake and she could feel herself about to cum.

“Ohhhh, fuck! I’m a slut! I’m a SLUT!” Alexis moaned as she came. The guy thrust himself into her one final time and exploded inside her pussy. Her legs were still shaking when he pulled out.

“So seriously, do you always do this? Go around and find random guys to fuck you raw?

“Actually, I haven’t been doing it long, but – yeah, I do it here and there.” She picked up her panties and put them on, followed by her jeans and then her top. She handed her bra to the guy, and told him to keep it as a memento. Looking at her, he could just barely see the outline of her nipples through her top.

“You’re going out like that?” He asked. Alexis nodded and smiled.

“Fucking slut,” he said with a smile.

“Thank you.” Alexis said. She gave him a kiss and headed out the door.

Looking at her phone, Alexis noticed a text from Ashley asking her to meet in the cafeteria when she was finished. Hurriedly, Alexis walked in that direction, the cum leaking out of her pussy and into her panties.

“Okay, bathroom.” Ashley said when Alexis showed up at the cafeteria.

“Are you going to eat the cum again?” Alexis asked with a smile as the girls made their way.

“Actually, no,” Ashley said. Once they were inside the restroom, they found a stall. “I want your panties,” Ashley said. Alexis was curious enough to strip off her jeans and then her panties as Ashley pulled her own pair of cum-filled panties off under her skirt.

“Okay, we’re going to trade – and then I’m going to stuff yours up my cunt,” Ashley said. “And – you’re going to stuff mine up yours.” Alexis shook a little as she handed over her panties to Ashley and took hers in return. She watched as Ashley lifted her skirt and stuffed the panties piece by piece into her swollen hole.

“Okay, your turn,” Ashley said. Alexis hesitated for a moment, and then her horny slut self got the best of her. She slowly brought the panties to her pussy and pushed them inside.

“I feel like such a slut,” Alexis said, smiling, as she put her jeans on.

“You ARE a slut, you have two random guys’ cum in your pussy and your own sister’s panties.”

“Yeah – it actually – it’s making me horny again!” Alexis hadn’t noticed, but Ashley had cornered her in the stall. Alexis was standing back near the toilet, and Ashley was blocking the door with her arm on the wall of the stall. Alexis, suddenly noticing, thought Ashley was actually going to try to make a move on her. The thought scared her, but at the same time, as horny as she was, she probably would have given in to Ashley’s desires if she had pursued them. But Ashley didn’t know that, and Alexis didn’t know how badly Ashley wanted to taste her.

Ashley just had to push her sister a little, though. Alexis pulled her half-sweater back on, and Ashley made sure to lift the bottom of it so that the bottoms of her breasts were ever so slightly exposed.

“What, you want me to walk out like this?” Alexis asked.

“Fucking slut,” Ashley said. “You are a slut and you want it.” Ashley grabbed Alexis’ chin a little aggressively, and Alexis responded by pulling up on Ashley’s skirt until the bottoms of her ass cheeks were out. “Don’t dare me, or I will,” Ashley said. With that, she opened up the door and walked out into the cafeteria with Alexis close behind. As they walked through the cafeteria to the door, every eye was on the two sluts. One guy even reached out and grabbed Alexis’ stomach, and Ashley had to grab her hand and lead her out of the building to continue her plan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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