Ashley and Amanda Ch. 01

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Ashley had always wanted a lover. She would see all the girls in school hooking up with hot guys but it was always the same for her when Valentine’s day rolled around. She would spend the day alone and without anyone to share the joy with. Her only friend who seemed to always be around was Amanda; the girl who lived next door to Ashley. Amanda had moved in over the summer and now it was closing in on the winter months. Ashley kind of missed the summer months but not because of the warmth. She would miss those months because she had been watching Amanda in her backyard from her own bedroom window. Amanda’s family had a pool in back of their yard and so she was used to sunbathing and swimming. Ashley loved to watch Amanda in her bikini.

It was kind of a strange emotion for her to be having. She never had feelings for a girl before now but she found herself wanting to explore the possibilities. She knew several girls in school who were used to having relationships with each other but Ashley wasn’t one of those who had considered it until Amanda moved in. At first, it had started more like an innocent curiosity but it soon grew into something more.

Ashley was 5’3 and slender with a weight of only 125. She was a year older than Amanda who was 18. Ashley had long wavy strawberry type hair which fell all the way to the small of her back. She had baby blue eyes but her body was something else. She had an ass which stuck out and often became the target of adolescent boys’ who took to smacking it like their little favorite toy. She had given several boys the evil stare after having them smack her on the ass and one guy had actually “smoothly” tried to pretend he mistakenly brushed his hand across her ass. It didn’t fool her and she would swear to this day that he did it on purpose. She also seemed to have nice breasts which she believed were given to her by her mother. Yet, Amanda’s breast were much bigger and filled out her T-Shirt to the point that it was any wonder as to why they didn’t bust through her shirt? Ashley was wearing a short skirt today which barely touched her knee and a tank top that revealed a great deal of cleavage. She loved to show off her skin because it was so perfectly smooth and soft. She loved to lay in bed and think of Amanda while she fingered canlı bahis and touched herself.

Amanda was a bit taller than Ashley at 5’6. She weighed 130 and she had straight blonde hair. She had eyes that were a combination of green and blue and just never seemed to stay the same. Amanda was wearing a white T-Shirt over blue jeans today and her large breasts filled the T-Shirt up without much room to spare as usual; indeed she even had those triangular perky tits that poked at her T-Shirt. Ashley loved it though because it looked quite sexy on her. She had lips which looked to always be wet but Ashley suspected that just might be because of her lipstick.

Ashley’s parents were not home tonight. Her father worked out of state on some weeks and this happened to be one of those weeks. Her mother was away at a friends house and wouldn’t be home until very late that night; therefore, the two girls had the entire house all to themselves. They had decided to watch a movie together and were sitting on the couch watching “Shrek” and were laughing their asses off. It was kind of lame I know but they still laughed no matter how many times they had watched the movie. The two girls were having so much fun together that ehy had gotten pretty close to each other. Ashley could feel the heat pouring off Amanda’s body and felt her arm brush against Amanda’s arm which only made Ashley’s body want her all the more.

It wasn’t until nearly at the end of the movie that something happened. Ashley had been sitting with her legs in a way which had caused her skirt to rise ever so slightly further up inch by inch. At first, she had not given much attention to Amanda’s slight glances in the direction of her skirt. Yet, this time was different because Amanda’s attention shifted to Ashley’s skirt and stayed there for more than a moment. It was just long enough for Ashley to fully notice the stare. She automatically reached down to pull her skirt down which had become dangerously high up on her legs. Ashley wasn’t sure why she had become so modest all of the sudden? Why was she so set on attempting to prevent Amanda seeing under her extremely short skirt? Ashley shook her head as she realized the only reason why she had wore the skirt which was because of it’s short length.

Amanda bahis siteleri noticed that she had been caught looking and her face lit up as red as an apple. She tried to look away but Ashley was not going to miss this moment. She leaned over and planted a kiss on Amanda’s lips. Amanda reacted by eagerly returning the kiss and turning her body more in the direction to face Ashley before she leaned onto Ashley’s body. Amanda’s hands moved to Ashley’s knee as it was clear that she intended to act upon the thoughts previously in her mind just a moment before. Ashley didn’t mind and she let her own hand settled on Amanda’s large breasts with a pleasurable smile on her lips. She fondled them before slipping her hand down to the bottom of Amanda’s shirt and sliding her hand under the shirt. She let her hand glide up Amanda’s stomach to her bra. Ashley takes hold of Amanda’s shirt and pulls it her over her head.

Her lips were now slipping down to rest on Amanda’s chin before inching down to her neck. Amanda rewarded her by releasing a very soft moan with her eyes closed; clearly enjoying the feeling. Amanda’s hand had now slid up under Ashley’s skirt.

It turned out that Amanda had wanted Ashley, as badly as Ashley had wanted her. That surprised Ashley but she was pleased anyway. Amanda wasted no time in getting to what she wanted and her hand moved quickly up Ashley’s leg and right to her panties. Ashley felt the female’s hand connect with the front of her panties and let out a pleasurable moan as she collapses into Amanda’s arms. Amanda now had Ashley laid back on the couch and had her skirt pushed all the way up. Her hand was now in Ashley’s panties and rubbing furiously on her wet pussy. Ashley felt her body heat rise until she thought she was on fire. She grew wetter against Amanda’s touch and yet she loved it. Amanda then moves her hands up to Ashley’s breasts and ripped her shirt open before lowering her lips and kissing the exposed region of Ashley’s breasts that were not hidden by her bra. Ashley gasped as her shirt was torn open but she didn’t make any objections as she yielded herself to Amanda’s pleasures.

Ashley ran her own hand up under Amanda to her pants. She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans to gain access to the warmth below them. She slipped her bahis şirketleri hand inside the jeans and found that Amanda wasn’t wearing any panties. Her hand found the other’s warm, wet pussy and rubbed with all the pleasure she could muster up. Amanda was loving the touch of Ashley’s hand and her lower body was grinding against Ashley’s hand as she thrust her body forward to allow Ashley’s hand to slide into her. She moaned loudly this time and thrust forward multiple times before she stood on her feet and pulled off her jeans. She removes her bra as well and lays down on Ashley while pulling her skirt, bra and panties off. The two girls began to grind with each other. Amanda on top and rubbing her warm pussy on Ashley’s leg. Ashley moaned with Amanda in rhythm and pulled her down in a kiss.

Amanda was panting by now as Ashley pulled her up off the couch. She led her to the bedroom and pushes her onto the bed. She walked to her dresser and shifted through her clothing until she found what she was looking for. She pulled out a rubber dildo and walked back over to Amanda. She pinned the other female down and rubbed the object on the inside of her legs before pushing it forward into Amanda’s body. Amanda’s mouth opened in the loudest moan yet and she forcefully whispered her pleasures, “Yesss…” and moaning more and more as Ashley thrust the dildo into her swollen clit. She felt herself tighten on the dildo and rubbed her hands on her breasts as the object moved inside her. Ashley quickened the pace to push Amanda to her climax. It wasn’t long before it came after more of Ashley pumping the object into Amanda’s body.

Amanda smiles happily before pushing Ashley off and turning her over to finish her off. She started at Ashley’s neck; kissing and licking her way down to her breasts. She settled her lips on Ashley’s nipples and sucked hard on them. She bites and tugs on them as she twirled her tongue around those pink nipples. Her mouth moved further down to Ashley’s stomach and Ashley’s breath quickened in anticipation. Amanda’s tongue stopped on Ashley’s very wet pussy and she started licking and eating her furiously. She sucked and licked on her until Ashley herself came. The two girls laid down in the bed together and kissed as they held each other. Ashley realized that she wanted more of Amanda and hoped this would not be the only night they would be together. She would just have to wait and see but she would lay her in these moments and admire the lovely body of her sexy neighbor.

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