Beautiful Days Ch. 02

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Our expanded sex life took fold so quickly that it was only natural it would need to take a step back at some point. Going “all the way” with our neighbors had been a big step for us, but it didn’t have some life-altering effect on us. It was extremely enjoyable, and we all wanted it to happen again. The urgency dissipated a little.

Tori’s cousin was getting married on a Friday a few hours north of where we lived. She didn’t know her cousin very well, so she advised Vince to save the vacation day and stay where he was.

We replaced Tori with Kim and had our traditional game night with no nudity but plenty of kissing. Our two couples decided everyone should be present when we go beyond first base.

On the following Tuesday, threats of rain cancelled the ladies’ running plans, so they decided to go out to the local tap room and invited the men to come along too. I was surprised to see Kim’s roommate, Carly, there too.

Carly taught middle school science and felt she could go out on a Tuesday with the school year nearly over The first two things anyone noticed about Carly were her enormous breasts, which even put Tori’s to shame.

Between her large chest and her racial background (it came up in conversation that her father was African-American and her mother was Korean-American), it was easy to see why she received so much attention on Tinder. In fact, she estimated 90% of opening lines from men on Tinder referenced one of those two things.

After drinks, we said goodbye to Kim and Carly and headed over to our neighbors again. We quickly made up for lost time, as the women shared very nicely. We fulfilled one of Jen’s fantasies by spit roasting her and then did the same to Tori, until she requested a DP.

With some patience and a little help from the Internet, I found myself deep in her pussy with Vince firmly in her ass. It was very intimate; although, it was a strange sensation to practically feel Vince’s cock while we were both inside. Tori loved it and had more orgasms than I could count throughout the threesome.

Tori, blushed from the sexual attention, was all smiles. “I’ll have to go away more often if this is the treatment I get coming home!”

They invited us to stay the night, and we accepted. I quite enjoyed waking up next to Tori, especially when she treated my dick to her talented tongue for a morning blowjob. The four os us ate breakfast together before heading off to work.

At breakfast, we discussed the fact that Vince and I had birthdays coming up in the next week. We were turning 32 an 31, respectively, so no major plans had been laid out. We both agreed that getting together was the best gift we could ask for!

Friday night came, and Kim joined the two couples. She brought her blender for margaritas, and Jen and Tori baked cupcakes together earlier in the day. I felt spoiled, not just from the food, but from the amazing amount of love I received from my wonderful neighbors.

The ladies called us to the living room and told us to sit on the couch. The last time this happened, Kim jerked us off as the prelude to an orgy, so we were eager to comply.

Jen announced, “We organized a little surprise for you.” She then took out her phone and played “Temperature” by Sean Paul. Seemingly out of nowhere, Carly entered the room, wearing a tight shirt that barely reached her belly and booty shorts that covered nothing else.

I’m sure if one of the women thought to take a picture of us at the time the biracial beauty entered the living room, it would have been priceless. Carly’s black hair went down past her shoulders, and at 5’7”, she showed a lot of leg. She danced to the beat and started toying with her shirt, raising it up and back down again but never quite revealing her large melons.

She approached Vince first, and in a sultry voice, said, “Hi, birthday boy”. She proceeded to turn around shaking her ass all over his crotch. Soon, she did the same to me, until she was grinding down on my bulge.

Again, she stood in front of both of us, and finally revealed her large breasts, barely contained by a light pink bra. She wiggled out of her shorts and tossed them to the side, revealing tight black panties. In classic stripper fashion, she crawled on all fours to my feet and slowly made her way into my lap. She obviously knew what her best asset was and soon my eyes were face to face with her round orbs. Her nipples poked through the thin material. I wanted to touch them so badly, but I knew that was not proper etiquette. She ended up bringing her chest close enough that my lips were touching her left breast. “Ooh, naughty boy,” she cooed and repeated her actions with Vince until the song ended.

We all clapped for her, and she gave a mock bow. She then changed into a t-shirt that covered her midriff but the same booty shorts she wore before.

“Well, boys, you passed the test,” Carly grinned. “You won’t be needing Viagra for at least another year!”

Her joke was well-received güvenilir bahis and accurate. As the song indicated, she had the right tactics to turn us on, as we both sported erections. The rest of the night was pleasant.

The ladies explained that they discussed our upcoming birthdays after one of their runs, and Kim joked about getting them a stripper. Carly overhead and volunteered. After confirming she was serious, our wonderful wives certainly gave us a nice surprise!

Even though it was a sexless Friday, it felt nice to see our small group of friends expand to Carly. Before we really became friends with Vince and Tori, I would say I had no real friends within the area. I had a very good friend who lived twelve hours away and some work acquaintances, but it was really just Jen and me. It’s tough to feel sympathy for someone in a loving relationship with their best friend, but there are times when your spouse can’t give you everything you need, especially if that need is to be around someone other than your spouse!

Although Kim and Carly were both great to hang around with, Vince and Tori were still our go-to couple. I think, generally, you gravitate towards people in a similar situation. If we had just had a child, we probably would get along best with a couple who had experienced the same.

We went out for ice cream with Vince and Tori and the topic of 4th of July came up. For us, It had never been much more than a day off in July, but they seemed determined to host a barbecue. Because we never have plans on the 4th, we let them know we’d be available.

The parlor had some indoor seating, but the outdoor pink tables were always where we ate. The only downside to eating ice cream on a hot day, besides the possible brain freeze, was the messiness of melting ice cream. I reached for a napkin when Jen thought she saw someone familiar coming out of the shop.

Jen was right. It was the other couple in the cul-de-sac, Matt and Naomi, and we waved them over to our table. We shifted a tiny bit to give them room and were happy they were able to join us.

“Looks like the whole neighborhood’s here,” Matt said, gleefully.

“Great minds think alike,” Vince responded, and we eased into conversation.

Their son finished his first year of college. Tori asked how it went. Naomi responded, “He balanced his studying and partying well enough for us to be happy,”

Matt added, “He thinks he has us fooled, though. Tough to explain away credit card purchases at 1:30 A.M. at a pizza shop!” Matt had a deep laugh, which was quite contagious.

His ice cream as starting to run down the cone, and he worked to balance each side. “We are proud of him. Got an internship in Richmond, Virginia this summer, should be good experience.”

I nodded, “Are you enjoying life as empty nesters?”

“Most definitely,” Matt responded, followed by another deep laugh.

“Shawn knows he’s always welcome home, but it has been like turning the clock back twenty years. We’ve had a few nights ourselves where we got home after 1, and it brought us back to our 20s.”

“How Matt and Naomi got their groove back,” Tori joked. We promised to see each other around the neighborhood and drove back home.

Vince asked the group, “Do you think we should invite Matt and Naomi to our barbecue? I felt like the six got along pretty well.”

“Agreed! Want to make it a mini-block party and invite Kim and Carly?” I inquired.

“Sounds like a plan!” I smiled because life was good. That night, we invited them to crash at our place, so we could spend more time together. I woke up Tori with a round of pussy licking to show I was an equally generous host.

With summer practically here, it became tougher for the five of us to get together. One Thursday, my brother living in the Finger Lakes called up to see if we could handle an impromptu visitor, so we were out that Friday. Kim went out of town on a work conference, and before we knew it, July 4 was a week away.

In our group text, we knew Kim and Carly were in for July 4, but no one asked Matt and Naomi yet. Vince worked late that night, so I agreed to join Tori to see if they were interested.

They were the center home in the cul-de-sac, and there house was probably the biggest. I knew Matt edited videos for large events, and I believed Naomi worked in banking.

They were also free, after nixing the idea of traveling to their son. July 4 was a Wednesday this year, and neither thought it was a good use of time to travel so far in the middle of the week. Tori told them it was a potluck and just to bring something delicious and their lovely selves.

On the weekend my brother came to town, we learned that Kim got together with Vince and Tori for a three-way, which included Vince fucking Kim. We thought it was only fair to have the same experience, and Kim was very much excited to make it happen. We had her over on July 3.

Since it was just the three of us, we made use of güvenilir bahis siteleri our bedroom, rather than the living room A lot of foreplay led to me fucking my third different pussy in the last two months. Fucking someone so athletic and flexible was a treat. We chose missionary.

She was more active than anyone I had ever fucked before, really moving her body to meet my thrusts. The highlight came after we’d fucked for a while. She held up her feet by the sides, pulling her knees into her chest with her feet now about a foot above her pussy. The sensation was now accentuated, and i really pounded away, rewarding us both with powerful orgasms. We both had an amazing “Third of July” with our own version of fireworks.

The barbecue was set for 2:00. With Vince manning the grill, I broke traditional male etiquette for barbecues and did not just watch him flip the burgers. I enjoyed the smell of them cooking, but the sights outdid the smells today.

Kim and Carly both showed up wearing matching shirts with red and white stripes and a short blue skirt. They both pulled it off well, but Carly’s stripes were wavier than Kim’s flat ones. They were the highlights, but seeing Naomi dress down in a comfortable sundress was also nice.

By far the oldest woman in our group, she still maintained a nice shape. She was somewhere between Kim and Carly in height and also in breast size. Her dress showed her cleavage, and I noticed she did not have tan lines on her breasts like Kim did. Was she the type to sunbathe naked? She had a nice enough body for it.

Tori and Vince had the best set-up for hosting such a party, as all eight of us fit comfortably at their table on their deck. We ate our burgers and chips, talking the day away. At one point, Tori joked, “Thank God they declared independence in July instead of January,” which led to a collective “here, here” from the crowd.

From my experience, most barbecues were about food and talking, but someone mentioned playing a game. Jen suggested Never Have I Ever, and we decided to play a round but without the three strikes and you’re out rule. We were drinking, but no one was close to tipsy.

I remember being on a school trip in middle school and overhearing some classmates playing this game and thinking it was the most scandalous thing ever. Times change, and when I finally played this as a drinking game in college, I realized most people aren’t as brazen as I believed them to be.

This mostly turned out to be the case with our current game. There were standard statements. I drank when someone mentioned they never received a speeding ticket, only Kim had never left the country (although Vince and Tori only made it as far as Canada!).

A few times, the groups asked for more to the story. When Vince said he never wore a thong, we weren’t surprised to see all the women drink, but it didn’t go unnoticed that Matt also took a sip. He explained, “Freshman hazing when I wrestled. I never quite understood the excitement for the other wrestlers, but whatever,” he laughed heartily.

Although the thong admission surprised me, the fact that he wrestled in high school did not. He was large, not necessarily fat, but muscular. If I ever needed help moving furniture, I think he would be my first choice.

Joining in, Naomi added, “I love you, but a thong is not a great look for you! A wrestling unitard, though,” she paused, picturing the thought, “that would make me the envy of my Zumba class.”

Carly was relatively quiet throughout lunch, perhaps from slight nervousness of being around Matt and Naomi, who were twenty years older than her. As evidenced from our birthday celebration, she would not stay shy for long. “My turn, never have I ever been in a threesome,” she smiled, likely waiting for the shocked expressions on her neighbors.

She was the one in for a shock when all seven of us drank! She stared open-mouthed at us, finally focusing in on her roommate, Kim. “You never told me about a threesome! Was this when you were dating Brad?”

“No, not with Brad,” Kim replied.

“In college, though?” Kim shook her head. “But, we’ve been rooming ever since then!” Vince, Tori, Jen, and I tried to maintain a poker face as Carly pressed her remind for details.

Kim smiled, not bothered by the mini-interrogation. “I don’t remember anyone coming to our apartment or house. How recently did this happen?”

At this point, Jen and Tori could no longer control their laughter and let it loose. Carly was confused, and Naomi and Matt looked intrigued. “Why are you guys laughing? Do you know something I don’t?”

“Carly, they know everything you don’t know,” Kim added, winking.

“No way!” Matt enjoyed the turn of events.

“You had sex with him,” Carly pointed at me, “and him”, pointing towards Vince.

Tori added, “Not to mention her and her,” point to herself and Jen. The table was in hysterics.

“Don’t be so shocked, Carly! You gave them both lap dances!” iddaa siteleri Kim replied, but not defensively. The conversation was louder than it had been, but we didn’t need to worry about the neighbors because they were all right here!

Matt interrupted, “My wife and I would really like to hear this story if you’re all willing to tell it.”

For the next fifteen minutes, the five of us took turns telling details of how we got to this point: my erection from the hug, Battlestrip, Kim catching us in our underwear, and how we naturally became more and more comfortable with each other. It was loads of fun to retell, and we completely captivated Carly, Matt, and Naomi.

“That’s quite a story,” Matt remarked, rubbing his belly slightly, as if he had just eaten a juicy steak.

Naomi nodded in agreement. “We promise to keep your business between those of us here today.” She paused, “And since we’re sharing, Matt and I would like you to know something about us.”

Matt went straight to the point, “We’re swingers and have been for years.”

I would not have guessed it, but I was very happy to hear it. We could definitely trust them to be discreet. Jen asked, “Who do you swing with?”

“Mostly our friends, Sarah and Rob”, Matt said.

Naomi elaborated, “Rob has a video company that films large events, and he mostly uses Matt for editing. Over the years, we became great friends, spending a lot of time together. At some point, the things we did together turned sexual, and we haven’t looked back.”

She looked over to Jen and me, “Sound familiar?”

Matt continued, “We have been to a few parties and had a good time, but we both prefer knowing the people we are with. It adds to the experience”

“And one of the positive side effects of empty nest syndrome,” Naomi smiled, “is not having to worry about your child overhearing four moaning adults ready to orgasm!”

“After hearing both stories,” Carly spoke up, “I have just one request.”

She paused dramatically, now having everyone’s attention, “Don’t tell our landlord about this! He could double our rent if he knew about all of this sex!” The table broke out laughing again, and Vince proposed a toast to “the neighborhood that never sleeps alone”.

As the expression goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” and this was a fantastic little party. With the new information we all had, every conversation took on some sexual energy. Vince and Carly chatted, with the latter consistently adjusting her shirt to put her prominent breasts where they needed to be. Tori and Kim chatted with Matt about work, but I noticed Matt had trouble making eye contact with either beauty, wanting to study both women’s bodies.

With Naomi chatting to Jen and me, there wasn’t just sexual energy, the topic was solely on sex.

“Tell me, Jen, the women outnumber the men in your group. Is there a fair amount of girl-on-girl?” Naomi made perfect eye contact with my beautiful wife.

Our chairs were arranged in a triangle, close enough that our knees nearly touched. “Not as much as you might expect,” Jen answered. “Kim kissed me, and Tori has licked cum off me a few times.”

“Well, that’s something. Is that mostly what you’re comfortable with?”

“Mostly, yes,” Jen replied. “Any attraction is usually in the throes of passion.” Naomi briefly frowned.

Jen continued, “See, I look at you and know you’re a sexy woman, not just for your age, but for any age.” Naomi smiled. “You take care of your body, have a nice tan, and that little cleavage you’re showing definitely has an effect.” She looked down at my crotch quickly, but long enough to make a point. I had a bulge but not a tent in my pants.

“I understand, but it’s a shame”, Naomi said, softly. “You have a nice body and the cutest smile.”

Jen leaned in, resting her hands on Naomi’s thighs. “Thank you! I don’t know about Carly, but Kim and Tori have gotten down. I’ve seen them both eat each other out.”

Jen turned around to see what everyone was up to and realized that our group of eight was now a group of five. Vince, Kim, and Carly were nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Tori sat in front of Matt on a chair, both facing the same direction. Tori had her eyes shut, while Matt’s strong hands rubbed her shoulders.

I loved that Jen was confident enough to talk about what she liked and didn’t like sexually. Naomi asked, “Do any of you have a strap-on?”

Jen shook her head. “Sarah and I have been known to get together without the boys around, and our strap-on is the consensus favorite toy. If you wanted to explore your lesbian side a little but still wanted something hard to pound you, I would be happy to show you it.”

I audibly groaned as I pictured this image in my head. There was no hiding my dick anymore, which was completely erect.

“I don’t think it would be too hard to convince me,” she winked at Naomi, as she stood up from the chair. “The hornier I get, the more I’m willing to try,” she leaned into Naomi’s ear, “and I get horny very easily”.

“Excuse me, though,” she said, glancing at the empty picnic table. “I want to find out where our three missing friends are.” She paused, adding, “Plus, I have to pee.”

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