Bi Secret Life Ch. 02

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After my first experience in the club I wanted to gain more experience with other guys, so I turned to the internet and I put an ad on a personal website which generated quite a lot of interest.

Most of them though lived a little too far away but I did get a reply from a local guy who was interested in meeting up with me, his name was Mike and he sent me a picture of himself, he was on the chubby side but looks wasn’t something I really looked for.

We met at his house one evening and had a wank and suck session on his living room floor which was fantastic and I was keen to repeat the act very soon.

A few days later Mike sent me a e-mail asking when I was free next, I replied telling him I could only make afternoon’s that week, he quickly replied back and said that was fine and we made arrangements to meet the following afternoon.

I wore just a t-shirt, jogging bottoms and boxers when I went round to Mikes house the next day, I rang the doorbell and Mike answered the door and he invited me in.

“Would you like to go up to the bedroom bahis şirketleri this time” Mike asked.

“sure” I replied

Mike showed me up the stairs and into the spare room which just had a double bed and bookcase in.

Mike closed the thin curtains and then grabbed hold of me and pulled me towards him , without any words being spoken we kissed passionately and our tongues wrestled each other as we kissed.

Mike’s hands moved down to my jogging bottoms which were loose as I hadn’t tied the cord, Mike slipped them and my boxers down to my ankles.

I was so hard at this point and Mikes hands caressed my ass and then moved to my cock, he could feel how horny I was and he broke off the kiss and pushed me down on the edge of the bed.

I removed my trainers and my boxers and bottoms which were around my ankles and I pulled off my t shirt, Mike had also stripped off and he was stood in front of me with his 5 ins on hard cock in front of my face.

I pulled him closer and slid my mouth over his cock and it tasted so good as I took bahis firmaları the whole of it into my mouth, Mikes hands were pressed on the back of my head to make sure I got it all in, I was sucking on it as my fingers run down the crack of his ass and I waited for him to fill my mouth as it hadn’t taken him long to cum at our first meet.

Mike pulled his cock out and smiled as he pushed me onto my back on the bed and he knelt over me as he again kissed me with passion as his tongue seem to fill my mouth.

This was certainly different from our first meet all that seemed to be was a quick wank and suck but this was totally different, it was more passionate then before.

He broke off the kiss and began to kiss my neck and chest, his tongue was licking over my nipples as his hand stroked my very hard and near to cumming cock. He moved down my body his tongue always in contact with my flesh, he got to between my legs and his tongue licked up and down my shaft before taking my cock into his mouth and sucking me hard.

I was so horny at this point, kaçak bahis siteleri this was my best experience that I had ever had, Mike then pulled away from my cock and I moaned” no don’t stop keep goin”, he ignored my plea and his tongue moved onto my balls and he opened my legs and put them up in the air.

Mike’s tongue was now in my ass crack and I could feel his tongue pushing against my hole, I had never felt anything like this and my hand moved down and I started to wank off, Mike pushed his tongue further in to me and I wanked harder till I felt my warm cum shooting over my cock and stomach.

I pulled Mike back up and he seen my cum covered cock which he took into his mouth and sucked it clean, he then stood up and pushed my legs further back, then I felt his cock pushing in my ass, he began to pump in and out before he stopped and pulled his cock out.

“Sorry I got carried away there” he said

“no that’s ok, I want you to fuck me” I replied.

And without another word he pushed his cock back into my ass and began to fuck me really hard, I grabbed his ass so he wouldn’t pull out again and he was pumping me so hard until I felt one big hard pump as he cum into my ass.

We lay side by side for a while before I got cleaned up and arranged another meeting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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