Black in Me Pt. 11

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By the time I was in my mid-twenties I had become a fairly good handy man, which, in the neighborhood I lived in was in high demand. Many of the people were low income and unable to pay a lot for simple repairs. Although it is often dirty and very time consuming, it does on occasion have its benefits.

A few weeks back I was fixing the drainpipe under the kitchen sink of a guy who lived down the street from me. I knew he didn’t have the money I usually charge but he was so damn hot I did it as a favor. A long-distance relative of his, who is also a friend of mine, told me about him so I decided to follow through and get to know him better.

When I went to his house, he answered the door in his boxers and a stained T-Shirt, definitely a man who was uncaring about cleanliness. Despite that he was a very handsome man, round face, about 60 years old, 6′, 270 pounds, hairy chest, arms and legs, and unshaven, making him look very masculine. I greeted him by referring to him as “Sir,” and asked him what needed to be fixed. When I went to the kitchen, roaches scurried about, and I knew this was going to be a dirty job. He pointed out the problem and I immediately got to work, making sure I exposed my ass as much as I could (not wearing and underwear). At first, he seemed not to care, watching a judge show while drinking beer. But after I let out a barrage of curse words after busting a pipe behind the wall, he got up to offer me a beer and take a break, which I gladly accepted.

He sat shamelessly next to me in his underwear, asking me questions about my life. His voice was deep but slurred from drinking. He got to talking about his former job as a sanitation worker, his kids and grandkids, but no mention of a wife. He lived there when I moved in, but I never saw anyone going in or out of his house. I imagined lack of housekeeping was the major reason. After finishing my beer I told him I’d have to come back with the proper tools l since I broke a pipe. He said he enjoyed the chat and looked forward to seeing me again. He was definitely warming up to me. His handshake on the way out was tremendously strong – his hands were huge and meaty and wondered if his dick was the same.

I made arrangements to finish the job a few days later which I was able to do, quicker than I thought. Again, I wore no underwear and made sure to expose as much of my ass as I could. The same routine was followed – Larry and I sat and drank after the job was finished. He even had the same underwear. I sensed no sexual interest from Larry as he continued to talk about himself and his days on the job. But this time I was able to catch a glimpse of his dick as it slipped out when he got up to get us a second round of beers. It was uncut and pretty fat, about 4-5 inches in length – pretty good size. He did nothing to hide it – making me think he was either making a move or had no idea I was interested in him. I discovered it was the latter. After thanking him for the beer I was on my way, wanting to let him know I wanted to get on my knees and service him but too afraid of the potential consequences. When he asked what he owed me I told him a few more beers which he said sounded good to him. We shook hands except this time he placed a second hand over mine and smiled widely as he said he’d let me know if there were any more problems – which there were the very next day.

This time Larry answered the door in casual clothes and was clean and shaven. I was admittedly disappointed since I liked the look he had before. Even his house was cleaner. I saw canlı bahis this as a sign of him wanting to make an impression on me and I was very pleased. His “problem” was that the lights in his laundry room were no longer working so I went to the obvious source – the breaker box. The switch was turned off, so the “problem” was fixed right away. He came downstairs with a couple of beers and was surprised that the lights were back on so quickly.

“Damn that was quick,” said Larry as he handed me a beer.

“Just a problem with the breaker box Sir,” I responded respectfully, not wanting to inquire about why the switch was turned off.

“Well I’ll be damned, could have fixed that myself,” he said.

“No Sir, don’t worry about it. I’m glad to help.” I said gulping the beer.

“You do know you can call me Larry, I ain’t that old,” he said laughing.

“Of course. Here’s to your fixed light Larry,” I said as we tapped beer bottles.

“That’s more like it. C’mon upstairs so you can make sure the pipe under the sink isn’t leaking, I just want to be sure,” said Larry as we walked up the old, noisy stairs. I was able to get a good view of his wide ass that looked damn good.

I crawled on all fours to get under the sink, making sure my pants slid well down to expose as much skin as possible – which I felt this time was quite a bit. While looking at the pipes, which showed no signs of leakage, I bought time and asked Larry for my plumber’s putty.

“Hey Larry, could you grab the plumber’s putty out of my toolbox?” I asked, knowing I didn’t need it.

I heard Larry going through my box looking for the putty, grabbing it, then handing it to me, forcing him to be at close level with my exposed butt cheeks. I reached out my hand for him to hand it off to me, hoping he would have to cop a feel but he did the exchange without any physical contact. ‘That didn’t work,’ I thought to myself. I spent a few minutes pretending to fix a leaky pipe, then pulled out from underneath and took a breather, and to see if Larry was in an excited state. A view of his crotch did indeed show a noticeable bulge.

“How’s it looking?” he asked.

“Not bad, think she’s fixed but let’s have one more look.” I stood up and purposely didn’t pull up my pants, now at mid-level with my ass cheeks. I then got on all fours under the sink, raised my ass to show Larry the goods. By now it was obvious that I was displaying what I hoped he wanted. I waited a few minutes but nothing. Larry was obviously not going to make a move.

I crawled out from underneath the sink, pulling up my pants thinking I failed. Larry was seated so I couldn’t tell if he sported a hard-on.

“You were showing a lot of crack there James,” said Larry, looking at me, perplexed.

“Yeah, sorry about that, forgot my belt,” I said, not knowing where this was going.

“I wasn’t complaining,” said Larry, reaching down to his crotch.

I knew at this point I had to make the next move. Weeks of sexual tension had built up and I was ready to offer myself to this man now that the door was opened. “You enjoyed that?”

“You do have a pretty white ass,” he said, sitting back.

By now I could tell he was stroking himself under the table. I was so turned on I was shaking as I undid my pants and let them slide down, exposing my fully hard dick.

“Damn, not bad for a white boy,” said Larry, laughing. “But that’s not what is turning me on. Turn around and let me see that ass again.” I slowly turned around, almost tripping over my pants that were bahis siteleri still around my boots, displaying my bare ass.

“Ooooohh baby, that is what I’m talking about,” said Larry as I heard him get up from his seat. I started to turn around, but he demanded otherwise.

“Stay right where you’re at,” said Larry as he stood behind me. I heard him unzip his pants and immediately felt the warm flesh of his dick press against my ass. He took my hand and guided it to his dick. It was enormous, I could barely get my hand around it. I was still facing away from him, ass exposed to his manhood.

“My God it is huge,” I said with what little breath I had.

“I know you’ve been wanting this dick for a while James,” said Larry, grinding his dick on my ass. He backed away a bit, allowing me to turn around to see the most magnificent sight a hungry white boy could see, a massively thick, slightly curved, uncut, black dick pointing up, rock hard.

“Damn Larry, that thing is huge,” I said, stroking it, feeling it’s incredible hardness.

“That’s your dick boi. Go ahead and suck it.”

“If I can.” It really looked too big to get into my mouth, and it was. I kneeled before Larry and kissed the head of his dick the engulfed it with my mouth. I heard him moan so I tried to take more in, but was unablee to before I could feel my teeth hitting it, causing him to pull back. “It’s too big to suck Larry, I’m sorry.”

“C’mon over here,” Larry said, taking me by my hand and sitting me beside him on his couch. I was able to pull my pants back on before we got to the couch. Larry pushed my head down on his dick, this time I was able to get more than just the head in but not much. He could tell I was struggling so he got my head up off of his dick. “Lick my balls,” he instructed. I proceeded to lick his large sac that hung low and loose. After a few minutes I tried giving him head again, but to no avail.

“I’m trying Larry, it’s just so thick. Can anyone suck it?”

He laughed. “Yeah man, you have a small mouth – don’t worry, there’s something else we can do.”

I knew what he meant but wasn’t sure if I was in agreement. That was the biggest dick I ever saw and wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle it. Larry got up, his dick a bit softer but still impressively big, and went to the kitchen. “Care for another beer?” he shouted.

“Sure.” I knew what this was leading to – get me drunk so I could handle that baseball bat between his legs. I told myself to be careful and not overdo it. He brought with him a bottle of Jack and poured us both a shot.

Larry looked at me while he drank his shot, winking at me when he finished. “So how long you been a queer?” The question offended me at first but strangely turned me on. He sensed the hesitation.

“Gay, homo, whatever, how long you been sucking dick?”

“Long time Larry, since I was young.”

“Damn, who turned you out?”

“Kid in middle school – made me suck his dick at recess.”

“Black or white kid?”

“He was Black – big kid, years older than me.”

“And you’ve had that craving ever since. He fuck you?”

I went on and told him the whole story about how Jamal, my first gay experience, who regularly used me sexually and otherwise. I could sense Larry getting more and more turned on by the story. We both drank faster and soon were very drunk. I was glad I lived close by and could walk home. I figured the night was over since my attempts at pleasing Larry orally failed.

“Well Larry thanks for the drink but I really got to get bahis şirketleri some rest before work in the morning.”

He laughed loudly. “You really think I’m going to let you go home?”

I was not sure what he meant by that. Was he concerned that I was too drunk? That he was enjoying my company? Before I could finish my last thought, he said what I feared “You know I got to get some of that pussy you’ve been teasing me with.”

“Larry, I couldn’t even get my mouth around it, my ass can’t handle that.”

“Well, we sure as hell going to find out,” said Larry, removing his pants and underwear, revealing large, bulbous thighs that surrounded his massive dick and balls. I was truly mesmerized by that beautiful sight but knew I couldn’t stay any longer before I gave in.

“Maybe some other time Larry – I’m really not ready for that.” With that, Larry walked over to me and said softly to me “Big Daddy ain’t having that. You gonna give it up to me.” He took me by the hand and led me back to the couch. Despite serious reservations, I let him lead me to the couch where he bent me over, pulled my pants and underwear down and began eating my ass. The feeling was incredible – he definitely knew what he was doing. He then put me in position for fucking – knees on cushions and ass hanging over the side of the couch. He gave my ass a slap before disappearing into the bathroom where I heard him take a long piss then go to his bedroom where he came out with a large dildo, looked like at least 10 inches. I felt the cold slap of lube on my ass as Larry probed with is finger, getting me ready for his toy.

“I see you came ready” said Larry as he played inside my ass with one finger, then two. I had made sure to clean out “just in case.” It was starting to feel good despite the thickness of his two fingers and I started moaning.

“You a little bitch ain’t you.” said Larry, pulling his fingers out. “Hell yeh, love when a bitch moans.” With that he slapped me ass extremely hard, which I took without flinching. Then I felt the dildo on my hole. I never did like dildoes but wasn’t about to complain. The head popped in and hurt like hell, causing me to lunge forward but Larry’s strong hands kept me in place.

“That hurts like hell Larry,” I said as I felt the burning of my hole being stretched by the invading plastic. Luckily, he eased up for a bit, allowing me time to adjust before he continued, inch by painful inch until it was all the way in. I felt impaled but slowly began to get used to it. Larry fucked me for a few minutes before pulling it out.

“Damn boy, your pussy is wide open.”

“I’m not surprised, that dildo was huge,” I said, my ass feeling suddenly empty.

“Now you’re ready for some good fucking,” said Larry as he grabbed my waist and entered me.

At that point I was glad he used the dildo. Although uncomfortable, his filling my ass was not as bad as I thought. In fact within a short time I was enjoying the fullness of his dick in me. I could hear him moaning with pleasure as he fucked me – telling me how much he enjoyed putting his big black dick in my white pussy. I was really enjoying the ride – backing my ass up on his dick, meeting every thrust with my own.

“Damn boy, you about to make me cum.” With a final, hard thrust I felt his dick swell and his seed released into me. After a few final thrusts, Larry pulled out, releasing both gas and semen. “Fuck that was good!” he exclaimed, slapping my ass before walking away. I stayed that way until he came back with a towel – which he handed to me to clean up. After quietly getting dressed, Larry thanked me and showed me the door.

Over the next year or so I pleasured Larry regularly. His health started failing quickly, and died about two years after we met.

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