Carnal Knowledge

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(I would like to take this moment to thank Chiara23 for her hard work on making this story what it has become editing it…Also, I want to put a warning here, this story does have bisexual guy sex in it. Please be forewarned before reading this story. Copyright (c) 2012 JJ Livingstone)

Carnal Knowledge

-Chapter 1 The Setup-

Lynn and her girlfriend Mandy where sitting in Lynn’s bedroom thinking about what they should do that evening. It being a Friday, all the clubs would be busy and filled with the cute boys they desired.

Lynn was 21 years old and stood around 6 feet tall and weighed about 150. She had the perfect figured, 32C breast, long muscular legs, a prefect round ass. She was about a size 10.

Her face was something that poets write about. Her eyes were a color of hazel that painters try to duplicate, but could not. Her whole life she’d been called “hot”, “beautiful”, “sexy” and “wild”. She never let it go to her head. She would be the first one to help you out if need be.

Mandy was equally as beautiful. She was also 21 and had been friends with Lynn for 6 years. They had done everything together and called each other sister.

Mandy was smaller than Lynn, standing 5’6″ and weighing in at about 125 pounds. She had perky 36B tits, also had perfect legs and a great ass.

Mandy wore contacts, had blue eyes and long dark hair. She had a few tattoos on her body; her tits were pierced as well as her belly button.

“I just don’t know where we should go,” stated Lynn as she thumbed through a recent issue of People Magazine. She was lying on her bed on her stomach. She was wearing a pair of short shorts and a t-shirt of a rock band called Wimpy.

Mandy was on a chair next to the computer, looking up the social network “Party Place” to see where the hot club would be tonight.

“Well” said Mandy. She was wearing just a pair of blue jeans and a black tank top shirt. “Looks like Jim’s is hot tonight” she said.

Jim’s billed itself as the “Best Country Bar and Club in the Southwest” and it never disappointed the two girls when they went there.

“Fuck it,” said Mandy “Let’s just go there.”

Lynn wasn’t much of a country music fan, but the cowboys were to die for. Plus it’d give her a chance to wear her new tight jeans.

“Okay,” she agreed “I need to shower and get ready. How about I pick your sweet ass up at 9:30?”

Mandy looked at the clock 7:27, two hours should be enough time to get ready.

“OK honey” she replied. She shut down the computer and stood up, making her way to the door. “See you in a bit.”

Lynn got up and walked over to her dresser. She opened up her top drawer and pulled out a pair of black thong panties and its matching bra. She pulled off her top and went to the bathroom, turning on the shower then stood looking at herself in the mirror.

She loved her tits. Her nipples where a slight shade of pink, and her skin was a milky white. She had gotten offers to model topless many times, even to do nudes. But she turned them down, her job as an office temp was enough until she finished school.

Stepping out of her shorts and panties she walked over to the shower and got in. She lathered up soap and then rinsed off. She grabbed her razor and shaving gel, propped her leg up on the side of the shower. She lathered her leg up and ran the razor over her leg. When she was done she repeated the process for her other leg. She then ran her hand down to her pussy. It was a little stubbly so she lathered up and shaved her pubic hairs until it was as smooth as her legs.

She got out and dried herself off. She put her makeup on and brushed her hair. She did up her hair and then she picked up her black thong and slid it on. She covered her tits with the bra and clasped it in the back.

She walked to her closet to look for something to wear. A black mini skirt, with a matching black top she decided upon. She also put on a pair of black stockings. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought “Damn…” She looked at the clock and decided to head over to Mandy’s.

Once she got there she entered Mandy’s room. Mandy was still topless, just finishing putting her makeup on. Lynn walked over to Mandy and grabbed her tits from behind.

“I so love these” she said. “If we had time I would so suck ’em”.

“If we had time, I would fuck you” replied Mandy. Both girls laughed and Lynn went and sat on Mandy’s bed.

“Hey, I heard Max Bella’s is performing tonight” said Mandy.

“Awesome” said Lynn. “What time?”


“Well, that works.”

Max Bella was a local Country group lead by Max Bella. Lynn had a major crush on him, he was well over 6 feet tall, a total country star in the rising. The whole hat, tight jeans and the husky voice to go with them. Max was 32 and a native to the area.

Mandy finished getting ready and was dressed in tight jeans, a t-shirt, cowboy boots and a white cowboy hat.

“Well babe” said Lynn “let’s see what type of trouble you and I can get into.”

With that they walked out the door.

Chapter casino siteleri 2

-Damn, Feels Great!-

They arrived at the club; the line to get in was fairly long. While waiting they met three guys who were also waiting in line.

“I’m Jose; this is my buddy Thomas, or Tom and Todd.”

“Well hi, Jose, Tom and Todd. I am Lynn, this is my girlfriend Mandy.”

Mandy whispered into Lynn’s ear “I get Jose, you can have the other two”

“That’s fine by me” she replied.

Jose stood about 5’7″ tall, weight about 165. He was muscular and was of Latino descent. His dark hair matched his equally dark eyes. He was dressed in nice pants and a button up shirt.

Tom was 5’10” and about 220 pounds. He has short brown hair, blue eyes and facial hair. He dressed in tight jeans and a button up cowboy shirt. He was wearing boots and a cowboy hat.

Todd was smaller, about 5’5″ and weighed about 130 pounds. He was dressed a little more relaxed, jeans and a t shirt. His eyes to where blue and he had facial hair.

“Hey, listen” said Jose “how about we blow this shitty club and grab a drink at our place?”

“Well thanks, but” started Lynn “we wanna see Max Bella’s”

“Max Bella canceled tonight’s show” he stated “some fucked up Clint Black cover group”

“Fuck That!” said Mandy “I want Max”

“Lets go back to our place, I have Max’s new album, we’ll listen to it and drink”

“Shit” said Lynn. She looked at Mandy who eyeballed her a yes “Okay, we’ll follow you.”

“Sweet, we are right over there”. They walked over to their cars. “We aren’t that far away”

“Fuck, are we this stupid?” asked Lynn as they got into Mandy’s car.

“If we are lucky, maybe we will get fucked.” Both girls giggled as they pulled out behind Jose and followed him to his house.

“What a nice place,” said Mandy upon entering the living room. It was spacious, two long couches forming an “L” shape, a 52″ flat screen on the wall. The floor was hardwood with a very soft Persian rug covering most of it. The girls sat down on one of the couches.

“What would you two ladies like to drink?” Asked Jose.

“Jack and Coke for me please” said Lynn.

“A beer please” added Mandy.

“Coming right up” said Jose as he disappeared into the kitchen.

“So,” said Tom as he walked over to Lynn. “How are you doing this evening?”

“Doing well” she said. “Just looking for fun.”

“Oh…” He started “What type of fun?”

“Just fun” she said. The girls giggled.

“Drinks are served” said Jose handing the girls their drinks.

“Thanks,” they replied.

“Oh,” said Jose “I called a guy I work with, he was hanging with Max Bella, and they are on their way over.”

“Wh..what?” Asked Lynn.

“Yeah, thought you’d like to meet him.”


“No need to thank me.”

After about a half hour, the doorbell rang. Jose opened it and greeted the people at the door.

Todd, a friend of Jose entered followed by Max Bella, Max’s guitarist Michael.

Lynn and Mandy stood up to greet the new arrivals. Jeff was in his mid 20’s, a little over weight. He was bald, and had a couple of tattoos.

Max was tall, about 6’2″ and there was not a pinch of fat on him. He was dressed in tight jeans, a black Aerosmith t-shirt and a baseball cap.

Michael was younger, 18 or 19 years old. He also was dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt; he had long hair pulled into a pony tail.

After about an hour of mingling, Mandy asked Lynn to follow her into the bathroom.

“My pussy is dripping” said Mandy “I need to get fucked.”

“I know the feeling” said Lynn. “Let’s get butt ass fuckin’ naked and walk out there. Whoever wants us can have us.”

“Ya wanna?” Ask Mandy.

“Fuck yeah. I need my cunt and ass filled badly.”

Mandy look at Lynn and smiled. They both removed their clothes. Whereas Lynn shaved her pussy, Mandy only trimmed, both girl were very beautiful and very horny.

They opened the door and made their way out to the living room. All six guys stared at the beautiful naked bodies as they lay down on the rug, each one rubbing themselves.

“Well boys,” said Lynn “who wants to really play?”

“Shit I will” said Max. He ripped off his shirt, revealing his 6 pack abs. He threw his hat on a chair, along with his boots. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped himself and dropped his pants. His hard cock sprang out, free from the confinements of his boxers.

He walked over to Lynn who right away sat up, grabbed his cock, which must have been at least 6 1/2 inches and shoved it in her mouth.

Jeff followed suit, removing his cloths and joining Max over by Lynn. She reached up and started stroking his dick as she continued sucking Max’s.

Jose stripped naked and went to Mandy. She too took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Todd soon joined him and Mandy started sucking both dicks at the same time.

Tom and Michael got naked and started stroking their cocks. The sight before them, two extremely beautiful young chicks sucking dick was canlı casino awesome, but they needed more.

Michael went to Mandy and knelt down behind her. He started kissing the back of her neck. She started moaning, he worked his kisses down her back. He reached around and grabbed her tits, lightly pulling on her hard nipples.

Tom went over to Lynn who was still alternating between the two dicks she was sucking. He walked up to her and took control, having her get on her hands and knees. Max lay down under her, took his hard cock and shoved it deep into her twat. Jeff knelt to the side of her, where she was able to bend and shove his cock in her mouth. Tom took his cock and put some lube on it, gently pushing it into her extremely tight asshole. After a moment or two of little complications, all four where able to get the rhythm right to simultaneously fuck Lynn in her three holes.

Mandy was having fun too. Jose decided to start fucking her in her pussy. He got behind her and stuck his cock in her. Michael was lying under Mandy; he was also able to get his cock inside of her pussy. She never felt such pain, nor pleasure at the same time. Two big cocks were stretching her cunt opening up, and all she could do next to screaming in pleasure was take Todd’s cock into her mouth.

The sight this must have been. Two girls, each being fucked by three guys at once. The sounds of moaning from 8 different people, the smell of sex in the air.

Jose and Michael’s cocks were rubbing each other inside Mandy’s pussy. This cause the orgasm of the two to happen simultaneously. Jose warn Mandy he was about to cum, followed by Michael saying the same thing.

Mandy buried her head into the heaving chest of Michael when what seemed like a gallon of semen shot into her. The cum seemed to continue on, pumping and pumping from the two exhausted guys who where sharing her pussy. The warm, thick juices filled her up; she could feel it deep inside her vagina.

Lynn was enjoying the pounding she was getting. Ever since she became aware of sex she had enjoyed the act of fucking. She’d fuck guys, girls or even herself if need be. She loved the power her pussy gave her. She loved the feeling of a guy begging for a blow job, loved the taste of a sweet smelling pussy.

Jose was pumping away at her pussy, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. This was what she liked. This was how she enjoyed it. Let him think he was in control, all the while she would decide when he came and where.

She could tell Jeff was ready to cum, and she wanted it in her mouth badly. She stopped sucking and tilted her head back; Jeff grabbed his cock and started stroking it.

“Fuck, I am gonna cum” he said and Lynn stuck out her tongue. Streams of cum shot out of the tip of his dick, landing on Lynn’s lips, cheek and tongue. She quickly ran her finger around her mouth and cleaned up the cum by pushing it into her mouth.

Tom was next to being ready to cum. She reached behind herself, spreading her ass checks further apart. She had only butt fuck a few times, it never ceased to amaze her how many guys refused to do it. It’s a very tight hole, like a virgin pussy every time.

She started pushing back into his cock, he grabbed her by the hips and pounded her a few very hard ones. On the third thrust, he exploded into a heavenly orgasm that only an angel could give him. His cum filled her tight hole and when he pulled out, some of the cum leaked out, running down her crack and ending up on Jose’s cock.

Now she wanted Jose’s cum, as far deep as he could give it. She moaned as she was riding him. stroking herself up and down his long shaft.

Todd was still getting a blow job from Mandy. His hairless cock was making a slurping sound as she sucked it. He couldn’t wait any longer, and he exploded, getting his man juices all over her face, hair and neck.

Mandy fell down, exhausted, she needed a moment to rest before she forced these three to eat her pussy, make her cum.

Jose was still pounding away. “Fuck” he said “your pussy is tight. I am going to cum”

“Cum inside me baby” she insisted. She felt his cock throb and then felt the rush of semen entering her pussy. She stayed on top of him for a few moments before rolling off him.

Lynn lay there, exhausted. She closed her eyes and quickly feel asleep…

Chapter 3

-The Wake Up-

Lynn awoke to a bright light shining on her face. The sun was shining through the living room curtains. She had been moved to the couch; she was still naked but covered with a sheet.

She rubbed her eyes and stretched. She looked over to the other couch and saw Mandy still fast asleep. The events of the previous night, combined with all the jack and cokes she had, really took a toll on her.

She flung her feet off the side of the couch and stood up. Her head was pounding, her ass hurt, and she had to piss real bad. She headed down the hall to the bathroom.

She passed the first bedroom where Jose was sleeping, still nude and apparently having a good dream, as his cock was standing straight up.

She kaçak casino found the bathroom and closed the door. She lowered the toilet seat and sat down; relieving her bladder of the night before liquor. She wiped her pussy and flushed, heading to the sink. She started washing her hands as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“There is a satisfied woman” she told herself. “Very fuckin’ satisfied.” She thought of the previous night, the three cocks in her body at once. She felt her pussy getting wet. “Fuck, can I really be horny after the fucking I got last night?” She thought.

She went to the bathtub and sat in it. She started rubbing her clit, feeling it get harder with her touch. She let her finger slide into her pussy then out again.

She remembered in the excitement of the foursome last night, and the organism she had.. “That’s why you’re so fuckin’ horny!” She thought.

She continued rubbing her clit, closing her eyes and dreaming of the three sexy guys who fucked her the night before.

She pictured Jose pounding her pussy. His dick sliding into her cunt, her pussy lips being spread open. Her hand was buried inside her when all of a sudden; she felt another hand on her right tit. She lightly moaned and opened her eyes, seeing her sexy friend kneeling next to her, rubbing her tits.

“God,” said Lynn “I am so fucking horny”

“Shh” said Mandy “I’ll make you cum” she ran her hands down her smooth stomach to Lynn’s very wet, smooth pussy. Her fingers brushed her clit, and then entered her tight hole.

Mandy leaned down and kissed Lynn on her lips, then ran her tongue down the side of her neck and down between her tits, down her stomach, circling her belly button. She left a trail of moisture as she went, and continued down to the hood of Lynn’s pussy.

She bit Lynn’s clit, licking her pussy opening. Lynn was ready to cum and wasted no time. Her hips thrust up and she grabbed Mandy’s head, pushing it hard into her pussy.

Once she relaxed she fell flat into the tub. She was out of breath but felt great. After a few moments she looked at Mandy.

“Thank you beautiful” she said.

“Anytime” the two girls got up and headed back out to the living room.

Once back in the living room, the girls put their cloths back on. Lynn sat down on the couch and started to put her shoes on.

Todd and Thomas came out from the back of the house

“Lynn, Mandy” said Todd. He was naked; his semi erect dick started becoming fully erect.

“Todd, Thomas” said the girls. “You guys look…awake” said Lynn.

“Only awake enough for you.” Todd walked over to Lynn and knelt down next to her. He ran his hand over her thigh, up to her now moist panties. Thomas kneel down next to Todd. He started running his hand up her thigh also.

“Uh uh” she said. “Mandy just got me off, it’s time for one of you.”

She got up and had Todd sit in the spot she was sitting. She knelt down and started sucking his dick. Thomas stayed, watching this show. Lynn grabbed his hand and gently guided it to Todd’s cock. She had the tip in her mouth while Thomas stroked his friend’s dicks.

Mandy watching this pulled her pants down to her knees and clawed at her pussy. “Something about two guys” she thought as she drifted of to paradise.

Lynn lifted her head and looked at Thomas. He leaned down and took his friends dick into his mouth. She went to his shaft, and both man and woman were sucking Todd’s massive cock.

Todd had never considered himself bisexual in anyway. But the fact that his friend as well as Lynn where both sucking his cock made him feel like he was ready to shoot. Lynn noticed Todd start to stiffen and she moved her head in such a way that she was able to kiss Thomas with Todd’s dick still in both of their mouths. Todd couldn’t hold it much longer and released his juices into their mouths. A hard stream of cum shot to the back of Tom’s throat, as well as Lynn’s. Some of it dropped out and fell back upon the giver’s dick. After he was done, Lynn again kissed Thomas, but this time she gave him the cum from her mouth. Thomas swallowed the salty substance and plopped down. An experience he’d never forget.

Thomas started stroking his cock; he was so turned of by blowing his friend. Lynn saw this and came up with another idea. She had Mandy lay down on her back, naked. Lynn too got naked and got onto all fours in between Mandy’s legs, where she could lick Mandy’s pussy. Thomas was to fuck Lynn, either in her pussy, which had become very wet, or her tight asshole. Then, Todd was to take his cock, and fuck Thomas with it.

Thomas stuck his cock inside Lynn’s pussy and then waited until Todd was ready; he stuck his massive cock in his ass. He’d never had anything shoved up his ass before, much less a dick. He let Todd start pumping away. The pain he felt was tremendous. It felt as if someone was slicing through his ass with a knife. After a few minutes, the pain turned to pleasure and Thomas started to pump into Lynn.

It took some time before they got it figured out, but after they did, everyone was in sequence. When Todd would push into Thomas’ ass, Thomas was moving out of Lynn’s pussy. When Todd was coming out of Thomas’ ass, Thomas would be pushing into Lynn’s pussy. And of course, Lynn was eating her friend’s pussy while this was happening.

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