CFNM College Ch. 05

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James awoke on Sunday to a rising erection, courtesy of Charlotte’s gentle hands. He opened his eyes to see her smiling face as she groped him. Charlotte took his pajamas off and promptly put his dick in her mouth. James nearly jumped in shock as the warmness engulfed him.

“Uh…wow…” James stammered as Charlotte moved her head up and down his shaft.

“She’s just putting Friday’s demonstration to good use,” Diane said from across the room, giggling at his reaction.

“So…” James looked at her slyly, “does that mean I’ll also get the chance to have your breasts doing the same?”

“Maybe,” Diane grinned. “Be a good boy and we’ll see about it when it’s my turn to play with you in a minute.”

“Oh, so I’m getting both of you this morning?” James said hopefully, then gasped as Charlotte licked the tip of his dick.

Diane laughed at his pleasure. “Sarah, I, and Charlotte agreed to take turns on you throughout Monday to Saturday. But we’ve decided that Sundays will be a pleasant surprise for you, so just hold on…if you can, anyway.” She grinned.

“Mmmm…” James nodded wordlessly as Charlotte’s tongue flickered over the tip.

The bathroom door opened and Sarah emerged, fully clothed, to James’ mild disappointment (he still fantasized about seeing the perfect body that lay underneath her clothes). She took one look at Charlotte’s head bobbing up and down, another at James’ sweaty body, and said with a grin, “Well, obviously, this is going to be a new favorite pastime.”

James struggled to articulate his reply, “Uh…breasts would be nice too…” His words died off as he arched his back.

Sarah and Diane took their places beside James.

“Mmmm…” he moaned in pleasure as Diane’s breasts pushed in his face. One of Sarah’s breasts landed in his hand and he squeezed gently.

He was just barely conscious until Charlotte swapped places with Diane. Diane’s pace was even faster than Charlotte’s, and James knew he would struggle to hold on. Charlotte’s breasts landed in his face, and he reveled in the softness.

It felt like an eternity, but was in all likelihood just a few more minutes of silent action, until he said Diane’s name aloud to warn of what was…coming.

Diane, to her credit, continued going up and down even as James unloaded into her mouth. She successfully resisted her reflex at the strange taste, and milked him well. Charlotte and Sarah cheered at the excellent blowjob, seeing James’ spent penis flop back down into its regular size.

“So how did we do?” Diane asked with a grin, sidling up beside him on the bed.

“Do you even have to ask?” Sarah interjected in a mock-stern voice. “The look on his face should be enough of an answer.”

Diane stuck her tongue out at her. “You’re just jealous you didn’t get your turn.”

Sarah chuckled. “Yeah, James needs more practice to last longer.”

The girls giggled as James just smiled at Diane and hugged her with the little energy he had left.

“Well,” Diane said, “time to go get your shower, James.”

He made a sound that aksaray escort was half-pleasure and half-exhaustion, but rolled himself out of bed to take his shower.


That afternoon, they visited the library. Greeting them was Miss Sharon, the library attendant.

“Hello first years,” Miss Sharon smiled when she saw them enter. “I believe this is your first time here? I can show you around.”

They assented, and Miss Sharon began showing them the different parts of the vast library. “So here is where most of the academic textbooks are, if you ever need them for class, this is where you can find them.”

She led them to another large area shaped in several concentric circles, with slight openings between them. “This is the fiction area, we cover a lot of different books here for you to read for fun.”

Another section of the library held comic collections, another had nonfiction books, and some smaller sections were dedicated to works in other languages. The students looked around in awe of all the things collected by Bellvere.

“Well, that’s the basics of it,” Miss Sharon grinned. “It’s pretty overwhelming at first, I’m sure, but you can always ask me for help if you have trouble looking for something. Anyway, enjoy exploring!”

The foursome nodded their thanks, and promptly split up to look at different sections of the library. James went to look at the comic books.

He went through a few interesting ones that he had heard of before, then arrived at a comic with a shapely woman on the cover. Leafing through it quickly, it appeared to be the story of a female spy who used her feminine wiles to get information out of opposing agents. James took a quick look around, and seeing nobody, started to read it in earnest.

The female lead was pretty, in that comic character-ideal sort of way. She was employed by the country of Syldavia, a small country with nearly no military power, but with an excellent espionage network. She was working undercover against a foreign government official from the country of Bangalia, a military superpower. She had befriended and seduced the official, and had gotten him into his bedroom.

James started to get excited, both mentally and physically, as the unwary man took off his clothes in anticipation of a striptease from the hot lady. Instead, she promptly handcuffed him to his own bed, and revealed who she was. The horror on the man’s face at being caught was incongruous, next to his erect member. But James could understand the latter reaction, he himself was already hard from staring at the woman’s hot outfit and spicy attitude.

The woman proceeded to demand certain information, and the unwilling man underwent some very tantalizing teasing as she gave him a raging erection and then promptly refused to touch it further until he gave up the information, bit by bit.

“Hi James!” A voice suddenly sounded beside him, and he spluttered and dropped the book in panic.

“What alsancak escort are you reading here?” It was Miss Sharon, who bent down and picked up the comic book before he could react.

She took one look at the page, and looked at him with a quirked eyebrow and a smile.

“Um…I just got that there.” James muttered, and Miss Sharon laughed.

“Oh, James, no need to be ashamed about it, after all, I do know that these are right here.” She smiled and stepped close to him. “I also know what kind of reaction boys get from seeing this.” She gently brushed a hand against his erection, then steered James towards a nearby closed room he hadn’t noticed.

Unable to react at all, James mindlessly followed. Miss Sharon led him inside the room and closed the door behind her. James was suddenly aware that the librarian was actually very attractive.

Miss Sharon sat down on a large, comfortable chair, and pulled James onto her lap. She opened the comic back to the same page, and grasped James’ dick through his pants.

“So, you like how the story is going, do you?” She grinned, starting to massage him lightly. “Do you imagine what it would be like to have another girl do this to you? Maybe you were imagining one of your roommates while reading this?” She smirked.

“Um…no, Miss Sharon,” James tried to deny it.

“Oh, you can’t fool me, James,” Miss Sharon crooned, “your penis is a very good lie-detector test when it comes to this, you know. I felt it twitch when I mentioned your roommates.”

She paused, waiting for James to admit who he had been thinking of.

“No?” she asked after no reply seemed forthcoming. “Maybe I should tease it out of you, the same way the spy is doing so in the comic.” She grinned evilly.

James’ dick twitched, to Miss Sharon’s glee. “Oh! I think you like the idea!” She was nearly cackling with glee. She took off James’ pants and underwear in one quick pull. James’ erect penis was pointing out.

She wrapped her hand around it. “So, who is it?” she grinned as she began stroking him slowly. “Charlotte is certainly cute.”

She got no reaction from that, so she went on, “Sarah perhaps? I know you’ve met her before coming to Bellvere, maybe you like how much she’s grown up?”

James knew Miss Sharon was going to mention Diane next, and shut his eyes as he tried to prevent any further reaction. “Oh, it must be Diane then,” Miss Sharon went on, “I bet you like her breasts, they’re very large, like those of the woman in the comics.” And to Miss Sharon’s utter delight, James’ penis shuddered lightly.

“Now I know for sure that you were thinking of Diane!” Miss Sharon concluded. “So, I’m sure you’ve already had fun with each other this first week.” She flipped the page to reveal the female spy licking the man’s dick with his tongue. “Have you gotten a blowjob from her too?”

James was in too much pleasure to think of replying, but Miss Sharon suddenly stopped stroking him. She looked at him with a smirk, “You have to answer my questions.”

James gave in instantly, amasya escort “Yes, I already got one from her this morning.”

Miss Sharon giggled, and flipped the page. It showed the spy sticking the man’s cock in her cleavage, and rubbing her breasts around it, although her bodysuit actually prevented the man from seeing the breasts themselves. “Did you try tittyfucking yet?”

“No, I haven’t”, James answered in resignation.

“Do you want to tittyfuck Diane?” Miss Sharon pressed. James didn’t want to answer, but Miss Sharon gave him a few more strokes, pressing him to the edge of orgasm, then suddenly stopped. He groaned in frustration as Miss Sharon giggled. “Come on, all you have to do is admit it.”

James attempted to hold out. “They’re all hot,” he mumbled.

“That wasn’t my question,” Miss Sharon sing-songed. After a while, she again stroked him to the edge and then stopped. James again gave a non-committal answer, and Miss Sharon promptly repeated it. Clearly, she knew how to tell the signs of being on the edge, and she used it very effectively on James.

“Ok, ok!” James exclaimed, after getting so close for the third time and not getting his desired release. “Yes, I’d like to, she’s really pretty and her breasts are nice. Just please, let me cum already!”

“That’s my boy,” Miss Sharon smiled at him and resumed stroking slowly. She flipped the page to reveal the man finally giving up all his secrets to the hot spy. “Now, read up what she says, James,” Miss Sharon instructed.

“‘Now that you’ve spilled your secrets, there’s just one last thing I need to get you to spill!'” James read the words of the spy as Miss Sharon increased the pace of her stroking.

Miss Sharon again flipped the page to reveal the man making a large explosion, to the delight of the female spy. And similarly, James unloaded his sperm in a huge shot and a loud grunt, the result of having been denied thrice in a row. Miss Sharon cuddled the boy as he lay drained. “Well, James, I’m sure you like how the comic ended, hm?”

“Yes, Miss Sharon,” he answered obediently.

After a few minutes of cleaning the mess up, there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” Miss Sharon said, to James’ consternation, as he was still naked.

The door opened and Diane, Sarah, and Charlotte walked in with cheers, leaving James no doubt that they knew what happened.

Miss Sharon grinned at James, “You see, there’s a camera in this room. Once I saw you reading that comic, I told your girls what I was going to do, and let them watch it via camera.”

A mortified James covered his face.

“But there is the added benefit that Diane now knows what you want from her next time,” Miss Sharon grinned. “Right, Diane?”

Diane bounced over happily and hugged James. “Definitely, we’re gonna do that very soon.” She grinned.

James finally spoke up. “Just not the parts where you don’t let me finish, please.”

Miss Sharon and the girls all laughed. “Oh, don’t worry, James,” Miss Sharon said, “the only reason I had to do that was to get you to admit what you wanted to do with Diane. I’m sure they’ll be nicer with you.” The girls nodded their assent.

“Now,” Miss Sharon continued, “off with you. I have to close the library now. And don’t forget to return that comic book, James.” She added the last sentence with a grin.

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