Cookies and her Milk Pt. 02

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I apologise for leaving everyone wanting and waiting in the first part, but I was under time constraints to submit the Christmas theme story in time for the Literotica Holiday 2017 contest. Though I didn’t win or place I’m glad everyone liked the first story which for some ended in a bit of a cliffhanger. Hopefully this one should wrap things up.

Also, I didn’t make it in time to submit this for the 2018 Winter Holiday contest, though if according to the rules it may not have been accepted since this is part two from last year’s story. Regardless, congratulations to the well-deserved winners, and I hope you enjoy reading this.

All characters in this story are over 18 and consenting.


Christmas Eve, and Number 7 Greene Drive once again sits under layers of white snow, just like all the others.

John Hale quietly made his way down the steps, noiselessly making his way to the Christmas tree in the living room corner. He’d donned the same Santa Claus costume he wore once every year, and the carpet floor muffled his footsteps as he took extra care not to disturb his sleeping family upstairs.

John Hale did not hear her approach from behind, but he knew whose slender arms those were that wrapped around his belly from behind, as did those massive breasts that were pressed against his back.

“I’ve missed you, Santa!”

Casey let go and stepped towards the small lamp beside the arm chair, the warm light that it offered allowing Santa a good look of her sexy body. She wore a sheer pink lace teddy tonight, and he could see that her fabulously large and still perky tits were capped with hard pink nipples, made firm by the cold night and her excitement at seeing him. Her long blonde hair was allowed to cascade down like a golden waterfall, and she had maintained her lithe figure, though she had struggled since her breasts had grown an extra cup or two. She wore a tiny silk lace panty, and her long, slender legs begged to have his hands caressing them from hip to toe.

“I’ve waited all year for you Santa! Did you miss me?”

“Of course I did, my sweet Casey. Come here.”

Santa stepped forward, wrapping a hand behind her head and the other on her lower back to draw her up into a kiss. As their lips bonded together, their tongues intertwined in an intimate dance Santa enjoyed breathing in the sweet scent of her blonde silken hair.

She allowed her body to grow slack as Santa’s firm but caring grip held her close. Finally he let go, her cheeks flushed as she gasped for air, her heart a-flutter already.

“I missed you so much Santa! But I want to know how much you missed me.”

John let go of Casey, who sauntered over to the armchair and gesturing him to sit. Controlling his own excitement, he moved over and sat down, and immediately Casey bent forwards, allowing her breasts to hang down enticingly as she helped him pull down his trousers. With his briefs out of the way, Casey turned to her prize. Freed of their constraints, Santa’s pole stood tall and firm, hovering over Casey as she kneeled between his legs. Her lips parted in a gasp, immediately replaced by a hungry smile as she bit her lip with excitement. Her hands barely wrapped around his thick manhood as she gave the tip a soft peck with her cherry lips. Her eyes met his, as John watched her daughter slowly stroke his cock, her soft hands running up and down his length as she gently sucked on the tip.

After almost a minute of this, with his cock twitching with her stimulation, Casey took a momentary break to take off her dress off, her massive breasts bouncing joyously at their release, further hardening Santa’s cock. She giggled mischievously, watching his eyes twinkle as she took his cock and buried half its length between her bosom. Her warm flesh felt fantastic as she squeezed them like the softest dough. She started her titjob slowly, giving the tip a sloppy lick and allowing her drool to trickle down along his shaft and disappear between her cleavage. John clutched the armrests for dear life as Casey massaged his cock between those orbs.

Santa clutched the edge of the arm rests as Casey read the expression on his face that signalled his coming climax. She took a deep breathe, planted her lips on the tip of his cock and went down in one go, her jaw stretched wide as she took his massive girth up to her throat, and just as she did she could feel him swell up before he came unleashing a burst of his thick and warm cum as she felt it fill her throat. She urged him further on by deftly fondling his Christmas balls, urging them on. She pulled her head back till she felt the head of his cock as it rest on her tongue just as he released another thick dollop of his seed that completely filled her mouth. Her cheeks swelled as she tried to contain him, but she finally released him just as he let loose one last but copious amount of his cum on her face, neck and chest. Casey felt the warmth of his cum lather her face as it slowly dripped down onto her breasts, escort bursa mixing with the excess cum that she let leak from her mouth. Santa sat there taking deep breathes after his massive climax, watching as Casey ran her hands across her body, smearing and spreading his thick sperm across her smooth skin all the while his cock remained rigid between her cleavage, slick with her milk and his. She looked up at him, opening her lips to show her mouth full of his seed before she gulped it all down, their warmth filling her belly.

Casey took her time to scoop up some of his cum on her skin and slurp them up before she made sure to run her tongue along the length of his cock to ensure he remained hard and rigid.

“Ooh goodness, that was…amazing,” John managed to gasp out.

“Thanks, Santa! I’ve waited for so long and I missed your cock so much,” Casey said as she gave his cock a light kiss.

“I made sure that I was good this year so that Santa would come visit again and give me a present.”

John Hale’s sheepish smile was obscured by his fake beard. It was true that he had never had sex ever since the previous Christmas, with the same daughter now kneeling between his legs, her massive breasts wrapped around the base of his turgid cock. But try as he could he did have to relieve his urges, and try as he could his fantasies always drifted back to his own beautiful busty daughter.

He had been plagued with guilt for months since that night. He had sex with his own 18 year-old daughter, unmistakably taking her virginity that night as he pounded her tight pussy, pouring load after load of his seed into her fertile teenage womb. John had lost track of time just as he lost count of how many times he had cum into her, his hips thrusting with such vigour that John vaguely recalled twice before, the first when he made love to his late wife Mary at the night of their engagement, the second during their honeymoon, the result of that now smiling before him, hungry for Santa’s cock.

At the climax of their lovemaking that Christmas, Casey had passed out from exhaustion as he pinned her down on the soft carpet floor, a blissful look on her face just as he thrust his hips one last time, and as he slid out of her a thick clump of his cum dribbled out and added to the puddle that stained the carpet. By the time he carried her gently to her room, tucked her in, and hid away his Santa Claus costume, dawn broke. John spent the morning quietly cleaning up the living room, throwing away the cum stained carpet, erasing any trace of his incestuous affair.

Casey had never mentioned anything when she wobbled into the kitchen, having missed breakfast as her father served her her lunch. John averted her gaze and only gave furtive glances when speaking to Casey, but she remained her bright and cheerful self. She only vaguely mentioned having had a surreal dream, but gave no further clues or details as to what that dream was. Casey explained away her weird gait that morning as having slept in an awkward position all night.


John’s mind snapped back to the present, faking a cough as he looked down on those big blue eyes gazing up to him.

“Yes, you’ve been such a good girl, how could Santa ever forget his sweet little Casey?”

Casey pouted, standing up before him, her eyes shifty as she wrapped her arms around herself, propping those massive breasts above them.

“But Santa, I’m not a good girl anymore. I…I had a baby. With you, Santa.”

John knew this. Since the previous Christmas, the Hale house hadn’t been the same. He tracked her cycles and when she confirmed that she was pregnant, he comforted her as she curled in her bed, crying at the scary prospect of becoming a mother. John had waived off her half-attempted lie about having done it with some boy in school, knowing that though she had many suitors and admirers, he was responsible. John simply assured her that everything would be alright, and that he would take care of everything.

Casey had graduated high school before anybody noticed her baby bump, and John supported her as she took the time to both study for college and child care. She stayed fit, exercising regularly and adjusting to her changing body, and they traveled to a gynaecologist the next town over for regular checkups. There were the rough patches, struggles, and morning sicknesses, none that John hadn’t witnessed before with his first wife Mary, but when he saw how Casey lay at night, her hand caressing her pregnant belly humming a soft tune to the life within, he knew that it would be alright.

The baby was born without complications, and Fiona Hale was a perfectly healthy baby girl. The doctors confirmed that their newborn was healthy and whole, and John had staggered out of the ward and collapsed on the hallway of the hospital, relieved that they had dodged a bullet.

Now, Fiona lay asleep peacefully in her crib upstairs, and here they were, as Casey sat down on John’s armchair, lifting bursa merkez eskort those long cheerleader legs and spreading them above her head. John knelt down close to her as she rubbed herself through her soaked panties. He tore the thin panties away, revealing her wet folds. Casey watched him move closer, feeling his breath on her most sensitive spot.

“Do you still love me, Santa? Even after I’ve been naughty and had a baby with you, do you still love me and my loose pussy?”

Instead of replying, John pressed his mouth onto her entrance, the fake beard tickling her slightly but her sensations focused on his tongue prying apart her folds and darting into her tight hole. She squirmed and clutched her massive breasts, stifling her screams as she felt Santa penetrate her with his tongue, her mind and body pulsing with ecstasy. Her feet pointed and flexed with each wave of electricity that ran along her body as he explored her insides, sucking on her juices, driving her wild. He made sure to let her hear his slurps, toying and lathering her clit, using a finger to pry her a bit more so her could get in deeper. Casey grinded her hips to his face, urging Santa on to go deeper and pleasure her further.

John Hale pulled back and stood up, his beard damp with Casey’s pussy juices as he marvelled at the sight before him. Her entire body was shaking not from the cold but from being racked with pleasure as she hugged her bossoms, her legs apart showing her nether region slick with her juices. Santa dropped his trousers and boxers, grasping his thick meaty pole. Her baby blue eyes zeroed in on his thick member, and as it drew closer her fingers rubbed furtively on her clit, her body tense with excitement.

“Are you sure Santa? Do you still want to put it into little Casey, who’s just had a baby and is probably too loose?”

John chuckled as he leaned in, running his hands along those beautiful legs and lifting them up higher before running a hand along his daughter’s amazing body, the smooth belly that he knew Casey worked so hard to regain post-birth, the slim waist she managed to retain, gently fondling her massive jugs that had swollen so much since last Christmas, before framing her face between his hands, their eyes locked, her lips parted.

“My sweet Casey, how can Santa not want you when you just had his baby?”

John guided his cock in, the bulbous head pushing in with surprising tightness as he burrowed deeper, slowly entering her. Casey wrapped her arms around him, as if she was afraid to let him go as her mind was bombarded with the overwhelming sensation of having Santa driving his massive pole deeper and deeper into her. He was halfway in when he started to pull back, alarm bells instinctively ringing in her head when for a moment she though that she was being rejected, that Santa didn’t love her anymore and was leaving her. But that didn’t happen as John pushed in again, driving her wild as she felt him inside her, his massive cock pushing in just as he did last year.

He moved at a slow rhythmic pace, grasping her motherly hips, watching his cock going in and out of her, her breasts juggling up and down hypnotically. Milk started to leak out of her erect nipples, and he brought his mouth to one of them, sucking and licking the pink nubs, slurping up her delicious cream. Casey moaned with delight, as her painfully swollen breasts relieved themselves as Santa drank her up, while he gently pinched and fondled her other nipple, letting her milk spray out to the cool air.

His pace slowly increased, torrents of her pussy juice coating him and easing his passage as he buried almost his entire length in her. John enjoyed the tight feeling of her young pussy, that her body recovered so much he could scarcely believe that she had just given birth a few months ago. The thought that he had a child with his beautiful, busty, sexy daughter only drove him further, pumping his cock in and out of her as if the thought of impregnating Casey once again was his main cause that night. His memories of raising Casey and watching her grow up were eclipsed by how he saw her belly grow, that she carried his offspring just as her mother once carried her.

Casey felt Santa driving deeper and deeper, faster and faster. She felt those massive balls slap her bottom each time he buried himself to full, swollen with the promise of his seed. She felt vacant whenever he retracted before he filled her again with his giant cock, the fat head ramming into her cervix entrance.

“Santa? Please…”

John let go of both her nipples, as he continued to pump his hips, and moved up to kiss her cherry lips, the taste of her breast milk mixing between their tongues as they lost themselves in the throes of their passion. Nothing else mattered to them now that they were joined, reunited since last Christmas, John balls deep into his daughter Casey.

Their lips parted, a single thread of saliva between them as John continued bursa sınırsız escort to pump his thick cock in and out of Casey. He could feel himself swelling as he neared release, and her body seemed to sense this as she tightened her grip. Her breasts were coated with her milk that flowed liberally from her nipples, spurting a bit more each time he thrust into her, and Casey never looked happier, beaming up at the man in the Santa costume, her own father and the father of her firstborn, whose massive cock was jack hammering her tight pussy.

“Give it to me, Santa.”

John Hale looked into her eyes, those massive doe eyes, searching for any doubt or hesitation where there was none. For a moment he paused, his mind frying with conflict between lust and guilt. Here he was, looking down on his daughter, his beautiful lovely daughter Casey who reminded him so much of his late wife Mary. His daughter Casey, whose massive breasts were leaking and coated with her motherly milk, his massive cock that had previously made past girlfriends and his wife wild with pleasure, now imbedded, balls deep and tight, the bulbous tip pressed against Casey’s cervix.

Tears streamed from Casey’s eyes, as she gave him the biggest smile he’d ever seen.

“Give it to me, Daddy.”

John froze at that word, staring down at his daughter, the daughter he once carried as a newborn in his arms years ago. He felt her reach up and untie his fake beard, tossing at aside. She placed her hands on his half-shaven face, tracing the tears that slowly rolled down his stunned face.

“I love you Daddy. I love you so, so very much Daddy.”

Casey grinded her hips, locking her legs around him as she pelted his face with loving kisses.

“I’m so sorry, Daddy. I know we shouldn’t, and I know it’s all wrong. But I can’t stop loving you, and not just as your daughter but as your woman.”

As her tears continued to stream down her face she sniffed her nose and kept smiling, as she grinded her hips to John’s paralysed body, trying to urge him on.

“Daddy? Please don’t hate me. Please tell me you won’t leave me. Please, Daddy I-I…”

Her pleas were silenced by his lips, as Casey received a gentle kiss from her father before he pulled back up. Eyes wide, she looked up at her father, puzzled at the gentle smile spreading across his face.

“Casey, my dear, sweet, beautiful baby girl. I could never hate you, and I would never leave you. I love you, Casey. And nothing could stop me from loving you, and no one could love you more than I could.”

John hesitated for the briefest moment, struggling to overcome his own emotions and qualms of what he yearned to say to his daughter, whom he had buried his cock deep into.

“Daddy, I want you, and only you. I can’t imagine being with any other boy. I know it’s so wrong, but yet it feels so right. Us! You and me!”

She thrust her hips slightly, her pussy holding onto his massive cock like a warm vice.

“You, in me. I’m yours, Daddy. No one else. I’ll be yours, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy! To satisfy your every want and need…”

John gently wiped the tears from her eyes, smiling at her angelic face. He hugged her tight, their bodies pressed together, his strong arms holding her close. Firm. Warm. Safe.

“Oh Casey, I’ve had everything I could have ever wanted. I found love with your mother. And our love gave me you. You, my dear Casey. I watched you grow up to be so beautiful, just like your mother…”

He choked as memories flooded in. The diagnosis. The denial of her condition, with the multitudes of test he forced upon Mary, finding anyone who could tell him otherwise. The anger at the random cruelty that was brought upon them. The bargaining as he scoured any means to save his wife. The depression that almost tore their family apart. And the acceptance, as Mary calmly fought on, not for her sake but for his. For all the while Casey was still a baby, and Mary entrusted upon John to not give up. Not just for her, but for their daughter.

“Love her just as you loved me, John.”

Those were some of her last words, and he had done as she asked. He had single-handedly raised Casey, loved her as any father could.

But here he was now, hugging his daughter Casey, his cock buried deep in her tight pussy. None of this was right, as he had somehow taken Mary’s words literally. He had ended up loving Casey, not as a father, but as a man who hadn’t stopped himself from impregnating her, to have had a child with her. And here he was now, balls ready to burst and fill her with his seed again.

Before Casey could stop him, John withdrew himself, his cock exiting her pussy still rigid, slathered in her nectar as he collapsed on the carpet, burying his face in his hands in shame. She got off the chair and knelt down before her father, hugging him as he sobbed.

“I-I shouldn’t have. Casey, I should’ve been stronger. I should’ve stopped, but I was too weak. Too afraid to lose you. Too stupid to have let this all happen…”

Casey cupped her hands under his chin and gently raised his head to look up at her. She kissed him, a long loving kiss as she tried to comfort him. She continued to hold him, a look on her face so familiar that it broke John’s heart.

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