Cora’s Carnal Cravings Ch. 01-03

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Due to the inherent abhorrent nature of the story as it relates to our societies view of “normal,” readers are forewarned that some (but not all) chapters in this series contain elements of voyeurism, anal, oral, coercion, bondage, multiple partner, and an underlying incestuous plot.

Chapter 1 – Uncle Joe’s Obsessive Lust

Joe stood at the foot of the bed watching as she slept peacefully, dreaming the wondrous dreams of young woman her age, completely unaware of his presence. Slipping his hand inside his robe, he felt his cock stiffen as he stared at her young, supple body twist under the sheet in search of a comfortable position.

In his mind, she was putting on a show, just for him, he willed her to roll onto her back so that he could get a better look at her small firm breasts. Lady luck played in his favor once again as she did just that, stretching seductively beneath the sheet still unaware that he hovered just inches away from her. Oh, what he wouldn’t do to just touch that sweet little pussy, just once, he thought to himself as he stroked his hard dick.

Tiptoeing to the side of the bed, he stopped and held his breath, Cora reached for a stuffed bear and hugged it tightly to her chest. The light filtering through the window cast a hazy glow across the tops of her creamy white breasts as they rose and fell with each breath. He felt his balls tighten, as he furiously fisted himself inside his robe, thinking how good it would feel to rub his cock against her hard pink nipples.

Moving closer, he hovered above her body. He lifted a handful of her soft auburn hair and gently caressed the silken strands between his fingers while opening robe to release his cock to the cool night air. He barely contained a groan when he rubbed a handful of her wavy locks against his hard cock. He wanted to cum on her, better yet, he wanted to cum in her, he thought, stroking his dick with her hair. He was obsessed with thoughts of cumming in her pussy, in her ass and in her mouth ever since the day she came to live with him after his sister disappearance.

His thoughts drifted to the curious way in which his sister had gone missing, and he had to smile to himself. Everyone assumed she couldn’t handle the pressure of raising a teenage child alone and ran off to start a new life, but he knew better. “Ah, sweet Cora, so much like your mother, . . .” his hushed whisper trailed off.

He had to find a way to fuck his niece, and he had to do it soon he thought to himself, hovering one calloused hand just millimeters above her naked breast. He wanted to touch her rosy pink nipple and squeeze her milky white flesh into his palm until she squealed out loud. He could feel the heat rising from her body and his hand was drawn down closer, needing to feel her.

Almost as if she sensed his hand, she rolled over onto her stomach. Her shapely legs sprawled across the bed invitingly and were covered only by a thin cotton sheet. Joe held his breath, he quickly moved his hand, waiting for her to fall back into a deep sleep. After a few moments he, ever so gently, lifted the sheet and slowly tugged it down to her ankles, uncovering her delectable body. His cock jutted out of his robe, twitching with anticipation as he gazed at her supple panty clad ass. Her plump round cheeks were exposed and her center was barely covered by a small triangle of white cotton wedged tightly between them. He wondered what it would feel like to ram his cock into her tight ass hole while she begged him to stop. He could hear her whimpers in his head, “Oh no! Please not there!” She would cry, and a smile crept across his face, he almost shot his load, just from the thought of her bucking wildly, desperately trying to un-lodge his thick cock from her little ass as he savagely rammed it into her again and again.

He carefully bent over, lowering his head between her legs to take in the scent of her sweet untouched pussy. Smiling to himself, he considered the possibility of taking her right then and there. He inhaled deeply, smelling her lightly musk scented cunt and almost became lost in the moment. It’s been so long since he’d fucked one like her, too long, he thought to himself as he continued to stroke his cock and breath in her intoxicating aroma.

He stood up and wondered why she slept in that lacy little get-up, she called it a baby doll outfit or something, but, she must know what an outfit like that can do to a man, she must want me to fuck her. There could be no other reason, he rationalized to himself. “Ah, my own fuck toy living just down the hall.” He whispered out loud in the dimly lit room.

His voice must have disturbed her, because she rolled onto her back again, but she didn’t wake up. Her legs were spread open ever so slightly, and through the leg opening of her short jammie bottoms, he could make out a small patch of shiny red hair covering her the top of her pussy. Looking deeper between her legs, the shadows Gaziantep Genç Escort hid the object of his desire. Always prepared, he carefully pulled a small flashlight from the pocket in his robe. Pushing the button, he aimed the thin beam of light between her legs, carefully lifting the thin material, he moved it aside, gaining a perfect view of her little pussy.

Fear kept him from diving into her cunt as his cock twitched with desire. He stroked himself several times as he stood frozen staring at her puffy bald cunt lips that protruded ever so slightly from between her legs. She’d shaved recently, or maybe that’s just the way she looks naturally, he wondered. Regardless, in his mind, he was convinced that she did it to tease him. Her milky white flesh beckoned him to touch it as he fisted his cock with one hand and held the light on his target with the other.

Looking up he saw that her small hand covered her firm little globe, hiding one pink nipple from his view, as the other peaked out from beneath her lacy pajama top. His twisted mind convinced him that she touched herself for him. She wants me to watch her touch herself! He thought in wicked amazement.

Before he knew it he was standing over her again, stroking his cock harder and faster as he held the flashlight just inches away from her hot pussy. He knew he couldn’t cum on her body, she’d feel it and wake up. He moved to her head and wrapped a handful of her soft red hair around his cock again, slowly stroking himself with her silken strands. The feeling was exquisitely sensual. The softness of her hair enveloped him as he pumped his cock several more times before his body went rigid. He was wracked with spasms as he grunted quietly shooting streams of hot cum in her shiny auburn hair.

When he finished he leaned over her sleeping form and quietly whispered, “Next time, my little toy, I’m going to bury my cock in your sweet little pussy.” He turned and left the room, quietly closing the door behind himself.

When she heard the door close she sat up in bed. Cora couldn’t believe what just happened. Her uncle had just jacked off in her hair. She’d heard that men did that, but why would he do it in her hair, she wondered to herself. Still stunned by the act, she lay there frozen. She could still feel the heat of his body and the smell of his cheap aftershave even after he left the room. Her mind was a jumble of thoughts, she heard, and felt him sniffing at her pussy like an animal. She waited, hoping it was all a bad dream, but the cum in her hair was enough to convince her that this was no dream, and, he said he’d be back, she shuddered from the thought.

Fear and repulsion overwhelmed her senses as she quietly slipped into her robe and tiptoed down the hall to the bathroom. She locked the door and moved the hamper in front of it as a precautionary measure. She had nobody to go to, no one to tell, she’d never felt more alone in her life.

Her stomach churned in disgust as she cleaned his sticky cum from her long locks. Touching his cum was enough to make her want to throw up. “The sick bastard!” She whispered quietly to herself as she scrubbed her body with a loofa desperately trying to scour away the feelings, as if she could wash them down the drain with his cum.

Back in her room after her shower her mind was a jumble of thoughts again. The most important one being, how to get away from Joe before he raped her. She knew that she would not get back to sleep that night, deciding instead to stay up and form a plan, before it was too late. She had to find a job where she could make enough money to support herself, but her only skill was dancing. Living in Las Vegas had it’s advantages, she thought to herself. It would be easy enough to disappear and re-invent herself as someone else.

Two days later, Cora’s stomach was in knots again. Yesterday, she applied for, and got a job as an exotic dancer on the other side of town, the old strip is what it was called, but that’s just a nice name for the seedier part of Vegas. She’d never danced in front of so many people, much less danced nude. She knew she had a nice body and was proud of her good looks. She also knew that it was an easy way for her to make fast money. She would be good at it, if she could manage to work up the courage to go through with it, she thought to herself.

Her mother would turn over in her grave is she knew that Cora was using her years of tap dancing and gymnastics as an exotic dancer, but she had no choice. She went over it again and again in her mind. She could think of no other alternative. She had to get out of that house and she had to have a good paying job, she thought to herself as she quietly packed her bags that evening.

Sitting at her desk to write a note to her Uncle, she mulled over the words she should use. She didn’t want him looking for her, so she had to make it sound good.

“Dear Uncle Joe,

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me ever since mamma died. Now that I am 18, I feel the need to do something with my life. I promise that I will write as soon as I get settled in L.A. It’s only a few hours away and maybe you could come visit me sometime. Please don’t worry about me, I already have a job lined up and I’ll rent a small apartment with my first paycheck. My life finally makes sense, thank you for everything.

With love,

Cora Lee”

She left out the part about knowing he’s a filthy pervert who likes to jack off on her while she sleeps. It would only delay her being able to leave or even worse, he may be so warped that he’d never let her go. More frightening was the thought of being sent off to another of her mother’s twisted relatives. This was the best way, she convinced herself as she crept down the stairs and out the door. Turning to take one last look around, she quietly closed the door behind her, knowing she would never come back.

Chapter 2

On the other side of town, Billy entered his night club through the back door, secretly wishing he had time to stop off and get a blow job before starting work, but, not this time, he thought to himself, the club was short handed and there was too much to do.

Looking to the left, he saw Maria, his head liner, rushing into her room to change for her next set. He waved and nodded, she smiled in acknowledgment, quickly closing the door behind her.

It was already 10:00 p.m. and the club was in full swing. The dancers were swarming in and out of their dressing rooms and the atmosphere was filled with excitement.

Bobby, the manager, called earlier that evening to tell him that they had a new girl starting at midnight. Saturday nights were the busiest night of the week for the club and Billy hated to start anyone on Saturdays, but, he needed the additional dancer.

Bobby appeared just moments later, with the new girl in tow. He motioned for her to sit down as he closed the door behind them.

“Name?” Billy asked, devoid of emotion, even thought his stomach tightened and his cock stiffened at the sight of the red-haired beauty sitting across his desk while she crossed her long sexy legs demurely.

“Cora Lee.” She replied in her fake southern drawl.

“Uh-huh.” Billy said as he scribbled something in his notebook. “Age?” He asked, not bothering looking up. He had to give the impression that she was just another dancer, even though his heart raced and his cock was already rock hard.

“Uh- I just turned 21.” Cora said nervously, hoping he wouldn’t ask for I.D.

“Have you ever danced before?” Billy inquired, looking at her lightly freckled porcelain complexion. He knew she couldn’t be as old as she claimed, but he was distracted by her fine features, and her wavy auburn hair. It had the coloring of an maple tree in autumn, ablaze with red and gold highlights, and oddly enough, she seemed familiar to him.

“Yes, well, um, not in a club. But, I’ve danced for years and choreographed a new twist on an old routine for my routine. I, um, auditioned yesterday and-” Cora started to stutter but was cut off by Bobby.

“She did okay yesterday Billy, quite the acrobat or gymnast, if you ask me.” Bobby said, throwing a knowing wink at his brother.

“Okay, well then, do you have a costume, Cora Lee?” Billy asked emphasizing her name, as if to sneak her some secret message.

“Um, no, I don’t have anything other than my regular clothes, but they told me that I could – ” Cora replied shyly, but before she could finish, she was cut off by Billy’s impatience.

“Okay, we can take care of that. I guess you’ve got yourself a job, Cora Lee.” Billy said with a smile. “Get over to wardrobe, April will take care of you.” Billy dismissed them with a wave of his hand hoping that his cock would settle down when she left the room.

“April will get you in a costume and answer any questions. Good luck out there.” Bobby said with a wink as he dropped her off at wardrobe, giving her a light pat on the bottom.

April greeted Cora at the door. She wasn’t at all what Cora expected when she looked up and saw an overweight middle aged woman. Her face was leathery and wrinkled from years of sun exposure, but her cornflower blue eyes were gentle and kind. April smiled and motioned to Cora, inviting her into the cramped little room.

The matronly woman took Cora by the arm and looked her up and down. She spun her around in a circle and placed her palms over Cora’s small breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze. “Nice.” She said, noticing her discomfort, “I know exactly what we will do with you, little one.” April told her with a wink.

She rummaged through the wardrobe locker until she found what she was looking for. She handed it to Cora and said, “This is it!”

Taking the costume from April, Cora stepped behind the dressing curtain to change. When Cora emerged, April nodded her head in approval, “Perfect! Just perfect!” She said. “Billy will be so pleased.”

“You have a bit of time to go over your routine, get your hair up in pig tails and go light with the make up sweetie, we don’t want you covering that natural beauty. You get paid cash at the end of your shift, and of course all the tips are yours.” April told her, ushering her into a small private dressing room with a t.v. monitor hooked up to a live feed of the dance floor. “Go sit down and watch the monitor so you can get a few ideas of what the crowd enjoys. I’ll be next door if you need any help.” She said as she opened the door to leave.

“Uh, okay.” Cora replied nervously.

“Here.” April said reaching into her apron pocket. She handed Cora a small pill. “This will help you to relax so you can have fun out there. Take it 30 minutes before you go on, and you’ll do just great.”

“But – what is – it?” Cora asked, looking up to see that April was already gone.

Cora fixed her hair and makeup before she sat down to watch the dancer on stage. The dancer simulated different sexual acts in her routine and seemed to get more and more money the nastier she got on stage for the men. Cora quickly swallowed the pill, hoping it would give her the confidence she needed to do the things she saw on the monitor. Then, she waited for them to call her to the stage.


Joe sat in the back of the club nursing his drink and smoking his cigar. The smoke swirled around his head, clinging low in the air enabling him to go virtually unnoticed by the other customers as they passed by him. He came into the club that night to forget. He had to get Cora out of his mind, even if just a little while, or he’d go insane. He couldn’t believe that his sweet young niece took off to Los Angeles, betraying him, and denying him what was rightfully his. He’d find her, and when he did, she’d pay for her betrayal he thought taking another long draw from his cigar. He’d already made plans to leave out in the morning for L.A., but for tonight, he needed to find some release for his pent up anxiety, he thought to himself chuckling out loud.

His laughter inadvertently caught the waitress’s attention. She approached the table making an obvious attempt to stay in the light and avoid the dark shadows in the corner.

“Another drink Sir?” She asked sweetly, hoping he wouldn’t delay her with the expectation of flirtatious banter.

“Yes, and could you see about getting one of those girls over here? I’d like a private dance.” He said waving a handful of bills in the air.

“Yes sir.” The waitress replied, quickly turning to walk away when he suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her down to eye level.

“Make sure you send a young one over here.” He warned her, “I don’t want some saggy old hag with too much make up! Got it?” He asked her gruffly glaring into her eyes.

“Um – uh, okay.” She stuttered nervously, taking note of the evil glint that flashed through his dark eyes.

She returned to the bar to order his drink and saw Bobby, the manager was talking with one of the dancers. She hurried up to him and told him about the man in the back.

“He’s creepy, Bobby.” Lucy explained, “He hasn’t exactly done anything, but, I know people Bobby, and there’s something wrong with that guy.”

“Okay, we’ll keep an eye on him. You do your job and get the man a drink and a girl after the next show. I’ll post security close by, okay?” He asked her trying to assuage her concerns.

Lucy went back to the bar, picked up her order and delivered it to him from across the table, making certain that she didn’t get close enough to him for him to touch her again.

“Here you go sir.” She said with a fake smile, “Your dancer will be out after the next show, they aren’t allowed to do private dances until the show is over.” She explained to him.

“Fine, fine.” He said, his annoyance written across his face as he handed her the money for his drink. “Just keep it.” He said waving her away with his hand.

Chapter 3 – Cora’s Debut

Several minutes before Cora’s curtain call, Billy was in his private box, high above the stage watching the clamor of the crowd below. His cock twitched in anticipation of seeing Cora dance for the first time. Consumed with thoughts of the new girl, Billy shook his head violently in attempt to shake her from his mind. But, it was to no avail, the thought that he knew her somehow lingered in the forefront of his mind. He wondered where he’d seen her before, and he struggled with the issue right up to the moment he heard his brother’s familiar voice booming out of the clubs sound system.

“Gentlemen, . . . and ladies! We have something very special for you tonight. Fresh out of school, for her debut, this sweet young thing is here to show you why they say the south is soooo hot, and so very sultry! Please give a warm welcome to our newest dancer. The one and only, . . .Cora Lee from Tennessee!” Bobby announced proudly into the microphone. The high-spirited crowd cheered and applauded as he gave a short speech about tipping the waitresses and bartenders while waiting for the curtain to be drawn.

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