Cousin Anita Ch. 03

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I checked out and after settling the bills we headed for her car. Bellboy placed the luggage in the trunk and we drove off. As we drove to restaurant Anita was relaxed and this time she talked showing me around city and pointing the landmarks of the city.

We reached restaurant and selected a corner table away from door. The restaurant was empty except two other people. A waitress greeted us and led to a table near the back of the restaurant. As we settled, the waitress came back with menu card and asked if I wanted to start off with beer or wine. I wanted to have some wine but before I could speak Anita answered that water would be just fine.

She went off to get water as Anita went through Menu Card. She suggested me couple of dishes but not being adventurous with food, I ordered for spaghetti and meatballs. When waitress came back, she placed the glass before us Anita dictated our order and waitress skillfully jotted it down and re checked with Anita before leaving us alone once again..

As the waitress left, Anita looked over me with her hands on table. I took my hand and reaching for her hands, interlaced her fingers with mine. She had a surprise look at her face to my open show of love but she did not object an instead welcomed it with a smile.

We both sat without saying a word for couple of minute’s just watching in each other eyes like teenage lovers. Finally I spoke, “I’m not sure what you would call what we just did but it was nice as far as I am concerned.”

She broke the eye contact and the smile faded a bit, ” I don’t know how to define the relationship between us and I can’t figure out how this is going to effect my future.”

“Anita I know for sure if you didn’t had this experience, you would have always regret it, same is true for me also. At least by doing this, we aren’t left with regrets.”

“Are you sure no one would find out?” she asked.

Her question gave me confidence, she was not worried about what we did but she was afraid of it coming in open. I knew for sure now that I have some wonderful time ahead of me so to reduce her tension, grabbing her hand I replied “We both are in same boat, we have been private and discreet as we can be, and we will be in future too. Fortunately, Ravi is not in town now and so are your kids, so why you worry”.

I guess you’re right,” she replied adding with a faint smile on her face, “I think it’s too late to think about it now.”

As the food arrived. I sigh in relief, I had a feeling that if continue to talk on the subject may be the faithful Indian wife in her would return and spoil rest of time which I was looking forward to.

Placing the food on table, waitress left and we started eating. Tension on Anita face clearly showed and I was worried. As we were mid way of lunch, Anita took a deep breath, looked over me, and spoke very confidently, “This is first time for me that I have been unfaithful to Ravi knowing well what he is up to.”

“I know you have had a very difficult life in the past” I replied “Also know that you have trials and tribulations that continue today.” “There is nothing wrong with this because it is perfectly natural. Is there anything wrong with this?

Anita kept quite and continued eating her food.

I wanted to throw guilt of being unfaithful of her mind so I continued, “No, it is perfectly natural and should be suppressed.”

“I have a family.” Anita replied.

“You shouldn’t feel ashamed.” “Its is quite normal, we know each other for so long so and if you will not share your feelings with me, who else you will go to.” Knowing well I am making some headway I continued ” If I tell you that I had a desperate fantasy to make love to you and that, I have never had the nerve to tell you. That is, until today how will you react.”

Anita’s face was red and her lips were almost trembling. She did not say anything.

I Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort paused for a short while concentrating on my food and never even once looked over to see her reaction. Giving her time to digest what all I had said. After couple of minutes I finally looked up. She was not eating her food was lost in a thought. Breaking her thoughts I said, “I have made it obvious that I have no regrets for the relationship we are now having, With all that Ravi is into, how about you.”

Breaking her long silence, she finally spoke. Her eyes shining “I guess you’re right,” “If Ravi is not faithfully to me and is not considerate towards my desires I have all the right to look out.”

We both smiled at the same time. I grabbed her hand and said, “I am happy you have regained your lost confidence.”

When we finally finished our meal, I found Anita was a transformed lady. She held my hand over table openly and was not worried. As the waitress brought the bill, I reached for my wallet but Anita insisted that she would pay. I let her pay the bill and paying off as we moved out Anita smilingly asked me “What’s on your list next.”

“Many things,” I replied “at the top is sex with you.”

She gave a naughty smile and kissing me on cheeks said “You better finish your shopping and than we have all the time for all that.”

We drove to a nearby market and I bought some famous stone jewellery for my wife and some other small souveniours. By the time we reached home, it was 7:30 in the night.

Once we got inside, Anita said something to each servant in local language. One of the maids brought in coffee and after that they all left, apparently for the evening.

Pouring the coffee Anita handed the cup to me and said, “We have time till tomorrow morning as all the servants have gone for the day and will be coming back tomorrow”.

I gave her a smile and restrained my self to pulling her, as that would have spilled the coffee. “You are a intelligent women and it seems that you have set a plan for the night.”

“Well…that’s a secret…” She replied and she laughed as she slid to the floor on her knees and began to caress my leg.

Her caressing of my legs brought my COCK to life and soon it was rock hard and was very much evident on my trousers. She continued to caress my thighs but never went near my cock. It seemed she was teasing me. Gazing at my crotch… she said “Looks like you are not very comfortable…”.

“With you so near I can not control it.” I replied, placing my half finished coffee cup on the side table, and I pulled her into me and kissed her deeply, my hands exploring her developed body.

She pushed me and stood, “It’s probably going to last only two days, so let us make the best out of it.” Saying she pulled my shirt from my trousers and started unbuttoning it. I sat enjoying her show of newfound confidence.

As she finished unbuttoning, she commanded, “Stand,”

“Of course.” I answered, standing slipped off my shirt as Anita went to work on my pants and unhooked my belt, and I felt her fingers slide over my erection as she unzipped my trousers. Within seconds, my pants were around my ankles.

She played with my cock through my underwear. I was already making small thrusting movements as if I was already fucking her. She inserted one hand into the slit in my underwear and eased my fully erect cock out. I moaned as she grabbed it and gently exposing my cock head.

“Naveen, you have given me what I could only have dreamt of so now it is my turn to pay you back.” Saying she wrapped her fingers around my COCK…and slowly she began to whack it. Pre-cum started flowing.

Pulling away from her I ordered, “Take off your clothes also.”

She looked straight into my eyes as her hands moved to release the buttons holding her top on. I watched as she unbuttoned each one and then shrugged her shoulders to release the garment from her shoulders.

As she was unbuttoning her, top I kicked off my shoes dropped my underwear and stepped off my trousers and underwear.

As her top came off her, the lovely boobs peaked up from the white bra. Her hands found the clasp between those marvellous boobs and unsnapped it. As she slowly pulled the ends out and away, her magnificent boobs came fully into view. My hungry eyes feasted on her boobs. They looked so inviting that my hand automatically moved along the top, side and bottom of her generous boobs and I let my finger slide over the hardening nipple.

As I was busy fondling with her boobs she pulled her jeans and panty and threw them away.

“Naveen, now it is my turn, just sit and let me take care of you.” She said.

“I would, but right now I want this hard on to go into that pussy of yours, we have all night and maybe most of the weekend to do everything else.” I replied.

“I know that… I am also hungry for it, but you have to follow my instructions first.” Saying she took a long breathe, and slipped down to her knees. She held my cock and slowly started to use her tongue… but soon the ringing of the phone interrupted it.

Anita gave an odd look and leaving my cock moved to phone as I slumped back on sofa.. I could not hear Anita, but could see her shaking her head, and, but as soon as she hung up the phone, she beamed at me. “That was Ravi, he won’t be back till Wednesday evening.

She came back, held my cock, and gave me a signal to get up. As I stood, she pulled me behind her and headed for the stairs leading to her bedroom. I walked behind her sliding my hand between her legs from behind, she moaned but kept on moving.

Once in her bed room she pushed me to bed and falling over, her hand fondled with my cock as she looked up at me, smiling, and said, “I know what you want Naveen but first I want to slide that cock right up between my Boobs and roll them all around your loving cock… OK?

“Ok. But may be I won’t last for a fuck after that Anita.”

“I don’t know if you will last or not but I know that you are strong enough to recuperate fast.” Saying she backed off and reached down, behind her, to a drawer in the side table. She brought out a small bottle of Johnson baby oil, and, opened it, pouring some oil on boobs. She capped the bottle with one hand as other hand evenly spread the oil on her boobs,

Placing the oil bottle on side table Anita cupped both boobs in her hands, lifting them so they formed some magnificent cleavage said, “You like them.”

Instead of replying, I leaned forward and tongued one of her nipples before sucking it into my mouth and tasting the oil in process. Anita arched her back, her breasts pressing against my face. I sucked one nipple, then the other.

She let out a moan and pushing me back to bed she leaned forward, and began rubbing my cock around on her boobs, teasing her nipples with it, leaving on them a small trail of early pre cum.

With her hands on side of her boobs, she pressed my hard cock between her cleavage as I began to pump slowly.

“Fuck them, Naveen Fuck them.” She moaned.

The oil acted as a very good lubricant and I could feel my shaft being lubricated too and slid along her chest smoothly. Anita rolled her shoulders forward in her attempt to get as much boobs-flesh around me as possible.

I began to fuck faster and my cock slipped up and through her boobs, then, down… until the tip was almost free of them. Anita was getting vocal “Fuck them, Naveen, Ohhh Bhagwan (God).. fuck them” she urged as I pumped.

“OHHHH Bhagwan, your cock is so hot.” she moaned as the sound of my cock moving against oil coated boobs only raised our sexual excitement.

As I kept pumping, her whole body tensed up as a powerful orgasm took over her and “Yessssss.” Was all she could moan.

I knew if I kept on pumping with same speed and vigour it would be a matter of seconds for me also so I slowed my speed. Anita must have guessed my state as she released her shoulder pressure from her boobs breaking by rhythm. My cock stood straight like an iron rod. Anita smiled as she took my cock in her hand and leaning forward and rubbed the head back and forth on her lips. I groaned with pleasure and she looked up at me. “Enjoying?”

“Yessss” I could whisper as I gathered all my energises to prolong my discharge.

Anita laughed and licked her lips before leaning down and kissed the head of my cock. I knew she was teasing me now so not giving her any chance to do that again I put both my hands on her head and pushed my cock in her mouth.

I could feel the shots of pleasure flowing through my body as she lowered her head, and started licking and sucking my ball. After few moments I felt like I was ready to explode and she knew it as she held by base strongly and stopped the licking. I could feel the love and desire she had for me. She wanted to please me, make me feel like I have never felt before.

After a brief pause Anita leaned down and opening, her mouth took my cock in her mouth not stopping until it pushed against back of her throat. I am not very large but very few women’s have been able to deep throat me. Then she closed her mouth around my cock and gently sucked. I could feel her tongue sliding around my cock tasting it. Her movements increased in speed and pressure sucking harder on my cock and sliding up and down faster. She seemed to be taking the whole of cock into her mouth when she lowered her lips down the cock. I was writhing softly in pleasure feeling being drawn towards an orgasm by her skilful mouth. She was a sharp lady as she sensed my state again and stopped letting my cock slip out of her mouth.

“Anita bahut achcha lag raha tha. Rook kyon gayin. Aur chooso.” (Anita it felt very nice. Why have you stopped? Please do continue)’ I begged.

“Baad mei meri jaan” (later my dear) “aab bardaasht nahi hota, apna lund meri choot mei dalo”(I cant wait any longer fuck me now).

“Ok, mera opper aaoo” (come over me) I replied understanding her desire.

“Nahi”(no), “Mujhe pheese ghodi bana ka chodo”(Fuck me from back, Doggie style),

Saying this Anita went on all fours. I got up slowly and looked admirably at her raised ass. Her meaty ass protruded towards me begging to be taken and her dark wet pussy peeped at me from between her legs. My thoughts were broken by Anita as she asked, “Mer gaand kaisi hai…mast hai ki nahin?” (How is my ass… Is it good) Her words worked magic on me and without wasting any time I grabbed her waist and plunged into her in one long stroke. She groaned loudly “Ooooooohhhhh… uuuuuuunnnnhhhh… UUUUHHHHGGG!” as I filled her and began to bang against her pussy, gripping her waist tightly and pulling her back onto my cock. As Anita continued to grunt and groan, I began to fuck faster into her body-jarring thrusts.

Anita was fucking rhythmically back to meet my every thrust into her clutching pussy rotating her buttocks backward in tiny lascivious circles, giving herself fully to my delight.

As I pumped her hard from behind she moaned again “Oooohhh… chodo…! jor se chodo… aur jorrrrr se… main gayi, meri chooot…” (fuck hard, faster I am cumming, My pussy). As her legs began to shudder and she was gripped by an almighty climax.

She . Screamed “Ooooh yessss… oooh… UNNNNHHHHHH… UHHHHHHGGGGHHHH!” As she came and I continued to pump and spurted line after line of sticky white cum into her hot pussy and slumped onto the bed beside her.

To be continued. I have received many e-mail from my Indian friends asking me to use Hindi. I had already written major part of this episode so only in last passage I have used Hindi. In my next episode, I will try to write more Hindi. Do vote 5/5 and I will post more.

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