Cruising Ch. 04

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Tom slept late on Day III, St. Maarten. He awoke at 8, late for him. He was exhausted, having spent Monday shopping in St. Thomas, and that night with 3 women in 2 separate events.

He showered, went to full breakfast, not just the buffet, wanting to slow his pace down and enjoy the luxury of cruising. He was randomly assigned a table as he entered the Dining Room, and the 8 others at the table exchanged brief pleasantries, being from diverse groups, then lapsed into their own chats, which was fine with Tom: It gave him time to sort out the events so far.

The first night he had met Casey and Mona, and somehow wound up alone with Casey, getting a blow-job in what they thought was an empty lounge. It turned out, another couple had watched while looking for their own hideaway. Pretty wild for a forty-something.

The second night, Mona, the room mate had turned out to be as horny as her friend, coming to Tom’s cabin for a round of wrestling that left her exhausted, but not Tom.

He went back out and met Ruby and Candy, two sixty-somethings who defied age and gravity and double-teamed him into his current state, worn out.

One group, who saved a chair was 2 men and a woman in their sixties. One was annoyed that Claire was never ready, always late, holding everyone up. The others hushed him. “When she gets here, you’re just gonna say ‘Hi Honey’ like you always do, so don’t fuss,” The woman said.

“And besides,” the other man said, “we don’t have plans today anyway!”

With that, they heard, “Sorry I’m late, everybody.” The complainer jumped up. “Oh, don’t worry about it, Honey, we didn’t mind at all.”

The other two smirked at Claire, who sat across from Tom and smiled at him. “Hi, I’m Claire.”

Tom stared, mesmerized. She was a black woman, about 40, tall, dark-skinned, with long black hair, pushed up under a straw hat. When she removed it, her hair tumbled down across her shoulders.

Tom wiped his mouth, and put out his hand, “Hi, I’m Tom.” She took it and her smile grew, large white teeth contrasted against dark brown smooth skin. Her almond shaped eyes, were almost almond colored, and Tom assumed they must be contacts. Very captivating and attractive.

She ordered, and they spoke of spa treatments and whirlpools, things they could do today aboard ship. “How about you, Tom? What are your plans?”

“I’ve never been to St. Maarten, I thought I’d so some shopping, have a look around.”

“You’re traveling alone?” Claire asked.

He gave a brief synopses of his tale of woe, how his fiancee had backed out on the wedding, and he couldn’t get a refund on the cruise, so he had come alone.

They all seemed genuinely sad for him, which wasn’t his intention, but just to see Claire’s expression was worth it. She looked as if about to cry. What a fox!

The breakfasts were served, and conversation showed that Claire was married to Henry, the complainer. She was his second wife, and he doted over her. The other couple were Henry’s life-long friends.

Tom bahis firmaları had more coffee, looking over the map of the island, which showed the shops and scenic spots, when Claire announced, “You know, we haven’t been here in a while. I think I’ll do some shopping, too, if you don’t mind the company, Tom.”

They were stunned, especially Henry. “But, I thought we’d get massages.”

She patted his hand. “And you should, Baby. You’ll be all loosey-goosey when I get back, and you can take me dancing! That will be fun, right?”

Tom just watched the discussion, then Henry resigned himself and said to Tom, “If you would be so kind, I would appreciate it if you watched out for my Claire. She has a habit of over-shopping, or loosing track of time. I’d hate for her to miss the boat.”

Claire laughed, loudly. “Oh, Henry, you worry so much! I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself! But, Tom, it is more fun to shop with someone. If you’ll have me, I’ll buy you a drink?”

Tom looked around the table. He really didn’t know where to go, and Claire sure seemed like fun, so what the hell! “I’ll meet you on the dock in 15 minutes!”

He put on his 30-SPF so he wouldn’t fry in the tropical sun, his sunglasses and Yankee hat, with sneakers and cargo shorts and tee, he looked just like a tourist. Off-ship, she stood to the side, the big straw hat and shades, her hair held back in a ribbon now. She wore a one-piece white swim suit, with a floral wrap. Her breasts shown from a thin sheen of sweat, cleavage everywhere. She waved and smiled broadly when she saw him.

They were loaded on the open-air bus where you are crammed together, and Tom could smell cocoa butter oils on her, she was so close. She spoke animatedly about St. Maarten, the shops, the market place, and did not seem concerned by their bodies so close,as if an every-day event. Ten minutes later, they off-loaded into the crowded narrow streets, and since 2 other cruise ships were in port too, it was especially jammed. She held his hand so they wouldn’t separate.

His hangover was gone, and he thoroughly enjoyed her, laughing, stories about life, her previous career as a model before meeting Henry. They had known each other for 29 years, and when his wife passed away 4 years ago, he proposed to her. He spent on her lavishly, and allowed her freedom and money to do things she wished. She didn’t mention sex, but Tom couldn’t picture him keeping up with her, especially at their ages, her about 45, he found out, and Henry 68.

In and out of shops, with Claire trying on different articles, some very sexy. In one lingerie store, she tried an outfit on, and called him to the fitting room. “What do you think? I didn’t want to walk out like this?” It was white, very sheer, so thin Tom could see right through it, and she had only put on the top. Her breasts stood high and firm and her nipples stuck out proudly.

He stared, and she laughed. “Cat got your tongue?”

“Yeah, something like that! It’s… stunning!”

“So, kaçak iddaa do you think Henry will like it?”

“As long as you don’t tell him you modelled it for me, he’d have to like it if he’s still breathing!”

“Well, judging by your expression, if he doesn’t, I can always wear it for you!”

Tom looked into her eyes, and even though she was smiling, he knew she was serious. “There’s no chance he won’t like it, but if need be, I’m available.”

“I bet you are, Sweetie! Now, get out of here, so I can dress!”

After a few hours, with hands full of bags, including a fedora that Claire bought for Tom, they found a bar overlooking the bay. She led the way to a booth out of the way. People coming in from the sun would take 5 minutes for their eyes to adjust enough to see them. She had a Pina Colada and he had a large cold beer.

She sat so close, their bodies touched, and he had long given up on staying away from her, with the hand-holding, and almost naked posing. She toasted new friends and held the frosty drink up. “Oooh, that’s so cold! Feel!” She reached under the table and put the cold hand on his inner thigh and he almost jumped!

She laughed, raucously, as he grabbed around her shoulder and said, “What am I gonna do with you?”

She looked serious for the first time and said, “I hope you’re gonna kiss me, and soon.”

He didn’t hesitate. Their lips met, hers were so soft, chilled from the cocktail. Her tongue was out before he could make a move and her hand was warm on his thigh now, squeezing it.

When they broke, she said, “Well, your ex must have been a fool to leave a kisser like that!”

He smiled and said, “Claire, I really like you, and I’m flattered that you like me, but i have this rule about married women.” He stared at her for her reaction, and she patted his cheek.

“Dear Tom, so noble, too. If it makes you feel any better, Henry and I have an arrangement. As long as I don’t flaunt it, he understands that his age and health prevent him from meeting my needs. That’s why I sat here, to be discreet.”

Tom thought, this is the vacation of all time! “Are you sure?”

She chuckled. “If you require a note, forget it. But he knew when I said I was going to town with you, what that meant.”

“So, what now?”

“To your cabin, I hope!”

They caught the next bus back, and kept glancing, smiling, and Tom’s eyes traveled over her body. He remembered the tits, and nipples, but those hips, and legs. It was no surprise that she was a model. Now, having filled out from her model’s figure, she was the perfect Vargas Girl.

Back on board, Tom opened the cabin door, picking up a note, in a woman’s writing, probably from one of his growing harem. She moved in behind him, her arms around his waist, loose enough for him to turn and face her. They kissed warmly as the latch closed and her hands roamed his body, his chest, arms, hips, and crotch, clamping on his growing cock.

Their tongues swirled as they gasped for each kaçak bahis other. She whispered, “We don’t have much time, baby, but I need you bad!”

He slid the straps of the swimsuit off her shoulders and her breasts rolled out, as fine as in the white fabric and he bit at her nipples as she tore off her wrap and shoved her swimsuit to the floor.

“Give me that cock, Baby, I need your big cock inside me,” she groaned as she clawed at his shorts, finally getting them over his hips while he slid his shirt over his head. When he looked down, she was on the floor, stroking him, smiling. “Yeah, that’s it, Baby, nice and big and hard!” She slurped saliva over the head, spitting then working it in, then wrapping those huge soft lips around it as he held her head.

After a moment, she was up, turning away from him, bent at the waist, leaning against the mattress.

“Come on, Baby, you know you’re ready. Stick that thing in my hot pussy now, Baby!”

Tom grabbed her hips, and moved in behind her, and she reached under and guided him in. “Yeah, Baby, that’s the spot, give it to me, Baby, make me feel you inside me!”

She was moving around like a butter churn. They were covered with sweat in the air-conditioned cabin, so much of it sweat from passion. She was grunting, still talking when she could, moving back hard and fast, then easing away.

She shuddered under him, but he wasn’t ready, for all the action the last few days, he was able to hold out and give her the ride she needed.

She screamed out, “Oh, Baby, I’m coming, I’m coming!” and she kept moving, even though her rhythm was lost, a clear sign she was gone.

She spun around, sitting on the bed, taking Tom’s 8 inches in her mouth again, jerking and sucking, tasting her own juices. She was looking up at Tom, urging him on with her eyes, wanting him to cum the way he made her cum. “Yes, Baby, come for Claire, come Baby!”

Tom pushed her back on the bed and climbed over her, spreading her below him and they were face-to-face, fucking for all they had, and Claire felt the urge building again from his passion and they stared into each other’s eyes, both blazing, while she kept moaning and calling for him to fuck her harder, to cummmm!

He gave in then, spurting his white-hot sperm into her sweet cocoa hole, and he emptied his load deep.

He collapsed on her, fully spent, and they were both lumps of human flesh, piled high and hot, for a good 5 minutes before he stirred and she slid out. He laid there, watching that brown body, marveling at his good fortune. She dressed and spoke softly as she did.

“I had a wonderful time, Baby. You’re a sweetheart. And such a gentleman! Henry will be so pleased that you watched out for me, kept me safe. Maybe we’ll see you later? What lounge do you prefer, and what time? Henry tends to tire early on cruises, so maybe we can… if you want I mean, it’s totally up to you of course, but I’m sure Henry would like to express his thanks.”

Tom told her the Martini bar was nice, and she bent and gave him a warm slow kiss. “Let me know if you want to go ashore tomorrow. I know a very secluded beach!” She winked and waved, and was gone.

Tom smiled and nodded off for a well-deserved nap.

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