Daddy’s Business Ch. 02

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We had arrived at the hotel, checked in, and were in the elevator toward my penthouse suite. Sandy had a Cheshire cat look on her face. Her mind was racing. We rode to our floor without a mere utterance from either of us. The bellhop lead the way down the hall to our room.

Opening the door, the bellhop allowed us to enter the room, Sandy leading the way. A quick survey of the room, nodding her approval, she jumped to me, threw her arms around my neck exclaiming “Oh honey, it will be such fun here!” I gave her a quick kiss, pushed her away as I reached to find a fiver for the bellhop.

Within seconds of the door closing, Sandy grabbed me by the belt, leading me to the bedroom. “What time is our meeting Daddy?” she asked.

“We have a dinner meeting scheduled, so we have about 4-hours,” I replied.

“Just enough time,” she purred. Reaching the bed, she turned to me, tugging on my belt. Slowly, deliberately, she opened my belt, reached to unfasten my pants, pushing them down to my ankles. Reaching to my shirt, she slowly, seductively, painstakingly unbuttoned each button, opening my shirt, caressing my chest with her nails as she pushed back the shirt, dropping it off my shoulders. She leaned to suck my man nipple into her mouth, lightly biting on my firm flesh as her hand caressed my other one. She growled under her breath. Gently, she pushed me back a half step, my legs pinned against the bed. I bent at the knees, sitting on the edge of the bed. She towered over me.

Grasping my head firmly, she pulled my face forward, slightly arching her mound to my mouth. She humped playfully on my lips. I started to slide my hand up her inner thigh toward her steaming pussy. Her soft skin glided under my fingertips, my destination drawing closer. I could smell her, her moistness filling my nostrils with her feminine scent. My cock chubbed in my briefs, growing longer, filling the veins with blood, engorging, growing firm. She pulled her sundress upwards, only her thong covered her mons, her sex outlined through the tight material. Her lips puffed the material, engorged with her blood. Ripe, yielding, her body arched to me. My tongue reached to feel her thigh, the junction between her mound and leg. I licked softly, caressing each square inch of flesh offered to me. I moved to her center, my tongue pushing the thin material of her thong between her lips, searching for her clit. Splaying her legs, opening her cunt to me, she almost sat on the bridge of my nose. Her cunt perched on my mouth. My tongue pushed the material back and forth in the slit of her pussy. I could feel the wetness soaking her thong.

“Back Daddy, lay down,” Sandy instructed. Laying back, she bent to my feet. Quickly, efficiently, she removed my shoes, socks, and pulled my dockers off my legs. “Move up Daddy,” she breathed huskily. I quickly slid my body upwards, resting on the pillows. Sandy moved to the side of the bed, slowly moving her hands up her body, caressing her flesh through her clothes, lifting, squeezing her breasts, sliding down, caressing her body, slowly pulling the material of her sundress upwards, her fingers tracing the outline of her thong, her fingertip rotating over the area of her clit. I watched as her finger disappeared, the material sliding between her labia. I watched as her fingers rotated slowly, flicking her clit back and forth through the material. Her eyes flashed fire, seductively licking her lips, drawing my attention to her body. Her breathing changed, growing deeper, her lust permeating the room.

Slowly, she removed the sundress. With a quick turn, she whirled, and during the spin, flung the frilly bra playfully at me. Turning on her heels, she quickly turned, spreading her feet wider, bending at the waist. Her knees locked, she rocked her ass back and forth. I could see the thin strip of thong material ride tight against her ass. Her fingers snaked up and down her thong, tugging, pulling on the material. She leaned seductively to the side, looking around her leg at me. She swiped her finger slowly along her wet thong, purposefully gathering any wetness, and slowly, tantalizing slow, moving her hand to her lips, her tongue dancing along her outstretched fingers, tasting her juices superficially. She sucked her finger into her mouth, her eyes flashing.

Quickly, she reached to her waist, pulling the thong over her hips, sliding the material down her thighs several inches. She pulled the material once more, pulling it free from her muff. Her pink slit, perfectly framed by her ass, peeked back at me, her puffy lips glistening slightly. One hand pulled the material down off her thighs, raising first one foot, then the other to kick the material free. Her other hand reached deep into her crotch, her fingers raking up and down her slit. Her middle finger hesitated, making sure I was watching, wiggled over her exposed slit, and quickly slid softly between her wet lips. Rotating her finger over her clit, Beylikdüzü escort I could hear her juices smacking with her finger. Sandy snaked her finger up the exposed slit, reaming her wet, pink hole. Watching me, Sandy slowly slid her finger deep in her wet, velvet hole. I could see her hand, jamming more finger in her body, rotating, hammering her heavenly hole.

My pole lurched to instant rigid. My hand jumped to grasp my meat, to stroke it firmly. Precum formed up on its head as I stroked from the base. Using my finger, I squashed the liquid drop, raising my finger upwards. A thin trail of liquid hung between my finger and the tip of my rigid cock. Sandy’s tongue darted out of her mouth, she turned quickly to me. Leaning, her tongue darted between my finger and the tip of my cock, swiping the thin trail of precum from mid air. With one motion, she turned her mouth to me, engulfing the head of my massive cock, sucking the head into her mouth. She crawled up the bed, her hips nearing my head. I slid quickly down, pulling her with me. Grabbing her thigh, I pulled her urgently over my head. Grabbing her ass, I pulled her cunt to my dry mouth. My lips quickly found her clit, grabbing it, tugging it deep into my mouth. My hips thrust upwards, driving inches of cock into Sandy’s tiny mouth. She ground her hips downwards, humping my mouth with an unbridled vengeance. My hands grabbed each globe of her ass, pulling her tight against my face. My tongue danced over her clit, mashing it firmly against my teeth, tugging it from her body, probing in hard with my tongue. I breathed her, I ate her, I tongued her, driving my tongue deep into her wet hole. My face absorbed her juices, coating my cheeks, lips, tongue. I thrashed her body, my tongue driving her to orgasm. Her body started involuntary humps against my mouth and tongue. She had to pull off my cock, suck in a deep breath, and then drive her face down hard on my cock again. I humped, offering more cock to her face, arching to drive my cock deep into her mouth and throat. My balls churned.

Sandy pulled off my cock, gasping for breath. She pulled her face flat against my skin, breathing deeply, quickly. Moans erupted from her, her hips arched hard against my mouth. I focused on her clit, nipping, tugging, mashing it firmly against my teeth, but thrashing it repeatedly. Grabbing it between my teeth, I hammered her sex, driving her body quickly up the mountain. I could hardly control her hips, humping my mouth, pulling up, pulling on her flesh in my mouth. I held firmly until she thrust back down, grinding her cunt of my mouth. Her body convulsed, forcing tiny, hard, fast humps against my mouth. A scream, muffled by my cock sliding along her lips, filled the room. Arching, she drove her hips down on me, her thighs squeezing firmly along the side of my head. One more hard arch, her body exploded, her orgasm racking her body. Her hips thrust involuntarily, quickly against my mouth. She attacked my cock, driving every available inch in her mouth, down her throat. Groans, grunts, she jammed my cock deep into her face. She grabbed my balls, squeezing hard. I had to grab her hand to keep her from ripping them off my body. She face fucked my cock hard, driving, grinding herself down, sucking, lifting upwards, and driving back down.

I thrust two fingers deep into her wet, slick pussy. Her body erupted again, a second orgasm racing through her body, her body screaming from deep within. I hammered her tight pussy hard! I lost all thought! I needed to fuck this beautiful specimen of flesh. I needed to feel my cock slide deep in her body. I pushed her off my face. “Sandy, fuck Daddy baby,” I instructed. “Sit on me!” I whispered. Sandy moved quickly as I rolled to my back. My cock, rigid, engorged, rose majestically up from my crotch. Sandy quickly straddled me, humping my cock between our bodies, sliding her wet slit up and down my shaft. Our eyes locked! Tilting to one side, lifting up to one knee, Sandy reached down between our bodies, grabbing my rigid cock. Lifting it, she slid the head between her wet lips. Back and forth several times coated its’ massive head. Positioning herself, she arched her hips, and slowly slid her body down, pressing my cock firmly against her hole. She rotated her hips slightly. The head of my cock lurched through her opening, forcing several inches into her body. She hesitated, lifted up slightly and drove back down firmly. Several more inches penetrated her body. Placing her hands flat on my chest, her nails dug into my hairy chest. Lifting again, Sandy drove back down on me. Once more, she repeated the small movements, lifting, driving back down. Now impaled on my cock, Sandy looked deeply into my eyes.

“Oh fuck Daddy,” Sandy whispered. She ground her body on me, out pubic bones touching, our flesh, her wetness coating us. She arched her hips forward, backwards, grinding with each thrust. A slight movement, she lifted upwards, almost Beylikdüzü escort pulling completely off my cock. Her eyes flashed, a grin crossed her face. With a grunt, she thrust her body downwards, slamming my cock deep into her tiny body. Our bodies slapped together, the flesh against flesh smack very audible. I thrust upwards to meet her thrust, driving every possible inch of cock into her receptive cunt. Our thrusts became rapid, hard, our bodies slapping loudly with each thrust. I grabbed her tits, my thumbs squeezing the nipples upwards hard against my fingers, rolling them back and forth as I hammered her tight pussy. I watched as my cock slid out of her hole, her lips stretching to hold me. I could almost see the rim of the head just before she would drive her body back down, gobbling each inch, grinding her cunt on my flesh. We fucked! Hard! Our breathing came in gasps, grunts, and grinds. We fucked! Harder! Time after time, we thrust together, our bodies absorbing the penetration of her flesh.

Suddenly, Sandy leaned slightly forward. Arching her back, tilting her hips, she started lifting her ass upwards, pulling my cock across her clit with significant pressure. A look of lust crossed her face. “Yes,” she growled. Sandy looked at me, and began driving her hips up and down several inches at a time. With each lift, she cleared 6-7 inches of cock, sliding each inch along her clit, mashing it flat between our bodies. Then, with each thrust down, she repeated sliding my cock along her wet slit, again pressing firmly on her clit as well. And the rocking motion was grinding my cock hard along her edge of her hole, making my balls churn even harder. Piston like, Sandy humped up and down on my cock. I grabbed her hips, pulling down firmly.

“Daddy, wait for me,” she huskily whispered. “Just give me a couple of minutes,” she growled under her breath. She fucked my cock hard, driving it in and out of her body. Her juices were flooding my cock. Her breathing grew ragged. Her jaw set hard, her face tense, she humped my rigid cock. Her rocking grew harder, faster, as her body raced to orgasm. With a loud gasp, followed by several hard grunts, Sandy again erupted in orgasm. Her body tensed, driving every inch again deep, and settled down hard on my cock. As she ground her body down, I exploded , filling her pussy with my Daddy juice. Sandy lay forward, resting on my chest as my last spurts of cum filled her. She moaned a satisfied groan. I wrapped her firmly in my arms, my cock expanding and shooting deep in her body. She purred. “I feel you Daddy,” she whispered. “I feel your cum in my body,” she continued.

We rested for a couple of hours, drifting off to sleep.

I awoke to the sound of the shower. Sandy was calling. “Daddy,” she sang. “I need you,” she continued. I stretched, reaching to my crotch. My cock, flaccid, was sticky, Sandy’s juices matting my hair. I also needed to shower. I got up quickly, and headed to join Sandy.

“Hey Baby,” I said as I approached the shower.

“Daddy, wash my back?” she queried.

“Sure Baby,” I replied, stepping into the shower. I had not really noticed how our size differences appeared. I towered over my little girl. I ducked under the water, got myself wet, and slid next to her body. My cock dangled between the cheeks of her ass. Placing my hands on her hip bones, I humped against her playfully. She bent slightly, and pushed her ass back against me. I instantly forgot the shower. I pushed myself firmly against her ass, my cock growing firmer. “Damn Baby girl,” I growled under my breath. I slid my crotch up and down her crack. I spread her cheeks apart, running my thumb over her puckered asshole, reaming it gently. Sandy held her breath. Grabbing my cock, I placed it against her wet hole, sliding the head around her, reaming her cunt. Semi rigid, I pushed forward slowly. Bending slightly, my cock slipped through her opening. I pulled myself flush against her backside. My cock continued to inflate, growing larger while buried in her cunt. She placed her hands on the tile of the shower wall, pushing her body back against me.

“Daddy,” she growled. “What’s got into you?” she asked. She pushed hard against me. I grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her back gently. I pulled back, my cock now grown larger, more rigid. I pushed forward again, pulling on her hip and pulling back on her hair. “Oh fuck,” she grunted, spreading her legs slightly, bending more. With the water pouring over her back, cascading down her ass, over my crotch, I grabbed both hip bones, pulling her hard against me. I spread my feet apart wide, lowering my crotch to her height. I arched back, and pulled forward hard. My hips slapped against her ass, the noise echoing off the walls of the shower tub. I ground my hips for a few seconds. I pulled back, hesitated, and slammed forward harder. My hips slapped her flesh again, the noise filling our senses. Sandy grunted loudly. “Yes Daddy!” Escort Beylikdüzü she screamed. “Fuck me hard Daddy!” she shouted. Again, and again, I pulled back and slammed my hips forward, driving 9 ½ inches of massive cock into her petite body. Our breathing again grew ragged as I hammered her body.

No cognizant thought left, only lust filled our thoughts. We fucked like demons. I wanted to rip her body apart with the power of my thrusts. Sandy absorbed each thrust with a push that drove me even deeper. As I thrust forward, Sandy would thrust her hips up and down slightly, grinding our bodies together, filling our bodies with a passion never felt before. Our ages, our relationship vanished, we became lovers, fucking our brains out, filling each others’ needs. We fucked, slamming my cock deep into her body. Within minutes, my balls churned again, sending cum out of my sac, jettisoning into my shaft, and spasms spewing my cum deep into her cunt. As my balls emptied, my thrusts lost their urgency. Leaning over her, I reached under her belly, sliding my hand deep into the vee of her crotch. My fingers quickly found my target, her wet, slippery clit. Quickly, I focused her thoughts on her clit, driving her body quickly to an explosive orgasm. She came hard, her grunts filling the enclosure. Her body twitched, her knees buckled, pulling off my deflating cock, squatting to her knees. She turned quickly, sucking my cock deep into her mouth as the water cascaded over her head. I thrust my hips forward, impaling her mouth with my soft, pliable cock. She sucked any remaining drops of cum quickly into her waiting mouth. Sensitive, I had to pull her off my cock, pulling her to a standing position. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close.

We rocked silently for several minutes under the warm water.

“We got to eat Baby,” I simply stated. She leaned back, grinned ear to ear, and nodded affirmatively. We finished our shower quickly, dressed appropriately, and rushed to our client meeting dinner.

After a successful dinner, we jumped in the limo, and headed out for the evening, expecting to have drinks, and maybe get in some dancing. Our driver took us to the club of choice in Seattle. As we were seated, Sandy leaned to whisper in my ear, “Daddy, I do not have my thong on”. She leaned back and smiled wickedly. I quickly, quietly, reached to her thigh, sliding my hand up her leg, quickly finding a moist, naked pussy beckoning me to play. I dipped a fingertip between her lips, withdrawing as our waitress approached. I sucked my finger into my mouth to tease my little vixen. Our waitress had a coy look on her face, even blushing slightly. Her eyes never left Sandy as she addressed us. I wondered what she observed. This situation was not missed by Sandy either. “Did she see us?” she asked.

I was brazen. I wanted to publicly make my baby girl cum. I pulled her around closer to me, cutting off possible views of other tables. Leaning to Sandy, “I am going to make you cum Baby,” I whispered softly. I slid my hand up her thigh, my fingers dancing over her slit. “Just enjoy this Baby,” I continued. “Be quiet now!” I suggested firmly. Using my middle finger, I slipped my fingertip between her wet lips, and began a focused, firm rubbing of her engorged clit. Within minutes, Sandy was putty, her breathing labored, forced, biting her lower lip to keep her moans inside. Her body slipped down, her back arched to my fingers, her legs opened to allow me full access to her wet cunt. Her eyes closed, head back, Sandy was absorbing every flick of my fingertip, her hips mini-thrusting my fingers, begging for me to penetrate her body.

Suddenly, our waitress appeared, kneeled down to one knee at the end of the table. “Don’t stop,” she whispered. “Finish her,” she continued. “I’m blocking a sight line for you,” she whispered, looking directly at me. She inhaled deeply, her eyes glazed slightly. Her tongue licked over her lips. Sandy openly stared at her as I continued to flick her wet, sensitive clit back and forth, mashing it firmly against her body. Sandy’s tongue darted out, licking her lips as well. The girls stared at each other intently. My cock was again rigid. Sandy could hardly keep from moaning out loud. Her body grew rigid, tense. Her ass cheeks flexed, lifting her cunt up. Just as quickly, a deep, hard grunt escaped her, her body relaxed as her orgasm flooded through her body. She moaned softly, clamping her legs together, closing over my hand. I pulled my hand out slowly. I reached across the table to put my finger on the waitress’s lips. Her tongue licked my fingers softly, deliberately. A muffled moan emanated from deep in her body. She openly stared at Sandy. Sandy watched her lick my fingers. Sandy reached to her own crotch, swiped her fingers up and down her slit, gathering juices from her wet slit. Reaching quickly, she offered her fingers to the waitress. Grasping her wrist softly, the waitress pulled Sandy’s fingers deeply into her mouth, sucking them softly. Her eyes gleamed. Sandy’s fingers grabbed my swollen cock under the table.

“Care to join us?” asked Sandy.

“I don’t get off till 2,” replied the waitress. “I’m Shea,” she continued.

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