Details of the First Time

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I have known for years of my curiousity. Never taken it further than fantasies quick glances in the gym locker room, trolling the net, like most of you reading this. The confession to a long time friend was hard, she was supportive as expected and even said she suspected it but never said how or why.

Along came Evan on the website. Not shy he offered his “services” to me but I was not ready. I loved the passionate back and forth about sex, it made me excited, but being the typical MWM I did not go further than fantasies…until I could take no more.

I offered to meet at a mall outside Boston, no one would know me there so no worries about being discovered. “I will be wearing a green t-shirt, white baseball hat, sweats pulled up to just below my knees, and the hemp anklet”. The anklet was the identifying mark of course for him to look for. I found a bench at the pre- arranged time, slipped off my sneakers to show off the anklet to him more clearly. He found me in a few minutes and my heart started racing.

A Mersin Escort few moments of small talk and I could stand no more. “The motel room is already paid for” I told him, “ride with me”. He agreed quickly, knowing what was ahead for him.

Arriving at the room 5 minutes later, I licked off my shoes as I closed the door behind me. Evan turned around to face me and I removed my shirt, my sweats already starting to show off my excitement I removed his shirt and rubbed against him, my hard cock at attention and in need of attention. I pulled off my sweats, now naked my only words were “I am yours for the afternoon, have your way with me”. Evan smiled, said “on the bed with you”, slapping my ass as I walked past him, I lay on my back, my arms falling above my head.

Removing his pants as he appraoched he joined me, straddling my body, his hard cock brushing across my face, my tongue reached for his balls, hanging in front of my face, I licked them, kissed them and sucked feverishly, he kept Escort Mersin his cock just beyond my reach, teasing me. As my mouth devoured his balls he tied my hands together with my sweats, thgen tied them to the bed post. I was at his mercy.

He offered his hard cock slowly, teasing me with the precum on my tongue before finally sliding it into my warm wet mouth. He moaned as my lips wrapped around him, pumping into my mouth, I could feel him swell as my tongue worked him into a fit of passionate sex. He pulled out and turned so he could suck my raging cock as he pumped back in my mouth, a wonderful 69 with 2 cocks wanting to release. I moaned as his fingers slid into my ass, opening me for what was to come soon. I pumped into his mouth and could take it no more, my cock exploded into his mouth. He turned and smiled, pulling out of my mouth, positioning himself to take my virgin ass. As he slid his cock in I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him into me as he split me with his cock, the pain subsided as Mersin Bayan Escort he filled me, fucking me like the slut that I had become.

My cock was still hard even after cumming in him and he stroked me as his cock swelled inside me, pumping harder and harder, he suddenly filled my ass with cum and fell out of me onto the bed, covered in sweat and cum. the door A shower for him as I remained tied to the bed, I heard a knock on the door. “Room service for Evan”, the sound of what sounded like 2 college aged young men. From the shower I heard, “I left the door unlocked,your tips are on the bed”…

Wonderfully muscular, the waiters smile as they removes each others’ clothes and closes the door behind them. Cocks grows as they nears the bed, Evan comes out of the shower, drops the towel showing his hard cock. The waiters kiss and fondle each other, I get hard and want them, they smile and they approach me, Evan interrupts, “his mouth belongs to me first boys, when I am done, he he all yours, you have the rest of him to share for now”. Evan’s cock is pushed past my wet lips, a mouth devours my balls and slides to my cock as a hard cock is thrust into my ass. What follows is an afternoon of lust and submission for you to imagine…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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