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My first ever story writing. Please give constructive feed so I can improve and please rate it if you like it.


I always had a crush on my mother in law. This is the story about what happened between us. Her name is Dina. 62 years old, not a stunner but something about her keep on attracting me. I am 45 recently divorced from a marriage of 15 years. My ex wife Sam was a real nice house wife until couple of years before we got divorced. She started to pick all kind of bad habits such as smoking, gambling not to mention flirting with other guys. We never had any issues with our sex life. From early age my ex wife was a bit of a wild bird. We dated for 4 years and decided to get married. We have two lovely children, a boy and a girl. Dina was wild all her life. She left her husband when my ex and her brother was very young. It always sounded flirting when she talked to anyone. Her tone and facial expressions. I guess like mother like daughter. The year I started to date my Ex, Dina had a baby girl with a man who didn’t want to know her after she delivered.

About me, I am Saf. I was 24 when I moved in London. I got married to my childhood sweetheart heart at the age of 25 and she left me for a hotshot with in 6 months of our marriage. I was introduced to Sam by my mum, for some reason she liked me straight away. I wasn’t really interested in a new relationship then but some how Sam managed to get me attracted to her. One day she came to my apartment in the afternoon and fucked me the entire afternoon and that’s it, we were together. We started our relationship and Dina didn’t like it at all. I’m not sure why but she didn’t want me to be with Sam.

After Sam and I got married Dina started to ease down a little. She would call me for help fixing computer, Tv or even appliances.

Life was good until I caught Sam texting one of her work buddy, some hot and cheesy texts including pictures of her in lingerie that I bought for her. After long arguments and few months of staying in spare room we have decided to break up.

Now the real story. I mentioned that Dina didn’t like bursa escort me in the beginning of our relationship but she started to change later. Because of her flirty character I started to fancy her, but it was just a fascination nothing serious. Just after Sam got pregnant she totally stopped having sex with me, I guess it was just a pregnancy thing. I started to get frustrated sexually and my fascination started to grow towards Dina. One day she called me to help her to set up her new Wi-Fi router. I went after work got everything up and running. She asked me to stay for dinner and I agreed. Call Sam and told her that I’ll be having dinner at her mom’s. We had a casual chat at the dinner table. Dina asked me how are we getting on with each other during Sam’s pregnancy, I told her that Sam was acting total crazy and we haven’t touched each other since the beginning of her pregnancy. Dina smiled and said poor you. We finished dinner and I got ready to leave, at the door Dina gave a goodbye hug. Something happened then. I felt electric shock past my body, I got an erection and Dina felt it. I tried to move away quickly and accidentally touched her ass. She had a magnificent one.

The drive home was a struggle with that erection. It won’t go away and my mind keeps on repeating the moment my palm was on her ass. I reached heme to find Sam was on the phone with her mom. She hanged up, looked at me with a smile. I gave her a kiss and went to the shower. Hot water felt really nice on my body. I stood under the shower eyes closed picturing Diana’s body in my arm. Suddenly I heard the bathroom door open and Sam walks in naked. She gave me the best blowjob since the first day she fucked me. I desperately wanted to fuck her but she said that’s all you get for now. After drying each other we went to bed.

During the argument went I caught Sam cheating, out of nowhere she just said “You wanted to fuck my mother and I never told you anything, why are bothering me?” I’ll be honest with you guys I did tell Dina once that I fancy her and I’d give away anything to be between her legs. I didn’t know that, that bitch told Sam what I said. After couple of months of our divorce Dina called me unexpectedly for a bursa escort bayan favour. I went to her place to find out that she was in a financial crisis and needed to borrow some money from me. Somehow she found out that I have inherited a large sum from a family member. I didn’t miss the opportunity to tell her that how she ruined my marriage by telling everything to her daughter and how Sam treated me for years before we were divorced. She apologised for her part in our marriage and said that she never thought that her daughter was a cheat. Out of anger I said like mother like daughter and walked out of the house.

Few days later Dina called me again begging for help otherwise she’ll have lose her house. “Ok, I’ll clear your debts but in exchange you have to fuck me” I said. She hung up. Couple of hours later she called again and said dinner at 7:30 no later. I knew she was ready for it. I reached her house at 7:25 before I could knock Dina opened the door and greeted me in. I was expecting her to be dressed for the occasion but nope. Anyway, we had our dinner and she told me how she got herself in money trouble and again apologised for what she has done. She offered me a glass of wine and went to her bedroom. By the time I finished my glass she was out in sexy lingerie and I didn’t need any further instructions.

We kissed and my hands were exploring every inch of her body. Her fingers were working on my buttons and in a few seconds I was out of my clothes. Still kissing I took her bra off and started to play with her nipples. She let out a low moan and moved away. She said I hope you like the way I say sorry for my mistake. No words came from my mouth, I just kept on looking at her body. She turned around and entered her bedroom, I followed. I hugged her from the back and my now raging reaction pocked between her ass. My hand found their way to her boobs and my lips on her neck. She moans. After in that position for a while, felt like eternity, she turned towards me and sits on her knee. Without any words she grabbed my dick and put in her mouth. The warmth felt like nothing, at least for that moment. Her hands were on my butts and I started to play with her silky hair. Not sure how long escort bursa it took but it was time for the explosion. Somehow she knew I was about to cum and she keep on sucking hard until the last second and I came all over her B cup tits. That was amazing even Sam never gave me that kind of pleasure with her mouth. I just fell on the bed. Dina stood up and gone to the bathroom to clean up. She comes out butt naked with a warm piece of cloth and wipe my dick.

I was about to say something but she said “not a word” and started to kiss me. That was a long passionate kiss. Few minutes later we broke the kiss and I said my turn. I started to go down slowly by kissing her neck, sucking on her nipples, kissing her tummy, bellybutton and then the valley of pleasure. My lips and my tung work together the way they should. I put two fingers in her pussy at the same time I was licking. She moaned softly first then started to become louder. Keep going, keep going, I’m cumming she said. I followed. Moments later she came, violently.

All she managed to say was “Fuck me, now” and I did. I shove my dick in her pussy and started to fuck her, hard. I knew that I’ll not last long the way I was going but who cares. Few minutes later I came in her and she on my dick. For few seconds it was just silent except our heavy breathing. My dick slipped out of her pussy. Dina got up to go to the bathroom, I followed her. After peeing she stood under the shower and pulled me close to her. We had another quick fuck and helped clean. After that we both went to bed naked. It was amazing spooning her.

In the morning I woke up by the feeling of my dick being sucked and it was. Dina, mother of my ex wife bobbing her head up and down with my dick in her hot mouth. I touched her head and she looked up and said good morning lover and back on sucking my now very hard dick. I said to her fuck my and she did. She saddled on my dick and gave me a very sensational fuck. When she was fucking me she looked like a professional cowgirl who knows how to ride. I came in her pussy but she was not close. I started to finger her clits and she let out a moan with oh yes. We got up for breakfast after I made her cum with finger magic.

It was time for me to leave. At the door she kissed me and I left with a promise to clear her loans. Later I received a text from Dina, “I want more of you, I’ll be waiting.” Followed by picture of her Naked. I just smiled. looks like it’s a start of a new relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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