Dreams of Things to Cum

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I am exhausted from the lack of sleep last night due to the most erotic dreams that I have ever experienced. It has been nearly 10 months since I last saw my lover. With her living so far away we do not get very many chances to be together. But the time is getting near when I again will be able to hold her, make love to her and to have some serious fun. It just so happened that I have a business trip scheduled for Albuquerque and wouldn’t you know it but my lover happens to live there.

Last night I lay in bed next to my wife, but sleep was not fast in coming. Visions of my lover play over and over in my mind. Her beautiful eyes, large breasts with the sweetest nipples and of course her beautiful legs encased in sheer nylon. As sleep finally takes me my dreams come alive….

Bags…packed. Golf clubs…in the car. STW pantyhose…on and caressing my hard cock. Won’t my lover be surprised when she sees me in these? She knows that I love pantyhose and in fact she is the only woman that I have ever been with that loves to have pantyhose fun with me. I get into the car and drive to the airport and while in traffic I unzip my fly and rub my hard cock through the nylon. I am so sensitive that I could make myself cum right there in the number two lane on the freeway. When I get to the airport I zip up and park the car.

I check in at the counter and due to my incredible level of arousal, I can’t help but flirt with the women at the counter and she seems to reciprocate the advances. She talks to me whenever she has a moment and I can’t stop looking at her shapely nylon covered legs and three-four inch heels. Her name is Mandy and she seems to notice the attention that I am paying to her and she plays it to the hilt. She slips her shoes off her feet and reaches down to rub her feet and calves all the time smiling and talking with me. I tell her “You should find someone to rub those feet for you.”

Mandy smiles up at me and says “When I get home I will ask my girlfriend to take care of that.”

“Lucky girlfriend,” I tell her and that if I were not leaving for trip I would gladly volunteer. I give her one of my cards and tell her that if she is in need of anything to call my cell phone and I will gladly help.

She gratefully takes my card and says, “I will have to take you up on that offer.”

She then checks her computer terminal and then announces that boarding will now begin. She tells me to have fun on my trip.

I tell her that I will be looking forward to hearing from her.

The plane trip was the longest I had ever been on. Only two hours but in my present state of horniness time just seems to drag minute by minute. I get up from my seat and go up front to the lavatory and lock the door behind me and drop my pants and rub my cock through the sheer nylon fabric and work myself up to a fever pitch. I was almost on the verge of cumming when the fasten seat canlı bahis şirketleri belts light comes on and the captain announces that we are starting our decent. I reluctantly stop and pull my pants up and return to my seat.

After we reach the gate we start to file out. I walk up the ramp and see Donna standing there. I walk up to her and plant a deep kiss on her lips and hug her tightly. I back away from her and look her up and down. Five inch heels, black sheer hose and a long coat. She asks me if I approve of her outfit and gives me a devilish grin.

I ask her if she is wearing anything else under that coat.

She says, “Maybe yes. Maybe no.”

She takes my hand and we walk to the baggage carousel to get my bag and clubs. We walk out to the parking garage and she approaches a custom van with deep tinted windows. “I borrowed this van from my friend Lydia,” she tells me and we get inside.

She practically tackles me on the plush carpeting in the van and is all over me. I start to undo her coat and find that the nylons were in fact a full cat suit and nothing else. My hands glide all over her nylon covered body and what a feeling. She straddles me and I reach up and play with here nipples through the fabric and softly pinch the hard tips. She arches her back and I look at her and notice that the cat suit is crotch less. God is she gorgeous. I take one of my hands and start to play with her clit. She is so hot and wet that her juice starts to create a wet spot of my pants. After her first of many orgasms she moves down my body and sucks her juice on my trousers where my hard cock is trapped.

She slowly undoes my belt and unzips my fly and reaches inside to find my throbbing cock covered in nylon. She smiles broadly and thanks me for the surprise and lowers her head down and starts to lick and kiss my dick through my hose. She sucks my wetness through the hose and nibbles on the head. I am ready to let loose and she can sense this and stops. She then pulls the waste band down and tucks it under my balls and takes my shaft deep into her mouth. Her tongue, lips and mouth work me towards a huge cum when all of a sudden she takes me out of her mouth, moves up my body and impales her tight, wet pussy fully on my huge hard cock. She begins to shake immediately as she cums around my shaft and I explode sending shot after shot of cum deep into her. Her pussy milks my shaft dry. When she calms down she turns around and we start to sixty nine. I drink all of our mixed juices out of her pussy as she takes me deep into her waiting mouth. We work at each other until she cums on my face and I pump my load of cock juice down her incredible throat. I just hold her tightly running my hands over her body……..

………”Honey, are you OK?”

I slowly open my eyes and look around in the darkness of my bedroom. My wife is lying there and tells me I was moving around canlı kaçak iddaa a lot and that I sounded like I was having a nightmare because my breathing was heavy like I was running or something.

I tell her that I was OK and to go back to sleep.

God what a dream. I lay in bed for a while till as sleep finally takes me my dreams come alive again….

I walk up the ramp at the airport but I don’t see my lover. I look around the waiting area and tell myself that she is probably tied up and is running late. I sit in a seat and wait for her to arrive. While waiting I spot a beautiful girl standing nearby. She was wearing a thin silk blouse with a light black jacket over it. She also wore a tight super short black skirt with sheer white hose and a pair of black spike heels. This woman was a knockout and I could not stop staring at her pantyhose covered legs. She caught me looking at her a few times and my cock was as hard as a rock. After a few more times of being caught by her, she walks over to me and says, “I couldn’t help but notice by the way you were staring at my legs and by the size of that hard cock in your pants, that you must be Curt. Hi I am Lydia. Donna is tied up at the moment and she asked if I would mind cumming to the airport and picking you up. She told me to wear this outfit and I would be able to tell who you were”.

I stood up and she put her arms around my neck and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and pressed her thigh into my hard cock and says, “Welcome to Albuquerque.” She takes my hand and we get my bags. We walk out to the parking garage and get into her van. We are sitting in the front seats and she asks me how my flight was.

“Long and hard,” I tell her.

She says that she could help me out with that.

She leans over to my seat and undoes my pants and finds my hard nylon cock. I recline the seat back and she proceeds to put her mouth over my cock and works me to almost cumming and then stops and says that we had better get going.

I tell her that was not fair and she tells me not to worry and that all will be taken care of soon. “Donna already got a hotel for you, and I will take you there.”

As she drove I could not resist placing my hand on her nylon covered thigh and slowly stroked her, each time moving higher. Her nylons stopped half way up her thighs and I felt the garter. We were at a stoplight when I finally worked my way up to her pussy and slowly put a finger into her. She was so hot and wet that I soon had two fingers inside her. I moved my fingers in and out of her till she had a huge climax around them. She just kept cumming till the car behind us honked after the light had changed to green. We quickly drove to the hotel and went straight up to the room. She told me to close my eyes and opened the door and led me inside.

Once inside, she told me to open my eyes and that is when I saw Donna. All canlı kaçak bahis tied up to the bed. Her hands and legs tied to the corners of the bed. A blindfold over her eyes, gag in her mouth and stereo headphones over her ears. She could not hear, see or say anything. She had pantyhose over your head holding it all in place. Her black crotch less cat suit clinging to her body and the pair of black lace panties she had on held a vibrator deep inside of her pussy. Her chest was heaving up and down and she was moaning loudly. Lydia said, “I had to put the gag into her mouth before I went to pick you up because every time she came she would scream and I didn’t want the hotel staff to come in here while I was gone.” She had no idea that we were in the room and the site of her there on the bed was incredible.

Lydia took my shirt off and then dropped to her knees in front of me and quickly took my pants and shoes off. She then grabbed my ass cheeks and took my cock, pantyhose and all into her mouth. She worked on me for a few moments then pulled my waste band under my balls. She stood up and led me by my cock over to the bed. She bent over and cut the panties off of Donna and pulled the vibe out of her quivering pussy. She placed my cock at the entrance to Donna’s pussy and I sunk in all the way to my balls in one stroke. Lydia told me not to come till she told me to. She quickly removes the hose, gag, blindfold and headphones from Donna and we look deep into each other’s eyes. Lydia then takes off her blouse and skirt and gets on the bed behind me as I start to stroke in and out of Donna’s pussy. She reaches down with one hand and begins to play with my balls from behind and her other hand is busy working on her pussy. Her nylon-encased legs rubbing against my nylon covered legs is too much for me to stand and then she tells me to cum. Donna’s pussy is cumming all around my shaft and is milking my cock while Lydia is gently squeezing the cum out of my hot balls. I let out a load moan and continue to pump my load deep into Donna’s pussy as she continued her orgasm around my shaft. I turn my head and kiss Lydia deeply while she came on her hand.

Lydia moved up to the head of the bed and straddled Donna’s face and fed her pussy to her. The sight of my lover eating my new friends pussy was so stimulating that I kept pumping my cock into Donna until all three of us came loudly……….

I awoke at about three this morning and needed some relief. My balls ached from all the cum inside of them and I went to my wife’s drawer and pulled out a pair of tan pantyhose and went into the bathroom. I wrapped my hard shaft in the nylons and within fifteen seconds I came all over them. (I need to remember to wash them before she gets home tonight)

Finally, my balls empty, I went back to bed. It is not long before sleep finally takes me and my dreams come alive yet again….

I am driving home from the airport after a most rewarding business trip when my cell phone rings. “Hi it’s Mandy from the airline. Remember me?”……but that is another dream….

This is my first story. I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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