Erica Meets Her Neighbour Ch. 02

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Note: This is story no.10 in the Erica series. It begins with ‘Erica’s First Striptease’. Then ‘Erica’s First Night at the Club’. Then ‘Erica Needs Her Daddy’. Then ‘Erica Does Some Modeling’. Then ‘Erica’s First Date’ and then ‘Erica and the Private Detective’. Then ‘Erica’s Daddy Tells her the Truth’. And then ‘Erica Steals Some Panties’ and ‘Erica Meets Her Neighbour’. This is the next story in the series.


Mr Wood pretended to be very angry with Erica for breaking his best china teacup.

“It was very expensive…” he told her, as she wiped his semen from her face and chin with her flimsy dress. “Priceless, in fact. I’ll never be able to replace it!”

Erica felt as if she would burst into tears. Her bare breasts bobbed and swelled as she stood beside the kitchen table.

“I…I’m really sorry, sir…honestly I am!” she said, her voice trembling. “I…I only wanted to help…”

Mr Wood tried to look stern and disapproving. He wrapped his dressing gown around his softening cock.

“You wicked girl…I ought to call the police!” he said.

Erica gasped.

She had been in so much trouble with the police, she dreaded to think what might happen to her if Mr Wood called them.

“No…no…please, sir…don’t call the police…” she said. “I…I’ll do anything…anything, sir…”

Mr Wood looked at the naked girl. She was beautiful. Utterly beautiful. His mind raced with ideas…imagining all the things he would do to her.

“You poor girl…” he said, after a moment. “I shall be kind to you. After all, we’re neighbours, aren’t we? But you owe me, my dear…you owe me a great deal of money! So I want you to listen very carefully to what I have to say. I’m an elderly man with few pleasures left in life, my dear. Tonight is my card night. Two of my dearest friends will come and play cards with me. I want you to be our maid…”

Erica looked at him.

“Your…your maid, sir?” she said, in a tiny voice.

“Yes, my dear…” he said. “You will serve us…bringing us food and drinks…and attending to all our comforts. I have a maid’s costume tucked away in a drawer upstairs. Come with me, my dear, and we’ll see if it fits you…”

Erica bit her lower lip. She didn’t want him to call the police. And maybe he would be kind to her if she helped him.

“Um…o-okay…” she said.

She followed Mr Wood upstairs and down a short corridor to a room at the end. He opened the door and they went inside.

The room was full of old furniture.

Mr Wood went up to a large oak chest and opened the top drawer. He reached inside and took out some flimsy little garments and put them on a chair.

“This is all you need, my dear…” he said, looking at Erica. “You can use my bedroom to get undressed, it’s the one beside the stairs. There are some shoes beside the bed. I’ll wait for you in the kitchen. Don’t be long, okay?”

He went out of the room, leaving Erica on her own.

She looked at the garments on the chair.

A pair of stockings.

A tiny pair of black see-thru bikini panties.

A tiny frilly white apron.

And a very short black maid’s tunic.

Erica picked them up and inspected them.

“Oh dear…” she said. “They all look so…so small! Even the panties…how will I fit into them?”

She clutched the flimsy garments to her bare breasts as she made her way to Mr Wood’s bedroom.

“Oh…” she said, as she opened the door and went inside.

It was a beautiful room, with a large king-size bed right in the middle covered with a luscious patterned quilt and thick, soft cushions. Erica put the garments on the bed and laid them out.

Then she picked up the panties and stepped into them.

“My goodness…they are small…so small…” she moaned, as she struggled to pull the tiny panties up over her thighs and ass cheeks.

The sheer see-thru fabric stretched almost to bursting point as she tugged it up over the swell of her bare bottom. Erica whimpered softly as she pulled the tiny black V at the front up over her smooth little pussy mound and lifted the taut sides of the panties up over her hips.

As she did so, she felt the underside of the tiny garment stretch and tighten in between her legs. It pressed urgently against the pink folds of her pussy lips…forcing them to swell…and open…

“Oh…ohhh…my panties!” Erica gasped, reaching down between her thighs. Her fingers touched her pussy lips…silky-soft and tender. “Oh my goodness…my panties…they’re inside me…they’re inside my pussy!”

She peeled her cunt petals apart with her fingertips and gingerly touched the tightly stretched little ribbon of fabric inside her vagina.

It pendik escort was already soaking wet with her hot teenage love juices.

Erica gave a tiny cry and gently took her fingers away from in between her thighs. The tender cunt petals closed again, curling around the panties…and completely concealing them from view.

There was nothing she could do about it. Mr Wood was waiting for her downstairs and she had to get dressed.

So she picked up the stockings and stepped into them, one pretty foot at a time…rolling the sheer silk up over her knees and smoothing the tight patterned tops around the soft upper part of her milky-white thighs.

“Pretty stockings…” Erica said to herself, as she picked up the little maid’s tunic.

She stepped into the garment and pulled it up over her thighs and panties, lifting the front up over her smooth, soft tummy. The zipper at the back of the tunic was undone, but it was still extremely tight. Erica gave a little gasp as she tried to lift the cups of the blouse up over her bare breasts and slipped her arms through the small puffy sleeves.

“Oh…they’re half-cups!” she cried, as she lifted the sleeves up over her shoulders. “My…my breasts…my nipples…they won’t be covered!”

The top of the maid’s tunic only reached up to the underside of her breasts. The patterned cups of the blouse were deliberately small, cut away into small curves that pushed her breasts up, making them swell…but left her pink nipples and the top of her breasts completely exposed.

To make matters worse, the hem of the tunic — now that she had pulled it up as high as it could go — barely reached past her pretty waist.

Erica looked down at herself.

Her breasts and nipples thrust out in front of her, naked and ripe, pushed upwards by the cups underneath.

The tunic was drawn in tightly around her waist, and the skirt flared out wide over her tummy. But it was only a few inches long.

“Oh no…it…it doesn’t even cover my panties!” Erica cried.

There was a large mirror in the corner of Mr Wood’s room. She ran over and stood in front of it, looking at her reflection.

The front and the tiny bikini sides of her sheer see-thru panties were completely visible.

Erica turned around to look at her bottom.

“Oh no…” she gasped.

She hadn’t done the zipper up at the back.

So she reached and around and took hold of it and began to pull it up.

As she did so, the tunic tightened around her body…pushing her breasts up higher…her pink nipples swelling…

“Oh…ohhhh…so…so tight…” she gasped, as she tugged the zipper to the top of the tunic. “Oh…oh…oh my goodness!”

As her tunic tightened, the hem had lifted a little at the back. Right up over the curve of her beautiful bottom.

“All of my panties are showing!” Erica cried, looking at herself in the mirror. “And they’re so sheer and…and see-thru!”

She tried to pull the hem down, but the fabric was so tightly stretched it simply wouldn’t move. And she didn’t want to tear it.

Erica looked at herself in the mirror again.

She could see right through the fabric of her panties. And in between her legs the fabric suddenly disappeared.

Leaving two pretty little cunt petals exposed to view.

She sighed softly and bit her lower lip.

“Maybe the frilly apron will cover my panties…” she said, stepping over to the bed.

She picked up the last item of clothing and put it on, slipping the two white ribbons around her waist and quickly tying them into a little bow.

The apron was a small white semi-circle with a frilly lace hem.

Erica tied it tightly around her waist and adjusted the front so it fitted properly.

Then she looked at herself in the mirror again.

“Oh…yes…that’s a little better, I suppose!” she said.

The little apron just managed to cover the tiny black V of Erica’s panties, its frilly hem fluttering softly against the tops of her thighs.

Feeling a little less naked, she went back to Mr Wood’s bed and found the shoes he had laid out for her. They were black, with one-inch heels.

She stepped into them and reached behind to make sure the bow of her apron was properly tied.

And then she went downstairs to the kitchen.

Mr Wood was still in his dressing gown, drinking tea. When Erica came into the room, he stood up to look at her.

She was the perfect maid.

Her bare breasts and nipples thrust out provocatively towards him. And the tunic…he could see how short it was, barely reaching down to her shapely hips. He feasted his eyes on the girl as she stepped closer. The cute little white apron…and…

“Turn escort pendik around, my dear”, he said. “Let me see the panties…”

“Y-yes, sir…” Erica said, blushing a little.

She turned around for him, letting him look at her beautiful young bottom.

The sheer black panties stretched almost to bursting point over her luscious ass cheeks.

Mr Wood savoured every moment as he stared at the lovely sight.

“Exquisite…yes…exquisite!” he said, after a little while. “But the panties spoil the costume, my dear. Besides, they are far too small for you. Take them off. Take the panties off!”

Erica gasped softly.

“But…but, sir…” she began, turning back to look at him.

His dressing gown had fallen open and she could see his cock.

It was beginning to swell and stiffen.

“Take the panties off, my dear”, he said, looking at her sternly. “If you are to be our maid, then you must do as you are told. Now take your panties off…this instant!”

Erica lowered her lovely eyes.

She knew she had to obey him.

It was as if she was in his power now.

Yes. His maid. She was his maid.

She sighed and reached down to the sides of her panties, slipping her fingers through them.

And, as Mr Wood watched her, she gently pulled them down over her pussy and ass cheeks.

“Oh…ohhh!” she gasped softly, as the underside of the panties slipped out of her pussy slit and peeled away from her cunt petals.

A tiny ribbon of translucent girl-cumm stretched from her pissy slit to the panties below as she pulled them down…stretching…almost invisible…until it finally burst and dripped onto the kitchen floor.

Erica looked as Mr Wood as she bent over and stepped out of her panties, picking them up.

“I…I’ve taken my panties off, sir…” she said, trying to sound obedient. “Just like you asked me…”

“Good…good girl…perfect…” said Mr Wood. “Now put them on the table and come and pour some tea, my dear. You must be thirsty.”

Erica did as she was told and put her panties on the table beside Mr Wood. There was another cup and saucer next to his, and she stood by the table and picked up the teapot and poured some tea.

Mr Wood picked up the panties and caressed them with his fingers. He watched her as she added some milk and sugar and stirred it with a teaspoon. And as she leant over to pick up the teacup, he moved behind her to look at her nakedness.

The swell of her bare ass cheeks.

The back of her thighs and her tight black stockings.

Erica blushed as she sipped the tea. She could feel the hem of her tunic fluttering against the small of her back.

And she knew that her beautiful young bottom was completely exposed to Mr Wood’s lustful gaze.

“You don’t want me to call the police, do you, my dear?” he said, after a few moments.

Erica looked back at him.

“N-no, sir…” she said, in a tiny voice.

“Do you know how wet these panties are, my dear?” he asked her. “The ones you just took off? The fabric is soaked with your cumm!”

Erica looked back at him again.

“I…I’m sorry, sir…” she said. “I…I didn’t mean to wet my panties, sir…”

“You naughty girl!” he said. “You’ve caused me so much trouble. And now I’ll have to wash these panties myself!”

“I…I can do it, sir!” Erica said. “I can wash my panties! And…and I’m sorry for making them wet, sir…honestly I am!”

Mr Wood stepped closer to her.

“Say it again, my dear…I don’t believe you”, he said. “Say it again!”

“I…I’m sorry for making my panties wet, sir…” Erica said, her voice trembling a little.

“You made them wet because you’re a naughty girl with a wet pussy…aren’t you?” he said. “Say it to me!”

Erica gasped softly.

“I…I made my panties wet because I…I’m a naughty girl with a w-wet pussy, sir…” she said, her voice barely audible.

Mr Wood put her panties on the table beside her.

“Lean over the table for me, my dear”, he said. “Lean right over…yes…like that…good…good!”

Erica did as she was told and bent over the table, pushing her teacup away putting her elbows on the table cloth.

Her bare ass cheeks were upraised behind her.

Naked and ripe and round.

Mr Wood stood right behind her and lifted his hand into the air.

“Say it again!” he told her.

“I…I made my panties wet because I…I’m a naughty girl with a wet…oh…ohhhhh, sir…owwww!” she cried.

Mr Wood brought his hand down hard on her bare bottom.


Erica gave a loud cry. Her eyes filled with tears.

And her bare bottom suddenly turned pendik escort bayan rosy pink.

“Say it again!” Mr Wood said.

“I…oh please, sir…I…I made my panties wet because I’m a naughty girl with…oh…owwwwwwww!” she squealed.

Mr Wood had spanked her bottom again.


The soft ass cheeks quivered.

And turned even pinker.

Erica began to cry.

“Please…sir…no…don’t spank me, sir!” she said, reaching behind her with both hands.

Mr Wood smiled to himself and stepped back a little as she cupped her hands over her sore ass cheeks and began to caress them, trying to ease the pain.

“P-please, sir…” she whimpered, massaging her bare bottom…her fingers gently pressing into the soft, tender flesh. “Please don’t spank me, sir…please…”

She cupped her hands over each of her ass cheeks and pushed them together for a moment…

…and then pulled them apart…

…spreading her ass cheeks open.

Mr Wood stared at the lovely sight.

As she pulled her ass cheeks apart, the tiny puckered slit of her asshole opened up.

To form a perfect little pink O.

The lips of her pussy were also opening…

…peeling apart.

Moist and pink and pretty.

Mr Wood got behind her and reached down to take hold of his cock.

It was thick and swollen.

And fully erect.

“Say it again…” he said, as he leant over the sobbing girl.

Erica whimpered softly.

“P-please…I…I made my panties wet because I’m a naughty girl with…with a wet pussy, sir…” she said, looking back at him as she held her ass cheeks open.

“And shouldn’t naughty girls be punished, my dear?” Mr Wood said.

He leant over Erica, guiding his cock down to her perfect little upraised bottom.

Erica stifled a tiny sob.

“Y-yes, sir…” she said, in a quivering voice. “N-naughty girls should be punished, sir…and I’m a naughty girl because I made my panties wet, sir…with my c-cumm…because my panties were so tight, sir…the fabric pushed inside me…inside my pussy…oh please…oh…inside me…please, sir…p-punish me, sir…please…I’m a naughty girl, sir…please…punish me!”

She pulled her ass cheeks further apart as Mr Wood leant over her, his swollen cockhead pressing urgently against the tight little opening of her asshole.

“Yes…yes…you must be punished!” he cried, as he felt her anal opening kiss the head of his cock..

…and blossom like a tiny pink flower…

…opening up as he pushed against it…

…his cockhead suddenly popping inside.

“Oh…ohhhh…oh, sir!” Erica squealed, as she pushed her bottom back against him. “Oh…oh…I’m a naughty girl, sir…so naughty…and…and I need to be punished for wetting my panties, sir…my wet panties…ohhh…oh sir…oh…ohhhh!”

She gave a tiny scream as his shaft began to slide into her asshole…

…pushing into her bottom…


…filling her asshole with thick, hard cock…

“You little slut…” Mr Wood gasped, as he leant over the lovely girl. “You are so naughty…and…and I’m punishing you by fucking your hot little asshole…yes…I’m fucking you in the ass…your tight little asshole…oh fuck…it’s so tight…so fucking tight!”

He groaned as he began to work his cock quickly in and out of Erica’s bottom…fucking her in the ass…faster…in and out…in and out…

“Oh yes, sir…yes…punish me, sir!” she squealed, arching her back as he pulled at her hair. “Oh…ohhh…please, sir…punish me for being so naughty…by…by fucking me, sir…in…the…ass! Oh…oh sir…yes…fuck me in the ass, sir…your hard cock…oh please, sir…please…fuck me in the ass…fuck me in the ass!”

It was too much for Mr Wood.

He groaned as his cock jerked excitedly inside Erica’s tight little asshole.

“Oh…oh…you little slut…I’m going to cumm!” he gasped, letting go of her hair.

And with a cry, he began to ejaculate…

…his thick cumm spurting into her…

…deep inside her tight ass…

…hot and creamy…

…spurt after spurt…

…bubbling into her asshole as he fucked her, his cock working quickly in and out …

…spurting thick wads of semen into the lovely girl’s delicious little bottom.

Erica collapsed into her arms on the table, sobbing.

She felt his cock slide out of her asshole…

…and as she sobbed, she could feel the semen pulsing out of her…

…dripping onto the kitchen floor in between her feet.

Her asshole opened and closed as the creamy spunk oozed out…a tiny glistening O of pinkness and cumm.

“I…I’m a naughty girl…” she said softly. “I’m such a naughty girl…for making my tight little panties so wet…”

And she wondered if her punishment was over.

Or whether it had just begun.

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