Erin at the Movies Pt. 02

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Ass Hot

Erin leaves the theater but soon is naked over the hood of my car.


We exited Lenox and walked to my car. The mist had stopped and the temperature had warmed. Daylight Savings was gone, so that now, at 6:30pm, there was full darkness and the lights in the lot had come on. I had parked about halfway out from the doors and other vehicles surrounded my car.

Erin had succeeded in keeping her coat closed using only her hands in her pockets. I told her I was proud of her, that she controlled her coat quite well as we walked thru the mall. What I did not tell her was that I had noticed, when she stepped in front of me, that there was a small wet spot on the back, just over the vent and directly under the juncture of her legs. Obviously Erin had enjoyed her time in the theater. I did not look around to see if anyone noticed.

I had endeavored to not park under a light pole, so that her side of the car was in shadow. I told Erin to stand at her door while I started the engine. She stood obediently until I unlocked her door, but I told her to not get in yet.

“First, baby, I want you to hand me your coat, you can take it off now and then you can get in the car.”

Erin had been naked in my car numerous times and she now knew that that was what I expected of her. But most of those times I had let her get in and then strip. This was the first time that I had asked her to hand me her clothes in a parking lot, getting naked and then entering the car.

But my good little submissive knew what I wanted of her and I knew that she deeply, secretively, enjoyed these little humiliations, so she said wait a minute as someone walked by us, and then she shrugged off the coat and threw it in the back herself. Then she got in and buckled her belts.

“Lovely, sweetie, you are doing so wonderful.”

I started the car and we got onto Peachtree Road and headed for one of my favorite places.

As we drove, I had her re-insert the egg and I let her play with the power remote. I kept my fingers in her pussy, tickling her clit, feeling the vibrations pulse, and bringing her to a couple of sweet orgasms. There are few things more exciting than driving with a naked girl, who is moaning from one come to another, and at the same time filling the car with the luscious scent of her pussy. My cock was as hard as the proverbial rock and I knew that I needed to be in her soon.

Of course Erin was not paying attention to where we were going; her mind was centered on what was happening between her legs. So she did not really notice until I slowed and bumped over the curb to pull in behind my old elementary school, to drive into the center of the “U” shape and park behind the trees. Totally hidden. Even if someone did drive by the entrance, they would not have seen anything.

“So, we’re back here again, huh? What’cha going to do to me now?” A smile was in her voice.

I had had Erin back here several times. Usually, she was lying back in her seat, while I was between her legs, her feet on the dash. A couple of times, I had placed her on the picnic table, tying her spread-eagled, then eating her pussy and fucking her. Now I had something very different planned for her.

We spent a little while, just kissing and making out, like young teen-agers would do. It was so much fun what with her already naked. I took over the egg’s remote and turned it to low and, with my fingers deep in her, pushed it around inside her pussy, finding her sensitive areas. Mostly I did my best to keep her on the edge, kissing and licking her breasts and neck, but not letting her have her orgasm. After a while I pulled the egg from within her and I enjoyed her whine as she felt her cunt become empty.

Now, I took both her hands in my left and reached behind her seat for the two lengths of rope. It being dark Erin could not make out too well what I was holding but she knew the feel as I tied the knots around one wrist, then the other. Each wrist was now circled, with a length extending out.

Pulling on the ropes, I dragged her closer to me and kissed her some more. I held the ropes tight and pulled her arms to my left side and whispered in her ear, “It’s time to get out.” I opened my door and exited. Standing in the open door, I pulled on the ropes and her wrists.

“Can’t I get out my side? I can’t crawl across the car seats…”

My answer was to pull harder and she knew she had no choice. I slacked off the rope a bit and she crawled clumsily across the console to my seat, grasped the door and made her way out, to stand in front of me. She raised her hands to my face, laughing a little.

“There, I did it, are you happy now?”

I did not answer, just kissed the top of her head and led her around to the front of my car, to stand at the center of güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the hood. I tossed the ropes onto the hood, making sure that each went to either side. I pushed Erin up against the bumper and stood behind her, pressing my hand in the small of her back and forcing her to lean down onto the hood. It was hot from the drive, and I knew that the heat felt good to Erin, as it was just a bit cool out here. As I pressed her down, she had to spread her legs out so that her belly was against the hood’s leading edge.

I took her head and turned it, to lay her left cheek on the metal. Holding the rope attached to her right wrist, I walked to the driver’s door, which was still open. I lowered the window and holding the door almost closed, reached in the opening. I placed the rope between the door and the frame and then pulled it, stretching Erin’s arm up and out, towards the door, and then I shut it, trapping the rope tight.

I walked behind her and took hold of her other rope, the one attached to her left wrist. I did the same with it, holding it thru the open widow, pulling it tight and trapping it between the door and frame. Done.

Erin was now face down over the hood of my car, breasts pressed against the warm metal. Her arms were stretched out, raised above the metal of the hood, extended out to the “A” pillars. Her sweetly shaped ass was raised and twitching from side to side, in anticipation. Her legs were spread to help her keep her balance, and thus her thighs were wide and I had no problem reaching down to caress her pussy.

She turned her head to face me, smiling. She watched as I slipped out of my clothes to stand behind her, as naked as she.

“You going to fuck me now, like this? You’ve got me where you can do anything you want to me, don’tcha? C’mon, fill me up like you promised, I need your cock in me.”

Yeah, I wanted inside her, but first… I knelt down behind her and spread her cheeks. I extended my tongue and pushed into her wetness. Holding her ass cheeks wide I ran my tongue up from her clit to her little puckered star. Then I concentrated on licking her pussy as I tickled her clit with my finger. She moaned and wriggled her ass and pushed back to my face. I took my time and in a few minutes I was rewarded by a small gush of liquid as she came again.

(I was so thankful Erin was multi-orgasmic; it made my time with her so much more fun.)

I rose and leaned over her back. Grabbing a handful of hair, I lifted her face to mine. “Oh, yeah,” came from her as she licked her juices from me. She cleaned me and we shared a long deep kiss.

Her ass was still writhing under me and it was time. I stood behind her, spread her cheeks again and pushed my cock forward. With no resistance I slowly slid into her, filling her cunt and she moaned louder and pulled on her ropes. It felt so wonderful, to feel the rubbery slickness of her cunt separate and envelope my cock.

I resolved to keep to a slow pace, as I did not want to come soon. I backed out and gently slid back into her pussy. Her extreme wetness made it all so easy. In the silence of the night I could hear squishing as I moved.

I looked around. Outside in the cool night air, trees and bushes around us, I imagined students in the classrooms looking out the windows at us. Erin was in her own little world, moaning and writhing under me. And then, as I gave her that sweet friction, her orgasm hit and her head rose up.

I reached for and held her hair, pulling her head back. Her orgasm faded but I realized that I was starting to speed up, thrusting harder. Then I was slamming into her cunt as hard as I could. She grunted each time I hit bottom and I could hear her, “Yes, yes, deeper, oh, yes!”

I was getting closer and Erin tightened her cunt and the squeezing brought me over. I thrust hard one more time and held my cock deep in her, coating her insides with my cum. I relaxed and fell onto her back, pressing her to the hood. I gently moved back and forth, savoring her wetness, and in a moment I could feel my cum dripping out. We slowly got our breathing back to normal.

Realizing that my weight was on her, I rose and my cock slipped out of her. I wiped my wet cock on her ass, smearing the last little dribbles on her soft cheek. I stepped back and sat in the bench, to watch her hips and ass twitching, such a lovely sight.

In the dim light I could not see much, especially between her legs, but I knew that my cum was dripping out of her and sliding down her thighs. Erin’s legs were still spread wide, arms out and her weight was on the hood, her breasts pressed flat. She was slowly flexing her arms as if testing the security of the ropes extending to the doors. She raised her head to look around, then behind her to find güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me. In the dim light I could see her smile at me.

“Sweetie, can you come here for a moment? I want you to do something for me, something I think you’ll like.”

I got up and walked over to her. I placed my hand on her ass.

“What is it, baby?”

“Put your hand between my legs, over my pussy and hold it there, don’t play with me, just cup your hand around me, OK?”

Curious, I did as she asked, reaching down to place my hand over her pussy, where I could feel our combined wetness covering her. I moved my fingers thru her messy slit but she asked me to stop and just be still.

So I held my hand there and I could feel her relaxing, her thighs spreading slightly, her hips lowering to the hood. She laid her head on the hood, and her breathing slowed. Then, just as I thought to myself, She’s about to… my hand was filled with her pee.

In the cool night air, the liquid was hot. Since it had been several hours since she had been near a restroom (she might have gone when she undressed back in the mall, I don’t know) her stream came out powerfully, splashing against my palm. In response I cupped her pussy tighter.

Erin let loose a big sigh. I backed my hand away and let her stream continue. I extended my middle finger so that the stream was on my fingertip. I moved it up, guided by her liquid, to her peehole, and pressed my finger there, stopping the flow. She reacted with a moan. I wondered how it felt to have her flow stopped, what kind of sensations she felt, what kind of pressure she felt. It must have been pleasing, for her ass and hips were twitching in a circle.

I pulled my finger away, letting her flow start again. Her liquid was body temp and the warmth felt good in the cool air. What Erin was doing was wonderful and I was amazed and I repeated my action a couple more times, halting and releasing her pee from her body. Then, another sigh and her stream became a trickle and slowly stopped.

Her thighs were still spread wide and I rubbed her pussy and ass with my pee-soaked hand. My hand was warm from her pee and Erin pressed back against me, breathing deeply. Keeping my hand between her legs, I leaned over and looked into her eyes.

“And where did this come from, baby?”

Erin hesitated, as if unsure of herself, and then her words came out haltingly.

“I remember what you had me do a couple of weeks ago, when you snuck into my house that morning, and it just felt so good, and so dirty using the towel between my legs.”


“And I know that you’ve stood out in the hall when I’ve had to use the bathroom and I could tell that you were listening as I pissed. I guess I sorta figured out that you like my pee and I decided it doesn’t bother me and I wanted to give you something special, so I hope you like?”

Her voice went up as she finished, I guess looking for my approval.

I looked into her eyes. My hand was still between her legs, rubbing, massaging, poking, and in answer to her question, I inserted two fingers into her warm, messy, soaking, slippery hole and reached with my thumb to press on her asshole. I proceeded to drive her into another orgasm, her hands pulling on her ropes, her face scrunching with deep gasps, as she received my fingers.

I pulled out and stepped back to sit in the bench again, leaving her on the hood of my car. I was amazed. I knew that I had taken a huge chance that morning in her bed, making her pee into the towel, but that was mainly because I had not wanted to let her loose. Erin had not mentioned that part of the morning since and I had felt that I had offended her.

Well, what I had done had evidently percolated in her mind and she must have come to appreciate my weird liking. Well, this was good. So good, in fact, that after a few minutes of watching Erin’s moving ass in the darkness I realized that I was once again hard.

So I stood, walked over to her and once again spread her cheeks and guided my hardness into her slickness, wet and warm and even with all the lubrication of her pussy, and my cum and her pee, I gasped at how tight her little pussy felt.

I never come quickly the second time, but I could tell that she was getting tired, her arms stretched, her belly and breasts irritated from my pounding, forcing her to slide on the hood, her legs aching from the angle she needed to help keep her balance as I drove into her, but her pussy never dried out, it remained slick and wet and even more so when I filled her again with my cum.

Erin had been on my hood for about an hour, so I gently let her loose, massaging her arms and supporting her as I helped her to stand and go to her side of my car. I grabbed the towel I keep güvenilir bahis şirketleri in the car and spread it on the car seat as I helped her to sit down. Her head was lolling and she was acting somewhat woozy, which was normal for her having come so many times.

I covered her with her coat and drove her home. I walked her across the yard, into her house and then to her bedroom. I tucked her in and she was asleep rather quickly. I got some juice to drink and slipped in beside her and fell asleep also, even tho it was still early in the evening.

Around midnight she awoke and, still naked, wandered into the living room to find me watching TV. We talked for a while about earlier and how much I had liked what she had done. She was a little shy and giggled when I mentioned her gift of her pee and she said that had liked it more than she thought she would have and that we could do it again sometime, if I wanted. I grinned at that.

In a little while, I pulled her to her feet and led her down the hall and into the bathroom. I did not turn on the light; I used the illumination from the hall to let us know where to go. I guided her to sit on the edge of the tub, balancing on her thighs, her ass hanging over and had her spread her legs. I reached between and just barely brushed her, just tickling her pussy, just hovering below.

“Ok, baby, just relax, do it again for me, let me feel you…” I cupped her pussy again, not pressing but just enough to let her know that my hand was there.

Erin put her arms around my neck and leaned forward, resting her head on my shoulder. She breathed into my neck, the warmth of her breath feeling wonderful and her head got heavier on me. Knowing how difficult it is to calm oneself and let the bladder go, I knew it might take her a few minutes. I was silent, letting her concentrate.

Then with a big sigh, her head lowered further on my shoulder and I feel her hips settle. My patience was rewarded with a sudden gush of hot liquid into my hand, again filling my palm. This time her stream was not as powerful nor was there as much since she had not drunk much since we had gotten back, but that did not lessen the thrill. I didn’t attempt the finger to the pee hole trick this time; I just let her go, letting her empty herself into my hand. It felt wonderful, Erin sharing an intensely private moment with me.

As her stream stopped, she raised her head and held my head with her hands, and forced her tongue to meet my tongue. We shared the kiss as I rubbed my wet hand over her pussy, pushing my fingers into her. She moaned into my mouth.

Well, it’s now or never…

Still in the dark, only moving in the light from down the hall, I lifted her to her feet. “Step back, baby, step into the tub, kneel down.” I could see a question on her face but she did as I asked. “Get on your knees, ok, get comfy.”

“What are you doing?”

“You are great to share your pee with me, now I want to do some more. I need to piss on you, on your breasts, I want to wet them, will you let me?”

Erin looked up at me and there was a great hesitation in her voice as she said, “I guess, I think, I’ll let you, but please, not near my face, please?”

Well, not right now… “Of course, I promise only below the neck.”

Erin knelt, settled her thighs back on her heels and placed her hands on my hips. I took my cock in hand and did as she, tried to relax. She looked into my eyes and the tip of her tongue came out to circle her lips.

After a minute, I felt my cock twitch and my bladder move and my pee came out. At first my aim was off and the first of the stream hit her on her right shoulder and her chin quickly moved to her left. I pushed down and aimed at her breasts, those wonderful little teacup breasts that I loved to suck on, causing her to orgasm from that attention alone.

The sound of my liquid hitting her chest was muted but it sounded wonderful. I wiggled my stream back and forth, covering both tits, left and right as equally as possible. I could hear the drips off her thighs as my pee flowed to the tub bottom.

“It’s so warm…” she whispered, “It feels so nice.” Her right hand came off my hip and she rubbed her little mounds, rubbing my pee into her. I hadn’t pissed in a while, so there was a lot to pour on her. I pushed down and aimed at her belly, letting my pee flow over her pussy, then rose again to anoint her breasts some more.

But all too soon I finished. Her eyes closed, she used both hands to feel the wetness on her chest and belly. She moaned.

I helped Erin to her feet and stepped in the tub with her. I turned on the shower and used the shower wand to rinse her off. I covered her with her scented body wash, cleaning her well, massaging her, washing her between her legs. With the water running, I knelt and ran my tongue up and down her pussy, making her moan, her hands clenching in my hair.

I shut off the water, toweled her dry and took her down the hall to her bed, where we fucked slowly and afterwards lay there spooning, my cock resting between her cheeks, drifting off to sleep.

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