First Time Sex at the Gay Sauna

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As a bisexual guy, I have been to gay saunas many times, however I have maintained a strict ‘looking, not touching’ rule. This is because until recently I was married to a woman who I didn’t want to cheat on. She knew that I am bi, and was fine with me watching gay porn, as long as it didn’t interfere with our relationship. However my trips to the gay saunas were a little bit secret. I figured as long as I didn’t have sex with anyone, then it didn’t really count as cheating, since it was like a mixed sauna, only without the women.

I love body watching– be it at a naked beach or at a sauna. In fact, all of the saunas around where I live in Amsterdam, gay or mixed, are naked. As a bi guy, you get twice as much fun checking people out when you go to a co-ed establishment. Be they straight couples, gay couples or singles, one of the joys of visiting a sauna is watching the human form at its naked best.

My latest trip to the gay sauna near my home in Amsterdam, however, was different. I had just split with my wife, so didn’t feel that slight pang of guilt I felt whenever I went. I did however arrive with the familiar feeling of excitement tinged with nervousness at the prospect of being surrounded by so many naked men.

Whilst I have been to gay saunas a few time, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with them if I am honest. What I love is seeing guys naked. I love the male body, and it makes me happy and horny to watch guys wondering round a sauna naked or semi naked. In addition to that, I love a good-looking cock. It’s difficult for me to describe what good looking means, but I know one when I see it. It’s less about size, more about how it hangs off the body, although I have a preference for shaved, uncut cocks, with bonus points for beautiful veins and a nice bulbous head.

I also like watching guys jerking, either themselves or in groups which is quite a frequent sight in saunas. I get a particular buzz out of watching guys sucking each other off, particularly when the guy getting sucked has a good looking cock. I also love the casualness of it. How one moment you can see a guy lying on the bench of a sauna, eyes closed, cock half hard. And then you see his hand moving over his body towards his cock. When that happens I am almost instantly hard and will start jerking myself. I love the idea that I can be naked and jerking in the same room as someone.

What also turns me on is that often sexual encounters happen between guys who are perfect strangers. Frequently you see the guy who is casually rubbing his cock lying on a sauna bench being serviced by a stranger. When someone is pleasuring themselves, a hand appears, starts rubbing, firstly on top of the towel, before the hand moves under, the cock is exposed and then sucked. The guys know nothing about each other, and never will.

I’m also a little bit of an exhibitionist. I will spend time jerking myself — whether in the sauna, a chill area, in front of a TV if they’re showing porn, or even under the shower. I love the idea that guys might be watching me jerk. It gets me off that they will be getting turned on by me rubbing my body and fisting my cock.

What I don’t like at all about saunas are some of the clientele. Whilst its nice to watch casual sex between guys, there appears to be a large minority of guys think it’sOK to grab whatever’s on offer, without so much as asking. It really freaks me out when someone makes a lunge for my cock without so much as asking. It sends me scuttling off to somewhere safer to pleasure myself.

The gay sauna in Amsterdam has some, albeit a limited opportunity for body watching. The dark areas are so pitch-black that it is impossible to see what’s happening — guys quite literally fumble around in the dark. These are also the areas where the ‘grab and go’ culture seems to be at its strongest.

The steam room and sauna can a fun place to watch, but then it doesn’t take long to overheat, so pleasure is limited. There is a small room which shows porn, and I have spent some time in their, pleasuring myself and watching other guys playing with their dicks.

Tonight was different. This was the first time I was entering the sauna as a single guy. Normally I would skulk around the dark areas and have fun in the steam room, but tonight I decided that having stripped and wrapped a towel round my body, I would embrace my gay identity more fully and head for the bar to see if there were any guys worth chatting to. It was a particularly busy Sunday night, so there really wasn’t any place to sit at the bar, or in the sofas around it.

In fact, there was only one place left on a two-person couch. The guy sitting there seemed way out of my league — buff, fit and at least 20 years younger than me. It was with some nervousness that I walked over and asked if the spare seat was taken.

“Nah mate, it’s yours,” came the reply in a strong Australian accent.

I was taken aback by what I heard, so decided to take a second look at the guy who spoke to me. He looked istanbul travesti late teens or early 20’s, and had a surfer look about him — long, blondish hair, and water-blue eyes. An air of athleticism pervaded his body.

But when I looked at him, he didn’t hold my stare, but rather looked down at his feet. I couldn’t decide if that was a polite brush off, or whether he was nervous, so thought I’d try to strike up a conversation.

“You’re a long way from home,” I said, smiling at him.

“Yeah mate, I’m here on holiday with my parents for a couple of weeks before I start Uni.”

As we got chatting, I realised that he was actually very shy. His trip with his parents was to celebrate his 18th birthday and recent graduation from high school. I was taken aback by how young he was — I was approaching 50, and although still athletic and 195cm tall, he was more than double his age. I figured he might stay for a while, but that he was probably on the lookout for another teenager.

However, he was really good company, very relaxed and quite charming. So we chatted about the important things in life — rugby, travel, Australia and the like. It became clear that it was his first trip out of Australia and that having landed in the Netherlands, he had been experiencing quite a culture shock.

“What do you think of the sauna?” I asked him.

“Well, the bar looks nice.” He replied.

“And the rest of it?”

“Actually, I haven’t tried it, it’s the first time I’ve been to a gay sauna, and I don’t know what to expect,” he said rather nervously.

I have to say that I got that. Walking into a gay sauna for the first time is nerve-racking. I had been there and the first time I went to one, I was so terrified I sat in the car for a bit before going home. Without wishing to be a tour guide, I told him a bit about the place — the dark areas, steam room, showers and the like. I told him about myself — how I was married until recently, had been to gay saunas quite a few times, but had maintained a ‘no sex rule’.

His eyes lit up as we chatted since he was clearly looking for reassurance and the way I described my nervousness yet excitement around naked men clearly resonated with him.

“I can show you around,” I volunteered. He was really cute, really nervous and I was a little smitten. I thought that the chances of us hooking up were slim but thought it would be fun to hang out with him some more.

He agreed, so we headed to the steam room, via the showers. I took my towel off a little cautiously, since it felt like I was likely to be semi-hard. Sure enough I looked down to see my cock was already 15cm long, although pointing reasonably downwards. He took his towel off and stood beside me in the shower, his eyes closed as he let the water run over his head. That was my chance to check him out. He was really buff — not ripped with muscles, but sporty. The valley of muscle down his spine was caught beautifully in the dimmed light, his calves and thighs were nicely shaped, and his bum beautifully peach shaped.

He turned round, allowing me to see his cock for the first time, and it was gorgeous. He was also semi-hard, and he looked beautifully proportioned, shaved and uncut. He was a little reserved as he turned, his hand partially covering his manhood. But I saw enough for my cock to light up just a little more and I started to throb as I watched him, my voyeuristic tendencies on show.

Eventually he got the courage to open his eyes, and I smiled at him with a cheeky wink and asked, “so, are you ready for the steam room then?”

“Sure,” he said, “let’s do it!”

We headed inside and were immediately hit by the punch of hot humid air. My friend looked nervous, so rather than do a loop round, I pointed him to a bench and we sat together. I gave him a fraction of a second head start on sitting so that I could make sure that I was nice and close to him.

As my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I started to make out the shapes of others. There were a couple of guys at it on the opposite side of the room. One was sat with his legs open whilst the other knelt between his knees sucking cock. There was a ring of grateful onlookers watching these two. I could see many of them reaching out to touch whatever was closest to them — another cock, a butt, a flank, whatever was within radius. One guy started dry humping the man in front of him as he watched, puppy dog style, much to min and Aussie’s amusement.

“It’s pretty full-on in here isn’t it Nicky?” he said.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied. Since we’d been sitting my thigh had been touching his, and a combination of the show in front of us and Aussie’s presence got me hard. He looked down at my cock then up at me with a cheeky smile before allowing his hand to come to rest on my thigh.

I returned the favour, managing to slide my fingers round his inner thigh so that my little finger was resting against his ballsack.

By now my cock was fully hard and facing skywards. His cock was also istanbul travestileri stiff — he wasn’t as long as me, but his cock was thick and the veins along his shaft stuck out deliciously.

“Do you mind if I touch you?” I asked him. He replied that he was OK with that, so I ran my hand across his balls and onto his shaft, squeezing him in my fist. His cock really was gorgeous, and I enjoyed spending time getting to know it. He took my dick in his hand and started to wank me slowly and lasciviously.

I looked up to see several guys checking us out — a small crowd of onlookers had formed around us to get a better look at our play time. I have voyeuristic tendencies and found it an incredible turn on to be sitting beside this incredibly hot teenager who was clearly into me. I looked around, making eye contact with a few guys and smiling, knowing that they were enjoying the sight of two guys jerking each other. I wondered what was turning them on more? My 25cm cock, or the 18-year-old with the hot body sitting beside me?

Whilst I was enjoying myself, I also knew that I needed to take control of the situation a little. I hadn’t had sex since my ex dumped me several months ago and could feel that my orgasm was coming way quicker than I wanted. The last thing I wanted was to shoot a load of come across my chest now. Whilst I was aching for release, I also wanted to spend more time with the Aussie before coming.

Just as I was trying to decide what to do, one of the crowd intervened. He had been getting slowly closer to the action with a cheeky grin on his face. In a single deft movement, he managed to sink to his knees and take the cock I was stroking in his mouth. I looked down to see Aussie getting sucked by some random stranger whilst I wanked him off. This sent shivers of pleasure across my body as I sucked in the delicious filthiness of the situation.

I can see why this guy was so quick to go down on my friend’s member — his dick was so good looking it sent flushes across my body. The fact was that I wanted to suck it but was beaten to it by another hot guy. So whilst I didn’t get to savour that moment just then, it was really hot to watch my buddy get sucked off whilst he rubbed and wanked my cock.

He looked down at his cock sucker, then up at me, fear or embarrassment writ large on his face.

“Sorry, I couldn’t stop that, it’s just that…,” he started.

It was clear that he felt that I would be a bit put out that my ‘date’ was being sucked off by someone else. Perhaps he thought our brief time together gave me ownership rights to him and his body? He clearly didn’t realise the prurient pleasure I was deriving from the situation, or the fact that I was close to blowing my load.

He looked me in the eye for reassurance, checking my facial expression for anger or jealousy or something. Luckily his discomfort at what was happening meant that he was no longer pleasuring me toward orgasm, and this bought me time to decide what to do. I took his hand off my cock and bought it to my mouth, first kissing and then sucking his fingers, smiling as I took one digit at a time and slid it salaciously into my mouth. As I did it, a cute, boyish grin flashed across his face that was so beautiful that I had this really powerful urge to kiss him. Rather than say anything, I leant over, pulled his face towards mine and kissed him on the lips. He kissed me back very gently. There were no tongues, just a very sensual and gentle meeting of our lips that sent a shiver of pleasure across my body.

With one of my hands was on his cock and the other on his face I started to feel an overwhelming sense of lust as I kissed him. Not in a ‘I want to fuck your brains out’ kind of way, but rather very sensual and playful. I decided that what I needed to reclaim him as mine so that our playtime could continue. Firmly but gently, I pushed the guy away who was sucking him, reclaiming his cock as my own so that I could go down on him. As my head got closer, I was able to admire him. His flat stomach was taught, his legs strong and his hairless cock and balls perfect. I ran my hands up his inner upper thighs, spreading them slightly so I could get closer to my goal.

My mouth opened, and as I took his shaft in my hand a bead of pre-cum oozed invitingly out of his cock. I leant forward, licking his frenulum, and running my tongue up to take the nectar in my mouth. He smelt and tasted delicious, and his hard cock throbbed in my hand as I started to swirl my tongue playfully across the head of his dick.

That one act presented a lot of firsts for me. Whilst I said I’d been to saunas many times; I hadn’t touched another guy or been touched. As a bi guy who had a history of many girlfriends, it was only the second cock I had physically touched. I had never given a blow job to another guy. I had never been in a group sex situation, nor shared a cock with another guy. But strangely, I felt no nervousness, just a sense of warmth as I got closer to his cock.

I kissed travesti istanbul his cock head, holding his shaft in one hand as I did. I knew I wanted more, and that I needed take all of him in my mouth. I looked up briefly as I repositioned myself, and as I did realised that we had become the star attraction in the steam room. There was a ring of guys around us, most of them rubbing their cocks. Those who weren’t rubbing their own cocks were busy rubbing others, or sucking some of the other men who were gathered around us.

I felt hands on my body as I went down on him, and assumed that they were his hands. His cock was magical. He had another drop of pre-cum on the end of it, which I kissed off before I pulled back his foreskin and went to work on his glans. His shaft throbbed in my hand as I licked and sucked the end of his cock.

It was then that I felt more hands on me — although I couldn’t see, it seemed like I had 2 or 3 other sets of hands on my body, and I could feel someone start to rub my cock. I knew it wasn’t Aussie so sat up sharply to see that he was fending off the advances of several other guys. We looked at each other, cocks rigid as tent poles, bodies slick with sweat. He looked anxious again, so I stood up, took his hand and whispered in his ear, “lets find some place a bit quieter”.

He agreed, so we exited the steam room, picked our towels and wandered off. The sauna has a number of cabins, which I had never used before, but they became our refuge. I opened one of the doors, pulled him in after me, and clicked the door locked behind us, laying out my towel on the mattress before lying down.

He lay facing me, each of us lying on our sides resting our heads on our arms. We laughed at what just happened.

“That was pretty intense!” He said.

“Yeah, there are quite a few guys in here that have no manners and think that they can help themselves to what they like.” I replied.

I was aware that as we spoke, he was taking my still hard cock in his hand. But as he reached over to touch me, it was evident that his hand wasn’t empty, indeed it already contained his dick. As we talked, he ran his hand over both our cocks, letting them play together lazily.

If felt so beautiful, so natural to be lying there chatting to him with our cocks touching. I shuffled forward a bit so our bodies were closer together, and he mirrored my movement.

We ended up sharing this incredibly erotic moment as our bodies met across their full length. I could feel the warmth of his cock against mine, but more than that I felt his whole body against me. Our hands were no longer on our cocks, but rather over each other’s waists. We pulled each other together for closeness, our bodies cooling rapidly in the relative cool of a cabin as the sweat and steam evaporated off us.

We lay there for some time, getting to know each other. He told me about his experience back home in Australia — he had been dating a guy who was older than him — his first and only sexual partner. They had met on an app, and had a few dates. They jerked and watched porn the first few times they met. He had tried to give his virginity to this guy just a week ago, but the guy was rough with him. He found it too painful, so they stopped. It was clear that he was still very inexperienced and nervous around guys.

I told him about my experience. At that stage I had only really had one or two jerk buddies, and I told him that it was the first time I had sucked a cock. He smiled at that and asked if I wanted to suck him some more. I smiled back, before kissing him again on the lips.

He was a gentle and kind teacher, letting me take my time to explore his cock. Taking it in his hand, he showed me what he liked. He directed my attention with the sweetest of movements, telling me both with words and the changed rhythm of his breath what he was enjoying. For my part, I focussed really hard on his pleasure, massaging his cock and balls, running my hand over his nipples and stomach, licking and caressing his throbbing shaft. At one point he grabbed me by my head, pulled me up so he could kiss me, and asked if this was really my first attempt at cock sucking.

“Yes, really.” I replied.

“In that case, you were born to suck,” he said,

By this stage he was sitting against one of the walls of the cabin, his legs out straight. He pulled me gently towards him, playfully tugging at my waist and legs as he did so. With a bit of wriggling, I ended up straddling his lap so that our two cocks were touching each other down the length of our shafts. I looked down to see him wrap his hand around our cock shafts, before he gently started to massage us.

I could feel and see our balls squashed up against each other and could feel the intense heat of our cock shafts. It was a first for me and felt heavenly. He made eye contact and I leant forward to kiss him. As our lips touched, I wrapped my hand round our cocks too, and the two of us masturbated and kissed each other for some time.

Once again, I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm; my body buckled in his lap and my balls tightened. I grabbed his hand and slowed his wanking down; I wanted to enjoy this one for as long as possible and the last thing I wanted to do was to come so soon.

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