For One Night

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So, while I was working on something I written this short sex scene and I thought, why not put it here and get some feedback. If you have any kind of criticism, please share, I would very much appreciate anything that could help improve my writing.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy and thanks for reading. 😉


Entering your room, you lit a candle by your bed and quickly slip into your pajamas. You were just preparing your bed, when you heard the door behind you creak.

Turning around you saw Garret walk into your room and lock the door behind him.

“I am so glad, you…” you started, but with two steps he closed the gap between you and put his finger on your lips.

“Shh… Don’t talk.” he whispered.

Moving his finger away, he wrapped his right arm around your waist and put his left hand on the back of your neck. Pulling you to him, your soft mounds squashed against his firm chest. Wrapping your arms around his neck and running your fingers through his lush mane, you lifted yourself onto your tippy toes. Your lips brushed against each other’s, but you backed off slightly, you didn’t give in to the kiss. Not yet. You teased each other, with only the slightest touches, the softest flicks of your tongues. As you teased one another, your breath quickened and the urge to kiss was getting nearly unendurable. Looking into his eyes, you could see he felt the same.

You moaned quietly and finally giving into the lust, you pulled his head down and your lips met. At first you kissed gently, softly nibbling at each other’s lips, but soon your kiss grew more heated and parting your lips, you let your tongues explore each other. They twisted and tangled, almost as if they were dancing together. Garret moved forward, gently pushing you in front of him until you felt the rim of the bed hit the back of your legs. Leaning forward and without breaking of the kiss, he laid you down on the bed and climbed on top of you.

You were pinned underneath him and fully at his mercy. Leaving your lips, he kissed you down your jawline towards your neck. You moaned as his hands moved onto your chest and started gently squeezing your breasts. You didn’t want to stay behind, so you moved your hands onto his waist and slowly unfastened his pants. Kissing your neck, he moved his hands from your breasts and started unbuttoning your pajama top. Finally opening his belt, you tugged on his pants, puddling them around his knees. In your position you were unable to see his pride, so you started probing with your hand between his legs.

In the meantime he finally unbuttoned your top and opening it, he exposed your chest to the cold air and especially to his gaze and touch. Resuming their kissing journey, his lips left your neck and ventured across your collarbones and up your soft round hills, to the highest peak where a sweet cherry waited to be tasted. Just as his lips enclosed around your nipple, you managed to get a grip on his manhood. You gasped, partly from the pleasure he was giving you and partly from what your hand just found. You tried to encircle it’s girth with your fingers but it was too thick. Slowly moving your fingers along its length you felt as if it was never ending but eventually, you brushed over its head.

You moaned as he suddenly gently bit your nipple, sending a shiver down your spine. Satisfied with the taste of your cherry, his lips resumed their trip down your body again. He kissed you down your chest bone, across your flat tummy, stopping just for a second at your bellybutton to explore it with his tongue. As he moved lower, his body moved with him and you groaned as the comfortable, warm feeling, slipped from your hand, leaving only sticky precum smeared on your palm. Lifting yourself up onto your elbows you watched as Garret, with one tug, pulled off your pajamas pants, uncovering your most intimate region.

With sarıyer escort each kiss he moved closer to you nether regions which in turn was sending more and more pleasure through your body. He kissed you across your lower abdomen and through your bushy pubic forest, in middle of which he found another cherry, this one even sweeter. He gently flicked your clitoris with his tongue, forcing you to squirm and fall off of your elbows. Your breathing was shallow and fast, your heart was beating as if it was about to explode and you felt intense pleasure running through your body. But it wasn’t enough, you wanted more and he was about to give you what you craved. Getting off of the bed he moved your bottom closer to the edge of the bed and lifted it, hooking your legs over his shoulders. He then continued to burrow his face into your crotch, his tongue eagerly lapping at the delicious nectar that was extensively streaming out of your slit. Reaching around your leg, he placed his thumb onto your clitoris and started rubbing it in circular motion.

You squirmed and screamed in ecstasy as you felt your first orgasm rush through your body. Your toes curled and your legs twitched, involuntarily clutching at his head, but he didn’t even flinch and longingly continued to eat you out, fueling your climax further. After several seconds, your body finally seazed writhing and you collapsed onto the bed, breathing heavily. You’ve hardly even started and you’ve already experienced one of the most powerful orgasms in your life. You couldn’t even imagine what could be next.

Letting go of your legs, Garret stood up and stripped of his shirt, revealing his muscular body, glistening in the dim light of the candle. As you watched him stand there in front of you, your gaze drifted lower, and you finally got to see his pride. You gasped as you watched the stiff monster sway up and down simultaneously with his breathing. Biting your lower lip, you lifted your gaze and met with his. One corner of his mouth moved into a half smile as he stepped forward. Getting on all four, he crawled over your body, like a beast ready to finish its prey off. Teasingly, you moved backwards, until your head bumped into the headboard. You giggled as he caught up with you and gently kissed your forehead. Then he kissed you nose, and your cheek, and your other cheek, until finally, your lips met again. Throwing your arm around his neck, you lifted your head, bringing him into a passionate kiss. Parting your lips your let your tongue again slip into his mouth and entangle with his. You felt his cock bump into your tummy and reaching out your hand, you gripped it firmly. You started to slowly stroke along its length, relishing its warm and stiff feel against your soft palm. Not wanting to stay behind, he moved one hand onto your chest and started thoroughly squeezing one of your breasts while he caressed your cheek with his other hand.

Breaking the kiss, you moved your head back and inhaled sharply. You opened your mouth to say something, but before you could, Garret put his finger between your lips and you instinctively started sucking on it. You felt desperate, you had enough of the teasing, you wanted to feel him inside you. You wanted him to finally fuck you and fuck you hard.

And as if reading your thoughts, he backed off and knelt between your legs. Running his fingers tenderly across your thighs, he slowly spread your legs apart. You breathlessly watched him as he positioned his manhood at your entrance, briefly brushing its head against your vulva. Pushing slightly forward, he spread your outer labia, sliding along your slit and popping out again. He proceeded to repeat this maneuver few times and each time he rubbed your clit, it sent a thrill of pleasure down your spine.

Looking up, you caught his gaze, your eyes begging him esenyurt escort to end these torturous games and finally give you what you craved. With a grin, he pulled you closer to him and pressed his cock against your vulva again. However, this time he didn’t pop out, instead he continued to push forward, slowly spreading your inner labia. You flung your head backwards, running your hand through your hair as you cried out in mixture of immense pleasure and slight pain. Without pausing, Garret pushed deeper and deeper, his monstrous girth spreading you to your limits.

Panting rapidly, you closed your eyes and reached out with your hand towards him. You felt as he grasped it in his, giving it a reassuring squeeze. He paused for a moment, giving your vagina time to adjust to the sudden invasion and letting you to catch your breath. He then proceeded to slowly pull out again until only the head was inside. Taking a deep breath, you squeezed his hand tightly.

Taking it as the go ahead, he started thrusting, initially very gently. With each thrust the feeling of the slightly painful pressure was replaced with a feeling of comfortable fullness. Opening your eyes again you looked into his and gave him an encouraging smile. Smiling back, he let go of your hand and changed his position. He moved above you, placing his hands next to your shoulders, his face only inches from yours. Lifting onto your elbows you kissed him up his neck and across his jawline. Tilting his head down, he met your lips with his and you tenderly nibbled at one another.

Suddenly, he thrusted forward, powerfully enough to knock you off of your elbows and break the kiss. His thrusts now became more vigorous, but he kept his pace slow, so he didn’t overwhelm you. Every time he rammed his cock in, you moaned in pleasure, pleasure that was slowly piling up and nearing the grand release again.

As your coupling got wilder it also got louder. Except the obvious loud moans and rough groans, you could also hear the bed creaking underneath you each time Garret thrusted, followed by the loud bang, as the headboard hit the wall behind you. You could also feel drops of sweat dripping from Garret’s chest onto your face. However, all of that went quickly into the background as the next orgasm was just about to strike your body. Just before it did, Garret decided to change your position again and suddenly picked you up and swung both of you into sitting position. He sat on his knees with you on his lap. With nothing holding you up, you felt his shaft enter you completely, right up to its base. The abrupt change brought you over the edge and flinging your head backwards, you let your scream of pure bliss pierce the air. Garret held you tightly in his lap, patiently waiting for you to recover.

With the orgasm slowly fading away, you collapsed into his arms, hugging him around his shoulders for support. As your senses returned, you realized that it was your turn to do some work. Gripping his waist with your legs for better leverage, you started slowly moving up and down. Seeing that you were still fatigued from your latest orgasm, Garret placed his hands onto your butt and helped you bounce up and down. Holding onto him tightly, you leaned in for another kiss. He eagerly return your kiss, letting your tongues dance together again.

Regaining your strength, you started to bounce faster and soon you were jumping on his lap like an animal, moaning loudly. Each time you moved down, the entire length of his cock entered you, the head hitting your cervix deep inside your vagina. As you continued your coupling, you noticed Garret’s breathing was much faster now and you realized he was probably nearing his own climax. Which was soon confirmed as you felt his cock throb.

At that point Garret changed your position again, throwing you onto the bed. For few more seconds avrupa yakası escort he continued his powerful and wild thrusts. Until you felt him pull out completely, leaving a sudden emptiness behind. You watched him as his penis twitched and erupted with such power his first load coated your breasts. He continued coming all over your body, covering your chest, belly and pubic mound. Finally finishing he fell onto the bed next to you, both of you trying to catch your breath.

“You look very pretty.” Garret said after a while, sitting up. Giggling, you looked down body, covered in strips of cum.

For some unknown reason you felt strong urge to taste your lover’s seed. Running your finger across your belly, you scooped up some of the sticky fluid and brought it to your mouth. Seeing that Garret was intently watching you, you parted your lips, letting your tongue lick your finger. The taste was surprisingly bland, salty, with a bitter undertone. Although you weren’t very impressed with its taste you wanted more. While you were stuffing yourself with his seed, you watched Garret and smiled teasingly. Once you licked the last drop, you looked down his body and noticed his penis slowly rising up again.

With a playful smile, you moved between his legs. Gripping his penis, you felt it twitch at your touch. After few strokes, his cock was standing in its full glory again, stiff and ready. Lowering your head, you took one of his large balls into your mouth, playing with it with your tongue while tenderly massaging the other one with your hand. You proceeded to lick his cock from its base to its head, leaving a trail of saliva behind. Running your tongue across the hole at the top, you tasted some remnants of his cum. Taking its head between your lips you sucked, leaving no sperm to waste.

Backing off, you spat on his cock, smearing it along his shaft with your hand. Taking the head into your mouth again, you let your tongue caress him gently. Suddenly, you felt Garret move and picking you up, he turned you around and placed your ass above his face. Not letting it distract you, you continued by taking his cock deeper into your mouth. Gripping your ass, Garret lowered you to his face and with his tongue, he flicked your clitoris. You moaned around his cock at the sudden thrill that ran through your body. He proceeded to lick along your slit and you felt his finger probe your vagina. You started bobbing your head up and down along his shaft, making loud slurping sounds. With each bob, you took him a little bit deeper into your throat, but his size was too great and soon felt it uncomfortably stretching your throat.

Continuing licking and fingering your pussy, Garret’s other hand gently brushed across your ass, stopping at your anus. Suddenly, you felt his finger ran across it and gently press in. Before you could protest, your ring gave a way, and his finger slipped inside. You groaned around his cock at the surprising pleasure it gave you. You mind was getting foggy and you realized yet another climax was just around the corner.

At the same time you felt Garret’s cock start to throb and twitch. Swiftly he moved his hand onto your back and pushed you down while at the same time he thrusted upwards. He rammed his cock deep into your throat and you felt warm liquid flood your stomach. Your throat was painfully stretched, but you didn’t care anymore as your body squirmed with your third orgasm. All your other senses shut down, leaving only the groundbreaking pleasure, shaking your very soul.

Opening your eyes again, you found yourself lying on your back next to Garret, both of your breathing heavily. A blissful smile ran across your face at the feeling of complete satisfaction. You also felt completely spent and exhausted. Lifting yourself onto your elbows you looked at Garret. Your eyes met and you could see he felt the same. Giving you a reassuring smile he lifted himself up and helped you get under the blanket. Blowing out the candle, he laid next to you. In the complete darkness, you found his lips, sending him off to sleep with one last gently kiss. Moving his strong arms around your shoulders, he pressed you closer to him. Cuddled up against his chest you soon fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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