Forbidden Love!

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I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll just write it as I remember it.

My wife & I don’t have sex anymore, well not for ages anyway, but I’ve still got my urges.

She was away for a few days, so I had the house to myself. Mid afternoon there was a knock at the door, I wasn’t expecting anyone, so who could it be? Only one way to find out. It turns out to be my wife’s eldest daughter, Janet. Now Janet is a looker, she’s very pretty. I must admit that I had always had a crush on her. Often when having a wank it would be Janet I was thinking of.

Anyway I invited her in and over a cuppa she said that she needed a place to stay for a couple of days. I explained to her that her mother was away for a few days, but she was welcome to stay for as long as she wanted to.

Fast forward to later that evening – I had just got ready for bed when Janet knocked on my bedroom door and came in wearing the tightest pair of pyjamas that I had ever seen, Wow. She asked if she could use the en-suite to clean her teeth. I, of course said yes. I was already in bed. I usually read for about ten minutes before turning out the light & going to sleep.

When Janet had finished she came back into my bedroom & said could I ask you a personal question? I replied yes of course you can.

Do you think I’m pretty? Yes I think you’re very pretty. Then why aren’t I married yet or even have a boyfriend? I said that most guys were idiots and didn’t recognise beauty when they saw it. She then pulled back the duvet and got into bed with me. I tried to tell her that we shouldn’t be doing this. But as she had her tongue in my mouth I couldn’t make myself understood. I was rock hard in an instant. Furthermore, I was helpless. She reached for my cock & had her lips wrapped round it immediately. I slowly managed to get my shorts off & attempted to relieve Janet of her pyjamas. She stopped sucking me & took them off herself. Her body was amazing.

Firstly I wanted to taste her lovely tits, suck on her nipples, mmm. Then work my way down her stomach to her pubic area. She was smooth, oh so smooth. Her body was perfect and unblemished by tattoos. why do women these days insist on being marked by ugly tattoos? The female body is the most beautiful sight in the world. My tongue found her clitoris and after playing with it, I gently sucked it. It drove her wild. She could only stand it for the briefest of moments before she begged me to fuck her.

And fuck her I did. I tried to be gentle but she was having none of it. Janet wanted it hard. We looked into each others eyes as we made love in the missionary position. She embraced me with her legs, holding me in position as I pounded her to our mutual climax, deeply kissing each other until I ejaculated like never before. She then kissed me & in seconds she was asleep. Of course I wanted her to spend the night in my bed, but by then I was feeling very guilty. I had cheated on my wife with her daughter, my step-daughter. I was a terrible man. But I really couldn’t wait to fuck her again.

I woke up early next morning but Janet wasn’t there. I don’t know if I was relieved or not. But I was horny.

I didn’t see Janet all day, until she returned later that evening, having spent most of the day with friends. She asked if she could take a shower. After her shower, she once again climbed into bed with me. This time there was not the animalistic passion of the previous night. This was replaced by a gentleness that was just as amazing. I don’t know how I’ll be able to face her mother is the question. In my defence, I was seduced, willingly seduced, but seduced all the same. Do I regret it? Of course I should, but I don’t. I know that there’s no future for me with Janet. But I would love to repeat it, again and again.

There was something that I couldn’t wait to try with Janet, but I had to wait until we were next in bed together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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