Forget Stacy’s Mom

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I’m not really a theater type person. I didn’t like Moulin Rouge or Chicago. I always skipped drama class in high school and if I had to go, I put in absolutely no effort. Even so, I decided to expand my horizons recently and joined a production as part of the cast (Actually my friend was begging me to join and I owed her a favor). My role is Woman

. Hey, nobody said I had to have lines the first time I ever acted in a play. Or a name. The point is, there’s this other girl who’s in it. She’s a fairy (this is kind of a twisted play), which means that she’s usually in a costume that shows a lot of skin. I didn’t know that fairies wore low cut spaghetti strap dresses that go down to mid thigh, but if all fairies are as hot as Stacy is, then I’m not complaining. She’s a very thin person, but she definitely has muscle. She’s not buff or anything but she’s not skin and bones like some skinny girls are. She has short brown hair that goes down to her jaw, and matching brown eyes. She has such a pretty face. I almost couldn’t breathe when I first met her.

The way we met was pretty boring. My friend Kay is in this production, and she’s friends with Stacy. Kay introduced us the first day and we hit it off. She’s very easy to talk to, and I found out that she’s kind of a bad girl. She likes to drink and smoke (weed), which I don’t mind because I do the same. I’m sure it’s a phase that we’ll grow out of and think, “My god, how stupid were we back then” but for now, I’m having a shitload of fun.

On opening night, Stacy and I had planned on getting a little tipsy together before the play started but I hadn’t brought the alcohol. I did, however, have some weed.

“Ooooh even better. Let’s go smoke out,” she said, and grabbed my hand, pulling me outside of the theater. We found a secluded place behind the building and quickly shared half a joint. We didn’t want to get totally stoned, just to feel a little high. There are different levels of highness. The low level is when you don’t feel normal, but you don’t exactly feel stoned. The medium level is when you can definitely feel it, but you can still think and concentrate if you have to. The high level is when you’re just blown. Usually it takes a full joint for me to get to the medium level, but after smoking a fourth of a joint I was somewhere between the medium and the high level.

I leaned back against the wall and started freaking out. “Holy shit I’m way too stoned. I’m going to totally forget what to do on stage. Oh shit. Oh fuck.”

“Michelle, you don’t have any lines. You just stand there in the background. Don’t worry about it. Besides, if you fuck up at least you’ll be able to laugh about it.” She ran her fingers through her hair. “Man, I’m definitely feeling it. That was some strong shit.”

We had always flirted for as long as we’d known each other, but I didn’t know if she was really flirting or if she was just joking. I decided to test it and said, “You know what I like to do when I’m stoned? I like to make out. It feels so amazing.”

She vehemently agreed with me. “Oh my god, I know! I can feel everything so much more intensely.”

I said jokingly, “Maybe we should make out then,” and ran my fingers down her arm.

She said seriously, “Maybe we should,” but didn’t make a move. We just stood there for a while and we burst out laughing. I don’t know why. Once we settled down, I took her by her shoulders and pulled her body into me. Since I was stoned, it felt like her body was falling into mine and we were falling into the wall. It was as if our bodies were becoming one. I don’t know how to explain it, but it felt good.

Both of our mouths opened slightly and our hands came up to caress each other’s faces and hair, but we didn’t kiss yet. My face and fingers were tingling wherever we touched. I was looking into her eyes and I saw them darken with desire before she closed them and leaned in, barely brushing her lips against mine. She shook her head side to side slowly, causing our lips to rub against each other. That’s the kind of thing that would probably only be fun if you were stoned, but at the time it felt so good I sighed onto her lips. I tucked her hair behind her ear and kissed her with a little more force, feeling our lips move together. She slowly slid her tongue into my mouth and when our tongues first touched she moaned. Her tongue played with mine a little bit, then she pulled back and did it again. She had casino siteleri an interesting style of kissing. It was like a series of a cross between French kisses and pecks on the lips that are each about a second long. It was very wet and very hot. We would lean in and put our tongues in each other’s mouths, then as we were pulling away a second later we would kiss each other’s lips with our tongues still partially touching and then completely separate, before repeating it. After a while of this, it became one long French kiss with our heads moving back and forth and occasional soft sighs and moans into each other’s mouth. My hands stopped caressing her face and I ran my fingers down her neck and arms before I reached around and placed my hands on her ass. I then pulled away, gasping for breath and saying, “We need to get going or we might miss our scenes.”

She let out a disappointed moan but disengaged herself from me. We went backstage, finding out that I had in fact missed my only scene but it didn’t really matter since Woman

isn’t exactly crucial to the plot. She was just in time for her scene, so five minutes later she was up on stage dancing. I moved so I was on stage but hidden by the curtain. The audience couldn’t see me but she could see me clearly. As she was dancing, she kept glancing over at me and giving me a wtf look. You could tell she was completely stoned from the way she was moving, so I started cracking up. This made her start laughing, but we got over it pretty quickly. I stood leaning against the wall and crossed my legs, rubbing them tightly together very obviously. Her eyes zeroed in onto my crotch and stayed there. Luckily it was time for her to get off stage because she couldn’t have danced anymore if she tried. She managed to get out of there with not too much embarrassment.

I snuck back so that we were both backstage. She took my hand and we found a spot that was hidden from view because one of the sets was blocking off a corner. We climbed over and she pushed me against the wall, kissing me roughly. I kissed back with just as much intensity, rubbing my body against hers. Soon we were frantically grinding our hips together, panting and sweating as I buried my face in her neck and my hand grabbed the back of her head. I’m sure someone must have heard us but we couldn’t have cared less about other people at that point.

I reached up and roughly massaged her left breast, causing her to moan. I pinched her nipple, making her jerk, then slid my hand down her stomach and cupped her pussy. She spread her legs and pushed her hips forward into my hand. I pulled her dress up and she held it over her hips as I ran one finger up her slit, tickling her clit with my fingernail through her underwear. She gasped and moaned, her thighs shaking. We were both sort of close to coming just from grinding against each other, so when I pushed her underwear to the side and slipped a finger inside her she was just dripping wet.

I slowly slid my finger in and out, my thumb rubbing against her clit. She clenched her teeth and grunted out, “Faster,” as one of her hands reached down and grabbed hold of my wrist. I picked up the pace, my finger making soft squishing noises in her pussy. She was moaning under her breath nonstop and her body wouldn’t stay still. I knelt down and sucked her clit into my mouth, then started flicking my tongue over it while still sucking as I was fucking her with my finger. She became very still and quiet for a split second, then exploded all over my hand and mouth, her hips bucking against my face and her grip on my wrist tightening so much I had marks afterwards. She was trying to be quiet but not succeeding, making low sounds that were a mixture of screams and moans. She slowly stopped grinding her pussy into my face and sighed, letting go of her dress and pulling me up to her so she could kiss me. She sucked on my lips and tongue, getting all the juices off, then took my hand and slowly sucked the juices off my finger. She pretended it was a cock for a while, moving her lips up and down my finger, then ran her tongue over it before sucking on the whole thing and then removing it from her mouth.

She pulled my shirt up above my breasts and pulled my bra down, then leaned down and started sucking on my left nipple. There were still a lot of her juices in her mouth that was mixed in with her saliva, getting all over my nipple. She sucked my nipple into canlı casino her mouth and swirled her tongue around the areola before flicking the tip of her tongue over my nipple. My back arched and I placed my hand on my head, playing with her hair as I moaned softly. She kissed my nipple and moved to the next one, doing the same to that. It felt so good I had to bite my arm to keep from crying out. Whenever I felt a jolt move from my nipple to my clit my hips would jerk and I’d cry out into my arm. I gave up on being quiet and reached up and grabbed hold of a set, steadying myself.

She let go of my bra and kissed her way down my stomach, pausing to dip her tongue into my belly button. She unbuttoned and pulled my pants and underwear down as I spread my legs for her. She kissed my clit then gave my entire pussy a few long licks. She spread my lips with the fingers of one hand and went to work on my clit, alternating between flicking the tip of her tongue over it, using the flat of her tongue, and shaking her head. I have no idea if I was making any noise or not, but I probably was because I soon started feeling pressure in my clit, signaling my impending orgasm. The pressure grew until it exploded when I looked down and saw her tongue flicking over my clit. It literally felt like my clit blew up, but in a good way. I felt my orgasm wash over my entire body, starting at my clit and radiating outwards until I felt it even in my toes. It went on like that forever, my body shaking and my hips bucking wildly into her face. I finally came down, sliding down to the floor because I was too spent to even stand.

Stacy straddled my lap and put her hands on either side of my face. She kissed me deeply, letting me taste myself, then pulled back and said, “Wasn’t that fucking awesome? I love sex when you’re stoned.”

I just sighed. I couldn’t even form words yet. It was the best orgasm I’d ever had in my life. We held each other like that until it was time for us to bow at the end of the play. When everything was over, we were sitting outside talking and she said, “Hey, we gotta hang out even after the play’s over.”

I told her that I was having a small party (as in only people who are invited can go…no word of mouth allowed) the next weekend and that she was invited.

She said, “Hey, and I can provide entertainment. I know how to pole dance. No, before you ask, I was never a stripper, it’s just something I picked up.”

I laughed and said, “Yeah right. You just picked up how to pole dance.”

“Yeah seriously. My ex-boyfriend used to have a pole in his house, and I’d practice on it. He even gave me a cop costume for my birthday once. And handcuffs and a baton kind of thing.”

I said, “Aw. How sweet.”

She laughed and said, “You want to see sometime? I can do a show for your party next weekend. Hey, you wanna do it with me? I can be the cop and you can be the person I’m arresting.”

I didn’t even have to think about it. “Hell yeah!”

She grinned at me and gave me her number. I called her that week and we planned what we were going to do.

It went perfectly. It was the night of the party, and everyone was getting completely drunk. At somewhere around 11, we heard a knock on the door. My friend Patrick went to answer it, and as he opened the door he saw a girl in a cop uniform outside.

He stared at her in terror. “Oh. Hi.”

She looked at him sternly, saying, “I’ve received a call from the neighbors. Apparently there’s some kind of wild party going on. You’re going to have to let me in,” and she shoved her way past him into the house. Patrick was too drunk to do anything so he just followed her. Everyone was frozen, staring at Stacy. She looked around the room, taking in all the bottles and different types of alcohol. She knelt over, inspecting an Altoids can that actually contained some joints. I stood up and said, “Excuse me. I don’t think you have the right to do that. You can’t search a private house without a warrant.”

She stopped and stood up, her back still to me. Then she slowly turned around and said, “So I can’t search you without a warrant? Maybe you’re right. But I can arrest you for allowing underage drinking and for possession of illegal drugs,” and she pulled out her handcuffs.

“Get against the wall! Put your hands above your head and don’t move!” She shoved me face first into the wall and kicked open my legs. I did as she kaçak casino told and she put the handcuffs on me. “I’m going to have to search you. Stay still,” she said. I wasn’t wearing much of anything, just an off white ribbed tube top that shows my stomach and a brown miniskirt with heels. It would have been very hard to hide anything in there. My friends all just stood there and watched. I like to think that either they were just too drunk to help out when they saw a “cop” abusing me, or they had already realized something was up. I’m not sure when the exact moment was when they realized that she wasn’t actually a cop, but after a while when Stacy had been patting my upper body someone yelled out, “Go for her boobs!”

I couldn’t see Stacy but her hands started patting closer to my breasts. She patted down my stomach and, finding nothing there, grabbed my boobs and started massaging them gently, pushing them up and in different directions. She said, “I’m not finding anything here,” and someone suggested she look underneath the top. Stacy said, “That’s against the law, sir.” She stood back and said, “Well it looks like you got off clean this time,” and took the handcuffs off me. I discreetly went over to the computer and prepared a play list for her as she distracted them by giving them a lecture on drinking and stuff like that. I was waiting for my cue, which was “You kids can find better things to do with your spare time, like maybe dancing.” Cheesy, I know. It was pretty funny though.

She said that, and I started playing some techno song. She went over to the platform where my friend had had a pole installed, and started unbuttoning her blouse while she moved to the beat. She slid her top over her shoulders and it dropped to the floor. She was wearing a black lacey bra, which enhanced her small breasts. I got a joint and walked over to the stage where I lit it, taking a very minimal hit, which was part of the plan. She came over and announced, “Uh oh. I think someone’s been bad. Illegal substance abuse is a no-no.” She pulled me up on stage and took her top, tying my wrists to the pole with it.

I pleaded, “No, please, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that…I’ll do anything if you don’t arrest me.”

She slapped my ass enough for it to hurt, saying, “I’m not going to arrest you, but you’re going to be punished,” and took out her nightstick thing and showed that (surprise!) it had an attachment so it could be turned into a whip.

This time I wasn’t acting. She had not told me that whips would be involved, just a blunt object. “Oh god, anything but that. Please, I’ll be good from now on.”

She ignored my pleas for mercy and held my skirt up while she brought her whip down on my ass really hard.

Smack! Everyone started cheering. I hate my friends. Smack! I started writhing against the pole, trying to escape from my bonds. Smack! I was holding onto the pole, begging her to stop. This time she said, “Ok, I’ll stop hitting your ass,” then pulled my shirt up and brought the whip down on my back. Somehow I managed to hold on to the pole and stand there while she whipped me a couple more times until she stopped and started massaging my back and ass.

“Sorry if that was too hard,” she whispered to me, then kissed the area right behind my ear.

“It’s not really something I want to do again,” I said in a low voice. “Can you, like, untie me now? This is uncomfortable.”

Stacy said in a loud voice, “So do you think you’ve been punished enough? Are you ever going to smoke weed again?”

I pretended to be meek. “No, ma’am. Never again.”

Someone said, “Yeah right!” which caused everyone to start laughing. I straightened my clothing and got off stage. I found someone willing (and still somewhat sober enough) to shoot pool with me and did that for a while, until Stacy walked into the room.

“Body shot!” she announced looking at me, holding up a half full bottle of tequila. I laid down on the pool table and pulled up my shirt while I sucked in my stomach, making an indentation for her to pour the tequila in. She carefully poured it onto my stomach and sucked the puddle of alcohol off. She sucked on my belly button then started licking my stomach, pulling down my skirt and licking right above where my pubic hair would start if I didn’t shave.

I got up and we smiled at each other, but nothing else happened that night between us. We both got too drunk to really be able to do anything or care. Last time I saw her she was actually puking into the toilet so even if she wanted to, I wouldn’t have made out with her. Either way, there are always going to be lots of parties and opportunities coming up.

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