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Daphne Rogers watched Henry Miller as he stretched outside their family pool. His youthful body, a warm chocolate brown, glistened in the Morning light. Not yet overly defined, it held a strength that was obvious only when he was naked. Or in this case, clad only in a loose pair of swim trunks. Bending over to touch his toes always gave her a perfect view of his firm butt and slightly toned legs. Licking her lips, Daphne silently closed the blinds to her bedroom and sank down onto her chair… and cried.

Henry felt it. She was crying again. Closing his eyes, Henry forced himself to choke down the rising warmth he wanted to share with her. Daphne was a bright and intelligent woman. Her crystal blue eyes always shone brightly. There was always a smile on her full lips. He’d never heard one ill word from her or about her. So why was she always alone? Where was the man… or woman… who held her tenderly? Finished, he turned towards a slight sound. It was almost natural. Almost. A smile graced his lips as his father approached.

“She’s crying again, son.”

“I know. I wish there was something I could do.”

“You mean besides teasing the ever lovin’ hell out of her.”

“Me? Dad…”

“Son I know something about women. Look at her sideways sometime and you’ll see it. Remember how I taught you? Anyway… you have a phone call. Jessica.”

“Shit,” grumbled Henry. “Never should have taken her out last week.”

“Lesson learned. Now comes the hard part… and the knowledge and understanding that comes if you’re patient and open minded enough. Talk to Jessica then drop by Miss Rogers.”

* * * *

The conversation with Jessica went better than he expected. He was still amazed at the power of truth to shatter lives even as it healed the wounds it made. Their date did not mean he loved her. It was cold knowledge, but in the end she saw that it was much better to have a friend than a Sunday Lover. That finished, he returned to the pool.

Daphne, eyes now dry, returned to her perch. Henry was there, but something was different. His movements were… tense. He was on edge. Then, with agonizing slowness, he rose. Standing absolutely motionless, he looked like some ancient Egyptian God surveying the Earth. Then his head lowered, and he bounced into his home. Happy. Her head cocked to one side, and then she turned and began getting dressed for the day.

She chose a deep blue sundress to hide her rolls. She hated being fat, but no diet had yet helped her in her life long battle. Sans makeup, she walked downstairs to the livingroom. The doorbell rang as soon as her foot hit the hardwood floor. She opened the door, surprised that Henry was on the other side.

“Hi, Miss Rogers. I was wondering if you’d like to join me at our pool for today.”

“I don’t have a bathing suit. And if I did, I wouldn’t want to scare you with this old, flabby body.”

“The bathing suit isn’t a problem. And I think you’re attractive. Besides… it’s a sunny day. No one should be inside. See you in ten minutes?”

She wanted to say no. The look in his soft brown eyes… warm, caring… and lustful? She found his impish smile contagious, and was soon chuckling softly. “So I’m going skinny dipping with a teenager? What would your parents say?”

“They’d say I was flirting with a beautiful woman and give me shit about it. That’s about it. Seriously… I don’t care if you go naked. No one other than you has a view inside the pool area. C’mon. Please?”

“And what do you get out of this, young man?” she said jokingly.

“Aside from looking at Picture upload a beautiful woman naked? Well… I get to know that same beautiful woman in the process of ogling her body.” He laughed heartily. She joined him, her heart pounding beneath her heaving chest.

“I see I don’t have a choice. Ten minutes. And mind your manners; I am an old woman.”

“You’re only as old as you think. Ten minutes, Miss Rogers.”

“Daphne. Call me Daphne.”

That smile. He wasn’t hiding anything from her and he let her know it. He really did find her interesting. She just hoped he would still think that once he saw he naked.

* * * *

It was like Christmas. Daphne let the white cotton robe slide to the concrete, pooling at her feet. She was fat; these were not the softly plump curves of a young girl. This was the full figured form of a woman. He felt himself get hard and smiled even wider. She turned to face him, her hands attempting to cover her breasts and crotch. He met her gaze and dropped his trunks.

She gasped. He was HUGE!! Her eyes locked on the throbbing member between his legs. She could almost convince herself that his erection was because he was so close to a naked woman. Yet when she looked into his eyes… He wanted HER!!! In that instant she went from shy old spinster to horny old biddy… with a more than willing partner.

“Impressive,” she muttered.

“Uh… sorry about that. He’s got a mind of his own sometimes.” With that Henry dove into the cold water. Daphne chuckled, then stepped into the pool.

Henry rose from the depths, quickly wiping the dripping liquid from his eyes. The cold nearly killed his hardon, but the site of Daphne’s nipples responding to the cool water breathed new life into it… and him.

“Absolutely beautiful,” he breathed. She heard his words and blushed.

They swam about, never once really losing sight of the other. Henry was glad his hardon finally decided to yield to the cold and fade into the background. He was also amused at the single thought that filled his mind. He was a shark stalking his pray. The twisted humor of shark-whale wasn’t so much cruel as it was a reminder that he wasn’t cruel at all. He was truly interested in helping Daphne realize just how beautiful she was.

Daphne could not shake the image from her head. A strong, powerful shark circling a fat beached whale. Or the peculiar twist to being eaten. Henry swam over to a wall and draped his arms over the edge, facing her. His head lay on a towel and he let his body hover beneath the rippling waves. She smiled, then swam towards him. This time the killer whale was after a cute and tempting seal.

“Why did you invite me over here, Henry?” She asked as she slid her body against his.

“Uh.. well…” His mind could not focus on words. She felt so… good… against his body. His nostrils flared. His hands itched to caress her round body. He could see everything. Feel everything. The flavor of her nectar… He opened his eyes… when had they closed?… and looked at Daphne.

He was gone. Here was an eighteen year old desperate to fuck someone. her. He wanted to fuck her!! There was nothing stopping either of them… if one discounted common sense. Fifty-three years old. She could be his grandmother!! She knew it would probably be best to stop teasing him. She did… and kissed his lips softly.

He felt the chain snap. He tried to warn her, but knew it was futile. The Beast Within was loose once more. Yet he refused to let it go unchecked. He wouldn’t try to contain it, but he WOULD see images upload to it that Daphne didn’t get hurt in any way.

So. You’ve finally decided to join me. Wise decision. Your family is a strong one indeed. I chose wisely. Now come. This beautiful woman is in need. And we shall provide.

* * * *

His hands felt so good as they slid around her back. His arms, powerful coils of lust, squeezed away all doubt and inhibition. Daphne surrendered to the raging lust within her. She threw her arms around his back and kissed him. Hard and passionate. His cock tried to ram through her belly… a situation he remedied quickly. One moment she was scrambling to get comfortable… the next… In one long, slow, agonizingly delightful moment, her cunt was being filled with eight inches of thick, young, BLACK cock in a pool.

“Sorry,” he growled. Then he spun around, plastering her against the pool wall.

This was fucking. Daphne wrapped her legs around his bubble butt and whipped her hips into him. He was snarling like and animal as he mauled her nipple. His hands gripped her ass tightly, kneading the mounds as he continuously pounded her long neglected nest. her hands roamed freely over his body and head, encouraging him to take her. All of her fantasies… now reality. And the real was so much more. Then… he jerked away from her. Daphne whimpered and looked at Henry.

“My room. Now,” he snarled. That look. he was totally committed to fucking the shit out of her. Here was the Beast given form. If she wanted him, then she would get him. The real him.

Daphne obeyed. She wanted to be as comfortable as possible while he fucked her senseless. her heart no longer felt heavy. Life would no longer be just one day after the next. Even if he left her, and she was sure he would, she knew someone found her exciting. And where there was one…

* * * *

They made it as far as the second set of stairs before he could not resist. Henry plastered his face in Daphne’s large ass crack. His tongue found her asshole… taking an unnecessarily long path. There was a slight musky flavor there, but the chlorine and faint trace of feminine sweetness covered nicely. He hummed/chuckled; being the son of a chef was an adventure in itself. His hands slid around her thighs as he held her in place, his mind filled only with good… relatively speaking… thoughts.

“GOD!!” No one had ever done what this young man had done. Taken her in a pool. Fucked with a passion totally unchecked. And now… As his tongue slithered into her anus she felt the nether hole relax, welcoming the strange invader into her depths. She grabbed one ass cheek and pulled it away… only to be sternly yet gently rebuffed. Daphne smiled as she moaned her pleasure.

“Move,” he mumbled. Daphne, legs shaking from the erotic waves washing through her body, stumbled up the remaining stairs. Finding his room was easy. The poster on the door was abstract. Beautiful. A swirl of colors. Dark, yet joyous. Harmonious. She reached for the doorknob but he stopped her.

“How did you know?” The boyish/impish joy in his voice lifted her even higher.

“It felt right,” she sighed, leaning back into his arms.

Henry wrapped his arms around Daphne, holding her tightly. She was such a beautiful woman. She deserved to be held like this constantly. Yet he knew he would only be a temporary fix.

Not so. You are still young. You will learn exactly what is we do this day. And you will never be the same. Remember… in all things… balance.

His room, even in the middle of the day, was dark. Not midnight black and depressing. Dark blues and soft grays dominated, yet there were streaks of chaotic color here and there. Most surprising was an ashtray.

“Do you smoke?”

“Yes and no. My dad’s the executive chef at Allison’s. Long time pot head, he insists on having an ashtray handy in case he needs to have a talk while he’s smoking a cigar or a bowl.”


“My father never hides anything from me. He says open eyes and minds see more clearly. I chose not to smoke cigarettes or anything else. Although… if I become a cook… which seems the case…”

“You cook?” she asked as she sat down on the bed. He joined her, settling in behind her. His hands roamed over her body, gliding effortlessly over her ample flesh.

“Yep. I’m not the best but… I hold my own. Maybe I can cook breakfast for you. Tomorrow.”

He was good. He’d taken her one innocent comment and twisted it back to sex. Effortlessly. He was going to break quite a few hearts before it was all said and done. Strangely… not hers. She knew he found her attractive. This was just an expression of that. Not a declaration of love.

“If you’re capable…” she said softly.

Henry planted one soft kiss on her neck. Not even the lingering chlorine could mask her feminine flavor. His tongue slithered out of his mouth and drew lazy trails along her neck. She moaned and writhed about, her hands sliding over his forearms.

“Do it, Henry,” she sighed as he nibbled on her neck. She heard the snarl the instant before his teeth sank into her flesh. She hissed as she felt the hickey being created on her neck. Such a youthful thing. A vanity. Fuck the world if they didn’t understand. She spun around and tackled him, laughing softly at his surprise.

She was strong. Very strong. So was he. Henry blinked. Closed… his mind sought the Beast. The Beast was there. Patient. In all things… balance. He understood. He opened himself up to the truth of himself… and the Beast.

We are one and two. Now you understand. As did your father at about your age. Come… prey waits.

Daphne squealed as he lifted her into the air, flung her to the bed and leapt on top of her in one smooth motion. He was so very strong!!! His body glowed with sexual energy and a thirst for life. Like she once had. Like she would have again. She flung her legs wide, inviting him inside her molten center. In one violent thrust he was entrenched balls deep. Daphne cried out at the suddenness and violent nature of her orgasm. The matted hair was little protection from his lustful onslaught, and the guardian gates simply crumbled beneath his assault. He fucked her, pounding his cock into her with ever-increasing viciousness. And she gave back as good as she got, whipping her hips in a frantic dance.

Henry fucked Daphne. Simple statement of fact. He knew the techniques of making love, but this was not the time. What she needed was knowledge. Someone found her attractive enough to want to fuck her like a schoolgirl. Pure, hard sex just because you’re alive and horny… and the partner is willing. She felt wonderful around his cock. Soft. Wet. Yielding… but only in order to tease. HE felt more alive than he could ever remember. Then he felt his own orgasm climbing from his balls. Fear froze on his face. He was not wearing a condom!!

“Do it. I’m safe, Henry. Cum inside me.”

“SHIT!!!” His mind exploded into a vast array of colors. Overwhelming waves of sheer pleasure crashed through every fiber of his body. THIS was a busted nut. Sweet!!! Filled with energy, Henry took only a second to catch his breath. Still spewing seed, he pulled away from Daphne.

She saw it in his eyes. He wasn’t even close to being finished. Good. Neither was she.

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