Friends with Benefits Ch. 02

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Note: Again, this story is factual, (as will be the upcoming chapters) and depicts the events between myself and the main character. Thanks to all who have read chapter 1 and gave their opinion, and again feedback on all my submissions is most definitely appreciated!


Well, I’d done it. I had fucked Dante once and was not about to let him go. Prom was in mere days and there was much to be done. We didn’t see each other again outside of class until prom day, and the school was buzzing with to much excitement to notice the subtle changes between Dante and myself. I now sat beside Dante in Forensics, and occasionally we got a little touchy feely underneath the desk. Ironically our teacher asked me soon after if I could tutor Dante for the final, but as we walked together out of class, the kind of tutoring we had in mind didn’t involve books. Since all the seniors cut out after receiving their prom bids, we did the same, opting again to walk to his house, counting on the fact that we knew today, we’d have the house all to our selves. I swear my pussy got wet just at the mere thought. We were just about back to Dante’s when we see his brother and two friends coming down the block as well, and the first words that came out of my mouth were “make them leave!” into Dante’s ear.

“Don’t worry.” he said. “I’ll tell them to go or stay outside.”

“They better!” I hissed in aggravation.

“Don’t worry.” Dante repeated with a laugh, squeezing my ass a bit.

After only a few minutes of waiting on his couch, Dante’s brother and his friends made their way out back to smoke and I suppose give us some privacy. canlı bahis Before the door even closed behind them I was in Dante’s arms, making my way to his bedroom that I had yet to see. I immediately knew this time would be different. I had hours before I needed to be home to primp and prep for prom, and as I had requested earlier, there was a bed beneath us. Before I knew it Dante had me naked, and I found myself to be more than a bit self conscious -it had been months since I had last been naked in front of a guy, let alone one I hadn’t known for long-. Soon he too had removed his shirt, and only a loose pair of pants stood between my pussy and paradise.

Dante kissed me in a way that made me melt and tingle all over, his hands worked magic up and down my body and I had yet to find a better feeling than his body pressed into mine. As he slowly ran his tongue from my collar bone to my breast, I shuddered all over. His lips found mine once more, before he slide down my body, trailing his lips over my stomach, his teeth nibbling my hipbone. I grabbed a fistful of his hair as his lips moved lower. Realizing his intent, I tried to scoot myself away from his mouth, suddenly self conscious again, and not quite ready to accept his tongue on my pussy. Dante realized what I was trying to do and before I could protest, he pulled me by my hips, flush against his mouth, his tongue beginning it’s sensual assault on my clit. That was it. The only sounds leaving my mouth now were moans of pleasure. I soon realized that I had never had my pussy eaten like that before, and unlike my ex, Dante didn’t stop after 30 seconds, but continued until bahis siteleri I came twice all, over his face. It wasn’t until I begged him to stop that he slowed, and grinned up at me triumphantly.

After I caught my breath Dante looked at me and said, “Suck my dick.”

With no hesitation I moved toward him as he lay back on the bed, I undid his belt and the button on his jeans. Releasing his cock from his pants, I ran my palm down his length, and slowly ran the tip of my tongue around the head. Dante let out a slow breath as I continued, slowly taking it all in my mouth as the tip nudged the back of my throat, running my tongue along the base. Groaning he grabbed a fistful of my hair as he trust his hips up, forcing his dick deeper into my mouth until I gagged. I continued for a bit, while Dante began to finger me, unerringly finding my g-spot and teasing it gently. I moaned on his cock, the vibrations making him groan deep in his throat. Finally, I could take no more, looking up at him I demanded he fuck me right then. Not having to be told twice, Dante rolled me over onto my back, spread my legs and thrust hard into dripping pussy. I screamed out in pleasure, pulling him closer. He thrust harder and harder as I bit sharply into his shoulder, eliciting a growl from deep in his throat. I begged him to fuck me harder, so he pulled out and flipped me on to my stomach pulling my ass up into the air. Dante brutally thrust his dick back into my pussy, causing me to scream out in a combination of pleasure tinged with pain.

“Oh fuck yes…harder!” I yelled out.

“Spank me!” I cried suddenly, my submissive side emerging bahis şirketleri for the first time.

Dante responded quickly, bring his hand down hard on my ass, once.

“Uh god, again!” I moaned.

Over and over his hand came down, alternating sides until I could feel the stinging heat radiating from my bottom. I came again and again on his hard prick, screaming, moaning, crying out until I could no longer keep my ass in the air. Without giving me a moment to recover Dante turned me once more onto my back and bid me to ride him. In all honesty that was almost a buzz kill. I hated being on top, I’d never before got much out of the position from my other “partners”. But I thought it was the least I could do, after all, I had never come as hard or as many times as Dante made me cum, I figured I owed it to him, even though he went with the philosophy, “make me come once I’ll make you come twice.” Anyway, straddle him I did and once again I was taken aback, it felt amazing! Never before had I felt such sensations riding a cock. I don’t know if it was because it was Dante’s cock or because he actually moved with me, but whatever the reason, I a gained a whole new appreciation for the position.

After sometime riding him, I begged him to come for me, for I was really beginning to feel just how much he’d torn me up and I wanted to save some energy for the possibility of round two later that evening. Grasping my ass in both hands Dante complied, thrusting in a jack hammer like rhythm, until I felt his body go taut beneath me. Breathless and sated all I could manage was an awe filled “wow” and a gentle kiss on his chest.

In the aftermath as I lay beside Dante sweaty and spent, I began to wonder, just what the fuck had I got myself into and, could I really just walk away from him when it came time for me to pack up and leave for college?

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