Girlfriend Leads me to BBC Ch. 01

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(All characters are older than 18 years)




I’m Benji, and this is my tragic story. I used to be pretty satisfied with having sex with only – only – women, until I started dating her, Bianca. I thought she was joking when she tried to use her finger in my ass to (arouse) me. Every time we had sex, she tried to convince me with her sneaky finger, until finally I agreed; at first I only endured, but it soon turned out to be expected, otherwise I wasn’t happy. I didn’t ask for it, when I first realized that I liked too much, but eventually I would give her a tip that, while she has her mouth full, she could do other things too, like, she could arouse me by pressing her finger against my asshole.

“Do you want me to put it in?”

“What?” I said. “No!”

I knew she would begin to think all the wrong stuff. After that exchange, I told her to stop completely. But I missed it, I missed the feeling, just a finger there, it was weird to admit that I liked it so much.

Thank God for Bianca, though, after a few days, she realized my head had cooled off, and her finger returned; and I was so happy that I didn’t even complain when she put some pressure, and eventually, after preparing the field, she inserted a finger in my ass, and it hadn’t been too bad.

Fast forward a few weeks, some days I wasn’t even fucking her anymore, or getting blowjobs. She loved it, loved to see me begging for her to go harder with the dildo. That woman had revolutionized my sex life, I cummed many times with a big dildo inside of me. Later, happy to oblige her in anything she wanted, I would spend whole hours licking and sucking her pussy because I was so thankful.

There were times when we would only do the usual vanilla stuff. Once, after the sex, we we’re watching a movie, and Bianca looked at me, she must have seen something, because she asked me.

“Do you want me to go get the dildo?”

I had to laugh, I kissed her, assured her that nothing was amiss, but it was. I did want the dildo. But it was okay, because eventually she would fuck me. Until, of course, she grew tired of it.

She was more and more unwilling, and what could a guy do? Beg? Beg his girl to fuck him with a dildo?

Days passed by where there wouldn’t be a single ass fucking for me. Her finger would brush past it, giving me a sudden burst of joy, but it always ended in disappointment. But Bianca – this time while I was driving her for work, and again showing an incredible ability to understand me – she started a suggestion like this:

“I love you.”

“What, what is it?” I said. “What’s going on?”

“I’m just sorry,” she looked at me with pity. “You’ve been great to me, and I haven’t been giving back.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, the sex stuff.”

I almost lied to her again, but this time I held my ground.

“I understand, it’s weird for you. I will try to do it on my own.”

“That’s not the same. You won’t be satisfied. It’s casino oyna like jerking off. I was thinking, and please just listen, okay? But… Since I know you’re not gay, I’m sure of it…”

“Bianca, no.”

“It will be fun.”


“It would be a stranger.”

“A stranger?” I said, mortified.

“Or, someone we know. I have great gay friends.”

“Oh, God. Shut up. Shut up.”

During the lift, Bianca didn’t speak another word. And afterwards, she didn’t mention the thing again. How could she even think about it? Damn it. She had been the one to introduce that stuff to me.

I blamed her, and didn’t want to speak to her for a while, but as always, Bianca softened me up, and that’s how she convinced me, she gave me everything I wanted, and when I was almost cumming from the movements of the dildo she was thrusting up my ass, she said, “Honey, imagine what a real cock would feel like.”

Why was she so hell bent into me bending over for some guy? The scary thing was that it wasn’t such a horrible thought anymore. After that nice persuasion, we talked about it openly, and Bianca was winning the argument. Nobody would know but us, it would be a threesome, a new sex experience, and I would just try and see if I would enjoy it. Even so, it took me weeks to get used to the idea, and then finally I agreed. Bianca was very happy, and in the very next day, she said she had found the perfect guy.

The perfect guy was a 40 year old black man named John who worked at her office. He was gay, and very discreet. Only her, Bianca said, knew about his sexuality. I didn’t know if I wanted a black man, I mean, they had a very big fame around that pointed them to be a very wrong choice in first time experiences.

Our contact begun by texting. It was weird at first, because my girlfriend had talked to him about what I wanted, so he knew I was looking for cock, but we didn’t touch on that subject. He talked about Bianca, how he knew her; his work, and my work, and what kind of music I liked, stuff like that. Every time I thought that the conversation would die, he kept on talking, in such a way that I believe was very effective to make me feel at ease.

Early in the morning, when I was getting ready for work, Bianca was making breakfast on the kitchen – she hadn’t moved in, but practically lived there – I received unexpectedly a picture of a black cock. I was brushing my teeth, and, after looking at the screen of my phone, surprised, I let the brush fall. I slowly came to myself and put the phone away, but the picture was still showing, and I looked at it from far away; I finished brushing, and leaned over the sink where the phone laid. There was a hand around the cock, but it only covered half the length, that was crazy. It seemed bigger than my dildos.

I heard Bianca outside the bathroom, and, panicking, I deleted the photo and put the phone on my pocket. I went to work and back, slept, woke up, but the image of the cock stayed with me, burned in my canlı casino mind. And now I regretted having deleted it. I had a lot of thought before deciding what to do next, and before sleeping again, I texted John, saying that I accidently deleted it.

“You want another?” he texted. “You gotta ask nicely.”

Bianca wasn’t sleeping at my place that day, so I didn’t have to hide my erection.

“Please, can you send me another picture?”

John was happy to do it. He then asked me to send him a picture of my ass, and after many minutes of fooling myself in the pretense that I would be able to sleep after that request, I got up, took off my pants and went to a long mirror, turning around and taking a picture of my ass.

John gave me compliments, many of them, and they made me so horny that I had to jerk off. Part of me was ashamed to be enjoying another man’s compliments, but I also had been ashamed of enjoying getting fucked and I wasn’t caring about that anymore. Things changed.

Then he asked me if I would set the date for our encounter soon, because he was crazy to meet me. I promised I would. Then, before ending the conversation, I asked him if he could keep that whole interaction a secret from my girlfriend. John had no problems with that.

So we set the date for next week, and it might have been a long week, if not for the conversations I secretly had with John everyday, which ended up making me very comfortable with him, since I not only received compliments for the pictures of my naked body, I complimented him as well – he particularly enjoyed when I told him how excited I was to take his whole cock.

The day of the meeting came, a Saturday night, and I suddenly felt very nervous. I had taken a shower after Bianca had shaved all of me, and I couldn’t hide my excitement or my shame from her, with my cock staying erect throughout the whole ordeal.

Then John came, he knocked on my door and Bianca answered. I heard his deep voice and my body actually trembled. He was huge, I expected that. He took my hand, shook it, looked me over with a knowing smile, and I blushed.

Bianca served the wine, and sat next to me on the living room, John was on the opposite side, and we talked about trivial things, and I slowly started laughing at his jokes – when he noticed I was more at ease, he started to grab his volume, showing through his pants, and I looked at it.

“Maybe,” Bianca said, “we should go sit next to you, huh?” And John agreed. So we sat on the couch next to him, me on the right side, his right hand went straight behind my back and rested my head on it. I felt weird, but let it go, noticing that my cock was hard. John came close to me, to my ear, and whispered that I could feel him up. I didn’t look at Bianca while my hand was placed on John’s erection, I was too ashamed, too excited. I felt his huge cock, even through his pants, I could feel the power. I squeezed it, gave it a nice massage that lasted minutes, while he talked with Bianca. kaçak casino I didn’t even listen much, but I heard him commenting about how lucky he was, and that I was beautiful.

Then John kissed Bianca. When I saw it, I stopped my grabbing to look. Yeah, it was a threesome do Bianca would be a part of it. I wondered if that had been her plan all along, to do that so she could fuck another guy. I must’ve observed them for a long time, their tongues mingling, because John stopped and looked at me. He came at me, mouth open, and I kissed him too. It had been a long, slow, wet kiss, it took my breath away. When he went to kiss my girlfriend again, I didn’t mind.

He quickly took control of the situation, and slowly told us what to do, to take off one piece of clothe at a time, until Bianca and me were naked – my cock hard – and he still fully clothed. For a time he forgot about Bianca, and pulled me on to his lap, so I was sitting right on top of the snake. My girlfriend smiled weakly next to me, watching. If she was having second thoughts, now was too late. John rubbed his hands on my belly, my cock, balls, all the while, telling me to move my thighs, teasing his huge cock. I was hesitant at first, but his touches slowly took me in, and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

We moved to the bed, and John wanted to go right to the point. When he was fully naked in front of me, I felt a pang of fear. His cock was fully hard, enormous, and he rubbed it on me. Bianca tried to come in, kiss me while I was laying down, but then John would do something to catch my full attention. He turned he around on the bed, lubed me up and fucked me with his finger. I moaned loudly, my pleasure so obvious, turning my normal deep voice into squeaks and high tones. I was slapped many times; he took a long while preparing me, until I was ready to cum, and he hadn’t even started with me.

For what I gathered, Bianca had tried to get his attention, for he then said, “Wait, let me first deal with him, that’s why I’m here, right?”

My eyes were closed, and my ass was getting invaded by three fingers, so I couldn’t do anything for Bianca. I bit my pillow, listening to John’s voice, he was saying, “There you go, Benji boy, you can take it, you like it, don’t you? There you go.” In his voice, there was more than a touch of wildness.

I opened my eyes and saw Bianca laying on the bed, trying to look at if she wasn’t mad. But I knew she was. I was powerless.

John took his fingers out and didn’t put them back.

“Come on, don’t stop,” I said, and my voice was so desperately childish, and with my girlfriend right there, my face grew hot.

“I’m just about to start,” John said.

And he did. The biggest difference, I think, between the superficial and actual human meat, is the throbbing, it was like I could feel his heartbeat through his cock, and the warmth, and the simple knowledge that I was giving pleasure. He started slow, torturing me, but also protecting me. I wanted to cry. I know I started to moan very loudly once John picked up speed, and when I cummed for the first time, I actually screamed: “Fuck, yeah, fuck, fuck.”

Bianca was right. It was much better.

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