Giving Her What She Desires

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Let me say first, no matter what you think I am not a pervert. It just so happened that one day I was in the supply room rotating stock as my manager insists and while on my hands and knees in the back I found that I could hear what went on in the ladies room. It wasn’t a hole, I couldn’t see anything but I could hear them talking and well yes, sometimes I could hear them pee if they had to go real bad. You know as a man you always wonder what the women say when they go to the bathroom together, I mean you never see two men ask each other to go with them to the restroom.

Anyway, here I was minding my own business and working, by the way, when I hear voices coming from a vent on the wall. I had never thought about it but the ladies bathroom was on the other side of the wall. I put my ear closer to see if I could catch what they were saying, and one was telling the other they were cheating on their husband and with the boss. I had no idea who these women were and by the time I realized I should go stand by the bathroom door to see who it was they were done and gone.

After that, whenever I noticed women heading to the bathroom I headed to the stockroom to see if I could hear what they had to say. I guess I was just lucky the first time because I never heard anything interesting at all after that one time, except the day I saw Sheila and Ginger head that way. To tell the truth I was beginning to get bored, as it seemed all these women talked about were periods and lousy husbands or mean bosses. I almost didn’t bother, but canlı bahis you know that Ginger, she turns me on. I guess her parents knew she’d be a ginger and that was why they named her that but what I wanted to know was whether her pussy hair was as red as the rest of her hair. So really, just cause she was so hot I went to my station in hope of learning something sexy, and boy did I.

By the time I got to my listening post, they were already deep into conversation. Ginger was complaining to Sheila about her new boyfriend,

“Don’t get me wrong I really do love him and he’ll be a great provider, I mean he gives me anything but damn it in the bedroom I want a man, someone who takes what he wants, do you know what I mean?”

I guess Sheila shook her head but of course, I couldn’t see.

“And then last night I actually asked him for anal and he was shocked and told me that ladies didn’t do those things. I was so mad I told him to go sleep on the couch.”

Now that was the hottest thing I’d ever heard in the ladies bathroom, in fact maybe anywhere. God I love to butt fuck but with most of the women I know I have to get them drunk first before they’ll let me hit them in the shitter. I was so hot I had to rub one off right there in the stockroom. That very day I started treating Ginger real good, I wanted to be on her good side so if I ever got the chance, she would be mine.

Not even one week later we landed the Briggs account and I guess it was so big that the boss threw a party at his house, a pool party no bahis siteleri less. I decided that would be my night for Ginger and set to make a no fail game plan. I knew it would take some subterfuge to get the boyfriend out of the way and once that was handled the rest would be easy. I called my friend George and he gave me some ruffies, you know the date rape drug but I didn’t want them for my date I wanted them for my ‘dates’ boyfriend. It was easy to slip them into his champagne and as soon as he started to slip into comatose, I was there to help my ‘Damsel in distress.’ Everything worked perfect and Ginger was so appreciative of my help and then on the way home I managed to slip just enough emasculation about her new boyfriend in our conversation to get her to complain about his lack of man hood.

Once we were at her home I helped get him into bed and after, she offered me a drink and of course, I accepted. We sat on the couch making small talk and when I saw that look in her eyes, I knew she was mine. I took her and drew her near for my kiss and she returned it with passion. I decided to use what I already knew about her,

“Ginger, I’m going to take your clothes off, then bend you over this couch, and fuck you in the ass, that’s right, I’m going to take you as you never had it before.”

It was a gamble I knew but hell, what did I have to lose. What I got was a “How dare you,” on her lips but a ‘ Please I’m yours,’ in her eyes. I hadn’t thought of lube and I knew I’d need some so I went to her kitchen where I’d seen bahis şirketleri some olive oil on her counter, I grabbed it and returned to find her sitting there waiting for the first real man she had since she been with the loser. I roughly bent her over the sofa and without bothering to undress her I merely pulled her tiny panties to the side and began to massage the oil into her rectum. She was so hot she kept pressing her ass back to meet my oiled finger.

“You know I’m going to fuck your ass don’t you? Tell me you want it beg me for it.”

“Yes, yes, please use me for what you want, aagh…”

I plunged myself deep inside her without warning. Oh, god it was so tight I didn’t dare move and yet I could still feel her sphincter squeezing around my throbbing cock. I slapped her ass just as they do in all the pornos; I’ve always wanted to do that. It was Ginger who made the first move as her hunger overtook her pain. I saw her hand go between her legs and I knew she was playing with her clit. I began my slow assault, not wanting to hurt her, but knowing she needed someone to take control of her senses. I began to talk dirty to her, telling her she needed a man’s cock in her ass to understand what real pleasure was. She screamed, “Yes, yes, it’s true,” and came so much I could see her juices running down her legs. I could hold out no longer and came in torrents deep inside her ass.

I left her place that night thinking Ginger was mine to have but that was just hubris. No, Ginger stayed with her boyfriend as I presumed she figured she rather have a provider in the parlor that an animal in the bedroom. I guess there really is no accounting for taste. You want to know the worst part, I forgot to find out if she was a fire crotch or not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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