Halloween Party Surprise

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I have always loved parties, even though I never seem to get invited to too many. I also love holidays, and one of my favorites has become Halloween. When I was a bit younger and raising a family it was always fun to dress up and take the kids out trick-or-treating. We usually made interesting costumes for them and tried to be innovative in ours as well. One year my wife and I went as a pair of dice, which was a lot of fun.

But now my kids are grown and out of the house, leaving my wife and I to tend to the door and pass out candy to all those kids. (sigh) This year however, almost two weeks before the haunting day, I collected the mail and found an invitation addressed to my wife and myself for a party. The interesting thing was that there was no return address, and the location of the party was a public venue, so we had no clue who had invited us. The handwritten card and envelope seemed to hold no cues, no matter how hard I examined them.

We discussed for a long time if we wanted to attend or not, since we didn’t know who was going to be there, or who had invited us, we finally decided that we shouldn’t. A week before the party we received another identically hand written envelope. The card inside had a black cat on the cover and the following typed inside…

“Yes it’s safe. No you’re not supposed to know who invited you. Yes it will be fun. Yes, you should wear a costume. No, you should not be late, and as the original said… RSVP by placing a paper pumpkin with a black cat drawn on it on your front door. Look forward to seeing if we can guess who each other are! A trusted friend.”

Well…now if that didn’t address almost every question we had. It was almost as if the sender had been listening to our conversation. More discussion, more questions and finally…”why the hell not?”

With the party only a week away we had to decide on costumes. I could think of many things to go as, as could my wife, but I wanted to be different. I briefly thought about going as a hooker…but my wife put the kibosh on that one, saying no one wanted to see my fifty year old body sticking out of a short top and skirt. After much haggling, my wife decided to go as an army soldier, easy for her, since she was one… And I would go as a firefighter. The original invitation was very explicit that the costume must include a mask that prevented disclosure of your identity. In my case that meant that I could use a fireproof “nomex” hood to cover much of my face and a regular eye mask to finish it off. My wife would use a combination of camouflaged pain and a dark colored combat eyewear to completely obliterate her features. All in all I thought it was going to be a good combination.

The days ticked by, and the temperature ticked upward. We were soon in the middle of an unseasonably warm spell, not good for my costume, since I was planning on using an old pair of turnouts from when I really was a firefighter. On an 80 degree day that was going to be darn uncomfortable and sweaty, like wearing a winter coat on a hot summer day. My wife made the perfectly reasonable suggestion, that since I was going to be wearing all that, just wear a pair of shorts and t-shirt under and no one would ever know.

I joked briefly about going naked under my costume, but the response I got was anything but happy, so a pair of shorts and T-shirt it was.

The party started after dark, and after all the kids trick-or-treating was done, at the local country club. We stood outside the car and donned our masks and headed toward the party. I was surprised at the size of the crowd. There must have been nearly a hundred people there, eating and dancing to some rather spooky sounding music. It didn’t take the hostess long to find us, a tall thin woman in an Elvira outfit, which she REALLY filled out.

“Welcome! I hope you both enjoy your time here. There are only a few rules. First… This is a Sadie Hawkins dance, and gentlemen may not ask to dance and may not refuse any woman as long as they are not already dancing with someone. Second, this one is you can dance with whomever you want until eleven. After that… well it’s part of one of the games. We’ll give you more information later on that. The last rule is the biggie. You can’t tell anyone who you are nor directly ask them who they are. You can guess, you can ask questions to figure it out, but you can’t outright ask. Any questions?”

“Just one.” I said. “Who’s paying for this shindig?”

“Ohhhh. Well, the food is provided by several local businesses, their names are provided on the tables and the hall is being paid for by the party shop. The bar is a cash bar though.”

“Ahhh I see.” I answered.

“Well, have fun. I see I have a few more new comers to introduce myself to. Have fun!” Elvira said as she scooted away to grab the next group of people that just came in.

“Well, I’d ask you to dance, but it seems I can’t.” I said to my wife as a slower dance started.

“No but I can ask you. Shall we?” She said, taking my hand and pulling me toward Cami Halısı the dance floor.

It was surprisingly hard to dance in the boots I was wearing, and I had to be careful to not step on her toes. We like to dance slow, the faster numbers really aren’t our thing, so when the next faster number started we retreated to see what the food looked like. There was a lot of finger food from a variety of local places, Mexican, bar-b-que, chicken wings, you name it. We each collected a few things to munch on and found a table to sit down at and watch the variety of costumes. I saw one or two that I thought I might recognize, but for the most part everyone had done a good job of masking their identity.

“So how would you like to dance?” I heard from behind me. I turned to see what looked like an oversized Tinkerbelle, complete with wings, standing behind me. I started to decline, but was quickly cut off. “Uh uh. Not allowed to say no!” She said as she took my hand.

“But my wife.” I said in protest.

“Your wife can dance with anyone she wants. But if she wants to dance with you, she will have to wait until the next dance, this one is mine!” she said with a crooked smile under her pee green mask.

I looked back to my wife who chuckled at the sight of the somewhat oversized and overweight Tinkerbelle and told me to go have fun, but not before I gave her money for an amoretto sour. I quickly dug my wallet out and handed her some cash before Tink dragged me bodily out onto the dance floor.

The dance was a fast one, which I wasn’t particularly good at.

“You don’t do this kind of dancing too well, do you?” Tink asked as I tried to follow her moves.

“Not really.” I answered over the DJ’s loud music.

“Just follow me then.” She said, slowing her motions down and taking my hands. It didn’t take me long to get the hang of what she was doing, and I felt like I was just about getting it when the song ended.

“Thanks for the dance.” I said as I started to retreat.

“You’re welcome. But don’t run off. I’m going to take this next one too.” Tink said with a grin. The music started, a bit more of a salsa type beat, To which Tink was soon moving and rubbing her back and ass against my front. It was a good thing that I had on heavy fire fighters gear or the huge hardon I was getting would have been obvious. For her part Tink made sure to pull my hands around her far enough that she could put them where she wanted, and that was just under her breasts where my fingers were rubbing against her obviously unbridled tits.

“Now that was nice.” Tink said as the number wore down to an end.

“I think I better take my husband back,” my wife said, tapping Tink on the shoulder.

“Enjoy! I just got him all warmed up for you!” Tink said as she retreated with a huge smile.

“Well, she seemed quite friendly,” my wife said, as the next song started a little slower than the last but still faster than a “slow” dance.

“Yeah. She did seem to want to do the bump and grind.” I said as she and I faced each other, doing a fast trot type step.

“Uh huh… Like this!” She said, turning inside my arms and pushing herself against me.

“Yeah kind of.” I agreed, hoping she didn’t feel my hardon either.

My wife and I danced the rest of the number, after which I called a break. I needed something to drink. We headed to the bar and I got a cold Pepsi, since I had to drive home later. We went back to our table and dropped into the chairs to enjoy our drinks. She still had a bit of her sour left, which she quickly polished off.

“You know. He’s got an interesting costume, kind of hot too.” She said, pointing at a guy in a tight fitting superhero costume.

“Uh huh.” I said noncommittally. “Or maybe that swashbuckler over there? Hmm There’s a Robin Hood. You always did enjoy men in tights. Oh better yet, there’s a batman!”

“He’s kinda cute. I could ask him to dance.” She said teasingly.

“You could, but you won’t. Not because I’d stop you but because you’re just too much of a wall flower.” I teased back.

“OH really?!” she exclaimed, cocking her head and looking at me like I had just sprouted a third head. I leaned back and laughed, knowing that she could darn well do anything she wanted to do, or that she put her mind to. To my surprise she got up and headed toward Batman and was soon dancing with him, trying to imitate the way Tink had been dancing with me.

“You look lonely!” A tall willowy blonde said, her hair falling over one eye and half her face, long red gloves that extended most of the way up her arms and a bright red long strapless dress that seemed almost glued to her curvy body and large tits. “I think that means you should dance with me.”

“OH right.” I said as I got up to follow her to the dance floor. I took her hand and tried to follow her lead as she twisted and turned back and forth, her long dress flinging out and revealing her long slender legs through the cuts up each side of the garment that extended Cami Halıları all the way up to her hips. She was a good dancer and easily put me to shame the entire dance. The next was a slow number and almost without missing a hitch she slipped between my arms, pressed her chest against me and gently ground her hips against mine as we swayed to “Nights in White Satin”.

“So I’m trying to figure out who you are, character wise I mean.” I said quietly.

“Think rabbits.” She whispered back.

I thought for several moments before it finally dawned on me that she was Roger Rabbits hot wife. “I see. Is Roger around?”

“Oh he’s around some place being a rabbit.” She said with a giggle.

“Ahhh.” I answered. “Nice costume.”

“Thank you. I tried to make it authentic, right down to the…well I’m gonna let you guess.” She replied with a little giggle.

“I’m lost.” I said honestly.

“Guess what Roger’s wife wore under it.” She whispered before giving me a quick tug on my earlobe with her teeth.

“I’m guessing nothing.” I responded verbally, my cock, already partly hard, responding to the thought of nothing under the tight red dress.

“If you don’t believe me, you can find out.” She whispered.

“Are you suggesting I feel you up?”

“Are you telling me your hard cock doesn’t want to?” She whispered, reaching for one of my hands and pushing it down from her waist to her hip, my palm pressing against a sliver of bare skin on her thigh.

“Not smart.” I whispered back.


“Only of getting caught by my wife.” I said honestly.

“I can see her, trust me, she won’t notice. She’s keeping busy fending off the caped crusader.”

“I see.” I said quietly as I let my fingers slip into the gap in the dress and slowly slid down and around her thigh. I slid my fingers up between her legs, teasing the inside of her right thigh until my fingers found her completely shaved and very wet pussy lips.

“Hmmmmm I thought firemen were supposed to put fires out, not start them.” She half moaned as my finger stroked between her lips and across her already hard clit.

“Yeah, sometimes.” I answered, as I felt her hand slide down inside my fire pants and grab my hard cock through my shorts.

“Damn what a cock.” She whispered as she pulled her hand away to work both my shorts and underwear down far enough to expose my cock to her hand inside my pants. “I wish I could get that inside me. Damn!” she moaned as she stroked me slowly in time with my finger rubbing her pussy.

Unfortunately the song ended and the two of us quickly withdrew our hands from each other before we were discovered. “I hope we get to meet back up again later.” She said huskily as my wife walked our direction.

“Hey lover.” I asked as she came up. “Have a good dance?”

“Batman had busy hands.” She said almost disgustedly.

“Well, you were the one who said he was hot.” I kidded as we walked back to the bar to get another cold one. “What would you like?”

“I think another sour.” She said with a devilish grin. “You know how I am when I’ve had a couple.”

“Oh yeah.” I said, thinking about the last time she had a couple at a wedding reception and the fun we had in the hotel later. It wasn’t every day that I could get her to do something as outrageous as screw in a stairwell, even if we were mostly dressed.

We danced for a while longer, sometimes with each other, sometimes with others. Several women, some older, some younger seemed to be vying for my time. In particular, Tinkerbelle, Mrs. Rabbit, a good looking and scantily dressed Greek goddess, and a tall thin hooker.

“Ladies and gentlemen! It’s time to start our first game! ” Elvira called from the chair she was standing on, a microphone in her hand. “My helpers, Mister and Mrs Dracula, are circulating through the group. Each of you needs to take a card, guys from old drack himself and ladies from his wife. On the card you will find a number. I’ll give you some music to find your partner with the same number and then we’ll begin.

“Darn. I was kind of thinking that we would stayed paired up,” she said seriously. “Especially after the way that lady in the red dress seems to be taken with putting your hands all kinds of places.”

“If you feel that strongly about it, we can see if we can switch with whoever your partner is.” I told her as the room started filling with names being shouted out.

“Naw. I guess it’ll be ok.” She said. “Go find your partner and meet back here?”

“Works for me.” I said with a shrug. I moved away from her and waded into the crowd, asking any woman standing alone if she had “the same number as I did” on her card. I was pleased to see that Tinkerbell from earlier already had a partner, as did Mrs. Rabbit. As couples paired up it was clear the choices were dwindling. I soon found myself paired with a petite woman with a fair sized chest wearing a Greek goddess outfit that I had danced with a couple times. Her outfit consisted of a plain white, and thin, strip of material running from her waist just right of her belly button, up and over her breast, around her neck and back down the other side, the six or so inch wide strip of material laying over both breasts, but leaving the sides open so that the sides of her breasts peaked out as she moved. The material connected to a short white, and equally thin, skirt that came do mid thigh. The outfit left her entire back, shoulders, arms , most of her legs and a fairly wide strip up her front from her waist to her neck, completely bare. She had on a white feathery mask that covered from her nose to her forehead. As I said, I’d already danced with her a couple times and I could tell that she was just a tad on the tipsy side, and if I thought Mrs. Rabbit had wanted my hands in certain places, this woman had been much less subtle about it, several times pushing my hands inside the thin white material to cup her bare tits beneath.

“So what should I call you?” I asked her as I held out my card to match it with hers.

“Aphrodite of course. And you?” She said in a quite sexy voice, giving her long hair a flip.

“Hmmm Mike the fireman.” I answered, taking her hand and leading her back through the crowd toward where my wife and I were going to meet.

“Your wife?” Aphrodite asked quietly as we approached my wife and her new partner.

“Uh huh.” I answered as I inspected her partner, a tall man wearing a one piece leotard that was supposed to be part of Fantastic Four. Unfortunately his beer belly was anything but superheroish.

“Hey hon. See you found your partner.” I said as we walked up.

“Yeah. I did.” She said as she stood almost dwarfed by the tall man.

“You want to trade?” I asked her point blank.

She looked over at my partner and made a wry face. “Figures you’d draw a floozy” she whispered to me.

“Yeah, don’t know what the game is, but if involves walking…” I said with a grin, looking down at Aphrodite’s spike heels, “I’d just as soon be paired with you though.”

“yeah. I know.”

“Ok everyone.” Elvira’s voice boomed over the PA. “By now everyone should have a partner… not their spouse. Ladies…Trust me, if you have a competitive husband you probably don’t want to be with him!” Which brought a round of laughs from a number of women. “So the name of the game here is kind of like an obstacle course. Out on the tee boxes are a number of challenges. Each team will need to complete the challenge to get a punch on a card like this.” She said as she held up a blue card about four inches wide and twice as long. “Once you collect the punches from the places listed on your card, you come back. First team back with all their punches wins. Of course there are penalties if you get caught cheating, and if you look on the back under the map there are some bonus points you can earn. Those were my husband’s idea.” She said shaking her head. “As usual each team will be tied together at the wrist with a piece of nice soft breakable lace. Gentlemen…If you break it, you’re disqualified, so you better not man handle your partner!”

My wife looked at my partner swaying slowly where she stood and chuckled. ” Look’s like you’ll be safe enough. Have fun sweetie!”

“Thanks!” I said shaking my head.

“One more word of warning. The monsters are on the course. If you get caught and they take away your card…well you’re out. You can of course bribe them to go away.” Elvira said with a chuckle. “So line up, we’ll tie you up and let you go!”

Everyone in the room started lining up in pairs, Lady Dracula tying a red lacy ribbon around each couples hands so that about a foot of the red lace ribbon ran between their wrists, and Drac giving them their punch card as they headed out the door toward the golf course. When it was finally our turn I held my left hand out with Aphrodite’s right in mine. Lady Dracula did her job, tying the ribbon and stapling the ends to make sure it couldn’t be untied without being discovered. Aphrodite was handed a card with the time written on it and sent out into the moonlit night.

“Well.” Aphrodite said with a grin. “It says here we have to go to the fifth, eleventh, twelfth and sixteenth holes. I wonder what kind of obstacles they have for us there?”

“No idea.” I said as we walked along the paved path. “So are you married?” I asked conversationally.

“Oh yes! He came dressed as Donald Trump.” She replied.

“I think I saw him. Kind of a short stocky guy?”

“Yep! That’s him! Probably busy trying to get into the pants of his partner by now. I think she was dressed as a fairy or something like that.” She said with a drunken giggle.

“You don’t approve?”

“Of him trying to make with any woman he sees? That is the point now isn’t it? But I mean if he had a pecker worth looking at it would be different, but hell, most women wouldn’t give him the time of day if they knew what they were getting in the bargain.”

“I see.” I answered, not knowing what to say to her obviously drunken rant.

“I mean hell, I’m a good looking woman. You’d think he would want to fuck me, but hell no…he’d rather chase some other skirt. At least tonight I can get a good fucking!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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