He Took My Virginity

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His spunk erupted in my cunt, I felt it fill my vagina for the time. Oh god I’m no longer a virgin.

I have gotten a bit ahead of myself. It was only two weeks since I had got back from Weymouth where my uncles had fucked my ass for the first time. I had absolutely loved it. I knew then I was truly a slut as I gave up my ass so easily.

Anyway, the following Friday I was in the cinema, giving this guy a blow job. It was something I enjoyed doing most weekends, and they, whoever they were, seemed to enjoy it.

This time I was licking and sucking this cock, he was playing with my tits, and as I looked up, his mate came and sat beside him. He smiled at me, just as the cock shot it’s load of spunk down my throat. I swallowed his load and smiled back, some spunk dripped down from my mouth onto my chin.

The guy I had just sucked off, got up and left.

“She is good.” He said to his mate, as he moved over and sat next to me.

“Feel like another one.” He asked, as he unzipped his trousers and took his cock out.

My eyes had not left his face, god I wanted him so bad. His smile was genuine, as he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. He did not mind the cum still on my face, he even put his tongue in my mouth. He must have tasted the last guys cum in my mouth.

I returned his kiss as my hand felt his cock, nice, I thought, as I stroked it. He was cut, which I preferred, it always seemed cleaner than what might be under a foreskin.

We broke off, my head went to his lap, his cock was hard, precum leaking from his peehole, as my mouth took it it. I pushed his trousers down so that I could hold his balls.

I was sucking on it, licking it from his balls to the head. It was not a big one, only 5/6 inches, but it had a nice curve to it.

Most guys I sucked off came in a few minutes. This one just let me suck it for what seemed like an hour. It was probably only ten minutes, he was pinching my nipples, which I love. He actually told me he was going to cum, not like most who just let go in my mouth.

I closed my lips over it as he shot his load, swallowed the first blast. The second load soon followed as his hand grasped his cock, he jerked off in my mouth. My eyes watched as he pulled it out of my mouth and jerked more spunk on my face and tits.

I thought he was never going to stop. He squeezed the last few drops out, as I watched.

He leaned over and kissed me, his tongue went in my mouth, licking the inside, tasting his own cum.

“Do you mind?” He asked as his hand went up my thighs, pulling my knickers aside, his fingers started playing with my cunt.

“No.” I moaned as he inserted two fingers in me.

Fuck not yet, I thought as I felt my orgasm building. I could not stop it, I came. Loads!.

“That was quick.” He said as he held his hand on my cunt, fingers still in me as my juices flowed.

When I stopped coming he took his fingers out of my cunt and put them in his mouth. Then he put them in my mouth, I sucked on them, tasting my cum.

Fuck, I thought, I love him. I have met the right one. I wanted to let him fuck me there and then.

Then, put his cock away and said he had better go as his girlfriend would wonder where he was.

But then, he stopped, would you like to go out on a date he asked.

I heard myself saying, yes please, and agreeing to meet him the following night outside the cinema.

“I’m Derek.” He said.

“Anna.” I replied.

My mind was in a whirl. Had I just met him, my cunt thought so!.

A couple other guys came and sat with me, I sucked them off, but my mind was not really on it.

I caught the bus home, my knickers were soaking as I felt myself, I made myself cum on the bus, quietly.

The next day couldn’t come quick enough. I had a bath, my bush was growing back from where my aunt had trimmed it.

I put on a quarter cup bra, to make my tits look bigger. A new thong and a nice red wrap over dress. It was short, but not that bad. It covered my ass, just!.

I thought about a suspender belt and stockings, but decided against it. Too tarty.

I caught the bus in, a couple of guys tried to hit on me, but I was not interested.

I walked to the cinema, and he was waiting.

He gave me a kiss, my heart was pounding, I nearly came as he kissed.me. I could feel my juices leaking out of me. Maybe I should have worn a proper pair of knickers, the string between my cunt lips was not stopping anything.

“Fancy a drink?” He asked.

“Love to.” I replied.

He took my hand and we walked around the corner to where his car was parked. It was a Mini, not much room I thought.

I wanted to fuck him, but not in a Mini. My virginity deserved more than that.

As I got in my dress fell open from the waist, he looked and smiled. He reached over and stroked my slit, his fingers were soon covered from my wetness. He then gave them to me to kiss, and then he sucked them.

“Fuck, your cunt is soaking wet already, you really are a horny bitch.”

He drove out of town to a village pub. It was full of people of our Ataşehir Escort age. He knew some of them and told me they had live music on.

He got some drinks and we sat down.

“Nice dress Anna, shows off your legs.” He said.

I just wanted him to rip it off and let him fuck me, but said,”Thank you.”

“Where is your girlfriend?” I asked.

“She has some family do on, and besides I wanted to see more of you after last night. You are a good cocksucker just like my friends told me. How many guys have enjoyed your mouth?”

I thought he doesn’t hold back. “I don’t know, a few I guess.”

The seats were quite low and I noticed some guys were getting a good view up my skirt, I went to cross my legs, but that did not help as my thighs and cheeks were on view.

“Go on, how many have cum in your mouth. I don’t mind honestly.”

I thought for a minute, oh well, be truthful.

“Somewhere between 50 and 60 I think.”

“No wonder you suck cock so well, do you always swallow like a good slut should?”

“I like cock, in fact I love cock. But before you go any further I should tell you that I’m a virgin, no one has fucked me yet.”


“It’s true, I have been saving it for the right guy.” I replied, smiling at him.

He was looking around the pub, I noticed my legs were open and in my short dress my cunt was giving a good show.

Derek, or D, as I called.him, said, “well you have plenty of guys looking up your skirt right now, show them what a dirty slut you are, open your legs wide, go on Anna, show them the promised land.”

I have always loved guys calling me names, and found myself spreading my thighs, with only a thong on, I knew my cunt was on full display.

“Like this,” I asked him.

“Take your thong off, right now, show them what a prick teaser you are.”

I reached up under my dress and sitting up a bit, removed my thong, fuck I was nearly coming, as I pulled them off.

“Anything else you want me to take off or do?” I asked.

“No, that will do for now, god I love you showing your body off, guys looking at you, my cock is so fucking hard.”

I reached out and squeezed the bulge in his trousers.

He leaned over and kissed me, “I want to fuck you right now.” He said.

“I’m not giving up my virginity against a pub wall or in a mini, but I will later at my home. My parents are out and, yes, you can fuck me.”

He smiled, “well lets go, before the guys here gang bang you.”

I picked up my thong, as we were leaving he stopped to talk to a few guys he obviously knew. One guy, I later found out had a nine inch cock, called Dave, soon had his hand up my skirt. Finding I was not wearing any knickers and my cunt was dripping, he soon had a finger in me.

I looked at D, he just smiled, “it’s ok, this is Dave, a good friend of mine.”

“But he has his hand up my skirt and is fingering me!”

D just turned to Dave, “enjoy yourself my friend, she has a juicy cunt.”

I did not believe he was letting his mate feel me up in front of him. Fuck him I thought, so I opened my legs a bit wider, Dave smiled at me as he inserted three fingers in my cunt. He turned me round a bit so that he could finger fuck me properly.

He took my hand and placed it on his crotch. D was watching as I felt his cock through his trousers.

God, I felt his cock, it felt huge.

D asked me, “want to suck it Anna?”

He told Dave that I was virgin, who was about to lose it, but he was sure that I would not mind.

His fingers were right up my cunt, I felt myself cumming as I moaned, “fuck yes.”

We walked outside and Dave stood by the mini, he unzipped his trousers and took his cock out.

“Suck it, you fucking slut, get on your knees and open your mouth. Lets see if you can take take this beauty.”

D just said, “go on Anna, show him how good you are at sucking cock, I to!d him you love cock and will suck anyone off.”

I was with the guy I wanted to take my virginity, in a pub car park, on my knees sucking on his friends cock. It was one of the biggest I had in my mouth. I licked up and down his shaft, licked his balls and took it fully in my mouth. It went down my throat,

His hands went around my head as he face fucked me.

D then undid the tie on my dress, and undid my bra, they were both feeling my tits, pinching my nipples, as my dress fell to the ground.

“Fuck she is a horny cunt, such a dirty little bitch, swallow it you cunt.”

Dave shot his load down my throat, he caught hold of his cock and jerked the next load over my face and tits, D had been wanking as he watched me sucking this cock and came on my tits as well.

I was naked in the car park, cum on my face and tits, and realised I was playing with myself as they looked down at me. I orgasmed.

“Fuck she is a dirty cunt, thanks D.” Dave said.

“Anytime.” D replied.

“Come on Anna, lets get rid or your virginity.” D said as he helped me up and opened the car door. I sat in,my clothes in my hand, cum on my face and tits, my cunt throbbing with Anadolu Yakası Escort juices flowing. I am a cock loving cum slut, I thought. Fuck I enjoyed that.

“Did you mind?” D asked.

I would have done anything he asked of me, “no, he had a great cock, and I loved it. Did you?” I asked him.

“Anna, I loved it, watching you on your knees sucking his cock. If you were not a virgin I would love watching him fuck you as well. You can do whatever you want as long as I watch or you tell me.”

I threw my clothes onto the back seat, and sat there naked. “Hurry up and drive me home, my cunt is waiting for you.”

He said that he had stop for a pee on the way,he pulled up in a layby and walked round to myside, unzipped and his cock was out.

I could not help watching as he urinated in front of me, I opened the window and reached out.

“Let me hold it, please while you pee?”

He turned sideways so I could hold it. I could feel it flowing through his shaft, I waved it up and down until he finished. There were a few drips on the head of his cock so I pulled it towards me. My tongue went out and licked the drops off his cock.

“Dirty fucking bitch.” He said.

I told him the directions to my home on the other side of town. He did not have to but went through the centre of town. I knew then he wanted people to see me, sat naked in his car. I reached up and put the interior light on.

“Let them see me, if you want, I don’t care.” I opened my legs as wide as I could as we pulled up at some traffic lights.some guys crossed the road but saw me.

They quickly came to the side of the car, I rubbed my cunt as they looked in.

“Open your window.” D said.

I looked at him and smiled as I did, the guys were soon reaching in grabbing my tits, one put his hand on my cunt and was rubbing it as the lights changed.

“Sorry guys, another time.” D said as he pulled away.

“You bastard, you wanted them to touch me up, didn’t you.”

“Your the one with no fucking clothes on.” He replied.

We finally arrived at my house, I reached in the back, picked up my clothes and walked to the front door. I unlocked it and in we went.

“Where are your parents?” D asked.

“They are at a party and won’t be home until after midnight.” I replied, also hoping my brother was going to be late in.

I sat on the sofa, laid back, opened my legs and offered my virgin cunt to him.

“It’s all yours, please fuck me. But I want to watch your cock enter me.”

D stripped off, he got on his knees, and put his mouth on my cunt, he was licking it along with my clit. His fingers were soon exploring inside me.

“Fuck, your cunt tastes delicious, the best I’ve ever tasted. So sweet and juicy.”

I was nearly cumming.

“Please put your cock in me.” I begged.

He smiled, his mouth wet from my juices.

He rubbed his cock up and down my hairy slit, just put the fucking thing in me, I thought.

I watched as he held his cock at the opening to my vagina, he rubbed the head between my cunt lips, he placed it at the opening to my cunt. I saw the head disappear in me, and he slowly pushed his full length in me.

Oh god, I’m no longer a virgin I thought as his balls hit my backside. I leaned back, raised my legs. “Fuck me, just fuck me.” I screamed.

He had his hands under my legs, lifting them higher, as he pounded into me.

I felt a real live cock in my cunt for the first time in my life.

He pulled me off the sofa on to the floor, and resumed fucking me in the missionary position. He was kissing me, his hands on tits, as his cock was enjoying my cunt.

I started to cum as soon as he entered me, my orgasm was one constant wave of ecstasy after another. Oh god I was in overdrive, my hips thrust up to meet him, my hands reached for his ass to pull in him more.

“Fuck, I’m cumming.” D shouted.

“Don’t stop fill me with your spunk, cum in me please. I want to feel it.”

He erupted, he shot his load up my cunt. I felt it fill my insides with his spunk.

One, two, three loads shot out of his cock, he collapsed on me, kissing me as I experienced the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had.

He rol!ed off me, I went down to suck his cock dry, some drips of spunk spurted in my mouth. I sat back up.

“Thank you.”

I climbed on top of him, pushing his limp cock up me.

“Fuck me again, please.” I started riding him, his cock started to rise again as my cunt squeezed on it. Holding him tight inside me as I fucked us both to another orgasm.

I climbed off, bent over the sofa, with my ass in the air. My hand was between my legs, feeling the mixture of our juices as they escaped from my cunt.

“Fuck me again, doggy style.” I said

“Your fucking insatiable, give me time to get it up again.”

I wiggled.my ass, using my fingers to taste our juices, and put a finger up my asshole.

“You really are a naughty young girl you know, look at you, fingering up your ass.”

“I like it up my ass.”

“So your not an anal virgin.”

“No, Kartal Escort a girl has to have some fun.”

“Tell me who and how many.”

He was stroking his cock, it was getting harder again. So I told him about my weekend at my Aunts and Uncle’s. But I never mentioned my brother!

“Get on your knees, I want that ass now. Keep telling me about your uncles, I want all the details.”

I was offering my whole body to him. God I was in love. He got behind me, he put his cock up my cunt making it moist with my juices. I felt him poke it at my anus, he pushed his cock in, past my sphincter, he held my hips and just slammed it right up my ass.

“Fuck that hurt.” I shouted.

“Shut up you dirty bitch, I’m going to ream your lovely ass. My girlfriend won’t let me up her asshole, so your getting it good.”

He never held back, he was so rough, it hurt like hell but my body loved it. I was cumming straight away.

“Fuck your ass is so tight, keep telling me about your uncles, how they used it, did they cum up your ass?”

I told him everything, I felt his grip on my hips tighten as he started to fill my ass with his spunk, we were both fucking away like animals. God I loved it..

He pulled out of my ass, I had to, I turned around and took his cock straight from my ass in my mouth.

“Oh you filthy cunt.” He said as I sucked on his cock.

I managed to get a few more drops out, greedily swallowing them.

We both finally sat up. Smiling at each other.

“Tell me about your gilfriend.” I asked

He told me her name, Lyn. She did not enjoy cock sucking and certainly not anal. She only fucked missionary style. But she was a good fuck.

“Not like me then!”

He laughed.

“Time to go, my parents will be home soon.”

He dressed, kissed me. Then just left. He never even asked me for another date.

I cleaned up the best I could and went to bed.it was nearly midnight and I heard a taxi pull up outside. I looked out of my bedroom window and saw my father and the taxi driver help my mum out and up to our house. She had trouble walking.

I heard my dad put mum to bed and he went downstairs. I was intringued, so I waited a few minutes and went down.

“Hi dad, everything ok.” I asked.

He was looking at me in a strange way.

I realised my flimsy nightie was showing me virtually naked.

“Yes everything is fine, your mum ate something that did not agree with her, that’s all.”

I got a glass of water and went back to bed. The next morning I went down, my dad was making breakfast. He looked at me.

“Please Anna, put some clothes on, you never know who will see you.”

“It’s only you daddy, and I am your daughter.” I replied. For some reason my cunt was throbbling.

Dad made breakfast and took it to mum. I ate mine and went back to bed. Did I just get turned on by my dad looking at me, my cunt thought so as I put my hand between my legs. God I was wet, it only took a couple of minutes on my clit and I came quickly.

A bit later I dressed and leaving my room, I saw mum coming back from the toilet, slowly. I also saw some red marks on her thighs and bum, through her nightie.

I did not know then my parents were swingers and had been to a sex party, I found that out later when I started posing for Mark, the photographer.

“Are you ok mum?”

“Yes dear, just feel a bit under the weather.”

It was a Sunday, I normally met Sue, my best friend, for a chat and see what we had been up to but she was away. As i was leaving my brother, James, arrived home, he looked shattered.

“Good night?” I asked him.

“Fuck yes.” He replied. He looked at me, my top was not see through, my skirt was short, but that was usual. Could he tell I was no longer a virgin, don’t be silly I thought.

“Where are you off to?” He asked.

“Just for a walk and a coffee somewhere.”

Unlike him, he asked if he could come. He was a year older than me, 19, and had a variety of girlfriends. He was always telling me who he was fucking, and if they were any good.

“I’ve got to tell you about last night he said, you will not believe it.”

That got me interested, so I agreed.

We decided to go to a park nearby, there was a place where you could get coffee.

He got us a drink and we went and sat in a quiet place in amongst some trees on a bench.

“Give me the story bro.”

“You know one of mums friends, Sheila, lives a few streets from us. She drained my balls all fucking night.”

“Fuck off, she is 40 plus, I know she is attractive but never, she is old.” Then I thought of aunty Jean.

“Honestly sis, I was walking home last night, about eleven, and passing her house when she called out to me. She had locked herself out, her husband was away, and she couldn’t get in. Luckily an upstairs window was open and I found something to climb up and got in. I opened her door and let her in. She insisted I come in, so she could pay me something.”

He then took great delight in telling me how she paid him.

“She offered me drink, and I said yes, but needed to use her toilet. She showed me where the toilet was, but stood in the doorway. I waited for her to move, but she just smiled as I stood there. Before I could say anything she walked over, pulled my zip down, caught hold of my cock and pointed it at the toilet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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