Heather’s Anal Mouth

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Big Tits

This story is intended for adults 21 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please don’t read this or download it. If this is illegal wherever you are reading, stop now.

Note: This is a follow up to the story Heather’s Virgin Ass. The story of a young blonde who wants to be a naughty little girl.

* * * * *

It was Friday night and again I was thinking about Heather. I couldn’t stop daydreaming about last week with her. That cute little blonde’s tight ass was so incredible. Tonight Heather was going to take her next step into the world becoming a slut, only she didn’t know it yet. She was in for quite a surprise. Christine and I had it all planned.

We wanted Heather to realize that we were now in total control of her sex life. We wanted her to know that from now on she was our sex slave and was expected to do whatever we asked without question. We wanted her to experience total humiliation so she would submit herself to us unconditionally. My taking of her virgin asshole last week was just the beginning for her.

Heather was working at the dress boutique in the mall tonight. The store closed at ten o’clock. She had already planned to meet Christine after work expecting another night of erotic play. It was almost ten and she was anxious to leave. Heather remembered last week too. It was an incredible night. That was the night she lost her anal virginity. She wondered what nasty things Christine might have in store for her tonight.

Finally the store closed and she was out the door walking through the mall. It was pretty deserted with all the stores closed. Then she saw Christine ahead. The excitement was building. “Hi Christine, where are we going tonight?”

“You’ll see, Christine replied. “Actually we’re not going that far.”

They walked together to the their cars and drove off down the road. Christine pulled into the first service station and Heather followed figuring Christine needed some gas. But the station looked closed, everything was dark. Christine parked on the side of building, as did Heather.

Then they both went into the station. The door was open. Heather was looking very puzzled. It was pretty dark inside. It smelled of oil and gas. The whole garage was filthy with dirt and grease. Heather’s heart was beating fast wondering what was going on. They walked into the service bays of the garage where there was a light in the far corner. That’s where Heather saw me and another man.

I didn’t say a word. In fact, I planned on just watching what was about to unfold. Christine introduced Heather. His name was Jack. He was a six-foot tall black man who owned the station. Earlier that week, we had told him about Heather being a sex-starved little white girl and that we wanted her to take a black cock for the first time. Our only request was that we wanted to watch and video tape her getting it rough and dirty. He was only too willing to oblige our fantasy.

“What’s going on,” Heather asked. Her heart was racing a mile a minute.

Christine stroked Heather’s blonde hair. “We’re making a movie.” And you’re starring in it.” Heather glanced over at me holding a video camera. Christine continued, “this is where you show us how much you like being a nasty little slut.” And the name of the movie is Heather’s First Black Cock.” Heather stood there momentarily shocked. The she replied, “I don’t know about this Christine.”

“I’ve never…never….” She looked at Jack. The only thought going through her mind was “black cock.”

Before Heather even realized what was happening Christine and Jack began to undress her. I was filming it all. When Heather was naked, Christine sat down ready to watch our little slut get used by the black mechanic.

Jack took off his shirt and overalls then dropped his underwear exposing his growing black cock. It was hanging half way down his leg and wasn’t even fully hard yet. Heather’s eyes stared at it in fright knowing what was about to happen. She was going to have that thing in her and right here in this filthy garage.

“She sure is a cute,” Jack commented with delight seeing Heather’s beauty. “You told me she was pretty, but this girl is really a sweet little thing.”

“Sure hope I don’t hurt her too much with this.” Jack grabbed his cock showing Heather how large it had grown. “Ten full inches sweetheart.”

“Ever have anything that big Cebeci Escort before?”

Now I knew Heather didn’t, she didn’t have to answer. I reached out placing my hand on her ass. I could feel the fright in her trembling body. Jack grabbed Heather’s hand and guided it to his hard cock. She gripped it and stroked it. You could barely hear the words that came from her mouth. “It’s…” She let out a deep sigh. “so hard…and big.”

Jack placed his hands on Heather’s shoulders pushing her down onto the dirty floor. Then he pulled her face to his cock. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened. The head of Jack’s cock pushed between her lips. She was lightly sucking and licking his massive black tool. He was huge next to Heather’s cute little blonde face. I was getting the whole thing on tape too. For several minutes our little Heather sucked that giant black cock. And now she seemed like she was enjoying it a little. She had Jack moaning out. “Oh fuck, honey. What a hot little mouth you got.”

Then Jack turned around and just bent over in front of Heather. “Lick my ass, baby.” He ordered. “Get that hot little tongue of yours in my ass.” Heather just knelt there apparently avoiding his demand. This was something she’d never done before. But I actually think she ignored him on purpose. Christine and I were beginning to realize that she liked being forced to do these dirty things. Jack grabbed her head and pushed her face to his ass until her lips were against his asscheeks.

“Lick it, bitch.” He demanded again.

Heather’s cocksucking really had Jack pretty hot in very short time. He was already talking nasty to her. “C’mon you little cunt, lick it.”

Heather’s tongue appeared, and at first, gingerly licked his asscheek. “That’s it keep going.” Again Heather licked across his ass.

“Alright, now lick up my crack.” Jack positioned her face right in his asscrack. I could see the fright reappear in her face. Even though the slut inside Heather was there, the little schoolgirl part of her kept reappearing. At this moment her face was in a black man’s ass and the good girl part of her kept fighting, pulling back to avoid doing such a disgusting act. Or was it that she wanted to be forced again?

“No, please don’t make me do this.” She cried out.

Instead of pulling her head back to his ass, Jack reached behind and grabbed for Heather’s breasts. With one of her tits in each hand he took her nipples between two fingers and began squeezing. He wasn’t being gentle about it either. He had her nipples firmly between his fingers and was pinching them hard with just about all his might. I knew he was sending waves of pain through her.

“Lick my asshole you fuckin’ cunt.” He demanded.

Christine got up to help. She was going to make certain Heather obeyed. She pushed Heather’s head to Jack’s ass. “Lick it, whore.”

“Suck that ass.” Christine ordered.

I could see Heather close her eyes before extending her tongue and wiping it up through the crack of Jack’s black ass. Her face instantly got this disgusted look. “Ouuuhhh, he’s so dirty.” Jack let go of her nipples and began pulling his asscheeks apart exposing his really dirty black asshole.

“Okay honey, give me a good rim job.”

“Lick my asshole clean.”

I could sense that Heather wished she could just die rather than put her tongue and mouth on this black man’s filthy asshole. She already had this foul anal taste in her mouth. He grabbed her nipples once again and had them between his fingers. She knew the pain could return at any moment. Christine pushed her in closer until Heather’s face was buried between Jack’s asscheeks. Then I saw her begin licking. Her tongue ran right across his puckered black anal hole. Heather lapped at his asshole over and over and actually did give his filthy shithole a good cleaning. A couple times Heather coughed and gagged from the disgusting taste she was getting in her mouth.

I gave the camera to Christine. What I just saw was so incredible that I wanted some too. When she finished with Jack I offered my asshole next. “Since you did such a good job, do me now.” Jack helped her.

Heather sure was good at rimming me. That beautiful tiny face did a great job tonguing my asshole. At first she licked across it a number of times sending shivers up my spine. I know she got a real Kolej Escort good taste of my ass as Jack helped her move up and down the entire length of my crack. Her tongue felt incredible traveling the distance up and down my asscrack and it was making my cock rock hard. I spread my cheeks apart wide for her and Jack instructed her what to do. “Stick your finger in his ass.” Heather took her delicate little finger and inserted it in my asshole. Knowing whom it was fingering my anus turned me on even more. Jack grabbed her wrist and pushed, making her finger go all the in my ass.

“Take it out and put it in your mouth.” Jack ordered.

I looked back and Heather had her finger in her mouth sucking it. God, what a nasty bitch she was becoming.

“Do it again.”

Heather stuck her finger in my asshole once more. She wiggled it around inside me and then sucked it clean.

“Now your tongue, honey.”

“Stick your tongue in his asshole.”

Jack pushed her mouth right onto my anal hole. Seconds later Heather’s tongue was probing at my anus trying to get inside. She wiggled the tip around my tight puckered opening and finally squeezed it in a little. She began licking and tonguing the rim of my asshole. I couldn’t take anymore. She had me so hot from feeling her wet tongue rim me, I quickly turned around and gave her a face full of cum. I stroked myself and blew my load right at her point blank range. My cock was throbbing spurting long strands and thick globs of cum all over her face. When I finished she was drenched in sperm. Some was dripping down her chin, running off her lips, a couple big globs were on her forehead and nose. Her cheeks were splattered with jizz and some had run down onto her chest.

Christine quickly joined in too. She began kissing Heather and licking the cum from her face. I had to hurry to get the video camera so I could capture Christine and Heather sharing my load of cum.

I was totally drained, but this was far from finished for Heather.

“Do her in the ass, Jack.” I yelled out sitting back down with Christine. “She’s likes it there.” Jack positioned Heather making her kneel with her ass up in the air.

As I continued video taping, Heather watched Jack put a condom on his cock. Then he came from behind, spread her cheeks apart and put the head of his massive tool to her asshole. He began the slow process of penetrating her tight little puckered hole. “No,…”

“Ohhh, No…”

“Please..” Heather screamed as she felt his huge hard shaft poking at her tight rear entrance. She felt the pressure as he pushed harder and harder. Her tightly closed anus began stretching. He was splitting her ass open to get his huge cockhead in. He pushed more with force. She screamed, “Noooooo….” Then the fat knob of his hard cock slipped in. Heather’s taut anal ring gripped his massive black rod as her tiny hole stretched to take it. Her asshole was now used for the second time in her life.


“My…ass….my…ass” Heather whimpered out a long deep begging groan as her ass was being violated by this huge black cock.

“No.. No..” And he went deeper.

He proceeded to slide it into Heather’s ass and bury the full length of his long black cock all the way inside Heather’s rectum.



He was in almost all the way when he just lunged forward ramming the rest in. “Oh…my ass…”


It was an amazing sight to see Heather’s cute ass stuffed so full with this huge black cock.

Then the fucking began. For twenty minutes he rammed her asshole with all ten inches, in and out, in and out, in and out. He was relentless the way he was fucking her tight little ass. Heather was totally out of her mind, hysterical with the pain he was causing, yet she came three times. Her asshole was getting red from being buttfucked so hard and for so long. Sometimes Jack’s cock slipped out and he just rammed it back in forcing her tiny anal hole open.

Finally he pulled out. He walked around in front of her. He pulled her up to see the glistening condom slimy with the moistness from deep inside her ass. “Open,” Jack commanded. “No, please, please,” she begged. “Don’t make me put it in my mouth.”

“What’s the matter sweetheart.”

“Ain’t never sucked Yenimahalle Escort a dirty black cock before.”

“Now open your fuckin’ cocksuckin’ mouth, you little cunt.” Jack pressed his cock to her lips forcing them open a little. Jack pushed harder and his cock was in. “Clean it off, bitch.”

“I want to feel that tongue licking.” He held Heather’s head until she began sucking and cleaning the scum from his condom covered cock.

Then while still holding her, Jack began pushing more cock into her mouth. When he apparently hit the back of her throat Heather began struggling to avoid what she knew he wanted to do. Jack pushed again and his big fat black cock started disappearing inch by inch through Heather’s lips and down her throat. Heather was putting up a good fight but there was no way she could win. He was holding her tight as his gigantic black piece of hot fuckmeat traveled down her throat. And there was no way for Heather to stop it. She was being forced to deep throat a black condom covered cock that had just fucked her in the ass.

She gagged a number of times but Jack kept going, making her swallow his ten inches of hot black meat. Finally it was all gone. I could see Heather’s tiny body convulse and spasm repeatedly as she kept gagging on the massive intrusion. It really was an amazing sight seeing her tiny face with Jack’s big black balls resting on her chin. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was full and you could see her throat straining from the massive engorged cock buried within it.

Christine was next to me watching. My hand was between her legs fingering her clit. “Oh fuck, look at that. Our little girl’s becoming such a slut.” Christine gasped out. “That’s it Heather, swallow it.”

“Swallow that big black cock.” Christine was so wet. I fingered her harder and she went into an orgasm as I shoved my fingers deep in her cunt.

Meanwhile, Jack was bucking his hips a couple times fucking Heather’s tight throat. He let out a long moan. He was cumming. He was cumming into the condom while it was buried down her throat. It must have been a strange sensation feeling that huge piece of meat throbbing inside her throat. Heather’s muffled screams were barely audible. When he finished he withdrew from mouth. She gasped for a breath of air. The end of the condom was bulged out loaded with white cream from his drained black cock. Heather watched as he slowly peeled the rubber from his shaft being careful not to spill its contents.

“Open your mouth,” he ordered.

Jack grabbed her cheeks in his hand squeezing her face until she obeyed by opening wide. He turned the condom over and emptied the contents. Jack’s cum poured out in big thick globs. There was so much that it covered her tongue forming a thick pool in her mouth. Then just to defile Heather even more, Jack leaned toward her and let a long dribble of spit drop into her mouth. “Keep your mouth open,” he ordered. Then again he collected a mouthful of his saliva and spit and dropped that glob into her too. “Gotta give you a taste of everything, honey.”

“You nasty little fuck.”

“Now, swallow it,” he demanded.

Heather closed her mouth. It was a huge mouthful of cum and spit. She could feel how thick and slimy it was on her tongue. The thought of it sliding down her throat and knowing all that sperm would be in her belly just seemed so disgusting. But then, she swallowed, gulping it down.

Heather had this beaten defiled look on her face. I remembered that look after I fucked her ass last week. She was turning into that slut again. She was becoming just what she wanted to be. Just like last Friday, at first she had to be forced, but then she knew that she loved being a dirty little whore.

“Open,” Jack commanded again. This time Jack shoved the whole condom into Heather’s mouth. “Chew it.” Get all the cum out and eat it before you spit it out. Then he smacked her ass. For several minutes Heather chewed and swallowed. She squished all the sperm out of the condom while we watched. Jack kept spanking her too. “That’s it, suck it all down, you filthy slut.” I can’t imagine how vile that must have been tasting Jack’s dirty condom after being deep in Heather’s ass and filling it with his cum. “How’s it taste, honey?”

“Can you taste your dirty ass on it?”

Jack was doing everything he could think of to humiliate Heather. He even rubbed his slimy cock over her face and lips as she cleaned the scum soaked condom in her mouth. When she finally spit the condom out, I knew Heather had crossed another line. She looked over at Christine and I smiling and licking her lips. It was obvious she liked it and enjoyed what we did to her tonight. She would be our slave forever now. She was our little whore.

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