Help for our “little problem”

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My name is Jake and I had been dating Beth for about six months. Beth and I are both avid hikers in fact that is how we met. Luckily for me a chance encounter on a trail at a nearby park led to drinks, leading to a date and us being in a relationship in a matter of weeks. It had been going so well that we were even talking about getting a place together. Beth was the kind of girl who would light up a room and everyone in it. Positive, bubbly, kind and smart. We had shared interests, the same sense of humor and we could talk for hours without running out of things to talk about. And wow was she cute! Long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and one of those bodies that you couldn’t help but check out when she’d walk by.

I wasn’t the only one that recognized Beth was a catch. Seemed like she was getting checked out by guys all the time when we’d be out. Even my friends took a few too many liberties with their flirtations. Her coworkers got to me the most though. She worked as the office administrator at business that sold athletic supplies. The sales guys there were all twenty-somethings who liked to hit the gym a bit too much. She would get texts from them outside of work hours all the time. When there would be get togethers outside of work they would blatantly flirt with her in front of me, try to buy her drinks or have their arms around her. She always told me it was innocent fun and they were just friends, but I know she enjoyed the attention at the same time.

At least I knew Beth was my girlfriend at the end of the day. Guys might flirt with her all day, but only I got to have sex with her. When it came to sex Beth had more experience. She never gave me a number, but it was certainly more than the two girls I had been with before her. I loved our sex life and she seemed to like it too, but I could sense it wasn’t as exciting as she had experienced in the past. She loved to talk about her past lovers and experiences, especially when she was horny. Her reminiscing practically became part of our foreplay. It wasn’t uncommon for her to mention their dick size which honestly made me uncomfortable. I know my four inches isn’t very large and when she told me these stories it would make me worry I wasn’t enough. At the same time it pains me to admit that it turned me on and I would fantasize about Beth and her ex lovers. It confused me that I could be jealous and feel embarrassed, but completely turned on at the same time.

“Mmmmm,” Beth moaned as I massaged her clit with my tongue. What I lacked in penis size I thankfully made up for in oral skills. “Yeah Jake… that feels so good. Don’t stop..” Beth began to move her hips up and down rhythmically. I gradually increased the speed of my tongue. Her body began to tense as she orgasmed. She quickly recovered as she shifted her body to give me a passionate kiss before gently pushing me down onto my back. She straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. She began to grind her hips back and forth. She was never as physically into sex as she was oral. She never seemed to orgasm from it, but she at least I could always get her off first orally. A few minutes later I exploded into her as I orgasmed.

I was still catching my breath as she rolled off of me. She turned to me and with a cute little smile asked “I think the little guy enjoyed himself” as she motioned downward.

Little guy? Maybe she was just trying to be cute?

“Yeah, that was incredible Beth. I take it you enjoyed yourself too?” I inquired hoping for a little reassurance.

Without missing a beat she replied “of course hunny, you give like the best oral!”

“Just oral? What about the other stuff?” I asked.

Beth paused for a moment collecting her thoughts before replying “actually Jake that’s something I wanted to talk about with you.. we can talk about anything right?”

Uh oh, that didn’t sound promising but still I told her “of course Beth you can talk to me about anything.”

“It’s just… your penis is a little well… little,”

My head began to spin as her words hit me. I knew I was not big, but hearing Beth actually say I was too small just felt like a gut punch!

Beth continued “Look hunny, you are a great boyfriend and I would never want to leave you.” That’s a relief at least. “We are perfect for each other except for… your small penis.”

“You know I’m an incredibly sexual person and I’m having trouble adjusting. The other guys I’ve been with have all been at least a couple inches longer and thicker. And that’s just like the average guys. I honestly prefer larger than average. Not only for the physical sensation it’s also that big ones are really sexy. I’ve been nervous to tell you, but my kink is that I am really turned on by big cocks.”

I wanted to interject, but Beth began to speak more quickly without stopping so it was hard to get a chance to speak up. “You are good with your tongue, but sometimes it’s just like sex feels incomplete without an actual good fucking. You know… just some good dick that can make me feel filled! With yours I’m sorry, but it’s not much hatay escort better than feeling like I’m getting fingered. I want to be with you, but I really need to feel fulfilled sexually.”

“Which leads me to a proposal…” Beth finally stopped for a breath. I could tell she was thinking about what to say next. What could it be?? Toys? A strap on? God that would be humiliating…

She took a deep breathe and asked “what are your thoughts on asking someone for help with our little problem?” Little problem? Did she need to say it like that?

As I’m finally able to get a word in I ask “what do you mean ask someone for help?” I genuinely was unsure.

“I mean I’d like to ask another guy to have sex with me. Explain our situation and tell him it’s just sex nothing more. No feelings, I’m still your girlfriend. It would be like we’d be just using him for his big cock!” She chuckled a little.

Beth quickly continued “It sounds crazy I know, but I also think you could enjoy it too! I’ve noticed how you get turned on when I tell you stories about sex with my exes. Look now! You are rock hard! You never get hard again this quickly right after cumming!” She wrapped her hand around my hard dick.

She was right, I hadn’t even realized but I was more turned on than ever. I was still shocked, embarrassed, jealous, angry, sad, but for whatever reason excited too. In fact I was just about ready to cum in her hand right there!

I tried to speak up “Beth…” but I couldn’t continue. I was concentrating too much on trying not to cum.

Emboldened by my obvious erection Beth asked “So Jake what do you think? Should I fuck another guy with a big cock?” That was all it took… I erupted in her grasp. “I guess that’s my answer! Love you!” She gave me a quick peck and got up to the bathroom to clean up before bed. I was left lying there staring at the ceiling speechless. Maybe it was all one of her silly jokes. Maybe I could just pretend this never happened and she’d forget about it.

Beth had spent the night at my place. When morning came without another mention of it I thought I was in the clear. It was Sunday and we were discussing our plans for the day during breakfast.

“Do you want to drive out to the state park and go for a hike? The weather is supposed to be nice today.” I inquired as Beth was getting herself a cup of coffee and a bagel for breakfast.

“I was actually hoping to get some shopping done today. Like you said the weather has been fantastic and I would like to get some new dresses. I know you hate shopping so how about we do our own thing and you come over to my apartment tonight?” Said Beth as she sat down at the table with her coffee and bagel. I readily agreed.

Beth took a sip “Ouch! Still a bit too hot!” She set her coffee down and looked to me “so I was thinking about men that could help us with our little problem.” So much for her forgetting about it. “You remember Kevin from my work right?”

I’ve never been a fan of Kevin he was one of the sales guy that worked with Beth. I really could understand her interest he was tall, athletic and quite good looking. He was also a cocky bastard. He always flirted with Beth and talked down to me like he was some kind of big shot. A few times we had been out with her colleagues he would get a little too touchy-feely for my liking. Of course Beth would always so it wasn’t a big deal.

“I don’t know about him Beth. He’s so cocky and comes off kind of full of himself. Besides we have no idea if he even has a bigger… you know than I do.” I quipped.

“His penis? Oh it’s definitely bigger than yours! And he isn’t that bad he’s just confident which just makes him hotter. He’s one of my best friends from work and really a nice guy!”

“Wait, how do you know he has a bigger dick?!” I asked in confusion.

She responded with a dismissive laugh “Oh sorry it’s not how it sounds! We are just really good friends. We text each other all the time and send funny memes and pictures and stuff.” I’ve noticed and it had always annoyed me how much he’s texting my girlfriend. “And there is this one innocent pic. Just give me a second to find it.”

She began scrolling in her conversation with Kevin. They sent each other a lot of pictures. Plenty of selfies and pictures of Kevin at the gym. Thought I saw a picture of Beth wrapped in a towel after and shower and one in a bra and panties, but it was so quick it was hard to get a good look. She opened a selfie from Kevin. It was post work out, he was only wearing tight fitting boxers made with a thin material. He was also quite sweaty making the outline of his penis easily visible. It was clearly done on purpose to show off. She pointed it and said excitedly “see you can tell he’s totally got a bigger penis than you do!” My own penis had gotten hard. I still didn’t understand how, I was so humiliated and pissed at that jerk Kevin. So why was I turned on?

She rested her hand on my lap feeling my erection. She slid my dick out and held it in her hand. She held up her phone glancing back hurma escort and forth at my penis and the picture of Kevin. A devilish smile came across her cute face “have you ever measured your penis sweetie?”

Of course I had but as humiliation began to set in I didn’t want to admit it. I stammered “umm.. no I mean I don’t think so.”

“Let’s find out!” She bounced up and ran over to my junk drawer and started rummaging through it. “Found it!” She ran back with a tape measure and placed it next to my penis. “Exactly four inches! How big do you think Kevin’s is?”

“I wouldn’t know.” I grumbled.

“I’d certainly hope not silly!” As Beth playfully hit my arm. “I’m going to ask him!”

I watched as she began texting Kevin.

B- Hey Kev! Crazy question but have you ever measured your dick?

K- wtf? not since I was like 13 lol

B- you should do it again and see what’s changed lol

K- omg you are such a perv!

B- am not! you’ve asked me how big my boobs are!

K- that’s different! If you want me soooo bad Beth you should just say so 😉

B- Oh hush! You’re just afraid because you know you can’t measure up! lol

K- oh really? Ok it’s on I’ll measure. Has to be hard right?

B- why not soft and hard if you are such a hung stud?

K- alright hornball give me 10 minutes lol

B- ok great! I’m going to go take a quick shower while you do that

K- in that case why don’t you help me with my experiment by sending me a picture 🙂

B- so who’s the perv now?!

K- come on! I just want the results of my measurement to be accurate. A pic would help to make sure it is fully accurate

B- ok just a second 🙂

Beth bolted to the bathroom and I followed. She stripped down to her panties and stood in front of the mirror. She draped one arm over her nipples and took a selfie in the mirror. She sent it and finished stripping and jumped in the shower. She finished quickly and I showered right after.

Beth was still in the bathroom doing her hair and I could hear her giggling and laughing as she continued texting Kevin. “Oh my god Jake you need to read this!” I was just finishing and shutting the water off. I stepped out and wrapped a towel around my waist. She showed me the conversation.

K- soft five inches. Hard 9 inches. 🙂

Beth gleefully declared “See Jake I told you he had a bigger penis! Even when he’s soft he’s still and inch longer than you are completely hard! And his hard is more than twice as big as yours! This is so exciting! Eeek!!!”

Just then she received another text message and it forced her conversation to scroll down exposing another picture she had sent. She must’ve scrolled up before she showed it to me so I wouldn’t see it.

“Did you send him another picture?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, he wouldn’t tell me the measurements unless I made a wager. He said if I thought his measurements were big then I owe him another picture without me covering up ‘the good stuff’ isn’t he adorable?” she giggled. “So I sent him this picture!”

She had sent another picture just like the other one she had sent with the comment “oops my finger slipped!” She had her arm draped across her chest like before, but this time her fingers were spread exposing one of her pink erect nipples.

She pulled her phone back and read his text before I could read it myself. She started laughing out loud. “Oh my god Kevin is hilarious!” She continued texting him while getting dressed. I couldn’t see what they were saying anymore, but I could only imagine I wouldn’t have liked it.

I was thinking about that last picture she sent. It was bad enough he’d seen her in in her bra and panties, but now with the nipple “slip” he basically knew what her tits looked like too.

After getting dressed Beth came and gave me a kiss. “Hey hun I’m heading out to get started on shopping. Still on for tonight?”

“Of course!” I said, it would be good to have some quiet time with Beth. Hopefully she’d have all the texting out of her system by then.

I got to Beth’s apartment that evening. She was looking amazing. She had a new light blue sundress on. It had exposed shoulders, low cut front with an open back and the bottom cutoff not far below her ass, but she looked like a knockout in it.

“Hi babe!” As she gave me a passionate kiss. “You like my new dress?” She did a quick spin for me.

“Yeah I love it! You look so sexy!” I replied.

“I hope Kevin likes it too!” She said with a wink.

“Kevin?” I asked.

“Yeah! He helped me pick the dress. We’ve been talking all day and I was video chatting with him while trying all the stuff on. He said he wanted to see it in person so I figured I should invite him over to have some drinks with us tonight and maybe watch some movies!”

“He was watching you change?”

“You say it like he was a creepy peeping Tom!” She laughed. “It wasn’t a big deal compared with what he saw this morning. I just got down to my bra and panties. And… well I did flash him ığdır escort my bare tits a couple more times to be a bit of a tease!” She said biting her lip. Oh great now he’s seen her tits completely uncovered.

Just then we heard a knock. “He’s here!” Beth ran and quickly answered the door. “Hey Kev thanks for coming!” They quickly embraced in a hug.

“I wouldn’t miss it!” Said Kevin. “I had to see the dress I picked out with my own eyes. You look fantastic!”

Beth did a quick spin, “you really think so? My butt looks ok?” Arching her back and pushing her butt out slightly.

“No it’s perfect, almost as nice as it is in those little red panties.” Kevin said with a wink. The nerve of that guy to say that when I was standing right there.

“Oh you mean these red panties?” She tossed him a pair of red panties that she’s worn for me before, they are practically a thong. Clearly she had been wearing them while she was video chatting with Kevin “Unfortunately this new sundress simply does not work with bra and panties.” So she was completely naked under that dress; how far was this really going to go?

Kevin smiles “well uh like I said you look great.”

Finally acknowledging my presence Kevin addresses me, “oh hey little buddy!” And walks by playfully messing my hair as he walked by me. My face blushed as a mixture of anger and humiliation took over. Every time he sees me he calls me little buddy, probably to try to establish himself as some sort of alpha male.

“Oh um hi Kevin” is all I could squeak out.

“You’re so silly Kev!” Beth then asks me. “Hey Jake hunny can you get me a glass of water?”

“Sure babe” I say turning towards the kitchen. As I walk past Kevin who is now sitting grabs my arm. Not aggressively, but firmly.

“Buddy get me a beer would ya.” He then released my arm giving me a pat on the backside like a baseball coach would do with a player. What an asshole I would have loved to have just punched him in the face.

After getting drinks Beth and Kevin sat down next to each other on her couch leaving me to sit by myself on a nearby chair.

The next couple hours were filled with casual flirting and lots of laughter. It was almost like old friends that got together after a long time apart. I’d chime in from time to time, but they would barely acknowledge me to the point that it was like I wasn’t even there. Luckily I was feeling buzzed enough from the drinks that I wasn’t as bothered by it anymore.

Eventually Beth got up off the couch to get more drinks. As she is walking away Kevin turned to me saying. “Sorry about flirting with your girl. I’m just a big flirt in general. Besides it’s hard to help myself with Beth when she is sending me perverted messages all day!”

Beth gasped and said “I am not a pervert! Kiss my butt you jerk!” As she bent forward lifting the back of her sundress mooning both of us! I had forgotten she wasn’t wearing panties, but now there was her naked butt on display to Kevin.

Kevin jumped out of his chair and pinched her butt and she jumped and squealed! “Hey! Ouch! You owe my butt an apology for pinching her!” She said while laughing.

“I don’t know about that.” Kevin chuckled. “The way I see it you owe me an apology for tricking me into touching your smelly butt!”

“It’s not smelly! I just took a shower before you came over!”

“You took another shower?” I asked. I don’t know why I cared about something like that. My girlfriend just has her naked ass groped by the guy I hate. I guess I was hoping to veer their conversation in a different direction.

“Yeah I wasn’t really dirty, but I just wanted to get a fresh shave on everything.” Beth replied.

“Bullshit!” Kevin said. “Your legs were clearly already shaved when you were trying on clothes!”

“I was talking about shaving my pussy dumby!” She yelled with a laugh.

“I’m not buying it.” Kevin continued. “You’re just making things up now.”

“No look!” Beth quickly replied. She stepped back towards the couch stopping right in front of Kevin. She lifted the front of her short dress exposing her shaved top of her slit. What the hell! My girlfriend was flashing this jerk her pussy!

Kevin leaned in taking a contemplative look acting as though he was inspecting to see if she really had shaved. He then lightly grazed the area with his finger tips going over the top of the slit. “Hmmm… This area is definitely smooth and feels shaved. Of course I can only see the top area here.” As he continued feeling the smoothness with his fingers and looked at her with a little cocky smirk.

Beth plopped down on the couch next to him. She faced him sitting sideways on the couch with one leg to the side and one on the couch, legs spread and dress still lifted out of the way. I leaned to take a closer look myself, they didn’t even notice me much less pause their activities on my behalf. She traced her fingers around the outer part of her pussy showing how it was fully clean shaven.

“No see? Totally shaved smooth!” Beth looked back at Kevin with a proud smile. I was frozen unable to intervene. Beth just spread her legs for him displaying her entire pussy! Her lips were even parted exposing her clit and opening to her vagina. The inner part of her labia was glistening with wetness from her apparent arousal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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