How To Get Lots Of Anal Ch. 05

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My buddy Rob and I went out to see the King of the Cage fights out at Soboba Casino last month. The fights were great, but the real draw was all the hot women that showed up. The MMA fighting events seem to attract all the right women now days. It also rained the entire time we were there which created a great wet t-shirt environment.

So I’m in the bar at the casino with my buddy Rob between fights and we see a couple of girls sitting down at the bar. One of them glances my way and comes over. “Don’t I know you from somewhere” she asks. I tell her I’m not sure. “Sure, I remember you. You compete over at the MMA gym in Irvine” she tells me.

Surprised I don’t remember her face and her hot body, I play along and tell her that I definitely remember her. One thing leads to another and she lets Rob and I know that she and a bunch of friends are going to Mexico next weekend and ask if we can chaperone them since we both compete in MMA and I am fluent in Spanish. Never one to pass up an opportunity, I of course agree and make plans to drive down to Mexico with them.

The first girl Danni, is truly a vision from a hot dream. This girl is 5’5″ with natural C breasts that ride high on her chest. She is a Portuguese, Native American mix that is truly beautiful. Her body and ass remind me of some of the hot Brazilian girls that I have fucked in the past. A tight little waist and nice round ass perfect her hot little body. The second girl is a little more average. Christina is a redhead, with a sort of pear shaped body, but still very pretty face and very cool attitude.

Our original plan was to meet at her house in San Clemente and go down to Puerto Nuevo from there with her and about five other friends of hers. We get to Danni’s house and find that only she and Christina are going with us after all. “Not a problem” I say and we all pack into my SUV. Danni and Christina have both dressed very nice for this trip. They are both wearing skirts and very loose fitting shirts that show off their curves nicely. I also discover that both of them are already drunk which is surprising since it is only 10:00 AM.

After five minutes of driving Danni gets on her cell phone and tells me about this bi-sexual girl that lives in San Diego she is calling. Turns out that Danni and this girl have gone down on each other a few times and Danni wants her to come with us. “The more the merrier” I exclaim as we drive south. We get to San Diego and pick up an equally drunk hot chick by the name of Kelley. Kelley yells shotgun and plops down in the front passenger seat next to me.

I’m pretty sure Kelley has dropped some X, because she starts rubbing my bald head while we are driving and telling me how much she likes shaved heads. Another tip for you readers: Every woman that I’ve met who likes shaved heads also likes to be dominated and fucked up the ass.

After about an hour drive and much flirting and chit-chat we end up in Puerto Nuevo at Restaurant

. R

is the best place for lobster/beans/Corona in this city and the line shows it. The current wait was about 1.25 hours, so we all grabbed some beers and stood in line. Kelley kept flirting with me and finally asked me if I could walk her back to my SUV. Turns out she had left her purse in there and needed something out of it. By now I was really sure this chick was high as a kite. We get back to the SUV and she jumps right into the back seat and asks if I can help her look for her purse.

As soon as I jump in the back with her, she is all over me. Kelley grabs the back of my head and plants a lip lock on me so hard that my lips actually hurt and I can taste a small amount of blood in my mouth. I grab her by the hair and pull her away from me. “Ohhhhhh” she moans as I pull her head away from me. Realizing that this chick likes to be messed with I give her a firm slap across the face. Kelley’s eyes light up as she realizes that I’m more than happy to fulfill her fantasies.

Kelley’s hands then dive for my belt and pants which she takes off with remarkable speed. I’m still holding her by the hair so I decide to put her mouth to good use. I’m starting to get a pretty good chubby so I force her mouth around my cock and all the way down to the base. I’m only about half hard at this point so she easily takes my dick all the way into her canlı bahis mouth. Kelley is obviously an expert cocksucker because she starts to caress the underside of my cock with her tongue at the same time applying hoover-like suction.

I then put both of my hands in her hair and held her firmly in place while my dick started to grow from half to full erection. Most women that I’ve received oral from can usually only get about 4-5 inches of my 7.25 inch dick into their mouths before gagging. By holding Kelley’s head firmly against my groin I was now forcing her to accept the full length of my dick as it grew into her throat.

As my dick started to harden, Kelley reached down and undid her pants and started massaging her clit violently. Her free hand grabbed my balls and started squeezing them a little painfully. This aggressive behavior towards my nuts pissed me off so I pushed her face down harder against my crotch.

Kelley started moaning and shaking from all the attention that she was giving her clit. This made my dick even harder. Now at full length and girth it fully filled her throat and blocked her airway. I could tell that she now couldn’t breathe but really didn’t care since my balls were starting to swell up with that familiar cum build up feeling. Kelley then started struggling, but didn’t try to pull her throat and mouth off my dick. She wouldn’t have been able to anyway since I wasn’t letting go of her head.

She then started shaking violently as her orgasm grabbed her. Kelley’s throat started squeezing violently on my cock as she was obviously about to pass out from lack of air. The violent squeezing caused my cock to instantly shoot load after load of hot cum straight down her throat and into her stomach. I then felt her go limp from passing out and I let her fall back onto the rear seat of my SUV. Even passed out, Kelley’s body still twitched from the throes of her orgasm. When Kelley regained consciousness, she asked me if her friend Danni had told me that she was a gasper. I asked her what the hell a gasper was and she let me know that she loved to be asphyxiated by a towel around her throat when she was having an orgasm. Turns out that she could have really crazy orgasms that way. I was the first guy who had ever made her orgasm that way by wedging my cock in her throat and cutting off her air supply. Truly crazy shit!!!

I was now getting hungry so I left Kelley in the SUV to clean up and went back to stand in line with Rob, Danni and Christina. Danni and Christina gave me a very sly knowing look which I ignored and made some small chat before we finally got seated. Kelley joined us after about ten minutes and asked if she could sit down next to me. Kelley who had been a bit of a bitch at first had now become completely subservient to me. As I have stated before, I’m not the dominating type, but if a woman wants that dark side of my personality, I’m more than happy to oblige.

Rob seemed to be doing very well with Christina so I decided to devote my attentions to Danni while Kelley sat quietly next to me and ate her lunch. I could tell very quickly that Danni would be a hard nut to crack. I was starting to suspect that she was of the lipstick-lesbian variety that rarely fucked men and preferred to be more of a cock-tease. I was able to confirm this belief much later in the night as I watched Danni go around the bar and flirt/make out with random guys. Each time a guy would start to get aroused and worked up, she would take off for the bathroom and ditch the guy. After about five minutes she would come back from the bathroom wild-eyed from doing coke and jump on another guy.

That was the night I learned about the term “Lip Slut”. Lip Sluts are girls that like to fuck with guys, get them all worked up and leave them frustrated. Right then and there I decided that Danni needed a good ass fucking and that her friend Kelley was going to help me. Kelley who had not left my side all night was rubbing my cock and balls through my pants when I asked her to do me a favor. “Anything” she breathed into my ear. “I want you to get Danni drunk and bring her back to my room in about an hour” I said as I gave her a couple of hundred dollars.

About the same time Rob leaned over and let me know that Christina and he were going back to her room, so I took the opportunity bahis siteleri to leave Kelley to her task and to get some rest back in my room. About two hours later I heard a loud knock at the door. I answered the door and was surprised to see Kelley and one of the hotel staff holding Danni up. Turns out that Kelley had taken the task I gave her very seriously and got Danni so fucked up that she blacked out. I thanked the hotel staff member and gave him a generous tip as I placed the do not disturb sign on my door.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower and told Kelley to strip Danni and get her pussy nice and wet for me. After a nice hot shower to wake me up I returned to the bedroom to find Danni naked as the day she was born with Kelley’s face buried in her pussy in a nice 69 position. Danni was still passed out, but Kelley didn’t care as she ground her clit against Danni’s open mouth. I pushed Kelley off of Danni and told her to suck my dick while I checked Danni out. Kelley dove on my dick and started slurping away noisily.

Danni was a sight to behold. This woman would have made bank if she were a stripper or porn star. Her body was possibly the most perfect I had ever seen. She also had a totally shaved pussy which looked to be really small. I started to look forward to burying my dick in that pussy. While Kelley sucked my dick I laid down on the bed between Danni’s spread thighs and checked out her pussy. I had never seen a pussy in my life that was so tiny. I easily covered it with my mouth and started licking away. Danni’s pussy had a sweet taste and was already very wet from the previous attention that Kelley had given her.

As I licked her clit I felt it start to swell. For such a little pussy this woman had a huge clit. Taking my index finger, I slowly inserted it into her pussy. That shit was extremely tight and hot. I tried wedging two fingers in there, but had trouble since there was very little room. I told Kelley to stop sucking my dick and to go back down on Danni. The site of Kelley’s ass in the air while going down on Danni was a site to behold. I went to my suitcase and got my camera and started snapping pictures.

Taking pictures really got Kelley worked up. She started plunging three fingers into her cunt while eating out the unconscious Danni. I sipped some Corona and told Kelley to stick two fingers in her own ass. She stared back with a lewd look and drove two of her fingers home deep into her ass. My kind of gal definitely.

I walked over to Kelley and stroked my rigid cock against her pussy lips. I slowly eased my entire dick inside of her with a beer in one hand and my camera in another. Kelley had a pretty decent pussy. Nothing extraordinary, but hey who am I to complain about getting my dick into a nice hot wet pussy.

As I’m taking pictures and fucking Kelley she asks “Can I have some beer?” I give her my bottle and the bitch drains it. She hands me back the empty bottle and returns to eating out Danni with gusto. This kind of pisses me off that she just finished my beer and now I have to pull out and get another. Staring at her upturned ass gives me an idea. While I’m fucking her pussy I start to rub the head of the empty Corona bottle against her ass. This really gets Kelley excited and she starts bucking harder against me.

Kelley then reaches back and spreads both ass cheeks with her hands. This is an invitation if I have ever seen one, so I spit on her asshole and start to lube up the end of the bottle with my saliva. Before I can start to insert the bottle she grabs it from me and sucks the end deep in her mouth like a large penis. This chick is amazing, she takes the whole top of the bottle and manages to stretch her lips to where she almost gets half the bottle in her mouth. Now the end of the bottle is covered with her thick saliva which she then takes and slowly rubs against her sphincter.

Kelley’s asshole opens right up and the top of the bottle slides in easily. This is the perfect Kodak moment so I start taking lots of digital photos. I can’t wait to show these to my friends. The image of a hot little blond going down on a sexy brunette while my dick and a Corona bottle are shoved inside of her is truly a memorable vision.

I start fucking her really hard, but remember that Danni is the one who I need bahis şirketleri to work on. Pulling out of Kelley’s hot pussy I tell her to keep the bottle in her ass and sit back on Danni’s face towards me. The dumb bitch whacks Danni right in the head with the Corona bottle as she maneuvers herself above her face. “Be careful” I tell her. “Don’t worry” she says, “She drank about eight Mojido’s”. I get pretty fucked up from three of those drinks. I can’t imagine what eight would do to someone small like Danni.

Now usually I would start fucking a girl in the ass by laying them down on their stomach or spooning them, but the idea of watching those perfect tits bounce while fucking her in the ass was quite appealing. Kelley was now seated comfortably on Danni’s face and was slowly grinding her clit against Danni’s lips. I was starting to run low on saliva from all the alcohol dehydration so I decided to use Danni’s pussy juices to lube me up. The head of my cock slowly rubbed her outer lips and got nice and moist. Pushing against her lips my cock head searched for her opening but to no avail. This bitch was so tight that I couldn’t find the opening without looking. Kelley laughed at my efforts and bent over to help me out. Leaning across Danni’s stomach, she grabbed my cock and spit on it. She then spread Danni’s pussy lips and forcefully shoved my cock head inside. “Holy shit” I exclaimed. I had never been in a pussy this tight. “You’re Danni’s first guy in about two years” Kelley told me. “Danni turned lez back then and hasn’t had a dick in her since”.

“No matter what happens don’t get off of her face” I ordered Kelley. I decided that this bitch needed to wake up so I violently shoved my entire dick inside of her. Instantly Danni’s started moaning underneath Kelley’s grinding pussy. I thrust hard back and forth inside of her until I felt her pussy spasm in orgasm. Danni moaned loudly in obvious pleasure in her semi conscious state. “Put your dick in her ass” commanded Kelley. Being happy to oblige I lifted up Danni’s legs and told Kelley to hold Danni’s ankles up in the air.

The perfect little rosy pink butt hole greeted me. I swear the thing winked at me as I positioned my now well lubed cock head at its entrance. After about two minutes of steady pressure, I got the head of my dick into her tight little butt hole. Kelley then started moaning loudly as she came on Danni’s face. Kelley came so hard that the Corona bottle shot right out of her ass and broke on the floor. She jumped quickly off of Danni and cleaned up the broken glass pieces. This was fine with me, because I was now ready to start fucking Danni’s asshole.

Danni stared at me in obvious pleasure, but total confusion. I don’t think she had a fucking clue who she was or where she was. All she was conscious of was the huge orgasm she had just had and she was now getting her ass reamed for the first time. Reaching down with my hand I started slowly rubbing her huge clit with my thumb. Her clit quickly grew to be as large as the tip of my thumb. Danni’s eyes closed as her back arched which caused her to slide deeper onto my cock which was firmly embedded in her ass. Stroking her clit really got her going and in no time my dick was completely buried in her ass.

Once I had reached full penetration, I kept my dick buried deep and started to work on her pussy with my free hand while my other hand continued to play with her clit. Burying two fingers in her cunt started her first orgasm. After she relaxed from her first orgasm, I started sliding both fingers in and out of her slowly. I could feel the length of my cock inside of her with my fingers that were buried in her cunt. I then changed the angles of my fingers and started raking my fingertips against her g-spot.

Danni basically screamed as her body started to convulse as wave after wave of pleasure overcame her body. The more I rubbed her g-spot the more she came. Danni then came again so hard that she started squirting all over my groin. This extra heat and stimulation made my cock swell to maximum size and I erupted inside of Danni’s ass. My cock came so much I could’ve filled a shot glass. I was now completely worn out and crashed onto the bed next to the two girls and fell fast asleep.

I woke up about 10:00 AM the next morning to a wonderful site. The two girls had brought me breakfast back from the restaurant downstairs and Danni had my cock in her mouth while Kelley held my balls in her hands. I ended up staying the whole week in Mexico instead of just the weekend. :}

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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