I Miss…

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I miss meeting you at the door… having you barely take two steps inside, before your tongue is down my throat and I’m up against the wall. Your hand is wrapped in my long dark hair as you pull me towards you, pressing your long hard dick up against me, all the while frantically kissing me. Our tongues swirl around, parrying as we can’t get enough of each other.

I miss laying on my couch wrapped in your arms, as we attempt to watch a movie. This innocent past-time quickly disintegrates as your hand grazes over my nipple, barely encased in a tiny tank top. Slowly meandering down into the folds of my sarong as you breathe deeply into my ear, nibbling on the back of my neck. Your tongue dances across, until you reach my mouth. Pulling my head back your tongue plunges into my mouth I return the favor arching my back, You cup my breasts, lifting them away from my body and out of my shirt, flicking the nipples into little sharp points. You bite my neck, as I reach behind me and slide my hand over your rock hard dick. I can feel the velvet hardness pulsing. I can’t wait for you to be buried deep inside me, but you have other plans.

I’m impatient, and roll over facing you… I slide along the length of your body anxiously pulling off your shirt. I have never quite figured out how I end up completely naked long before your clothes even begin to come off… As I slide along, the hair on your chest prickles against my body sending shivers down my spine. I love to encircle your nipples with my tongue, tracing the points of your tattoo. I nibble and bite my way down your chest until I reach your waistband. Here I pause, slowly letting my tongue dart in between your waistband and your body. Now it’s my turn to tease…

I miss unbuttoning your pants and slipping them off — tossing them off to the side. Letting my mouth hover over the head of your cock. That initial moment as I let my lips surround the head, ever so slowly sliding downward, mobil porno swirling my tongue around the entire glans… then gliding up and down with my hands wrapped around the base of your cock… shifting up and down…. Feeling you so hard and ready almost makes me cum….

I miss having you sitting on my couch as I position myself above you, spreading my pussy lips with my fingers so that I can have you slide deep inside. I’m always so tight to begin with that you have to help me by thrusting upwards as I sink downwards until finally you are all the way in and I am seated on your lap. The downward slide has caused my first orgasm, you can feel my pussy clenching around you as I shiver in delight. I’m leaning forward and bite your neck. You alternate between squeezing my breasts and my ass with your hands. I ride you for a little bit, just until the second or third orgasm, then you push me back and twist around so suddenly I’m laying on my back, arched slightly over the arm of the couch as you begin to plunge in and out. My legs are spread wide so that you can achieve maximum depth. You are teasing me to no end, just keeping me on the edge until I wrap my legs around you pulling you close and deep, my tongue wars with yours deep inside your mouth, this triggers yet another orgasm for me…

I miss deciding that we’ve had enough of the skinny little couch and that it’s time to venture into my bedroom where we can truly play. Here the true teasing begins. I miss laying on my bed watching you take off your glasses and putting them on the nightstand beside the bed. I miss having you slither down my body starting with kissing my neck, then moving down to my nipples, usually encircling my entire breasts, sliding your tongue along the underside before darting up to bite my nipples. I miss you sucking on one, while rolling the other between your fingers, before slowly moving downwards. I miss watching you position yourself between mofos porno my legs, kissing and nibbling your way up one inner thigh, blowing lightly on my clit, before moving downward on the other. After watching me squirm you decide to take my clit into your mouth, nibbling, rolling, driving me wild. I miss you gliding your fingers along the outside of my pussy lips, bringing them up to my mouth so that I may suck on them. Then bringing them back down to slip inside, first one and then the other.

You can feel the walls of my pussy clench against them. You love to tease and torment me and listen to me beg sticking first your tongue inside my pussy and then your fingers. Still withholding the one thing I desire most at this time — you buried deep inside me. After several minutes of licking, sucking, and stroking my clit and pussy you finally take pity on me and slide up, I pull you down for a deep kiss, running my fingers through your hair as I can’t get enough of you. You are rubbing the head of your dick along my slit… just teasing me beyond belief. I’m begging you at this point to stick it in. Eventually you decide to heed me. As you sink in, I’m beggin you to go slow, my entire body is aflame. When you are finally deep inside, I grab your ass and tell you not to move… I miss being clenched around you, cumming like no tomorrow. My nails dig into your tight ass, then as I cum down I allow you to move again.

As you move in and out I feel like every nerve in my body is being played with. Slowly you build up momentum, I am meeting you stroke for stroke, until I’m lost in the moment and am cumming again. As you press upwards moving away from my body, you thrust your pelvis up burying yourself as deep as you can. This cycle continues for countless orgasms, until finally you can’t take it any longer and you reach up and grab my headboard. You piston yourself in and out of my pussy as I hold my legs spread wide. naughty america porno You are pounding away until finally you sink on top of me with a groan as you cum. I quickly tighten my grip on you and allow myself to cum one last time. I miss you collapsing on top of me, still buried inside. I missing lightly scratching your back as we both come down from a mind-blowing experience. Occasional after shocks rock my body.

I miss climbing in the shower and having you behind me… soaping up my breasts making sure each one is especially clean. I miss turning around and sliding down your body taking your cock in my mouth. Having the water pouring down all over me as I make sure you are especially clean. Turnabout is fair play after all… I miss bending over and having you slip deep inside. I’m on my tip toes with one hand braced against the shower wall, the other is playing with my nipples or reaching down to tweak my clit as you plunge in and out. This invariably causes another orgasm… and another romp on the bed.

I miss falling asleep in your arms, waking up to having you rubbing the head of your dick along my slit. I’m pinned against your body, with one arm holding me tight under my breasts and the other tormenting me with your dick. You slide in from behind and while buried deep I rock back and forth with one leg over yours. My head is turned so that I can meet your kiss. I miss shifting positions until I am on top. Here I have maximum control and can have you buried as far as possible while I slowly rotate my body in small circles. You soon begin to thrust upwards causing me to cum yet again. I miss shifting positions yet again as you decide its finally your turn to cum. Again you cause the whole bed to shake with the power of your thrusts, you keep bottoming out inside me, feeling the back wall of my pussy.

All in all I miss you — the sound of your voice, the feel of your body, being able to touch you and be touched by you, the absolutely amazing mind blowing sex we’ve had — both in person and otherwise — I don’t think anyone has ever been able to affect me the way you do. Even the sound of your voice can make me cum. You are a truly amazing individual and I treasure the time we’ve had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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