I Should Have Known

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I should have known. I may have only been nineteen at the time but I wasn’t a naïve nineteen and in retrospect it was blindingly obvious. Or maybe, just maybe, I really did know but didn’t want to admit it to myself?

I was sitting in a café having a solitary coffee one lunchtime when two girls, both a few years older than I was, began chatting to me. To be honest, their company was welcome because I was still new to the area and very short of friends, and perhaps that was why I pushed any other thoughts out of my mind, refusing to acknowledge even the possibility of a hidden agenda. All the same, when they so quickly invited me back to theirs to share a pizza and watch the DVD they’d just bought, alarm bells should have rung, but they were both cheerful and friendly and so I went along with a pair of young lesbians, innocent and unafraid.

In fairness to myself, they were far from a stereotypical lesbian couple in which one is dominant and butch with short hair and masculine clothes, and the other is over-feminine and almost simperingly docile. I didn’t know then that lesbians could look and act so normal. To me they seemed to be ordinary happy go lucky young women who dressed and acted as girls should, and, I have to say, they were both extremely beautiful although very different to each other. Leigh was a tall, slim and blonde with sparkling blue eyes and full red lips, while Sasha was dark haired, shorter, with a fuller figure and a dimpled smile.

I felt happy and perhaps a little excited at making such a pair of lovely new friends so easily, and so thinking back, even if I had been just that little bit suspicious I would probably have gone along anyway. After all, I would have told myself, if things weren’t right I could always get up and leave. Or maybe lurking in the background of my makeup was a little bicuriosity that I’d always suppressed and which was now busily hiding the obvious from me. Whichever it was I went along with them without a care in the world.

The first hint that there was anything more than friendship on their minds came on the short journey to their apartment, and even then I missed it at the time. I sat up front alongside Leigh with Sasha in the back, and so it was Sasha who went in to collect the pizza while we waited in the car. While we waited I caught Leigh glancing sideways at my legs. I didn’t think anything untoward, but instinct made me pull at the hem of my rather short skirt.

‘No, don’t hide them, you’ve got nice legs.’ She told me, ‘Better than my skinny things at any rate.’ With that she hiked her own skirt upwards to the point where a glimpse of blue panties was just in view and her slim thighs were on full display.

‘There’s nothing wrong with your legs.’ I protested, truthfully but more out of politeness than anything.

‘But they’re like matchsticks compared to yours.’ She smiled and then, suddenly reaching over, she flicked the hem of my skirt up to show my legs to the world, her fingers resting briefly on my thigh as she did it. ‘See what I mean?’

At that moment Sasha came back and Leigh went back to driving, but it was as if I could still feel the touch of her fingers on my skin. I pushed the hem of my skirt down and smiled at her just a little uncertainly, not sure why a shot of adrenaline was suddenly pumping through me. Leigh had left her own skirt high on her legs but nothing else was said and by the time we reached their home I’d pretty much forgotten the incident, or at least I’d told myself I had.

We sat together in the kitchen waiting for coffee to be ready chatting as we had before, but then Sasha suddenly looked at me.

‘You know you haven’t told us your name?’

I’d thought I had told them while we were in the café, but maybe Sasha had missed it.

‘I’m Charlotte.’ I told her. ‘But I prefer Charlie.’

‘I don’t think we’ve seen you around before, are you new in town?’

‘Only two or three weeks.’

‘Do you like it here?’

‘Yes, it’s nice.’ I told her. ‘I like the people.’

‘Including us?’ Leigh asked with a little laugh.

I nodded, smiled and said yes, and then the conversation settled into the mundane until the coffee signalled it was ready and Sasha got up to pour it.

‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ Leigh asked abruptly.

I shook my head. ‘No.’

I didn’t expand on it because a not very nice ex-boyfriend was the reason I’d moved.

‘A girlfriend then?’ She asked,

She giggled as she spoke as if to make the question of no consequence, but that was, I am sure, the all important question as far as Leigh and Sasha were concerned. I really should have caught on right then.

‘No.’ I answered simply and honestly.

‘Neither of us have boyfriends either’ Sasha called over, her laughter making Leigh glance at her and frown.

With coffees made and the pizza cut into slices, Leigh and Sasha carried them all through into a large well appointed lounge and placed them on a small coffee table that stood a little way in front of the sofa. But then Leigh london escort agency didn’t sit on the sofa itself, sitting instead on the floor with her back against the sofa and her knees drawn up, before indicating for me to sit beside her. It was perhaps a little odd but then I often sat in front of my sofa too and so I didn’t think too much of it, although in my case was usually because the sofa was strewn with yesterdays clothing. I did as she asked and sat alongside her between the sofa and the coffee table as Sasha slotted the disc into the dvd player. She waved the remote at it and then sat down beside me, making me the thorn between two beautiful roses, or that’s the way I thought of it at the time. The film turned out to be a thriller that I’d seen before, but it was a good film and so I settled down quite happily to watch it again, leaning forward to reach for a slice of pizza.

With the pizza placed in the middle of the coffee table and me planted between the two girls it meant that they had to lean towards me when they wanted to grab a slice. Leigh surprised me a little by briefly resting a hand on my raised knee again as she did so. It didn’t matter because I was enjoying both film and pizza too much to really notice, but it did sort of register in the back of my mind as a little bit cheeky.

But it wasn’t as cheeky as the next time, when she rested her hand on my knee and left it there, surreptitiously glancing across at me for my reaction. I didn’t react, it didn’t seem important enough and anyway it wasn’t unpleasant, and so I still just ignored it. I did take a quick glance at Sasha, but she seemed fully engrossed in the film and seemingly hadn’t noticed anything untoward. She must have done though, because when she reached forward for piece of pizza herself she did exactly the same thing with my other knee. Once again I told myself it didn’t matter and so once again I said nothing.

For the next little while we all reached for pizza or coffee cups while their hands remained resting on my knee. We chatted sporadically about this and that or commented on the film, but not one of us mentioned hands or knees and it became almost normal. Then I reached forward for the last remaining slice of pizza and because it was the last one it was at the far side of the plate and I had to bend further to get it, my knees parting a little more to let me reach between them. That was the second time when warning bells should have rung, because Leigh’s hand slid over my knee and down onto my thigh as my leg shifted. It could have been accidental, caused by my leg moving, but I doubted it. It was only a few inches but now she had a hand wrapped around my thigh and it effectively meant that I couldn’t close my legs again. My skirt slid down, or was that up, my legs, exposing rather more of my thighs. Once again the girls affected not to notice and I felt it would be almost rude to make anything of it.

So then with pizza and coffee finished that’s how we stayed, with Sasha’s hand on one knee and Leigh’s hooked around my leg just above the other knee while we watched the movie. I can’t say I felt particularly uncomfortable about it because it had seemed incidental to reaching for food, although I did find it a bit strange. But then some people are just a little more tactile than others.

I found it even stranger when Leigh began gently and apparently carelessly stroking my leg; not much, just moving her fingertips up and down an inch or so without moving her whole hand, but it was clearly done deliberately. I suppose that was the first moment that I admitted to myself that there might be more to their familiarity than simple friendship. Even so I wasn’t bothered too much, it felt quite nice and I had been short of any pleasant physical contact recently. In fact my last physical contact with anyone had been with my ex and that had been far from pleasant. I quite literally still bore the scars.

Perhaps my failure to object gave both Leigh and Sasha a green light to take things further, but if so neither of them took immediate advantage. Leigh just carried on stroking my thigh and then Sasha began to rub her hand gently around my knee, again nothing very overt, just an apparently absentminded circular caress. I let it continue, it felt nice, and I reassured myself that I could call a halt any time I wanted, especially as they seemed quite content with that relatively innocent touch. But looking back I’m sure that it would have appeared anything but innocent to anyone watching, I sat with my knees bent high and slightly parted, my skirt around the top of my thighs so that my little black panties would have been on display, and with two girls sitting beside me stroking my legs while only pretending to watch a movie, a movie that I’m sure we’d all lost track of.

Then I saw Sasha give me a quick glance out of the corner of her eye, just to see if I looked uncomfortable I guess, before she also slid her hand over my knee and onto my thigh. I still pretended not to notice, although escort london I could feel my mouth becoming dry in trepidation and my heart starting to beat faster with nervous excitement. I was beginning to get a good idea what was happening but I just didn’t know how far to let it go, or even how far I wanted to let it go. I was worried that if I was wrong I would lose two potential friends and so I didn’t want to stop them until I was sure, but I was also scared that if I was right I would let it go to the point where I couldn’t stop it anyway. I suppose I just let things continue out of pure inertia, unable to pick up the courage to say no, and maybe enjoying it just a little too much as well.

It wasn’t long before Leigh’s hand became a little bolder, her caresses wandering a bit further along my leg, soft gentle strokes up and down, just occasionally going an inch or so further, but making it seem unnoticed and accidental. It was beginning to feel too nice, her warm hand on the smooth skin of my inner thigh. I was getting to where I wanted her to keep on, to go maybe further, maybe right along my leg. The thought made me lick dry lips and look sideways at her, catching her eye and making her look at me too, with a little knowing smile on her lips. I smiled back, a closed mouth anxious little smile that hardly did more than bend my lips.

I think Sasha must have seen the exchange and been emboldened by it, because her hand now began to explore my leg too, running up and down, her touch a little firmer than Leigh’s, but still extremely nice. I flashed a smile at her too, another quick nervous one but enough to give her unspoken permission to continue. Two girls were now stroking the insides of my thighs and I was beginning to find it just a little bit arousing even though I knew I shouldn’t.

Leigh gave my leg a kind of affectionate hug, wrapping her arm around it and pulling it up against hers, spreading me just a little wider in the process. I didn’t even attempt to bring it back; I just let my knee rest against her leg as her hand returned to stroking my thigh. Now she didn’t even pretend to ‘accidentally’ run her hand further along my leg. She just did it, her hand wandering all the way up and down my inner thigh, stopping just short of the edge of my panties. I could tell she was kind of sounding me out though, because her touch was delicate and hesitant, as if she wanted to be able still to claim absentmindedness if I objected. Very soon Sasha was doing the same; she pulled my legs a little further apart and began to let her hand wander the full length of my thigh. I wondered wildly who would be the first to try her luck with touching me right where it mattered and what I would do if they did.

Then it was as if the two had gone as far as they thought they could get away with, because for what seemed like ages they kept me on tenterhooks, running their soft hands slowly and cautiously along my legs, concentrating more and more at the very top of my thighs but still not taking that last step. I didn’t know for sure if I wanted them to or not. I’d never been touched by another girl and I wasn’t that sure that I was ready to be. But I was genuinely getting turned on and so I fell back to my rather cowardly default position of waiting to see what happened.

Eventually the side of Leigh’s little finger found the edge of my panties and began to intentionally trace its way along. There was no hiding her intentions now, she was stroking me right along the outer edge of my pussy, she knew it and I knew it. I looked at her rather nervously and she looked straight back, the same little smile playing on her lips again.

‘Nice?’ She asked me in a whisper.

I wasn’t sure how to respond. It was nice and it was getting to me, and I think she was trying to get me to admit it to myself as much as answer her question. I couldn’t deny it, but I was still unsure about letting it happen. In the end I just nodded silently, hoping to convey my uncertainty by that unspoken reply.

She didn’t push it, not at first anyway, she just carried on stroking the edge of my panties, moving her hand just that little bit so that she was using the pad of her finger instead of the edge. Essentially I just let her, enjoying her touch more and more and trying my hardest not to let her know. I turned my head away, looking at Sasha for some sort of support, but she was still gazing fixedly at the screen, pretending to be wrapped up in the movie while stroking my leg.

Leigh’s hand moved again so that she was now running her fingertips over the top of my panties, up and down, stroking my pussy through the thin layer of cotton. I felt myself catch my breath, frightened that she would feel the dampness that I was sure must be seeping from me. I was worried, not because of the embarrassment, but because then she would know that she was turning me on. I found that being stroked like that through my panties was a fantastic sensation, and especially when she began to use her nails to scratch the material, london escorts sending the little vibrations all across my pussy. It was wonderful but I was anxious, it was something new and I didn’t know how to handle it. Again I reverted to kind and just let her carry on, drawing a quick breath when her finger found its way under my panties and started to stroke my pussy itself. It was only the backs of first one finger and then two, but it was direct contact and I was rendered immobile with nerves. Then Leigh brought things to a head.

‘Do you want me to stop?’ She asked softly.

It was crunch time. Now I had to make up my mind; did I let her carry on or did I bring it to a halt right then. She wasn’t really asking if I wanted her to stop, she was asking for my permission to go further, and how much further I had no idea. Bluntly I didn’t want her to stop, it felt too good, and so I surrendered and shook my head.

‘Take them off then.’

I knew what she meant and I suppose normally I would have baulked at such a thing, but the pleasure I was receiving coupled with the tone of her voice made it an instruction that I had to obey. I wedged my back against the sofa and lifted my bottom, easing my panties down and then fumbling them off with trembling hands. There was no going back now.

Both girls had needed to take their hands away to let me take my panties off, and now, instead of going back to where we were, they both turned towards me and hung an arm around my neck so that they could reach across more easily with their opposite hand. Sasha left my thigh alone now; instead she reached out and took my breast into her palm, giving me a happy dimpled smile as she gently squeezed it. I smiled back, looking into her eyes for a moment or two until Leigh’s hand found my hot and naked pussy. That touch took all other thoughts away except that I was being touched and fondled by two girls I’d met only a couple of hours before. That’s when it really came home to me that I was being seduced and had been ever since we’d met. I realised then that it was all part of a probably well practised routine – and I also realised that I didn’t care.

It was too nice to care, Leigh’s fingers were gently parting my labia and exploring my pussy while Sasha was pulling my top free of my skirt and burrowing underneath. It wasn’t just my top she borrowed under; it was my bra too, pushing it up out of her way so that her cool palm could cup my breast and she could brush her thumb across my nipple to make it harden even more. I wasn’t sure which I liked most, what Sasha was doing to my breast or the feel of Leigh’s fingertips running up and down the length of my pussy, making me jump with pleasure when she found my clitoris.

I suppose there was no contest really. I mean, although the sensation of cool, slim and supple fingers gently mauling my breast felt fantastic, the sheer unexpected pleasure and excitement of having a girl running fingertips back and forth across my clitoris was absolutely incredible. I suppose I should have realised that someone who can do it to themselves will always be better than any man, but I hadn’t thought it would be that good. I remember in the past thinking that all women should try their own sex at least once in their lifetime, but that was theoretical and this was very much real. But reality didn’t matter because by then I was becoming so aroused from what was happening and so excited at being so daring that they could have done pretty much anything to me and I would simply have wished I’d tried it before. I just relaxed and let them both play with me, taking all the pleasure and giving none, smiling nervously and then giggling for a moment when I realised that Sasha’s thumb was moving across my nipple just like a windscreen wiper. Leigh looked at me curiously, but there was no way I could have explained why I’d laughed and so I just smiled happily.

‘Still nice?’ She asked.

‘Is it ever?’ I gasped with a smile, not thinking of what I was saying.

She smiled back and then levered herself to her feet before moving the little coffee table right out of the way and holding out a hand to me. ‘Stand up then, and let’s do things properly.’

I had no idea then what she meant by ‘properly’ but I knew inside that it would take things irrevocably further, and I wanted it to. I was theirs totally, not even thinking of any consequences from what I was doing. I clambered to my feet and stood facing her, sensing rather than hearing that Sasha had climbed to her feet too.

I think I was half expecting Leigh to lean in and kiss me, and I was trying to steel myself to accept a girl’s kiss, but I was wrong. What she did do was reach and take hold of my top, pulling it up and then, when I’d lowered my head and pushed my arms out forward, she quickly and easily pulled it over my head, letting it drop onto the floor on top of my panties. Then all I was wearing was the strange combination of bra, still pushed up clear of my breasts, and a skirt with nothing underneath. But rather than being embarrassed I felt excited. I’d a good idea where things were headed, and I was suddenly eager to get there. The film had finished now and so there would be no distraction and no pretending to pay attention to anything other than each other.

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