I’ll Be Right Over

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Bianca Lintz’s cell phone rang and she picked it up, “Hello.”

“Hi gorgeous,” A male voice said.

“Oh hey,” she said.

He said, “I miss seeing you.”

She replied, “I miss you too.”

“Could you please come down here tonight Bianca?” the voice asked.

“I’ll be right over,” she said.

“Thank you honey,” the voice cooed at her.

“Bye see you soon,” Bianca said hanging up.

“Booty call,” she said and grinned.

This was the call that she waited for, her handsome stud college athlete making a booty call.

Bianca was a bright eyed little cutie, who was always looking around to see if another man was checking her out. About five six, with shapely legs and ass, and great tan from being a lifeguard at the pool; pretty young looking face, and reddish brown hair that stopped above the shoulders. Her tits were nice sized but not great big.

The young girl quickly picked out her clothes, washed her hair and put on fresh perfume.

Then the phone rang again, it was another high school girl on the other end.

She said, “You wanna hang out tonight?”

“I can’t” Bianca replied.

“Why not?”

Bianca giggled and said, “Portia, I’m goin on a booty call.”

“A booty call,” she said in a surprised voice, “how long has this been going on?”

“Three or four months.”

“Who’s the guy?” she asked breathlessly.

“A stud athlete I met down at SIU E,” Bianca replied.

“Is this that guy you were telling me about, the baseball player?” Portia asked, “the one you slept with?”


“You’re going down there tonight?” Portia asked.

“Sure I always answer booty call, I’ve even broken dates to go on booty call,” Bianca replied and laughed.

“Broken dates?” Portia asked incredulously.

“Yeah, the sex I’m going to get there is better than what I’m going to get after a date with somebody else,” Bianca said.

Portia said, “Wow!”

Bianca said, “I gotta hang up Portia, I got to take off.”



Bianca was a willful and headstrong girl, and had numerous run ins with her parents, they had argued over sex, smoking pot, staying out late, and, they had had so much trouble with her that as long as she made a semblance of keeping her grades up and taking birth control, they pretty much had taken to leaving her alone. So she took off without her mother saying anything.

Bianca liked the promiscuous sex aspect of booty call, it turned her on. She wished she had another guy to give booty calls to. She liked the call, then the anticipation in the car when her heart would race, then the steamy satisfying fuck. She liked the whole deal about booty calls.

She drove down to the college campus and parked her car.

Bianca walked in the building and knocked on the dorm room door. Presently Troy Riggs answered it. He looked at the sexy young girl standing there and his eyes ate her up.

“Hi Bianca,” he said.

“Hey handsome,” she beamed at him.

He wolf whistled at her when she came in. The short white skirt, the shapely tan legs, and the black blouse open half way down, really impressed him.

“I love that outfit Bianca,” Troy said.

“Thanks baby,” she replied.

She worked to please him, he was a stud, and she did everything possible to get his attention, picking out her clothes and carefully washing her hair and putting on perfume before making her booty call.

She said, “I like the way you look too, you’re built like a bronze statue.”

“Thanks,” he said seeming embarrassed.

“Are you embarrassed?” she asked and laughed at him.

“No I don’t think so.”

She smiled and said, “Do you have any idea of what I told my friends about you?”

“I reckon not,” he said.

“I told every girl friend I have how great looking you were, and that you were a motherfucking stud,” Bianca said.

“Did you do that?” he asked, apparently surprised.

“Yes and in great detail,” she said pleased with herself.

He was sitting in a chair and she went over to where he was.

“Does it tick you off?” she asked.

Troy wondered what his dad would think, the man who didn’t drink and never used the F word.

Troy was pleased in an odd way with xvideos porno this young girl’s attitude, he put his hand out and stroked her cheek.

“I like Bianca,” he said, “I’m not pissed off.”

“Hows Troy,” she said looking at him.

“Oh the same old stuff, I hate the going to class bullshit.”

Troy was a baseball player on the Southern Illinois University baseball team, and he apparently, lived for sports. He was rangy like the pitcher he was, around six one and hundred and ninety pounds. Baby faced with brown hair, muscular torso. He had a great abdomen, which Bianca could hardly take her eyes off of when she had seen him without clothes.

Bianca looked at him. She wanted a kiss!

When he didn’t approach her right away, she put her arms around him and kissed him.

He grabbed her and pulled her tight into his chest, which she always liked.

“Thanks for the kiss honey,” he said.

“You’re welcome baby,” Bianca said.

Their sex, which had never moved much beyond the fuck buddy stage was very affectionate.

Bianca kept a diary describing her sexual experiences, and they were given a ranking of 1-10, with 1 being awful and 10 being outstanding. Troy was given high marks for almost everything, handsome face, ripped torso, he was also given 10’s for seduction techniques, also quickness and effectiveness of pursuit. He was given a 10 for stamina, or how long did the fuck last? Bianca noted approvingly of something she called alpha male behavior, demanding a booty call and expecting her to drop what she was doing and give it. Or ripping her skirt off and throwing her on his bed. Every encounter with Troy was given at least an 8, and all the booty calls had been given a 10.

Bianca’s nickname for Troy in her diary was Mr Foreplay! He necked with Bianca like they were both 14. He could almost kiss her to orgasm. She and her friend Mandy had gone to one of the college baseball games in hopes of meeting a college guy and getting picked up. They had been sitting in a tavern next to the campus drinking beer when she had first seen Troy. And wow! she could hardly take her eyes off him. He had come over to where they were sitting pretty quickly and started talking to Bianca. It didn’t take long for him to ask her back to his dorm room. They had made out in her car before driving over. Bianca had been a little afraid that it would be bing bam thank you ma’am kind of sex with an athlete. Nothing could have further from the truth. He began kissing and caressing her and it went on and on and on. Her body responded to this by getting incredibly turned on. Then the twenty one year old stud proceeded to fuck the shit out of her!

‘I was introduced to the fabulous world of college hook ups,’ Bianca wrote in her diary. ‘Troy is an amazing example of manhood, ooh la la, and he was kind enough to introduce me to some of his male friends!’ ‘Some of whom I fucked later on.’

Bianca was smitten, she fell for him like a ton of bricks. A little bit after this, was when the booty calls began. Which she gladly and enthusiastically answered.

Troy had seen the hot young girl looking him up and down at the bar, and had gone over to talk to her. He had sensed very quickly a sexual spark, and decided to take advantage of it. Actually to throw gas on it. So had asked her back to his dorm room, where he had let her have it. He had had other girls do this, but Bianca was especially hot, and he really liked her.

They had tried regular dating, but somehow it had never seemed as smooth and comfortable as their fuck buddy relationship. Bianca had noticed that for a jock who didn’t like going to class, Troy knew a lot about politics and current events, something he talked about a great deal. He was highly intelligent. It didn’t bore her, but she just didn’t know what he was talking about a fair amount of the time. And it was uncomfortable.

He grabbed Bianca and spun her around, then pinching her ass.

“Take that skirt off,” he said.

She took it down.

“Now the panties,” he said.

She took that off too and stood there naked from the waste down.

“Look at that pussy!” he said expressively.

She laughed at him, Bianca liked him taking charge, it turned her yerli porno on!

“Now get on the bed before I throw you on it,” Troy said.

“Okay,” Bianca replied.

Bianca lay on the bed opening and closing her thighs suggestively and rolling around.

“Like what you see?” she said.

“Yes I liked it the first time I saw it, great high school hottie,” Troy said.

“Yeah you didn’t wait very long to make your move did you?” Bianca said and giggled.

“You better not,” he seriously, looking at something on the wall over her head.

“I’ll tell you I was impressed,” Bianca said looking up at him.

“Really?” he asked.

“Yup, I’m thinking this is how it’s done,” she said.

He looked for the briefest of seconds then began taking his pants down.

“Let me show you how something else is done Bianca,” Troy said, his cock coming out of his shorts.

The hammer that had pounded her before was there again, right in front of her face.

Bianca stared at it, unable to look away, it was beautiful and it was hers.

The young girl felt a sudden jolt of desire, “Yeah baby,” she said.

He climbed on top of her quickly and kissed her. He kissed her just like he had before, like he was fourteen and she was his first crush. Bianca noticed it, and kissed him back the same way. This was how he built passion, Bianca could see it.

He put his arms around her back and waited for her to grab him. She felt him kiss her ear and his breath on her neck. Her spine tingled a bit. He took a little bit of reddish brown hair and stroked her cheek with it. She felt him take her right hand and squeeze it, then he kissed it, and she giggled.

“You’re goofy,” she said and laughed at him again.

“You don’t like it?” he asked.

“I didn’t say that honey.”

He looked down at her, her eyes snapped at him, her face was expressive and her eyes shown up like sapphires.

She pulled on his neck and brought his head down where she kissed him hard.

“Uhmmm,” she said after her kiss was done.

Then she did it again.

Then Troy got into it and the long hard kisses from him started, this got instant approval from Bianca.

“Ohhhhh!” she said between kisses.

Troy snuggled around on top of her getting in different positions. He started giving her one kiss after another and this went on for close to fifteen minutes or more.

“Oh wow!” he exclaimed amazed by how good this was.

He was really getting on turned on by her, Bianca thought, and this pleased her no end.

Bianca giggled at him.

“Oh God!” he said.

“Yeah baby!” she said and laughed again.

Her arms were around him good and tight now, he could feel the muscles in her shoulders. That’s how Troy liked it, with her arms wrapped as tight around him as they could get.

He liked looking at the cute young girl, and he kept opening his eyes between some kisses to get a look at her.

She caught him looking at her.

“What baby?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he said.



Bianca was nice and hot now, she pulled his dick towards her opening. Then suddenly he was inside and Bianca’s cunt was completely filled up, the heat poured up out of her groin.

Bianca had wanted this very badly and her pussy began sending grateful jolts of sexual feeling out through her whole body.

“I’m like wow!” she exclaimed.

He laughed at her.

“Yeah Bianca,” he said.

Troy looked at her, Bianca was a cute little girl, and sex-xy! And she really got into these fuck sessions, and that really pleased him tremendously. She was just was a great sexual partner, brazen and adventuresome willing to try anything.

She clawed at his back trying to bring him in even more.

“Ooooh,” Troy moaned.

Eighteen year old ass!

Bianca laughed at him, “Those ballplayers got to have their pussy don’t they.”

“Don’t talk like that Bianca,” Troy said.

“Hey I’m like I’ll say what I want,” she said and laughed again.

“You stop that,” Troy said pretending to be ticked off.

“I will not! Fuck you Troy,” Bianca said.

Bianca moaned again in between needling her fuck buddy.

“Oooh,” youjizz porno Bianca said in response to another deep thrust.

“I’ll throw you out of bed,” Troy said.

“Fuck you honey, you’re not gonna do that,” Bianca said and kissed him, her tongue shoving it’s way in his mouth, “because if you do that you wouldn’t be getting this.”

Bianca lay back and panted, enjoying it. He went in with long deep thrusts, not quick but long and penetrating, the big hot cock spreading her little pussy open and making it put out throbs of gratitude. Bianca was usually ¾ of the way to cumming before he ever actually got in, there was soo much kissing and groping.

God that felt good!

“Fuck!” Bianca said, her breath coming a little harder.

Troy heard her and laughed a little.

“You sonavabitch,” she said.

Bianca’s pussy put out more waves of heat as the fuck session continued.

The cock was big and it got in deeper and harder as they went along. Troy tried to go deeper with each thrust. God how he wanted that pussy, it just burned away at him. She was right about how badly he wanted it.

He had good staying power and took pride in making girls orgasm. It turned him on to watch these females melt, and his cock was what was doing it.

Troy hammered away at her pussy, not fast but hard and deep.

Her fingers kneaded the thick muscles of his back. Bianca was breathing harder and faster now, and her breath was coming in short gulps. He had been pounding away at her for twelve or thirteen minutes and it was having an effect. Her cunt was responding to the hot cock giving it what it wanted.

Troy had an older lover when he had been in high school, an older woman, (35) had seduced him and had taught him how to fuck, she had wanted a young lover. In certain respects, he was a protege.

“I will do it,” Troy said out of the blue.

“Look honey, instead of mouthing of about stuff you’re not going to do, how about finishing our fuck, I’m real close now,” Bianca said with not much breath.

He didn’t say anything, but he thought God this is a good piece of ass.

“Come on baby, finish what you start, come on baby,” she said.

Bianca put her mouth right next to his ear, she said, “You’re a good kisser, did you know that?”

“I was never told that,” he replied.

“It’s true, you work me over really well before I’m even penetrated,” Bianca said, “come baby finish it off.”

He pulled his back up and stuck it in her even harder.

“Yeah that’s it owww!” Bianca said and giggled.

“That’s it more, I’m not gonna break, come on baby,” Bianca said cheering him on.

He began kissing her very softly, one kiss and then another again and again.

“You be quiet Bianca,” he said.

“No honey,” she said returning every kiss.

Sometimes Bianca had trouble orgasming, but not when she was properly aroused, and with Troy she was usually well past properly aroused before he ever fucked her.

He pounded away at the velvety snatch, holding back cumming himself, dying to shoot a load into that nice hot ass.

Suddenly her breath caught in her throat and the roller coaster ride of emotions started. Hot flashed began, he pussy signally that it was satisfied, and it put out intense feelings of pleasure.

Troy looked at her briefly, she was making little noises and had a look of ecstasy.

Then the full orgasm hit and she thrashed about. Troy poured it on and finished his big cock putting shots of white hot cum into her tight snatch!

Troy lay there panting, he was exhausted, wow that was a good fuck!


Troy sat there watching Bianca dress.

“Watching you dress is about as good as watching you undress,” he said.

She looked over at him and stuck her tongue out.

“Boy I’d better go,” she said.

Bianca leered at Troy, “I know you guys have to have your pussy but I have to go to class tomorrow.”

“You stop that,” he said.

Bianca had a big crush on Troy but she liked to tease him about sex.

“Fuck you,” she said and laughed at him.

Troy got up and came over to where Bianca was. He grabbed her again and spun her around to where he put his arms around her back, then began sniffing her hair and nuzzling her neck. He took her hand and squeezed it.

She squeezed his hand back and laughed a little.

“It’s always very nice when Bianca comes down,” he said.

“Sure baby,” she said,”all you have to do is call.”

“I’ll be right over.”

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