It’s Better With Two

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I was really bored one night and didn’t have anything to do, so I went to my friend Corey’s house. We were just sitting around talking and drinking a few beers. He lived with his brother Dan. Corey and I had slept together a few times. Guess you could say we were friends with benefits. The sex was always great with Corey and I would meet up with him often so we could fuck. Other then us being great fucks we were good friends. We would go to strip clubs together and go dancing; we just had a lot of fun together. I was falling for him but I could never tell him that. He was just an all around good guy and good looking. He was tall about 6’5 and he had a toned body, and a wonderful ass. He had green eyes and red hair. He was hot, to me anyway.

His brother Dan was not bad looking either, he was about 5’9 kind of the same built as Corey but he had brown hair and brown eyes. His ass was not as cute as Corey’s either. Dan was kind of quite and kept to himself. He would hang out sometimes but for the most part he was never home. I liked it when we were all together because they were just so much fun to be around.

Dan came home and had some beer with us and we were just goofing off and having a good time. I had already had a few beers so I was feeling pretty good. I seem to get a little flirty when I drink. I was really flirting with Corey but then I started in on Dan, but it didn’t mean I wanted him. Well I guess I kind of did but I didn’t Beylikdüzü escort really know it. Dan said he was going to go to bed and told us to have a good night. He went on to his room and left me and Corey to have fun.

Corey grabbed my hand and pulled me to him and we started kissing, and he held onto my ass and picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, we started kissing turning both of us on. He put me down and we made our way back to his bedroom. I lay down on his queen size bed and he started to undress me. Unzipped my pants and pulled them down along with my panties. I sat up and took my top off and he unhooked my bra and let my DD fall free. He ran his hands up my legs till he got to my pussy; made sure he didn’t touch it just hovered over it. Corey then kissed the inside of my thighs working his way up, still not touching my pussy.

He sat up and got his phone, I didn’t know what he was doing but he asked me if I wanted to make this more fun and I was always up for more fun. So he sent a text and I didn’t know to who or what it said. He put the phone down and stood up and took his pants off. I sat up and wrapped my mouth around his hard cock and sucked it hard just the way he liked it. His door opened and in came Dan, now I know what he meant about more fun. I had never been with two men at the same time, but had always wondered what it would be like. When Dan walked in he was already naked and Beylikdüzü escort hard.

Both Corey and Dan stood in front of me and I went from one cock to the other sucking and licking. Corey moved away so I could just play with Dan. He lay down on the bed and pulled me away from Dan; I got on my knees and started sucking Corey’s nice hard dick. Dan came up behind me and started to lick and suck on my pussy. It felt so good having two sexy ass men to play with. Dan stopped and then slid his fat cock into my wet and ready pussy. He was moving it in and out kind of slow so I could get use to the feel of him. The deeper he moved inside of me the deeper I took Corey into my mouth. I was playing with Corey’s balls; I knew he loved them to be played with when I sucked his dick. It was getting a little hard to concentrate on sucking Corey cock because Dan was fucking my pussy hard and fast. Dan had to slow down or he was going to explode and I sure was not ready for this to end.

I pulled away from Dan and turned around to suck my juice off his cock. Corey sat up and licked my pussy, sliding two fingers in my hot wet pussy. They had me lay on the bed, and both started to rub and kiss my body. Corey down by my pussy kissing and licking my clit and Dan kissing my neck moving his way down to my tits. I told Corey I wanted to feel him inside of me. He moved his way up kissing my belly then my breast. I was rubbing Dan’s cock so it Escort Beylikdüzü would stay hard. Corey grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders and slid his dick into me. I pulled Dan over to my mouth and took his cock in. Corey moved slow then moved faster and harder. I could feel myself about to cum; as Corey started to fuck my pussy faster I started sucking Dan’s dick faster and harder. Corey knew I was about to cum, so he started to rub my clit with his finger. I could feel his cock get harder inside of me and Dan’s cock was getting ready to spit as well.

I yelled out as I came all over Corey’s dick and that just pushed the both of them over the edged, Corey took his cock out of my pussy and Dan took his out of my mouth and they both exploded all over my body. They covered my tits, stomached and pussy with there hot cum. Dan made sure he got some on my face. I was covered in hot cum. They both lay next to me; we were trying to catch our breaths. I sat up and grabbed a towel so I could clean myself up. I lay back down between them, Dan leaned over to me and kissed me, he sure was a good kisser. Then he got up and went on to his room. Corey leaned over and kissed me and told me that I was the best friend with benefits he had ever had. I smiled at him and kissed him; we curled up together and went to sleep.

When I woke up the next day both of the guys were gone to work, but they left a note in the kitchen for me. It said they had a wonderful time and if I ever wanted to do it again just to let them know and they are all for it. I took a shower and got dressed. I left them a note before I left and told them I had a wonderful time and I would be back over soon so we could do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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