It’s what the heart wants..

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“Don’t worry beautiful, we won’t go further then you are ready for.” he said.

It was our first night in our new apartment. Jake and I moved into a small flat in south London. We have been together for a year or so and were recently married. In our time together we have grown into our roles. He, my dominant and I, his submissive.

On this particular evening, we had just recently got everything put away. I was sitting in my sheer nightgown on our small sofa. Jake came and plopped himself down beside me with a tired thud.

“It’s so quiet. We finally have a place.”

“I know baby, we finally did it.” I replied.

“Look at you in your sexy nightgown. What brought this on?” He commented.

“Just thought I would be comfortable for our first night at home.”

“Oh? You sure it has nothing to do with the fact that is my favourite article of clothing you own?”

“Maybe a little.” I said with a wink. He smiled at me and pointed to the bedroom.

“March” he ordered.

I did as I was told and found myself in our bedroom. It was just big enough for our things and our big king size bed. I sat seductively on the bed as was custom for us. A position looking a lot like how slave Leia lays by Jabba in the Star Wars movie. I began my wait for my master to enter the room as I knew as soon as Jake showed himself the only thing I was allowed to call him was master. 5 Minutes pass before he comes in the room. He wears nothing but a towel. His pecks glistening with wetness from the short shower of whence he came.

“Get off the bed and get my body oil.” He says with a smile. I climb off the bed and grab the oil. In the time it took me to do that he was lying face down on the bed. I climbed beside him and waited.

“Okay beautiful, I need you to rub my back. It hurts so much from all the carrying I had to do today while you sat on your butt up here opening boxes.” He said and winked at me. With that wink, I knew tonight would be fun.

“Yes Master. I am sorry for not helping more.” I replied.

“Oh, you will be.” He responded.

I then proceeded to pour the Strawberry scented massage oil into my hands, before rubbing them together. I knew if the oil was too cold I may be in more trouble. Once the oil felt warm I started at his neck, in small concentric circles, working my way outward from the centre. As I reached the end of that line I would start again from the centre just slightly lower down. As I worked small sounds of happiness came from my master. It pleased me to know I was bringing him pleasure in this way. I slowly worked down his back making sure to get every inch well. I eventually reached his tailbone. I spent much more time in this area because his back gets really tied up here. Once I was done I sat again along his side and looked at him excitedly.

“Oh, that was wonderful beautiful. Now we must deal with your misbehaviour. Go to your corner and stand there till I call you. Facing me.”He said as he slid his legs off tire escort the side of the bed and slipped his boxer shorts on. I knew what was coming. My flower slowly becoming damper. He stood up and opened the top drawer of our dresser, and pulled out a soft flexible leather paddle, and then went to my vanity and picked up a wooden hairbrush. My wooden hairbrush. The same one my mother used to use when I was a small lass. My mother gave it to my master for a wedding present. I saw the brush and began to blush. He then left the room to our living room and called for me.

“Yes master” I answered as I came to attention at his feet. He sits on the sofa with a smirk on his face.

“Okay, beautiful. You were very naughty today. You didn’t offer to help carry anything up the stairs, you didn’t come ask if I was okay when I stubbed my toe.”

“You stubbed your toe?”

“And now you’ve begun interrupting me.” he snipped. “Now what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I am sorry master, I didn’t mean to be so self-centred and so selfish as to not help you. I am also very sorry for interrupting.”

“Good girl. Now, what do you think would be best to help you learn to not do these things?”

“I don’t know master. Whatever you think will help me will be fine. I’m just a little nervous being in out living room?” I replied with a shake in my voice.

“Don’t be afraid. No one is here but us.”

“I know, it just feels strange.”

“Don’t worry beautiful, we won’t go further then what you are ready for.” he said.

“Okay, master I trust you.”

“Okay beautiful, as your punishment you will receive twenty with my hand on your nightgown, then twenty on your panties with the paddle, then twenty on bare with the hairbrush. Do you agree this is okay and wish to proceed?” he asked.

“Yes, I agree. I trust you and I love you and I want to learn how to better serve you.”

“Good girl, now come over my lap.” I did as I was told blushing a bit as the living room feels less private. I somehow felt like I was being watched in this big space only heightening the embarrassment of the punishment. As I settled into his lap bending at the waist over his knee, I felt him lay my nightgown carefully over my bottom, just before the first slap made contact. I squeaked with surprise. They then came at a steady pace one after another as I was counting allowed. It wasn’t long before the first twenty were all counted.

“Are you okay beautiful?” he asked me. With a little bit of concern.

“Yes, master.” I said with a slight sniffle.

“Do you want to continue? Remember you can always say Banana.”

“Yes master, I wish to continue and I also know I can use our safe word any time it get’s too much.”

“That’s my girl.” he said with a calming tone. I felt my nightgown be dragged up my bottom slowly, the lace trim lightly scratching any uncovered skin. This sends a shiver up my spine. I lay there quietly torbalı escort waiting as I hear the swish of the leather piercing the air. Followed by the crack of the leather on my satin panties. I yelp in pain as the cracks get louder and more frequently. I am once again to count my strokes. It soon again is over.

“Are you okay beautiful?” he checks in again.

“Yes, master.” I say with bigger tiers in my eyes and a sniffle.

“Do you want to keep going?”

“Yes, master. I wish to keep going, I am okay.”

“Good girl.” he says as he slides his fingers into the hip strap of my panties slowly dragging them down my leg, pulling the satin trim over my now very red bottom. Again making me let out a small and quiet moan. I sigh as I see him pick up my brush. Moments later the swats come fast and furious. I was again made to count. Once it was all over he took me in his arms and held me. I cried and cried. But not the angry cry, a sad cry. Once I was done crying he took my chin in his hand and slowly lifted my face to his, he swiped my hair off my face, wiped my tears and spoke softly.

“It’s okay beautiful, you cry all you need too. I am here. You did so good baby, you could have backed out at any time and you stuck through. Do you want me to carry you to the bedroom and give you your reward?”

I nodded and sniffled and under a shakey voice I said “Yes master. Please make me feel better.”

“Okay, beautiful.” He said in the same calm tone as he scooped up my 68-kilogram frame and carried me into our room where he undressed in front of me then helped me undress. He gave me a wet washrag to wash my face. Then lay me down on my back in bed. He kissed my forehead, then my nose, then my lips, then down my neck, then down my chest splitting mid-sternum to kiss down my breasts where he kissed and flicked his tongue on my nipples then worked his way back up the breast to the middle. After doing this to both breasts he then started kissing the bottom of my rib cage down my stomach finally ending on my mons. Where he stopped and looked up at me. I looked at him smiling. His dirty blond hair dragging down my stomach, he chuckled and kissed my thighs.

“What do you want beautiful? ” he said in a deep sexy tone. This voice I loved because this voice is the voice of a happy master. He slowly kissed my mons.

“I want you to make me happy master, but only if it pleases you.” I said quietly in an equally sexy tone.

“It pleases me beautiful. Open your legs.” He said putting his hands on my thighs.

“Yes, master.” I said with a deep moaning sigh. I slowly open my legs so he can see that I am dripping wet with lust for him. He smiles at me and smirks that adorable smirk that tells me that the next moments of our relationship are going to be something we don’t talk about at family dinners. He gently slides his finger around my labia majora, in a taunting way, never breaking eye contact with me. His bright urla escort green eyes looking at me with a soft yet demanding glance.

He watches me gaging my reaction. My legs shiver, he’s playing with me.

“I love watching you squirm. You love the build up don’t you baby?”

“Yes, master.” I moan, I continue making quiet noises, like little squeaks and moans bearly audible to anyone but myself, but somehow he knows. He continues playing with me, as it builds my legs close up.

“I am sorry, master it is hard to keep them open with all the tension.” I say in a sad tone.

“It’s okay beautiful. Would you be okay with me tying them open?” he asks quietly.

“Yes master, promise if it gets to much you will let me out fast.” I reply.

“Yes beautiful. I promise. Remember our safe word.”

“Yes, master.”

He then took out some silk ties out of our fun drawer and tied my ankles one at a time to out 4 post bed. Making sure to check in with me to make sure I was comfortable and they were not to tight.

“Better beautiful?” He asked.

“Yes, master.” I answered. Then he went right back to teasing me. Running his fingers up and down my labia majora. He then smiled at me and licked my labia, then used his fingers to spread everything open more where he began licking my labia minora, and sucking on my clitoris slowly. I began breathing heavy and moaning loudly. My hands rubbing his hair. We continued this for several minutes. When I climaxed violently. He then untied my ankles and kissed my lips.

“On your hands and knees beautiful.” he ordered. I did as I was told and flipped over. I dropped from my hands to my elbows for better comfort. I was so busy moving I did not hear our drawer open and close again. I was expecting to feel his hard, warm, throbbing manhood, but instead a feel a wet buzzing vibrator enter me. Then I immediately climaxed again. He played with me with it for a while. Edging me to climax. I moaned loudly and squirted all over our sheets. He smiled.

“What do you want beautiful? Do you want to feel me not this toy?”

“Yes, yes master. Please master. I’ll do anything.”

“Good girl, lick up your mess on our sheets. Then I will give you want you want.” he said and chuckled.

“Yes, master.” I said as I blushed. I then licked up the wet spot on your sheet as he took off his boxer shorts and sat on the bed with his back against our headboard.

“Good girl, now come take what you want beautiful.” he said as he patted his lap showing me that he wanted me on top. “Baby go to our drawer and grab the velcro handcuffs.” he said. I did what I was told. expecting to be handcuffed. I hated the handcuffs. I walked back to him and began to hand them to him.

“No beautiful.” he said as he held his wrists out. This is your reward for the amazing back rub. You are in control. I glanced at the cuffs then at his wrists.

“Are you sure master?” I asked questioningly.

“Yes beautiful.”

My eyes lit up as I carefully put them on him.

“Is this too tight master?” I asked.

“No that’s fine mistress.” He said under his breath and blushed. I knew then that something changed.

“Good, handsome. Remember our safe word.” I said.

“Yes mistress it’s banana.” He answered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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