Jack Goes to a Concert

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Everyone in the story is at least 18 years old, and the story is entirely fictional. Any similarities to real people or events are purely coincidental. This is my first story. Constructive comments are welcomed.

Jack Baxter went to college in Austin, Texas in the late 60’s. UT Austin; 40,000 people enrolled; the seventies; hippies; long hair; weed; psychedelics; music for a new generation; parties; sorority chicks; hippie chicks; streaking; the pill; no parents; one-night stands; new social and sexual mores; new ideas replacing old ones; intellectuals; war; protest; women’s liberation; sexual experimentation; Sex, Drugs and Rock an’ Roll. Jack loved it all. He could stay in Austin forever.

Jack had a great sex life. He was tall, smart, funny, good-looking, confident, charming and heterosexual. He lost his virginity the summer before his senior year in high school with a girl from his class, Willow. They both lost their virginity that night, and she became his steady girlfriend. They weren’t in love, but they were constant companions for a year and a half and experienced a wide variety of sex experiences. Sort of “benefits with a friend.” They parted ways at the end of the summer when they went to different colleges.

As soon as Jack got to UT, he dated a lot of women and had plenty of sex. He was an art major and there was no shortage of beautiful free-spirited women in his classes.

Fall of his sophomore year, Jack moved into a run down little house with a friend, Tom and Tom’s girlfriend, Annie. He’d known Tom since high school and met Annie the day she arrived in Austin and they became instant friends. Since Jack was dating someone at the time, he introduced her to Tom, and they’d dated ever since.

Annie was a hot hippie chick, friendly, funny, free spirited, gorgeous and smart. Jack had a crush on her and now wished she wasn’t dating his friend. He’d seen her naked many times when they went to Hippie Hollow, a clothing optional area on Lake Travis. She had a great body.

Annie thought clothes should be optional everywhere, and often ran around the house with little or no clothes on. Even when she did wear clothes, mostly thin, low-cut, long dresses held on with spaghetti straps, she rarely wore underwear. Her hard little nipples were always on display. The image of her naked body was seared into Jack’s brain. She knew he looked at her and she liked the attention. She knew he had a crush on her and she teased him unmercifully when Tom wasn’t around and sometimes when he was. Annie knew the spot she put Jack in and got a thrill out of it.

Jack could hear them in bed most nights. The walls were thin and Tom had an old squeaky bed that banged against the wall. Annie was a vocal lover. Her cries of “Oh god”, “Yes, Tom”, “Harder. Faster”, prefaced her screaming orgasms. It was enough to wake the dead and was torture for him. But he was not going to hit on her because Tom was his friend, even though he was sorely tempted.

To make matters worse, it had been awhile since Jack had a girlfriend, and he wasn’t sure why. There were lots of attractive women in his classes, but he wasn’t really interested in them. This was the longest time he’d gone without sex since he’d lost his virginity.

Maybe it was because he really wanted Annie more than he realized. She was certainly on his mind a lot. He’d spent more nights than he’d like to admit, dreaming about things he’d like to do with her, stroking himself in order to go to sleep. He hadn’t done that since high school.

Whatever the reason, he needed sex. He tried to get together with one of his ex’s, but they’d either graduated, changed schools or were in “serious relationships”.

One night just before Christmas break, Tom and Annie were going out to hear a local band at a big nightclub in south Austin and insisted that he come with them. Exams were over and he was exhausted. He desperately needed sleep.

He didn’t want to be a third wheel, and he knew Annie was going to play the tease. On the other hand, he might meet someone, and he needed sex more than he needed sleep. Jack reluctantly agreed, but insisted that he follow them in his car. He couldn’t take them cuddling all night and might want to leave early if he couldn’t find anyone.

The band playing was popular and everyone was celebrating the end of exams and the coming holiday season. It was very crowded and everyone was drinking. They danced and gyrated, pressed against each other. Annie was up to her usual antics and took every opportunity to tease Jack by rubbing her butt against his crotch. His cock was so hard he thought his jeans would pop open. He was sure that Annie felt his need.

Jack felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning around, he saw a beautiful, redheaded woman trying to get his attention. She put her mouth next to his ear, gently touching it with her lips, and yelled, “I know you from somewhere.”

Jack thought, this looks promising.

He put his mouth against her ear and said, “You look familiar, too.”

At that precise moment, the worst possible moment, Annie pulled hard on his arm, making almanbahis adresi him lose his balance and fall toward her.

Annie yelled, “Look! You look just like the bass player in the band.”

“Who cares Annie! A girl was just trying to pick me up when you pulled me away.”

She smiled and said, “Sorry.” but he wasn’t sure she was.

Jack turned back towards the redhead had been, but she had disappeared into the crowd. Jack felt desperate and more than a little homicidal towards Annie. He kept scanning the room without seeing her and then he got lucky. The band stopped playing and everyone stopped dancing. He spotted her across the room. Pressing through the crowd, he finally caught up with her just as the band started playing again.

“Hi, I’m glad I found you,” he yelled.

“What’s with your girlfriend back there?” she snarked.

“That’s just my bratty little sister,” he said. “Did you have Hoffman for English?” he said, trying to change the subject.

“What?” she said, pointing to her ears.

He leaned over very close to her ear and yelled, “Let’s go outside and talk where it’s quieter.” The dab of perfume behind her ear was intoxicating.

She nodded and said, “OK”. She knew why he wanted to go outside and “talk” but thought, what the hell. He’s pretty good-looking. Maybe a make-out session with this guy would be fun. A gift to me for the Christmas season.

The parking lot outside was well lit but deserted. It was December and unusually cold. She was not dressed warmly, just a miniskirt and a thin blouse which didn’t have a bra under it judging by her stiff nipples poking out. Outside, Jack could see her much better. She was beautiful – young, probably a freshman, tall, big blue eyes and lovely pale skin with just enough freckles.

She crossed her arms under her breast and said, “It freezing out here.” She thought that she either get warm in a car or go back inside before her nipples froze off.

He threw his sports coat over her shoulders and said, “We can get warm in my car right over there. It’s got a great heater. We’ll get you warm in no time.”

“Wonderful. I’m not exactly dressed for the cold,” she said and gave me a sexy smile.

They ran over to his car. He opened the back door for “Red” (she hadn’t told him her name) and she climbed in. He started the car, turned on the heater and put some soft Moody Blues in the cassette player before he climbed in the backseat with her. It was a big old Lincoln Continental with an enormous back seat and tinted windows, perfect for car sex.

Although the car was warming up quickly, Red was still shivering a little. Ever the gentleman, Jack wrapped his arms around her to warm her up. She snuggled up closer.

“How about a shot to warm you up,” he said pulling out a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Black and a couple of shot glasses.

“That would be great! I love whiskey!” Although she was really not much of a drinker, the whiskey would warm her up and relax her. She wasn’t in the habit of picking up strange guys.

With the heater blasting and a couple of shots in her, she warmed up and gave Jack back his jacket.

He gently touched her face, turning it toward him and asked, “Are you warm enough?”

She nodded. Jack leaned in and gave her a light, lingering kiss on her lips. She put her hands on his face and pressed her lips hard against his, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Their kissing became more passionate. He kissed her ear and sucked on her earlobe. His mouth slid down and he kissed her neck. He ran his tongue down her neck to her collarbone kissed her along it to the other side. She thought, this guy seems to know what he’s doing, and I like it.

He happened to park a little away from the club under some trees, so it was pretty dark where they were. He moved his hand up and rubbed her chest just below her collar bone and above her breasts. She sighed heavily. He moved his hand a little lower and opened her top blouse button and then the next one, kissing the newly exposed flesh.

She lifted his head, kissed him and asked, “Is it OK to do this here? Can anybody see us?”

“It’s fine.” Jack assured her while popping open two more buttons. “The lights are so bright over there and it’s so dark here I’m sure no one can see us.” Of course, he’d say that, she thought.

He brushed his fingers across her now exposed, stiff nipples.

“Oh, your hand is cold.”

“Sorry, I’ll get it warmer.” He put his hand under her skirt and in between her legs pressing on her moist pussy lips and clit. He was surprised but pleased that she didn’t have any panties on.

“It should warm up nicely here,” he said. She jumped slightly at the cold intrusion. Red really hadn’t expected that, but his hand was getting warmer, and she could feel her excitement building. She squeezed her legs together, holding his hand in place. She was soaking wet. His other hand completed unbuttoning her top.

He kissed one of her breast, avoiding the hard nipple, causing her to squirm. The other breast seemed lonely, so he kissed that one. almanbahis adres She squirmed and moaned quietly, moving her hips against the hand between her legs, putting pressure on her clit. She squeezed her thighs tighter, pulling his hand harder against her. A delicious warmth spread up from her clit, through her hips and up to her breast. His mouth found her nipple. He kissed it gently, eliciting a quiet moan. She hadn’t planned on going this far with him, maybe just a little kissing and stuff, but what he was doing felt so good, she didn’t want to stop.

“Oh god, that feels fantastic. My nipples have always been extremely sensitive.”

“So this would feel good?” He pushed his lips together hard on her nipple and began flicking it with his tongue. She spoke in nonsense syllables. Jack moved his other hand up and pinched and pulled her other nipple causing her to squeal. Although she missed his hand between her legs, his now warm hand on her nipple felt wonderful.

“Oh, that feels great, but I’m still scared someone might see,” she said breathing heavily.

Releasing her nipple from his mouth, Jack suggested, “If you’re really worried, you can put your head in my lap.” He was right, she couldn’t be seen that way. She wasn’t expecting that suggestion but with everything he was doing to her, it sounded like an ideal solution.

“Then I’d really be sure huh.” She smiled coyly and lowered her head into his lap with her chest up so he could play with her nipples. “What have we here,” she said as she grabbed his rock hard cock that her head was resting on. “Feels like there’s something in your pants that wants to get out.”

“It is a little confining down there,” he admitted.

She maneuvered herself so that she was kneeling on the floor between his knees, thinking, am I really doing this? I guess I am, she thought as she worked to get his pants off. Maybe just a handjob, she thought, that’s not really sex.

Jack looked down to see her unbuckling his belt, popping the button and unzipping his jeans. As she began to pull them down, he lifted his butt to help her free his tortuously painful erection.

“Ah. That’s so much better.” He said.

“What a nice surprise, your going commando like me,” she said. “And you’re carrying a concealed weapon.”

Wow, he’s got a good-looking cock. OK, maybe just a quick blowjob, she thought, that’s not really sex. She wrapped both hands around his manhood and slipped her warm, wet lips around the head. I guess if I’m going to do this, she thought, I’m going to show him my best work, something he’ll remember for a long time.

Pausing briefly, she threw Jack a innocent glance with her big blue eyes and asked, “Do I need to stay down here so I won’t be seen?” as she resumed her assault on his cock.

“Only if you want to be really sure you’re not seen. I thought I saw someone outside the club – but I don’t think they could see us,” he managed to say.

It had been so long for Jack that the look she gave him almost caused him to go off right then. She smiled and gave his cock a little kiss before she again slipped her lips around his smooth, engorged head, savoring the taste and texture of it with her tongue. She liked the way his cock filled her mouth. Just enough, but not too much. She took in just his head at first, swirling her tongue around its soft, rounded shape, tickling the spot where the head met the shaft, eliciting a growl from him. She slid down his cock. He put his hands on the back of her head. Not pushing, just encouraging her. He tightened his grip on her head as she rose up and sank down again. Each time she bobbed up and down she took a tiny bit more of his cock into her mouth, teasing him. He made a tortured noise deep in his throat.

A feeling of warmth was rising in her. It was the feeling she got just before she came. She was about come while giving a stranger a blowjob, kneeling on the floor of a car with her tits hanging out. She felt exposed and dirty – like a slut, and it made her incredibly horny. His cock felt wonderful in her mouth, and she loved showing off her blowjob skills for him. She reached between her legs and touched her clit. It felt like a bolt of electricity hit her. Pulling away, she cried out, overwhelmed as waves of pleasure pulsed through her. Toes curled as her orgasm stole her senses. That was new, she thought.

Enthusiastically returning to the task at hand, she sucked his head back into her mouth and slid down his shaft, swallowing as much of him as she could. She got a rhythm going, stopping on occasion to use her flattened tongue to lick him from below his balls up to the head and then swallowing him again. Her hands ran up and down the shaft twisting gently as she swirled her tongue around the crown. It didn’t take long for her ministrations to make him feel his climax coming.

Feeling the throbbing of his erection and the tension in his muscles, she knew he was about to come. She bobbed up and down, changing how deep she took him each time. Trying to keep the pace steady, she was eager to please him and to feel him fill almanbahis adresi her mouth.

“I’m about to come,” he warned her.

Without taking his cock out she mumbled, “I know” and shoved most of his length down her throat over and over until he came with a guttural groan. She swallowed without the slightest hesitation, proud that he had enjoyed her blowjob. She continued sucking on him as he was softening, cleaning off every drop of cum.

“You’re very good at giving head. You’ve had practice,” Jack said.

She smiled. She loved giving blowjobs and was good at it. It gave her a sense of power.

He pulled her on to the seat and lifted her skirt. She thought, I should probably stop this now…but his head is between my legs. My god, he’s going down on me. I don’t want to stop this. Red’s lips were so swollen that her inner lips were peeking out between them, wet and waiting for his tongue. He slowly ran his tongue up from her anus until he almost reached her clit. He kept this up until she was squirming and thrusting her hips, trying to make his tongue touch her clit.

Finished with teasing, he ran his flatten tongue over her nub. She bit into her hand to keep from screaming. He sucked on her swollen clit and flicked it with his tongue. He reached up and pinched one of her nipples hard. Gasping, moved her hips up to put more pressure on her clit. She needed more. Grabbing him by the hair, she pulled his face hard into her, rubbing his tongue and face against her pussy. She was now in control, using his face like a sex toy and loving it. Breathing harder, her muscles were clenching as she squeezed her thighs around his head. When she didn’t think that she could take it any more, all that tension was released, pulsing throughout your body. She let out a stifled scream as she came. Harder than she had ever come. Her whole body was still shaking. All thought had abandoned her. She couldn’t believe how great it felt. She started laughing. It was the best sexual experience she’d ever had, and she had it with a guy whose name she didn’t know. Jesus, that was spectacular, she thought.

“Why are you laughing,” Jack asked with a smile.

“I just feel so wonderful.”

She lay there panting. Jack didn’t let her rest. His cock was at full attention again. Carol thought, he’s ready to go again? He flipped her over on her knees with her head against the seat. She knew in this position, with her ass in the air and him kneeling behind her, they could be easily seen if anyone was looking, but that only added to her excitement. He rubbed his cock between her pussy lips and pressing against her clit. Just that made her shiver. She really hadn’t planned to go this far with him, this was sex. She knew she should stop him but fuck it, she’d worry about that tomorrow. He was ready to go again, and she was so horny. She needed him deep inside of her.

“Stick it in me! Now!” she screamed.

Jack placed his cock at her entrance and in one long, slow stroke he pushed himself into her young, tight, wet pussy. She uttered a deep moan of pleasure as he stretched her pussy and she pushed back towards him. He stopped when he was buried to the hilt to let her get used to him. She let out a moan. He slowly pulled out almost all the way and then pushed back in a little faster. She pushed back against him urging him on. When he was deep in her she contracted her pussy muscles making herself feel even tighter. Varying his pace, he switched between slow deep strokes and fast short ones.

As she felt her climax approaching, she yelled, “Faster! Harder! Make me come again!” Jack began pounding into her over and over. She pushed back in a wild frenzy as she felt herself getting closer and closer to another big climax.

“Don’t you dare stop! I’m so close!”

Jack reposition himself to change the angle so that his cock rubbed her g-spot with each stroke. He was having a hard time controlling himself now. He built up his speed and fucked her as hard as the confines of the car would let him. Her head was banging into the armrest of the car, but she didn’t care. Even that was adding to her pleasure. She was in a different world where all she cared about was coming again. She went speeding to the edge, then flew over it. All of her muscles contracted and the continued rapid pounding by Jack prolonged her pleasure.

“Oh god, I can’t take anymore,” she yelled as she came again. Jack felt her muscles milking his cock. That send him over the edge again and he came deep inside her. They collapsed on the seat, gasping for air.

After recovering for a few minutes, Jack said, “That was fantastic.”

Red answered, “You can say that again. My god, you’re great. I’ve never had someone go down on me that knew what they were doing. I never knew sex could feel so wonderful. You made me come so hard and so many times.”

She continued, “Was it really OK for you too? My boyfriend says I’m not very good in bed and to tell the truth I didn’t like sex that much until tonight. He’s the only guy that I’ve ever been with before you, and he’s never made me come. I have to finish myself off. He won’t go down on me because he thinks it’s gross and tastes bad. But he expects me to blow him. I really like giving blowjobs. I love the look of pleasure on his face while I do it, but I want him oral too. Especially, like you gave me tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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