Joys of Travel

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You enter the lobby as the clerk is finished checking me in. I look as the door opens. I look you up and down and like what I see. Our eyes meet. Is that a flash of understanding I see in yours? I’m not sure, but I hope so. As I leave I call out to the clerk, so that you’ll hear it, “so, room 135 is just down this way?”

“Yes, that’s right.” he replies.


It’s about half an hour later. I’ve had time to unpack and shower. There’s a knock on my door. I open the door. You’re standing there, as I’d hoped you would be. I invite you in. As soon as the door closes you pull me to you, your mouth finding mine. As we kiss our hands wander. I’m wearing nothing but a robe and it falls open. I feel your hand grasp my cock and you feel my cock respond favorably to the touch.

I fumble to take off your shirt and our kissing is interrupted to get your shirt over your head. My hands on your chest I push you back toward the bed. As you lay back on the bed I take off your shoes and socks.

I kiss each of your toes before climbing up unbuckling your belt. I kiss along your stomach as I unbutton and unzip your Beylikdüzü escort pants. I pull your pants down to your knees and start to rub your cock thru your underwear. I pull down the underwear and briefly lick and kiss your lovely cock with a quick kiss for each of your balls

I finish pulling down your pants and shorts. Then I take your feet and kiss and lick and caress them. I slide my tongue between and around your toes. I suck on each of your toes. As I am giving attention to your feet your hands are busy with your cock. Giving yourself a hand job. When you are fully erect I get a condom and some lube. I put them both on your cock.

I straddle you, lowering my ass to your cockhead.

I wiggle my ass down onto your cock until you fill me.

I lean down, hands on your chest and press my lips to yours. Then I ride your cock up and down, up and down, up and down. I ride your cock, slowly at first, then faster, and then I slow down again. I ride your hard long cock, up and down, up and down, up and down , feeling you fill me time and again and again until I feel the twitching of your cock as you Beylikdüzü escort shoot your load.


It’s later. I awaken from a pleasant dream. You are still sleeping, beside me on the hotel bed. Your hand is resting softly on my stomach just above my cock. I kiss your sleeping lips but you don’t awaken. I move your hand and get up off the bed and wander into the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

I pee, flush the toilet and get into the shower. I’m already naked. As I stand beneath the hot pulsating water, spreading soapy lather over my body, my mind goes back to earlier. How we explored each others bodies with hands and mouths and tongues. As I remember I hope that I pleasured you as much as you pleasured me.

When I step out of the shower, you are there. Towel in hands. You dry me off and the feel of your hands through the towel all over my body and the warm memories of our previous encounter and my cock is soon very erect. We share a long, slow, sensual, kiss before you kneel before me. You put a condom over my cockhead, then with your lips unroll the condom the full length Escort Beylikdüzü of my cock. I sit on the toilet as your mouth moves up and down on my manhood. Sometimes you stop sucking on my cock long enough to suck on my balls. A couple times I lift your head long enough for a quick kiss or a long lingering one. But then your mouth is back on my cock. Sliding up and down on my cock, sucking on it. One hand fondling my balls. And suddenly I’m cumming, I’m COMING. My hips are bucking on the toilet seat and I’m experiencing ecstasy.

I take your cock into my hand and lead you, by your cock, back into the room. Your cock is once again fully erect, so I slide on a condom and add a little lube. I lean over the hotel room dresser. I feel you rubbing your cock all over my ass cheeks and then between the cheeks. I feel your hands spreading my ass cheeks and feel the tip of your cock at my asshole. I’m expecting you to press your cock into me slowly, gently. But you SHOVE yourself into me in one swift motion. You pull out slowly but then push into me again fast and rough. Fast and rough you pull out of me. Fast and rough you shove into me. Over and over and over again. Shoving in and out, in and out. Rough and fast. Fast and rough. One last time you pull out of me. Remove the condom from your cock. Slap your cock on my ass a few times. Then I feel the warmth of your jizz falling on my ass and my back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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