Lana’s Leap Pt. 03: Drews Return

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Lana dozed dreamily on her side in the early morning light. Through the veil of half sleep she felt Drews hardness probe between her legs. Unconsciously, her tight cunt had already begun to moisten at the attention being paid to her bald slit. Drews hands slipped over her side and began to gently tug on her nipples increasing the wetness between her legs and drawing her slowly awake.

As Lanas desire increased, she placed her hands over top of Drews in order to encourage him to manipulate her nipples more vigorously. It was only then that she realized that the fingers tugging her nipples were not the thick manly hands of Drew..but rather they were long and tapered, with equally long tapered nails.

Lana came awake with a start. If the fingers were Dianes, then the hardness between her thighs was..???

Diane whispered “Relax little one, and enjoy. Its time that tight little cunt was filled”. Lana reached down and felt the hard plastic dildo slowing making its way into her slit. As she continued her exploration she felt the edges of the strap on harness Diane had slipped on minutes earlier.

Dianes other hand slipped between Lanas thighs and began a practiced manipulation of the young blondes clit. The previous afternoon, and well into the night Diane and Lana had enjoyed each other, rarely moving from the enormous bed. Many of Lanas fantasies had come to fruition over those hours of total abandonment.

Diane gestured for Lana to move onto her hands and knees, and Lana quickly complied. Diane knelt behind Lana and began teasing her engorged cunt lips with the tip of the plastic cock, while teasing her clit with her long painted nails. Lana could no longer stand the teasing and moaned “Please, please fuck me…I need it so bad” Diane slipped the cock quickly into the dripping cunt of the young blonde and began rapidly thrusting. Lana screamed with the feeling of being well and truly fucked. As Dianes movements increased in rapidity she let go of Lanas clit and grabbed a fistful of Lanas long thick blonde hair, pulling it violently back. As Diane continued to ride her protégé, Lana replaced her hand on her clit with her own her own long nails as blur as she rapidly stroked herself. The two women came to the same rhythm, Diane banging Lanas cunt as the young girl slammed her hips back to capture the full length of the dildo.

Soon Lana started to moan loudly one long chant Oh God, Oh God,ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod ohgod, OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lanas back arched as the orgasm crashed thru her. Diane with all of her experience, had never seen somebody release the way Lana had over the last several hours. It was as if she had been saving up her orgasmic energies for years.

Over the next few minutes the two women lay curled in each others arm until Diane said “Okay enough fun for one day…and night. You’ve got some training scheduled today, and if you take to that training the way you’ve taken to this…then canlı bahis I know Drew will be very well looked after” she smiled. Lana groaned and began to slide her hands down over Dianes tanned belly making their way towards the cleft in the older blondes thighs. “Oh no” Diane chuckled “Up and at em….we’ll grab some breakfast at the deli on the ground floor of the office. Now hit the showers” she playfully swatted Lana on the ass.

When Lana stepped out of the shower Diane had completed her own morning routine . After helping Lana with her new makeup regime, Diane again helped Lana pick an outfit for her first full day at the office. With Diane’s encouragement Lana settled on a semi sheer white silk blouse, a short black skirt made out of the softest, buttery leather Lana had ever felt, and a pair of black, strappy sandals over top of black stockings and garter belt. Originally Lana had slipped a bra on, but with Dianes coaching , she was persuaded to leave that behind. Her firm, high, breasts with their prominent nipples were quite visible thru the silk, but Diane assured her that she now looked like one of the “Enigma women”. When Lana walked in her heels, her tits displayed the most delightful jiggle.

The two women jumped in Diane’s roadster and headed of to the office.

Lana was still quite self-conscious of her attire, but was pleasantly surprised to see that a number of the women complemented her on her outfit, one of them even suggesting that the Boss would be very pleased with her choice.

Lana filled the rest of the day in meetings and briefings. Towards the end of the day she was in a meeting with the “girls from finance” as they had introduced themselves. Like almost all of the women in the office, they were obviously devoted to Drew. All of them were dressed in what Diane had called “elegantly slutty” Any reservations Lana may have had about her outfit disappeared during the day.

The meeting was almost over when the women were interrupted by the phone ringing. Nancy, a gorgeous brunette in a tight white sundress, picked up the phone listened for a moment and nodded towards Lana. “That was Diane she needs to see you in her office right away”

When Lana walked into Dianes office she saw Diane on the telephone in an animated conversation in an Eastern European accent’ Diane smiled warmly and motioned her to one of the leather easy chairs.. When Diane finished she sat on the arm of the chair and affectionatley stroked Lana’s blonde tresses. “How has your day been little one??” Lana briefly filled Diane in on the days activities.

Diane slid down and sat in the chair with Lana “ I have some bad news. The federal government in the Czech Republic is giving our local management a hard time, and its time that somebody in authority was on the ground there. That means me. So………we’ve got the day tomorrow then I’m on a plane tomorrow night. I had hoped to spend more time with you and do the hand over bahis siteleri when Drew gets back. I don’t think that’s possible. I’ve discussed this with him and he agrees I should get over there ASAP.” The older woman was clearly sad at her abrupt departure.

“That being said, I have total confidence in you. The staff here will do whatever they need to do to support you, and of course I’m an email and a phone call away. Lets put in a couple more hours of work…then I think I’ll drop you at your apartment so I can pack without any distractions” Diane chuckled with a devilish smile

The next day was a flurry of activity as Diane made preparations to leave. Some of those details she left with Lana. At the end of the day the two women—now fast friends—slipped out of the office for a goodbye drink.

Diane put her long fingers on Lanas “I cant tell you what the last week has meant to me. I have watched you flower and grow, and couldn’t be happier that you will be taking my place” Lana started to object. “Shush now little one…make me proud by looking after Drew the very best you can”

The women were interrupted by the maitre’d letting Diane know that her limo had arrived. As Lana walked her friend and mentor to the Dina fumbled in her purse. As they reached the door and the driver opened it for Diane, she placed something in Lana’s palm. It was the keys to her car. “I wont be needing this for sometime….I want you to have it. Enjoy it and make sure you give any man watching you get out of it, the flash of a lifetime!!!”

The two tearfully hugged and Diane was gone.

Lana spent the next couple of days frantically trying to get up to speed. Since Drew’s city house was wired for high speed access, she had been staying there. But now Friday had come and there was nothing left to do but prepare for Monday and Drew’s return.

Monday morning Lana arose very early determined to make an impression on Drew. As she slipped into the outfit she had carefully chosen for her first day Lana was torn between a serious case of nerves…and a serious case of moist pussy. The image of Drew sitting , with Diane enthusiastically sucking his thick cock kept playing itself over and over in her head.

For the day she had chosen a simple, very short red halter dress which tied behind her neck. The back plunged nearly to the cleft of her ass, showing off her smooth tanned skin. The dress was quite fitted so that Lana could not wear anything underneath it, with the exception of the tiniest gstring, the lace of which rubbed teasingly across Lanas bare cunt. Lana wore white spike sandals and some simple jewelry.

Lana arrived at the office at 6.a.m. Much to her surprise, Drew was already there. Lana knocked tentatively on his open door. The big man looked up and smiled “Come in, come in!! he boomed. Lana moved into the office as Drew motioned to her. “Welcome to Enigma! Now lets have a look at you….” Drew stood up from bahis şirketleri behind the desk and with frank appraisal enjoyed what he saw. “You look stunning…now lets get to work” With that he began to detail some of Lana’s workday.

For the rest of the day Lana was in and out of Drews office many times. With the exception of a single instance when Lana had been standing beside Drew behind his desk and he had casually slid his hand over the back of her bare thigh, Drew all but ignored her. Lana found it more than frustrating.

As the day came to a close the young blonde quietly closed and locked her office door. She purposely walked into Drews office , into the alcove where the liquor cabinet stood. Drew continued to be absorbed by a spreadsheet on his computer.

“Can I pour you a drink?? Lana queried. Without looking up, Drew grunted in the affirmative. “Is this enough” Lana asked. Drew looked up to see and stared straight into the eyes of a vision. Lana stood naked, holding a heavy crystal glass. Her halter dress lay in a puddle at her feet. She was fully and evenly tanned with the exception of the outline of her thong bikini bottom. The gstring had been disposed off earlier that day after becoming soaked with Lana’s cunt juice.

Drew turned to face her as Lana strode slowly across the carpet. Placing the drink in Drews hands she slowly began to sink to her knees. She was surprised when Drew tried to stop her “You don’t need to do this Lana” Drew whispered “But I want to” Lana quickly replied. Cautiously at first, Lana began to stroke Drews growing hardness thru his woolen slacks. As she unzipped his trousers she looked at him and said “I don’t think I can do this as well as Diane…but if you’ll teach me…..I want to please you” Drew nodded.

Lana took Drew’s thick cock into her tiny hand and begun to stroke the length. A large bead of clear precum began to leak from the tip. Lana smeared it over the head of Drews cock before bending and swirling her tongue over the same area and licking it off. In an attempt to make up for in enthusiasm what she lacked inexperience, Lana began to vigorously suck Drews cock. Intermittently he had took his hand and directed her efforts. As she began to get the idea, Lana could feel Drew begin to throb and harden in her mouth. The knowledge that she was beginning to please her Boss caused an immediate reaction and Lanas other hand found its way between her legs.

Soon she could feel Drew begin to thrust his cock gently deeper into her mouth. This repetition of her longstanding fantasy was enough to send Lana over the edge, followed quickly by Drew, who began to pump a thick stream of cum into Lanas mouth. In her frenzied state, Lana greedily gobbled up all she could of Drews cum, yet still a little rope trickled down her chin. As she gazed adoringly into Drews eyes he leant down and scooped the remaining cum from Lana’s chin and fed it to her on the end of his thick finger.

I’d like to thank all of those who have written me asking for another installment of Lanas adventures. Unfortunatley, real life sometimes gets in the way. My apologies for the delay

Thanks for your patience.

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