Lesbian Weekend Love

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I woke up and hit the snooze alarm, rolled over and stretched my nude body then snuggled under my quilt. I slept naked every night unless the winter got frigid. It was summer now.

I rolled side to side and enjoyed the feel of the silky cotton sheets against my body. I had stayed up late the night before reading my friend’s erotic fiction manuscript. It was deliciously naughty and I lay in bed with the covers thrown off, my fingertips trailing my hardening nipples as I felt myself grow aroused.

I twisted my pink nipples, one then the other as I read about how the book’s heroin mounted the shaft of her steamy male partner. I read until my fingers lavishly stroked my clit into a pulsing little mound that needed attention and a proper rub. My fingers stroked my clitoral hood, slipping between my slick labia and circling my clit.

I was wet from last night. I took my large breasts into my hands and deftly pinched my nipples. I brought my left breast to my mouth and could just reach my lips over my nipple. I sucked firmly, pressing my nipple with my tongue against the roof of my mouth. I twisted my other nipple with my fingers.

That breast was a bit smaller and I could only flick it firmly with my tongue. My pussy creamed wetly and I came quick and hard hearing the slick slaps of my fingers working my clitoris inside my fat labia, then slept.

Now, in the morning , I slipped on panties, nothing else. I had no neighbors and the dog would bark the minute the gravel crunched under a tire at the top of the wooded driveway. I loved the feel of the morning air on my body as I felt the cool damp breeze from the open window blow across my skin. My nipples hardened from the early morning chill.

Today my author friend would visit the farmhouse and I wanted everything fresh and welcoming. Lynne hadn’t been able to visit in months because of her booming writing and teaching career. I loved having her visit. Last time we stayed awake until dawn, talking, sharing stories and having mind-blowing sessions of lovemaking.

Ugh lovemaking, I cringed thinking of the word. It was hot lesbian experimentation on each of our parts, and our casino oyna primary relationship was fast friends. We did love each other’s company. We had other polyamorous partners we saw often, but when Lynne spent the weekend in the early spring, the sex was fabulous and satisfying.

I wanted more. A bit younger than her, I didn’t want to swoon. A woman like her…interested in a farm girl and organic gardener. It blew my mind. I had thought of taking Lynne’s writing class at the university but thought my burning face and flushing skin would give me away as her lover.

I didn’t want to cling. After our first weekend out at my place with her I knew I had a crush. What did my mother say? She had some morsel of wisdom for each situation and though I hadn’t bothered to share the intimacies of my sex life with gorgeous women, I imagined she’d say something like letting a bird fly free without caging its beauty.

I threw on a thin gauzy top and shorts and headed to the garden for the morning pick. I had a fully laden basket of okra and a bucket of peaches and tomatoes for her employee Jack to pick up for their deliveries to a few small local restaurants.

I wiped the sweat from my brow and looked up to see a car kicking up dust on the road. It was Lynne. She was early. I whispered, ‘Yes!’ and dropped off my heavy vegetable load on the way to the front porch where the driveway turned into a circular drive in front of the house. Lynne parked and I approached her with a peach in my hand. I smiled at her and once she was out and I grabbed her luggage, I embraced her and. Held her at arms length. ‘Hi. I’m so glad to see you.’

‘I love coming here to see you.’ I smiled, handed her the peach and she took a bite. A stream of warm peach juice ran down her chin and I reached to wipe it. Our eyes met. We wanted each other. That was undeniable.

I kissed her peachy lips lightly with mine and smiled. I wiped the sweat from my brow and led her through the gardens in the back of the house. We circled the house on the flagstone path and Lynne tossed her peach pit into the woods at the side of the house. I took her hand as we finished our walk and pointed canlı casino out recent plants I had installed since her last visit. I didn’t want to come on too strong. Back at the car we paused to collect her bags.

She leaned against her car briefly and pulled me towards her. I grinned and felt my body remembering our last visit together.

Lynne slid her arms around my hips and pulled me towards her. She kissed me deep, her tongue finding mine and circling it. She sank her hands into my hair and we kissed passionately with our bodies close and I pressed my hips towards hers. She pressed back and I moved my lips to her smooth neck, tickling with my tongue. We sighed and pressed together. She whispered, ‘I want you. Let’s go inside.’

I reluctantly pulled away from her and grabbed her bags. I took her luggage to the upstairs guest room. She came in the room after me and I heard the latch close.

She gave me a playful push onto the double bed in my guest room. I reached up and pulled her on top of me, reaching to the buttons on her shirt and I noticed she had slid out of her shoes. She shrugged out of her top and I sighed when I saw her silky white satin bra. I moved my hand to her breasts and petted them under the fabric. Even under the padded cups I felt her nipples harden.

I kissed her and then again, taking her bottom lip between mine and then finding her tongue with mine. She slid off my shorts and I unfastened her bra and she let it dangle from her hand and tossed it beside the bed. She mounted me and I looked up at her.

She had on shell-pink cotton panties and I tugged at the band playfully and pressed into her. She moved on top of me in a slow rhythm. I saw as she moved on top of me a little wetness through her panties. I hadn’t worn any so I was bare except for my thin shirt. Lynne hiked it up over my breasts and leaned down to cup my breasts with her hands. She opened her lips and took my hardened nipple into her mouth.

She was slow at first, moving around the tip with her tongue. Then as we moved closer, she sucked each nipple for a long time, sucking and kissing them into full pink peaks, erect and glistening kaçak casino from her mouth. Before I could try to suavely slip down her panties she moved in between my legs and pressed open my thighs.

My pussy lips were shiny with my wetness. I had been aroused for days anticipating Lynne’s visit, touching myself while reading her deft erotic novel, coming harder and longer each time. I was slick and wet and she slid her middle finger inside me. I breathed in sharply as she fingered me gently and then moved her mouth to my clitoris, licking my small hard mound in fast circles until her flicking and fingering made me moan and come.

I hadn’t meant to come so soon but with Lynne between my legs working my clit with her tongue and moving now two fingers in and out of my wetness, I sighed and moaned and gave into my orgasm, looking up at Lynne and stroking her hair and cheek as I climaxed.

‘Fuck. Oh that’s it. My clit…’

‘You like that? How about this?’ She slid her fingers over my clit and then down, penetrating me a few swift times. She withdrew her slick creamed fingers and gently touched my ass. I pressed into her and she slowly entered my tight ass. I gasped and pushed, spreading my pink cheeks, wet from my cream that worked its way down from my vagina. With her other hand, she sank her finger into my tight wetness and flicked my clitoris with her thumb.

I came hard and long that way, bouncing my fattened cunt against her hand, making wet patting sounds as I thrust my thick hips in rhythm with our excited breath. I kissed her lips while she fingered me deeply, bringing my cunt to its thickest fullness. I enjoyed watching her finger its fat fullness to a slick throbbing mound. I came hard, squirting copiously on my third come.

‘Fuck me now Lynne. I’m coming. I’m going to squirt. Fuck my cunt.’ She brought my breast to her mouth and sucked hard. I groaned and felt her careful fingers fill my cunt and ass. I rubbed my clitoris quickly in creamed wet circles to a froth. The sound was delicious. My cunt streamed down my thigh and I moaned while she fucked me well.

I came twice more, squirting more each come and she lapped up my juices. Her panties were soaked through and I thought of her warm wetness I’d explore fully with my tongue and fingers, and new dildo with which I planned to fuck her properly until she came deep and hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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