Little White Pills Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to any real people or places is purely coincidental.


“Chapter 1: The Pines Motel”

The snow was coming down harder. “Shit!” said Dave, “We’re never going to make it back home tonight in this crap.” His shoulders and neck were cramped from the stress of driving in the miserable weather, and he was ready to throw in the towel. No one was happy about the delay, but the guys began looking for hotel that was still open.

The day had started well enough. The college wrestling team had done well at regionals, with Aaron and Dave taking second and fourth respectively in their 185 lb. class, and Joey had won the in the 145 lb class. Joey looked younger than 20, even with his hair cut short for the season, and his baby-faced, innocent looks got him laid regularly, but underneath his sweats was a ripped body and a tenacious attitude that made him a fierce competitor on the mat. Despite his smaller size he was able to pin Dave and even Aaron with some regularity, which he’d celebrate with a shouted “Who’s my bitch now, beeyotch?!” The guys were good friends, but there were times when the other two could have cheerfully strangled the cocky guy. Dave looked more imposing: he had shaggy dark brown hair, black eyes, and a brooding look that intimidated a lot of guys, but he didn’t have the killer instinct it took to win matches like Joey did. Aaron was a sunnier version of Dave: an out-of-stater from California, he had the poster-boy blonde hair and blue eyes to Dave’s craggier good looks, and was naturally smooth where Dave had to manscape. Aaron was also the smartass of the three roommates, the one most likely to get a party going, and the one most likely to end up with a sorority girl (or two) in his room at the end of the night. More often than not Aaron was also experimenting with some sort of random beard variation. This week he was sporting a close-cropped chin strap, while Joey stayed smooth and Dave sported his perpetual stubble.

The meet was a few hours’ drive from school, and normally the guys would’ve ridden the team bus, but their apartment was on the wrong side of campus from the athletic center, and there was always a lot of bullshit waiting around for the bus and then unloading. With a long fall break weekend coming up it seemed like a better plan for the three of them to just take Dave’s old Civic: they could shower up after the last match and hit the road, ready to start partying that much sooner.

That plan was looking worse and worse now. An early October storm had hit the mountains unexpectedly, and the old tires on Dave’s beater were no match for the near-blizzard conditions. It was clear the three juniors were going to have to grab the first hotel they could find. The partying would have to wait.

“Yo! There’s one!” said Aaron. “Sweet, it’s still got a vacancy. Dave-turn in!” The boys pulled in to the Pines Motel parking lot, and Dave breathed a sigh of relief as he climbed out of the car and stretched his thick neck.

The manager had been nice and friendly. They’d gotten lucky, he said, with lots of folks looking for a place to ride out the storm, so the guys got the last room available. It was decent, if nothing special: generic Western rural art on the paneled walls, a couple of double beds with Navajo-style bedspreads, and a decent bathroom along with a minibar, “perfect for our brews” Aaron remarked as they took off their coats and unpacked.

Dave flopped on one bed flipping through the TV channels (“Sweet-porn!” they all shouted in unison), and Joey got out the beers to pass around, while Aaron started poking around the room in his usual restless way. Beer in hand he started looking under the beds and in the closets.

“Dude, what are you doing? Just chill the fuck out-you’re making me tired just watching you,” grumbled Dave.

“Hey man, you never know what you might find. I got a fifty one time someone had left in the nightstand,” said Aaron. “Hey, speaking of which-lookey here. Heh heh-someone’s been nauuuughty,” he sang, pulling a nondescript squeeze tube labelled “LUBRICANT” out from the nightstand table.

“Not too naughty,” said Joey, taking a pull on his beer, “they used some broke-down generic shit. Crack whore grade.”

Aaron laughed and left the tube on the nightstand, then looked in the bottom drawer and pulled something out. It was a small white pill bottle with “ollo Pharmaceuticals” on the side, and from the rattling sound it had a few pills in it. “Well well, what do we have here?” said Aaron.

“What, like someone’s medicine or something?” said Dave. “Who wants that shit?”

“Well let’s see,” said Aaron, “maybe it’s something we could party with.” He opened the bottle and four white pills fell into his hand.

Dave walked over to take a look. “What’re those marks on the pills? They look like little dicks.” Dave chuckled.

“No,” said Aaron slowly, “I think they’re the company name, ollo. It’s got a lower-case ‘o’ in the logo.”

“Holy shit!” Joey jumped off the bed to take Beylikdüzü escort a look. “Remember that chick Monica I hooked up with a couple of weeks ago? She said she’d heard a couple of the Sigma Chi brothers talking about these pills ‘with dicks on them.’ She remembered because they were joking how the dicks were because they really fucked you up. Sounded like a really smooth kind of Molly or something like it.”

“Gentlemen,” said Aaron, “I think we have found our party. All in favor?”

The three guys grinned at each other and Aaron handed out a pill to each, saving the extra for another time. They dry-swallowed them and shouted “Party on!” laughing as they clinked bottles together for a toast. Unfortunately Dave’s bottle got a bad hit and geysered up, spraying beer all over his tee shirt and pants. Curses from Dave and laughter from the other two meant the party was officially open for business.

After about 10 minutes Dave had finished his beer, while Aaron and Joey were already on their next one. “All right, I’m gonna hit the shower and wash this beer off. Maybe I can loosen up my shoulders too.” With that Dave stripped and headed to the bathroom.

“Damn Dave, you even trim your balls too?” Joey said. “You’re not that hairy.”

“Hey, I like to keep things tidy for the ladies. And getting head feels a lot better when your cock and balls are smooth.” With that Dave cracked a rare grin and walked into the bathroom.

“Man, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that shit,” said Joey. “What a pain in the ass to deal with.”

“Amen bro,” Aaron shot back, “to us smoothies.” They laughed and toasted again.

Another five minutes and the next beer went by. Joey stood up, flushed, to get another for each of them. “You kinda hot bro? Coz I’m feeling warm-that heater must be running full tilt.” Joey peeled off his shirt.

“Yeah,” said Aaron slowly, “I am too.” He realized he was sweating a little bit, but what made him pause was Joey’s chest. He’d never really noticed before how well-built Joey was. Obviously all of them had solid bodies from their wrestling workouts, but as Joey peeled off his shirt Aaron noticed that he really did have great-looking abs, and solid pecs with nice medium nipples that stuck out stiffly, just ready to be licked… Aaron shook his head and pulled his own shirt off. “Knock it off dude,” he thought, and started flipping through channels.

“Dude, stop there,” said Joey. “Let’s watch that porno. It’ll be a blast.” Mostly Joey thought it would be hilarious. The three of them had watched some porn together from time to time, laughing at the shitty acting and skanky chicks, and drinking every time someone made their O face. But this time part of him was wondering what Aaron meant by “us smoothies.” He’d seen Aaron naked in the locker room of course, but he’d never bothered checking him out closely. But now he was wondering just how smooth Aaron really was. His torso for sure: nothing hid his six-pack, and he barely had a treasure trail. But what about his balls? Would they be completely hairless like Joey’s? Would his his asshole be a smooth pink too? Joey shook his head. Why was he even thinking this shit? Who cared what Aaron’s asshole looked like, for God’s sake? Or felt like? With an effort Joey shut down that line of thought and focused back on the here and now.

Aaron had already selected a porno, “Cum Gobblers,” and started it up. It was a compilation of blow job scenes and facials mostly, and about as bad as the title suggested. But this time there was something different. Both guys were quiet now as they watched it side by side on the bed, and both were increasingly fascinated with the hard cocks on the screen. Aaron wet his lips as he wondered to himself what it would feel like to actually suck a cock. The more he thought about it, the more he felt his balls getting heavier and warmer. His cock was tucked down in his pants so it wasn’t obvious, but he was hard now, and he could tell that he was dripping. What would it taste like? He’d never thought of tasting his come in all the years he’d jerked off, but now he was…curious.

He glanced and saw that Joey was idly rubbing his hand over his crotch, where a wet spot had appeared and seemed to be growing. From the looks of his bulge Joey was as hard as Aaron, and big. Really big. Aaron started to imagine how big it might really be.

“Fuck dude,” whispered Joey, “I am seriously horned up. I’ve gotta rub one out or I’m gonna go nuts.” Joey glanced over at Aaron, then looked him in the eye and said “Looks like you need a little relief too.” Aaron gave a small nod, unwilling to trust his voice just then. His cock gave a little pulse and moistened his boxers further.

Glancing sideways at each other both guys stripped off their pants and then, by unspoken agreement, their underwear. Aaron snuck some not-too-subtle peeks as Joey slide his boxer briefs down, and his eyes widened slightly as Joey’s cock finally revealed itself. Aaron had nothing to be ashamed of: his lean cut cock was nearly Beylikdüzü escort seven inches long, looking bigger because he’d trimmed his pubes as short as his beard. Joey couldn’t help but notice, now that he was looking for it, that Aaron’s balls were almost completely hairless. Joey’s cock was cut too, and his brown bush was also short and tidy. If anything his balls (and ass) had even less hair than Aaron’s, but the resemblance ended there. Joey’s cock was huge, like a salami. He’d measured it once and came in at 8 1/2″, but the fat head at the end made it look even more imposing. He was dripping even more than Aaron, with a line of fluid already halfway down his cock, despite just having pulled it from his pants. Another bead of precum was already forming at the cock head as he lay back and gave it a short stroke.

“Jesus,” breathed Aaron, “that’s a fucking monster Joey. It looks…” His voice trailed off. The next word he was going to utter was “tasty,” but he wasn’t going to say that out loud. Unconsciously he licked his lips.

“Not bad huh?” grinned Joey. “I grew it myself.” As he said this he flexed his cock and another drop slid down the shaft. Joey’s voice dropped to a near-whisper as he said “You can touch it if you want to.” Aaron reached out his right hand.

Dave stepped under the warm water and breathed a sigh of relief as it hit his neck and shoulders. He’d been stressed out driving in that shitty weather, and a warm shower and beers were just what he needed to unwind. After a few minutes he felt a lot better: his thick neck and broad shoulders had loosened up like he’d hoped. “Might as well wash that beer funk off too,” he thought, and grabbed the little hotel soap bar to lather up. As he soaped up his chest he noted that his last trim was still holding up okay-he had a bit of fur, there, but it was still fine. Dave wasn’t *that* hairy, but he did like to keep tidied up. He soaped lower, checking his cock and balls. Yep, still good-nice and smooth from his shave a couple of days ago. His balls weren’t as smooth as Aaron’s of course, and probably not as smooth as Joey’s either. He couldn’t be completely sure about Joey: the guy was super-smooth everywhere else when Dave had seen him in the locker room, but he couldn’t see his balls too well with that big schlong in the way. Dave had never seen Joey hard, but even if he wasn’t much of a grower his dick would have to be pretty impressive when it was hard. Thick too, probably. You’d be lucky to even get your mouth around it, Dave mused, you’d just have to swirl your tongue around the head, and-

With a start Dave realized that his scrubbing had turned into something else. His left hand had stopped soaping his chest, and was now pinching a nipple, which was hard and tingling pleasantly. And his right hand had shifted to wrap around his cock, with his thumb rubbing the head in a grip he knew well from countless jack-off sessions. “Shit,” he muttered, “need to cut that out before one of the guys walks in and we have an awkward moment.” He turned down the water temp-it had gotten really warm somehow-and turned around to rinse the soap off. The cooler water had calmed down his cock a bit, and he quickly soaped up his backside. Sliding his fingers into his ass crack he noticed that he was still smooth there as well. He’d never admit it to Aaron or Joey, but he’d started shaving back there a couple of years ago. It had started with a girl he was dating at the time, who’d convinced him to shave his cock and balls, and like Dave had said, it made getting head a lot better. What he’d never told anyone was that this girl also liked to slide a finger up his ass when she was feeling extra kinky, and Dave found out that that felt pretty good too. He’d dumped her ass after few months when it turned out she was basically a nut job, but he remembered the finger trick and had even tried it himself a couple of times when he was drunk and extra horny. Ever since then he’d extended his manscaping to the “back yard” just in case, and as his soapy, slippery finger wandered around and over his asshole he confirmed that he was still “good to go.” Not that anything was going to happen with Aaron and Joey around of course. Dave chuckled at the thought as he gave his asshole a thorough cleaning. Aaron’s cock was probably pretty damn big when he was hard, and Joey’s didn’t even bear thinking about. He wouldn’t be able to do more than press it up against Dave’s hole, maybe rub against it a little bit, but no way would that thing fit in there. That fat hard head would just press and stretch, making his hole ache more than any two fingers ever had, but it would never fit all the way in.

Dave jerked back a bit in surprise as he realized that while his mind was wandering his hands had been busy again. This time it was his left nipple that he’d absent-mindedly teased into hardness, and his middle finger was as far up his ass as it had ever been. Alarmingly, his cock was now three-quarters hard and rising, and there was no way he could step out of the shower and hide *that* Escort Beylikdüzü under a towel. Dave sucked in his breath as he turned the water to ice-cold and watched his cock grudgingly go down. “Get it together dude,” he said to himself. “You’ll be home tomorrow and you can jerk it to the new Penthouse you got.” That would be a good one-the photo series with that stacked blonde and the two ripped fire fighters would be really hot. Worst case, he could sneak into the bathroom after Aaron and Joey were asleep and take care of business.

Eventually Dave’s cock went down, or at least down far enough, and he stepped out of the shower. He quickly toweled off and chuckled as he heard the sounds of a porno from the other room. It looked like it would be another night of porn drinking games, which was all right with him. Towel around his waist, he stepped into the room grinning, and paused speechless for a good 10 seconds. “Holy shit,” he said.

Joey didn’t know what made him say it. All he knew was that he was horny as fuck, and he’d just begun to realize that Aaron was one seriously hot dude. The sight of him naked started all sorts of images and thoughts running through Joey’s brain that he’d never had about another guy before. And now Joey noticed that Aaron smelled really good too: fresh, but slightly musky. It made him want to lean over and smell more, or maybe taste it somehow. He had to see if Aaron wanted to play as much as he did, and so he made his offer.

Aaron reached over and wrapped his hand around Joey’s cock and squeezed it gently, staring at it in fascination. “Man Joey, you’re really dripping,” he said softly as he started to slowly stroke the shaft.

“You too bro,” breathed Joey. Figuring Aaron wasn’t going to object at this point, Joey wrapped his left hand around Aaron’s cock and began to slowly stroke it. Aaron gave a little grunt when Joey’s hand reached the head and made a twisting motion. “You like that move?” Aaron nodded and started stroking Joey’s shaft faster.

“You ever tasted your own cum?” Aaron asked.

“Nope. How about you?”

“Thought about it, but nope.”

“You want to try it now?” Joey had leaned in closer to Aaron, and was staring intently at him as he jacked him slowly.

Aaron nodded, then groaned and thrust his hips slightly as Joey gave his dick a good hard squeeze and rubbed a glob of precum off on the ball of his thumb. Pulling his hand up, he pressed his thumb against Aaron’s lips, then into his mouth as it opened. Joey thought he was horny already, but the sight of Aaron staring him in the face as he sucked on his thumb, and the feel of his tongue as he cleaned it off, coaxed another dose of precum from his cock head and onto Aaron’s sticky fingers.

After a minute or so Aaron leaned back, smiled, and said “not bad-kinda salty-sweet. You wanna try some of yours? You’ll like it.”

“Go for it,” Joey nodded. The thought of Aaron’s fingers in his mouth, coated in cum, made his balls feel even heavier, and he spread his legs. He wasn’t sure quite why he did that, but the thought of Aaron moving between his wide-open legs, doing things to him with his hands and mouth, made Joey light-headed.

Aaron smiled and scooped up the latest bit of precum from Joey’s cock head, then moved his fingers to Joey’s mouth. Joey opened up in anticipation, but Aaron had other ideas, smearing the juice on his lips first before sliding two fingers into his mouth. Joey closed his eyes as he shut his mouth and let out a low “mmmm.” Aaron was right, it did taste good.

That was when they heard a low “hoooollllly shit” from the bathroom door. Joey’s eyes shot open, and he saw Dave there, wide-eyed, with his towel dropped on the floor. And also, Joey noticed, with a dick that was definitely ready to party. It wasn’t completely hard, but it was coming up fast, and it looked…delicious. About the same size as Aaron’s or a little shorter, but thicker, with the cut head standing out nicely.

“Dude, it’s not-um, I mean, we were, uh-” Aaron stuttered. There was really no way to talk their way out of this.

“It’s ah, it’s cool man,” Dave said. After a staring a moment longer he slowly began sauntering over. Both Joey and Aaron noticed that he’d wrapped a hand around his shaft and was slowly stroking himself. “Looks like you guys were having some fun. Mind if I join in? I’m kinda horned up myself.” He stood by the side of the bed next to Joey, who stared at his hard-on, fascinated. “Joey, you look like you could go for one of these.”

Joey grinned in relief at how this was going and nodded. “Yeah man, that does look like a tasty snack right about now. Bring it on over.” Aaron moved away to make room as Dave climbed up on the bed to straddle Joey, his cock conveniently at Joey’s mouth level where he leaned against the headboard. Joey wrapped his right hand around Dave’s shaft, and leaned forward, hesitating for a moment before taking a cock into his mouth for the first time. Its warm, rubbery texture was something he’d never experienced, and he gave a small moan of contentment as Dave’s shaft slid across his tongue. Dave had started dripping pre-cum now, and the flavor was somehow way sexier than the taste of Joey’s own. Joey closed his eyes and started bobbing up and down on his buddy’s shaft.

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