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* Warning: strong sexual content 🙂 *

Lovebirds by StarDust

I rang the bell and the door swung open almost immediately. I subconsciously stepped back with surprise. Muriel was standing behind the door, buttoning up her light strolling coat.

“Perfect timing, I’m just about to leave,” she exclaimed, then added: “… and let you, two lovebirds, alone.”

I felt a short sting of shame and I probably even blushed. Oh, those teenagers and their boldness!

“I’ll sleep over at Beth’s. I’ll be back tomorrow at noon, or so,” Muriel said as she slipped through the door and around me. “Ciao and behave yourself!” she called over the shoulder and disappeared behind the corner of the corridor.

“Forgive her forwardness,” said Viola apologetically but with an amused smile.

Viola was Muriel’s mom and my friend from old good times when we were just a bit older than Muriel now. She stood in the wide, double-door frame that separated the hall from the living room.

“No problem,” I assured her. “We all had been young,” I added and shrug shoulders.

Viola shrug her narrow shoulders too as if agreeing with me. The dangling empty sleeves of a little oversized sweatshirt swayed lightly. Her casual appearance was lovely. Short pale blond hair was tousled a bit on one side. She had got a face which didn’t need a make-up, thank to naturally red lips and deep blue eyes. Only her eyebrows had been enhanced with a permanent pencil.

On her legs, Viola was wearing leggings that did absolutely nothing to hide her slightly wider hips (considering the otherwise slim figure) and thighs that tapered neatly toward narrow knees. That was where the thin fabric stretched over and thus outlined the sharp edge of leg prostheses Viola was wearing. Two legs that protruded from the bottom of leggings were too much rigid and way too plastic looking to fool anybody. Artificial feet were clad in snow-white socks, without any additional footwear.

I hung my jacket in the hall and walked to Viola. My arm snaked around her waist as I pulled her toward me and kissed her on lips. I smelled the faint flowery scent of a girl that should have been much younger but I liked it nonetheless. Together with the outfit it made her look very fresh and appealing.

* * *

The evening went on well. We ate few sandwiches that Muriel had prepared before she left and I opened the bottle of wine I had brought with me. We chatted together easily, mostly bringing up memories of youth times – as we often did. Thanks to the power of wine, we giggled probably more than it was necessary, but we just felt happy in the presence of each other.

At one moment I put a CD into the player and invited Viola to dance. She accepted gladly and soon we were swaying around the living room under tones of Genesis, The Police and Joe Cocker. When the music slowed down I wrapped arms around Viola and we pressed our bodies together, floating on waves of gentle music.

Viola hadn’t got any arms to return my hug but she knew very well how to make up for that. She twisted inside my arms and touched me with different parts of her beautiful body – sometimes letting her fairly big, soft bosom brush across my lower chest, other times twisting her hips she would let them brush over my thighs (and groin!) and occasionally she even poked my chest with soft, round ends of her shoulders where arms were no more attached. I must say I liked it a lot. The way, how she was doing it, looked so natural and – yes, absolutely normal. I felt being touched at least as much as I was touching her myself.

Then the first notes of “You can leave your hat on” track came from speakers and I immediately got an idea. I stepped away from Viola and started to sway exaggerating the ‘erotic’ of my moves. I caressed my own chest through the shirt with a grimace of excitement on my face. Viola giggled like a teenage girl and I bet had she still had her arms, she would have been covering her mouth with a hand or both now. Realizing what I was about to do, she walked to the couch, sat on it and made herself comfortable to watch the show.

I’m too shy to go into details here. I’m sure you do understand. Let’s just say I had stripped myself down, clumsily dancing to tones of the music, stumbling over my own pants, almost ripping apart my shirt in an attempt to slide it over my head in one fluid motion, not expecting its narrow neck opening would hook under my chin. Ok, Viola laughed a lot but I think it was definitely not – THAT – funny.

Anyway, somehow I had managed to get myself naked just before the song ended. But then I reset the track back and as first tones began to play again, I gestured for Viola to come to me. She stood up, still smiling, and walked to me.

“Your turn now,” I said to her, grinning.

“How am I…” she started to protest but I interrupted her: “Don’t worry, I’ll help you.”

And then I got the idea. I pushed my lovely friend into the hall where I turned all bahis siteleri lights on. On one wall there hung a big, full-length mirror. I steered Viola in front of it. I stood behind her and reached forward, around her body, with my arms. We looked at us in the mirror and laughed. To say the truth, it looked weird because long sleeves of the sweatshirt still hung emptily along her body and my hairy arms sort-of protruded from under them.

Viola started to swing to the rhythm of the music and I tried to follow her motions. I put hands on her hips caressing them in a ‘wanna-be-sexy’ way and then I grabbed the hem of the sweatshirt. I raised it high up, almost to her breasts, in a quick motion and then brought it down again abruptly, as if teasing the audience in front of us. Viola giggled.

Then I raised only the right side of it a little and let it drop back. I repeated the same with the left side and only then I started to rise the hem all the way up to her chest, this time slowly and sensuously. Viola watched me doing it and suddenly went serious. I felt her heave onto me as she pushed her pelvis forward in a provocative manner. Her head leaned onto my shoulder and I smelled the distant scent of flowers again.

Holding the bottom of the sweatshirt on her chest with one hand, I caressed the tummy with the other, travelling around the belly button in the process. Viola pushed back her pelvis and swayed slowly from side to side, brushing sexy buttocks right over my groin, which resulted in my immediate erection. She must have sensed that because I could see her smile broaden in the mirror.

I made a half step back, partly to escape her dangerous rubbing and partly to make room for me to remove her sweatshirt. I pulled it up to her neck revealing the absolutely beautiful bosom encased in a rich, lacy bra. I held it there for a short while, enjoying the subtle jiggling that Viola’s slow dance was causing to her tits. Then I pulled the sweatshirt up again and over her head carefully. This brought her armless shoulders into view and I quickly tossed the cloth to the floor, came close to Viola and crossed my arms over her chest, right above breasts, hiding both pitiful amputation sites inside my palms. I hugged her like that, lovingly, in a sort-of protective manner. She smiled somewhat sadly and caressed my forearm with her chin.

Then I broke the uneasy moment by moving my hands onto her tits where I traced their contours in a teasing way. I let my palms slide across their front and when I felt nipples harden under my pressure, I encircled them with fingers. They were clearly visible even through the thick fabric of the brasserie. Viola turned her head and pretended a wistful look on her face, licking lips sensuously as if warming up a night club full of yearning people.

I let her play the role and moved my hands to her back. I quickly unclasped small hooks and inserted fingers inside the loosen cups of the bra from behind, cupping both mind-blowing orbs in my hands under the fabric. As I slid my palms onto the front of her breasts and started fondling them lightly, the bra got even more loosen by my moves, until its straps finally slipped from the rounded shoulders and the whole thing flew down from Viola’s body.

I gasped as the naked breasts came into view in the mirror. My hands were not big enough to hide them and I spread fingers to let rigid nipples slide between them and show up in the mirror too. I pinched them between my knuckles and poked on them with the edge of my hand where fingers connected to the palm. This time it was Viola’s turn to gasp and she even moaned as I pulled on the nipples rather forcefully until they slipped from between my fingers. Then I let them dig gently into my open palms and sort of moved them around as two little joysticks. After that, I shifted my hands and just cupped those beautiful tits from the bottom, leaving big pink areolas and their erected centers fully on display and admiration. I’m pretty sure we both had been admiring them equally.

I squeezed her breasts couple of times more and then put my hands onto Viola’s hips again and let them sway together in the rhythm of the song. I didn’t hold them there for too long because I was afraid the tune might come to an end very soon. I hooked my fingers behind the rubber band of leggings and started to pull them down.

I had to stop and drop to my knees to be able to continue. While Viola was still moving her bottom sensuously, I managed to pull leggings over her buttocks and down the tapering thighs easily, until the upper part of her greenish-gray liners came to view. They started several centimeters above knees and disappeared inside the tight buckets of lower leg prostheses that reached right to her knees.

I pulled leggings down the hard plastic that didn’t resemble nice, sexy woman’s calves by any mean. Viola stopped moving her legs, so she wouldn’t stumble on leggings around her ankles and just swayed the upper body, obviously canlı bahis siteleri satisfied with the effect her moves had on the full bosom. I raised one of my hands and placed it on her buttock for support while I held leggings down with the other. Viola had got the hint and stepped out of the elastic fabric with one foot. Then we did the same with her other leg and I tossed leggings forward as if to the crowd in front of us.

I stood behind Viola again and wanna-be-sensuously traced her adorable thighs with my hands. Then I let my right hand slip between her legs and rubbed the crotch through sexy knickers that matched the bra. Viola bit her lip, probably more pretending the tease of invisible audience than from a real excitement. But when I pressed harder, she sighed and I could feel increased pressure from her thighs as she clasped them together.

I stood up behind her and reaching around her body, as I did before, I took hold of her left breast and kneaded it slowly, letting its long nipple protrude between my fingers again. At the same time I slid my other hand across the beautiful tummy and inserted it slowly under the front edge of knickers. I went deeper inside and reached lower until I could feel soft pussy lips under my fingers. I started to massage them gently, knowing they were containing the most sensitive piece of Viola’s anatomy.

Viola moaned and I knew I was doing it right. I massaged her some more, then reached even lower in one single move and cupped the meaty pussy inside my palm. I squeezed gently and felt first drops of juices, as if I was squeezing a lemon in a drink. I let my middle finger slid inside the slit, but not into the hole yet. I dragged it between pussy lips all the way along the slit. Another moan followed and Viola absentmindedly upturned her pelvis to get more of my caresses down there.

I dropped to knees again and pulled her knickers down the ass. In the mirror I could see her bald pussy with few traces of moisture on the front, tilting to one side then the other, as Viola was still swaying her hips ever so slowly. I held her butt cheek, now naked, as before and helped her withdraw one leg from knickers’ leg opening. When I was about to do the same on the other side, she kicked her leg prosthesis suddenly and knickers flew away into the corner. She giggled at that.

I stood up behind her again and for a while admired the breathtaking view in the mirror. Despite missing some parts, Viola’s body was absolutely beautiful and incredibly sexy. Everything what had left of her was just perfect. Flawless and stunningly beautiful face, perfectly sized breasts, narrow waist, flat, but still soft-looking tummy, seductively sexy wide hips, perfect thighs, exactly of the shape I liked the most… She was still swinging slowly, which animated the reflection in the mirror and on top of that – her naked, sweet butt cheeks rolled over my hardening penis in the process.

I was absolutely moved by her beauty and felt a strange urge to make this lovely human-being happy. I wrapped my arms around her waist from behind and pulled her to me. Our naked bodies touched, her back on my front and I leaned over and began to kiss her along the top of one shoulder. Then I parted my arms on her belly and one hand wandered up to the breast while the other aimed for the crotch.

This time I slid the finger right inside her and started to massage the opening all around. Viola’s upper body squirmed in my arms from the pleasure and she moaned again. She had been wet between her legs already, so I started to push my finger in and out of her dripping cunt. I couldn’t reach deep enough because Viola had jutted her bottom backward, not sure if to escape my invading finger, or in an attempt to trap my growing erection between her butt-cheeks because that’s exactly what happened. Anyway, to make up for the lack of depth, I decided to add in the width and inserted a second finger inside her, followed almost immediately by the third one.

I held her tight in my arms and massaged the top part of the hot vagina, close to the opening, while squeezing her breast and the rock-hard nipple with the other hand. And this all was accompanied by my fairly hard dick having been pressed hard between two halves of her bum. Viola was groaning as her sexual arousal had been climbing up with every second of my work on her.

“Jack, Jack,” she tried to catch my attention.

I slowed down and asked after kissing her shoulder again: “What’s that?”

“Jack, let’s go back to the living room,” she suggested.

I let her slip out of my arms and just lightly touching her hips and the small of the back to maintain our mutual contact I followed her to the main room. She stopped by the couch but didn’t sit or lay on it. Instead, she raised her left leg and let it rest on the couch cushion, bent at hip and knee.

Then she turned her head and told me over the shoulder: “You can continue now, honey.”

Her left thigh was canlı bahis now horizontally while the right, the one that bore most of her weight, still pointed downward. This had separated them wide enough and I’d got much better access to that lovely cunt of hers. I stood behind her again and reached around to the front with my right hand. I inserted fingers in her sex tunnel again and as I leaned forward and pressed myself onto her, with head beside her left armless shoulder I could reach much deeper than before.

I didn’t put my other hand onto her tit now. Instead, I placed it on top of the raised thigh and fondled it sensuously. The skin there was so delicately smooth, that even the touch of it on my palm alone was exciting enough to cause a stirring in my abdomen. I let my exploring hand slid to the inner side of the thigh and caressed her there, all the way up to the crotch where my first hand was working steadily on her cunt.

I felt Viola lean back against my upper arm that went around her body. She was obviously enjoying my service. With eyes closed from the pleasure, she was panting heavily. I was fingering her vigorously, smearing the thick juices, she was dripping out, over the top of her pussy occasionally. With the other hand I’d been fondling and massaging the inner side of her left thigh, that was driving me crazy with its feminine silkiness. The sexual tension had filled the air and Viola kept groaning and moaning continuously. I guess no one of us even noticed that the music had stopped already.

The time for the last part has come, I concluded. I shifted my hands. The right one moved up onto the outstanding clit that I had covered with the lubricant Viola had provided me with, and the left hand replaced the right inside the steaming love hole. Viola shrieked out with utter pleasure when I resumed working on her, this time double-handedly. Her animal reaction had encouraged me even more. I rubbed over the clit eagerly while I fucked her hard with fingers of the other hand. Our bodies were pressed to each other’s heavily and she literally rested inside the arc of my arm that snaked around her. I sped up.

Viola cried and started to shake wildly. I had to fight hard to keep her upright as her leg, the one she was standing on, began to tremble visibly. I pulled her towards me more tightly with the forearm, hands still on her private parts but not moving that frantically anymore. I had to focus on holding her up since she had become noticeably weaker as the wild orgasm consumed most of her powers.

Then, suddenly, her leg simply gave up and at the same time Viola’s upper body shot forward, bending above my forearm. I was not prepared for that and she sort-of slipped out from my arms and fell forward onto the couch. I was only able to slow the fall a bit. Her shortened body bounced a little on soft cushions and then she went motionless, except for heavy breathing.

I pushed away the low glassy table that stood in front of the couch to make more room there and crouched by Violas armless shoulders. Her head was turned sideways, eyes still closed. I caressed her naked back and hair on the head.

“Are you ok, baby?” I asked, scared a bit.

She just murmured but it sounded contently. I placed a loving kiss on her shoulder, right on the slightly scared place where her arm once had been. Then I inspected her body all over to check if she hadn’t hurt somewhere. One of her legs, with the prosthesis still attached, hung down from the couch. I picked it up gently and placed it beside its sister on the couch. Then, letting one of my hands travel over the rear of her thigh, the naked bum and Viola’s back, I moved to her head again.

“May I put your prostheses off?” I asked softly. “You won’t need them while I’m here, anyway.”

Viola nodded, her back still moving up and down visibly from heavy breathing.

“Ok,” I patted her shoulder and got back to her legs.

I knew what to do. I simply took hold of one plastic leg with a hand, placed the other on the thigh for support and pulled the leg away. After getting over the initial resistance, the artificial leg went off easily. I did the same with the other one and placed both plastic limbs under the table. Then I sat on the couch below the severed ends of Viola’s legs and started to roll down one of her liners. I had to rise the leg up to get the liner over the knee but it was done finally. I did the other one and stored them both under the table too.

I fondled the revealed leg stumps, that were laying in front of me, lovingly. They were very short and soft. I massaged the subtle tissue that was a pitiful remainder of a beautiful, full girl’s calf it once had been. There was a scar at the back of each stump running around their tops in a half-circle. And then there were few other scars, much shorter, running seemingly randomly across the ends. I kissed both stumps, moved by their unfair fate, and then went on, onto the back of one of those lustful thighs. I kissed and licked all the way up, enjoying its smoothness, fullness and softness a lot. I had to lean over and support myself on elbows to reach white orbs of Viola’s sexy buttocks and to be able to kiss them all over.

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