Loving My Mom Pt. 01

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I was sound asleep in bed when a loud noise woke me up. I switched on the bedside lamp and looked at the time. It was 3 in the morning. I kept listening and soon heard some more noises coming from the living room, so I got up and went to check it out. I was only wearing my jockeys but didn’t think anything about it. After all, it was probably just Mom getting in drunk from the bar, and we lived alone.

I was right. When I got to the front room Mom was stumbling around and giggling. This didn’t surprise me. Mom had been doing this a lot this past year, and I didn’t know exactly what to do about it. It had been building for 7 years, which is how long my Dad had been gone. I was 11 when he died. As much as I missed him, I knew that Mom missed him even more. This was probably the reason she’d gotten so heavy into the booze the past year. She was having a lot of difficulty adjusting to his death.

My Mom was about the most beautiful and sexy looking woman I’d ever seen. I know, because of my Penthouse and Playboy collection, and I’d been spying on her since I first saw her naked accidentally when I was eight. Mom filled my fantasy world from that time onward, and that’s a fact!

She was 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighed a perfect 110 pounds, had sultry blue eyes, full lips, and a figure so delectable it would make the Gods drool with lust. She measured 34 on top, had a 22 inch waist, and her hips were a 35. This last inch was because her butt was the most beautifully formed one in the world. At least in my opinion. Her hair was a lustrous auburn color, and her succulent pussy was covered by hair so dark it shined like something magic!

As I stood watching her from the hallway, she saw me and grinned and hiccupped, then giggled, “Hi there shun. Whas you doin’ up?”

I had to grin back at her. She may have been drunk as a skunk, but she was still the prettiest woman I’d ever seen. “Well Mom,” I answered her and chuckled, “I was in bed asleep, but, I heard these funny noises coming from the living room. I thought I’d better check them out. I’m glad you made it home okay.”

Mom almost fell onto the floor as she started to sit on the couch, but thinking better of it, she began staggering toward me. “I guesh I gotta go, go potty. Will you, help me down, to the, the bathroom?”

“You bet!” I slipped an arm around her waist. “Here we go now.” I held her tight against me as we stumbled toward the bathroom. When we got there I helped her to the sink so she’d have something to hold onto. I asked her, “Can you make it now Mom?”

“Shure, shure I can.” Mom said indignantly, “I’m not sho, sho drunk, I can’t find, the pot, potty, and my pushy too.” She was giggling, and trying to pull her dress up at the same time as she wobbled toward the toilet. “I, I’m gonna be, fine now, shun. Thankyou for being, the per, perfect gen, gentleman!”

My face was flushed at the picture Mom made, but I nodded, and grinning, pulled the bathroom door behind me as I went back to my room. I figured Mom would be damned lucky if she even found the hole to pee in. Boy, was she ever loaded!

As I was waiting to drift off to sleep I heard the water running in the bathtub. “Well,” I thought to myself, “if Mom don’t fall asleep before she turns the water off, a hot bath just might do her some good.” Then I heard the water being turned off, and I’d about dozed off again when I heard a loud thump from the bathroom. I jumped out of bed and hurried back in to see what happened. I didn’t want Mom hurting herself, or maybe falling in the tub and drowning. I opened the door and saw a sight so glorious it almost stopped my heart. There was my Mom, half in and half out of the bathtub. She’d managed to get undressed, but when she’d attempted to climb into the tub, she’d slipped, and sat down on the floor with one leg inside and the other one out. She was facing me, and her beautiful black haired pussy was gapping open, and about to cause me to faint from my sudden lust and desire. “Are, are you all, alright Mom? You’re not hurt are you?” She didn’t look like she was, but I wanted to be sure.

She giggled up at me, “No, no shun, I’m okay, I think. I jush fall, fall down, and, go bump. Oops. Help, me up, alright?”

Sure Mom.” I went to her and put a hand under each arm and lifted her to her feet. “Let me help you into the tub. You look like you could really enjoy it about now.”

“Thankyou shun,” Mom gave me one of her sweet smiles, “I think, you jush may, be right. I don’t shmell too bad,” she sniffed under her arm, “but I, shure do, need, to relax, in shum, shum warm, water, for, awhile.”

I steadied her and helped her settle down into the hot steamy water. I grabbed her scented bathoil and poured a few caps in the water, and after stirring it a little, I grabbed a washrag, and bar of her favorite soap. “Here Mom.” I held the rag and soap out to her, but her eyes were glazed looking and I don’t think she saw me. “Well,” I shrugged my shoulders with my heart beating a mile a minute and mumbled, “looks like I’ll have to do it myself.”

My sisli escort Mom was so beautiful and gorgeous, I didn’t really consider what I was about to do as a chore. In fact, my breath was coming in short gasps as I knelt down and began soaping the washrag up. I was going to bathe my Mom, all over.

I began with her left foot first. It was the furthest one from me, so I wanted to do it first and wash that entire leg. I washed her foot carefully and worked my way up as far as I could reach without making her move. Then I rinced all the soap from the washrag, and used it to rinse her leg off. I started on the leg closest to me and did it the same way.

I’d inched my way closer to Mom’s body as I worked my way up her legs. Now I was even with her body. I soaped up the rag and began washing Mom’s face, being extra careful around her eyes, nose and mouth. I quickly wiped it off with the rag after I’d rinsed the soap out, and reached for a handy face towel and dried her face.

I soaped the rag and began washing her lovely neck, but I got so frustrated with it, I finally dropped the rag and soaped my hands up and used them instead. I think this is when things began getting out of hand for me.

About the time my hand came into contact with Mom’s warm silky skin, my cock began jumping and twitching like something possessed. I rinsed her neck off, and still using my hands, began soaping her arms one at a time.

I couldn’t keep from feeling how smooth and warm her shoulders and arms were as I washed them. I rinsed her shoulders and arms off, then began on her front, starting just above her perfectly formed breasts. By this time my breath was gasping out like I’d just finished running a 10 mile marathon! I also had the prize boner of all hard-ons. My jockeys were bulging out and jumping in front like a camel jocky’s tent blowing in a sand storm! I knew what I had to do though, and went on, gently washing my Mom’s luscious breasts one by one, then I rinsed them off, caressing them with my hot hands.

Now I started working my way down her front, rubbing all over her stomach and belly, getting it soapy first, then using my finger nails to lightly scratch her front all over. I could tell by the way Mom was moaning that she liked what I was doing, and to tell the truth, I was enjoying it a whole lot too!

I rinsed her front off, then soaping my hand I moved it between her legs and let my fingers begin soaping her pussy hair. Boy. Talk about a hard on. I glanced down and saw my cock’s movement inside my jockey shorts. It was jerking and jumping and twitching like something gone completely crazy.

Mom was smiling now and moaning even more. With her eyes half closed, she opened her lovely legs more, and my hand and fingers slid over her pussy and into her partially opened slit. My heart almost stopped again as I moved my fingers into her silky dark pussy hair and into her warm pussy. My mind was inflamed by now, and I reasoned with myself that it wouldn’t do any harm, so I pulled my jockeys down with my right hand and began jacking off, while my fingers moved all over and inside Mom’s hot pussy. Just as I slipped a finger inside Mom’s tight pussy hole, my cock began jerking and shooting cum all over the side of the bathtub.

Now along with Mom’s unconscious moaning, I was doing some very real conscious heavy breathing, and moaning of my own! My finger was sliding inside Mom’s pussy with some speed, and going deep, and my cock was still squirting my hot cum all over the damned tub. Talk about gasping and feeling good, I felt like I’d just visited a little bit of Heaven itself! My climax finally ended, but it took a little longer to get my breathing most of the way back to normal.

I finally, and most reluctantly, rinsed Mom’s pussy off. I made up my mind though, that I was going to do some things to Mom that I’d been fantasizing about all my life!

Chapter 2.

I got Mom’s attention. “Okay Mom. If you’ll get onto your hands and knees, I’ll wash your hair and back now.”

Mom still smiled a little dazedly as she was still a little drunk. “O, okay Shun. You gonna have to, hel, help your old Mom, out a little though. I don’t, think I can, make it on my own.” She hiccupped, and gave me another of her beautiful smiles.

“I will Mom,” I smiled. “Here, let me help you up.” I helped her get on her knees and she bent forward and rested on her hands.

“Huh, hows this?” I heard her slightly altered voice from the echoed. “Will, thish do?”

I was mesmerized with Mom’s sexy loveliness. God. She was so fucking beautiful. I cleared my throat, “Uh, yes Mom, you’re, perfect.”

I quickly pulled my jockeys back up and moved down to where her head was. Taking her favorite shampoo, I quickly wet her head and poured some on her hair, and began working it in slowly, using my fingers to give her head a good sensuous scratching at the same time.

“Oo, umm, that, feels so good, Baby,” Lucille was really enjoying the way her son was shampooing her hair. He was using his fingers şişli esc and making it feel so good she began humming unconsciously from the pleasure he was giving her.

After washing her hair good, I got a glass and rinsed it off carefully, so I wouldn’t get soap in her eyes. Then I got a small towel and dried it, and wrapped it up.

I wet her back down with warm bath water, then I rubbed her back thoroughly with her sweet smelling bar of soap. After getting her warm and silky smooth back soaped down good, I began rubbing her back all over with my hands. She was wet, warm and slippery as a baby seal, when I began scratching her back with my fingernails to do what a washrag usually does, Mom began moaning again. I worked my fingers slowly all over her back from her neck clean down to her tiny waist.

“Umm, Baby. Oo, you, you’re making, me, feel so, so, so good, and relaxed.” Lucille was almost in a trance like state now. Her son was making her feel better than she’d felt in a long long time, and she was going to enjoy every minute. “Oh, Baby.” She sighed again, “So, so, good.”

I picked up the glass and began rinsing Mom’s lovely back off, rubbing the skin as I poured the warm water on her. I’d worked my way down and was facing what had my mouth dry and my cock jumping and twitching in my underpants again. I’d gotten to Mom’s absolutely fabulous, and perfectly formed succulent meaty bottom. “Man oh man!” I thought as I began rubbing her scrumptious looking ass cheeks with the bar of soap, “I have to be dreaming. Ain’t nobody can be this lucky!” But I wasn’t dreaming, and I was in Heaven! Mom was on her hands and knees, letting me soap her scrumptious naked butt down with my bare hand. “Pure Heaven, and that was a glorious fact!”

I began rubbing the soap in like I did on her back, and then I started with my fingernails. I worked real slow and gentle, over every fraction of an inch of each of her deliciously warm bottom cheeks, feeling an erotic arousel that almost stopped my heart again.

Lucille was in a daze. She knew where she was, and she knew what Johnny was doing. Right now he was washing her bottom, and it felt so good she couldn’t hardly stand it. She knew it was wrong, but right now she just didn’t care. It felt too good. As she felt his fingers begin working into her crack, she arched her back and settled down more comfortably. She felt more pleasure now than she’d felt in a long long time.

I soaped her lovely ass cheeks up real good, then gave them a gentle scratching while listening to Mom’s low contented moaning. She seemed to be really enjoying the bath I was giving her, and truth to tell, I know I was enjoying it even more than she was.

I rubbed the bar of sweet smelling soap inside the length of Mom’s succulent crack slowly, then began working my fingers inside. I moved slowly, and scratched gently on every part of the skin in there, til I got to her asshole. I was trembling so much I thought my heart would burst.

Chapter 3.

Man was I sweating. The bathroom was full of steam, Mom’s skin was glowing with her perspiration, and my cock was twitching and jumping with wild motion. I ran the bar of soap inside Mom’s delectable and succulent crack again, then with trembling fingers, I rubbed up and down in the crevice of her gorgeous ass. Mom didn’t seem to mind much, or be paying any attention to what I was doing. I put one of my fingers against her soapy pucker hole, and slowly pushed it inside til it was in all the way. I began sliding it slowly in and out, my mouth at first dry with the erotic feeling my finger was sending to my inflamed brain, and then my mouth began watering like Niagra Falls.

“Oh, Mom,” I breathed to myself, “oo, you feel so, so fuck, fucking good.” As I slid my finger almost all the way out, I eased the finger next to it inside her hot, tightly squeezing rectum opening too. My breath was coming in short rasping gasps, and my cock felt like it would explode any second.

Lucille was feeling like she’d never felt before. She was completely aware of what her son was doing, and she liked it. As she felt him slide his second finger inside her rectum opening, she slowly eased her body back against it. She was impaling herself on her son’s long fingers, and it felt so strange, so good, she thought she was about to have an orgasm.

“Umm umm, that feels, feels good Baby.” Lucille was mumbling low, talking to herself unconsciously. She didn’t think Johnny heard her, but he did.

I worked my sliding fingers a little faster. I just couldn’t help myself. I’d just heard what Mom was mumbling. I knew she was talking to herself, but I got the message loud and clear just the same, and it almost caused me to explode another hot gob of cum right in my underpants just from hearing her. And feeling the pressure of her pressing back against my probing fingers was about to make me lose my mind! I began sliding them in faster, pushing them in as far as I could go. I was fingerfucking my Mom’s scrumptious tight asshole, and about to lose my mind from escort sisli the erotic pleasure and thrill of it!

I almost lost it when Mom began jerking her hips with small spasmatic movements. “Holy fucking Christ.” I thought as I kept pushing my fingers in and out as fast and smooth as I could. “Damn,” I thought, “Mom’s cumming!” I kept moving my fingers with a steady rhythm, until I felt her clinching spincter muscle begin slowing down into a regular squeezing movement. I slowed down then, and slowly, with a great deal of reluctance, pulled my fingers from her pinkish and inflamed looking rectum opening. I wanted to plunge them back inside so badly, and I wanted to fasten my mouth to it and tongue-fuck it too, and I wanted to shove my cock in there and cum and cum and cum!

My heart, as well as my swollen cock was jumping crazily. I knew that if I didn’t finish with her bath pretty quickly, I’d not be doing what I wanted to later, so I began rinsing her hot and silky backside off with the still steaming bathwater.

“Okay, Mom,” I was gasping from my growing lustful thoughts. “Let, let me help you, out of, the tub, alright? I need to, dry you off.”

Lucille settled back on her haunches, looked up at her nervous but excited son and smiled, “Okay Johnny. Help, your old Mom up now.” She reached her hand out so her son could help her stand up. She was almost sober now. Still she thought to herself, “I think I know what Johnny wants. I think I want it too!”

I helped Mom to her feet and out of the tub. “Okay, Mom. Stand right here and let, me dry, you off, alright?”

She smiled at me and nodded as she followed my instructions, and I reached for the big fluffy towel, and began drying the upper part of her body first. I dried her carefully, beginning with her lovely shoulders and working my way down each arm, then I moved back to her succulent breasts. Mom stood there so docilly, I got a little bit carried away. I couldn’t help myself. Before I knew quite what I was going to do, I’d leaned forward and took the nipple of one of her perfect breasts in my mouth and began sucking on it. Mom just stood there like nothing was happening, and I sucked on the one, then moved over to her other tit and gave it a good sucking too.

Lucille was shocked at first, but she didn’t know exactly why. After what Johnny had done to her in the bathtub. Playing with her pussy first til her nerves were tingling so much she almost lost her mind, then using his fingers inside her rectum like he had done, and actually making her have an orgasm! Her boy was full of surprises, and she smiled to herself, “So far I’m enjoying the Hell out of them too.”

Reluctantly I pulled away from Mom’s sweet tasting hard nipples. I knelt in front of her and began drying her lovely legs one at a time, right up to her delicious looking pussy. When I got to her dark thatch of curly silky hair, my hands began trembling, and my mouth began watering like a spikot had been turned on. “God,” my mind was so jumpbled, I couldn’t think straight. I knew one thing though. I told myself, “I’m gonna eat that luscious pussy til Mom cums so much she begs me to stop.”

I wrapped part of the towel around my hand, and sliding it between Mom’s legs, I gently dried her off. I leaned forward again and this time I pressed my face into her bush, inhaling the delicious odor of her heated womanly sex.

“Oh yes! Mom! You smell, absolutely, scrumptious! Good enough to eat!” My voice was muffled in her silky bush, but I think she heard me anyways. I planned on doing just that thing, licking, sucking and eating her pussy, and pretty quick too if I had anything to say about it.

Lucille was mesmerized by what was happening. Her son had just sucked her titties in such a way as to make her legs grow weak from the sudden pleasure, and now, she gasped to herself, “I feel his hot breath filling my pussy with such glorious hot air, my pussy’s beginning to tingle, and getting wetter than it was before he dried me off.” She reached a hand down and caressed the back of Johnny’s neck while he had his face pressed into her pussy. “Oh Baby,” she breathed softly, “that feels so, so nice.”

I inhaled Mom’s warm musky woman scent coming from her sweet pussy. I almost passed out with sudden desire. “Oh Mom.” My hot breath ruffled her pussy hair as I croaked out, “Oh, you, you smell so, so, delicious. Turn, turn around now Mom. I gotta dry, dry your back, then, I’ll help, you to bed.” My mind felt like it was about to ignite into red hot flames, and I wanted it to, but not yet! I held my hands on her hips as she slowly turned around. The heat and silky smoothness of her lovely skin caused my hard cock to tingle with growing anticipation. Then, “Oh God.” Mom’s absolutely perfect naked ass came into view, and I almost started cumming just from being so close to it. I quickly dried her back and legs, then her sweet and warm ass cheeks. I pulled her ass cheeks apart, and pressed my face inside them enough to use my tongue to lick up the moisture there, and oh boy. It tasted like a little bit of Heaven to me. Then I found her Rose-Bud opening, and fastened my mouth over it. I began licking over the tight crinkled hole, then pressed my tongue against the center of it, until it gave in, and my tongue slid inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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